how much and what type of exercise they should do at each age

In the countdown to the start of winter holidays, many children and adolescents (NNyA) are already counting how much more time they will have to dedicate to it to the Play, to the cell phone, the tablet, that is, to online entertainment. If sedentary lifestyle is a problem during the year, during this break the alarms go off even more because of the cold and the limitations imposed by the pandemic.

But it is also an opportunity to incorporate healthy habits. This is how they understand it from the Argentine Federation of Cardiology (FAC), which launched the 30×5 challenge, to encourage movement in boys and girls during the winter holidays. The goal, however, is for the habit to be incorporated in a lasting way.

A bit of context: in Argentina, according to the latest National Survey of Nutrition and Health (ENNyS2), whose preliminary results were known in 2019, boys eat worse than adults in terms of quality and 4 out of 10 are above their healthy weight, almost triple what is expected for the age. The data show that 20.7% of boys and girls between the ages of 5 and 17 are overweight and 20.4% obesity. Likewise, the country is at the top of the regional ranking of overweight in children under five years of age (13.6%).

The movement, key to preventing chronic non-communicable diseases. Photo Shutterstock.

Obesity and sedentary lifestyle are risk factor’s keys to cardiovascular disease, which can begin to develop at an early age. Like habits, both good and bad.

For this reason, with the winter holidays just around the corner, the FAC calls attention to the importance of sharing them with the family, emphasizing young people and the little ones, to encourage them to acquire healthy habits.

“We recognize that the social isolation carried out as a measure to slow the advance of the Covid-19 pandemic has brought negative consequences in the field of cardiovascular health, also in children and adolescents, “said Eduardo Perna, current president of the FAC.

The game, the main way to add exercise in childhood and adolescence.  Photo Shutterstock.

The game, the main way to add exercise in childhood and adolescence. Photo Shutterstock.

In this sense, the specialists point out that the school break is a good time to generate or strengthen behaviors and habits that promote cardiovascular health and thus begin to build the basis of a healthy life.

“Muscle is the largest organ in the body and is responsible for generating healthy substances for our body. That is why from the FAC we invite the 30X5 challenge. If you were during 30 minutes in front of the screen, do 5 minutes of physical activity and thus arrive at the daily time. Investing in muscle is generating healthy habits for life ”, encouraged Alejandro Amarilla, a member of the FAC and specialized in sports cardiology.

They highlight the importance of developing muscle strength.  Photo Shutterstock.

They highlight the importance of developing muscle strength. Photo Shutterstock.

How to apply the 30×5

From the FAC they maintain that family games are a good resource to meet the challenge, which must be established from early childhood. “Imagination is essential to transform any element of the home into a toy, which manages to stimulate the child both cognitively and physically”, they highlight.

“Without forgetting the importance of maintaining social distancing and hygiene habits during the pandemic, we must reinstate the physical activity and healthy eating“, they add from the FAC.

And they encourage “cooking as a family, and avoid children and adolescents spending a long time in front of the screens.”

Recreational activities, they say, should be part of the routines that allow kids to keep moving, while helping to strengthen family ties.

The practice of sport, fundamental in childhood and adolescence.  Photo Shutterstock.

The practice of sport, fundamental in childhood and adolescence. Photo Shutterstock.

“These habits can be started during the break and, most importantly, they must remain in time to prevent cardiovascular diseases associated with unhealthy eating, smoking, alcoholism and physical inactivity, “they stressed.

“There are numerous scientific evidence regarding the fact that adequate nutrition and physical activity, started from childhood, play a relevant role in the prevention of diabetes, heart and respiratory diseases, stroke and cancer. We must remember that cardiovascular health care must begin early and our goal is to do so from childhood and adolescence, “concluded Perna.

What and how much physical activity to do at each age

In 2019, the Argentine Society of Cardiology (SAC) and the Argentine Society of Pediatrics (SAP) published a consensus on cardiovascular prevention in childhood and adolescence in the Argentine Journal of Cardiology.

In the chapter dedicated to physical activity, they include a table with the type of exercise recommended for each age group and recommendations. Promoting an active lifestyle is the watchword that runs through all stages.

Next, the proposal made based on the evidence.

Under 1 year

Provide a safe and educational play environment for baby and encourage active or passive movement. Play on the floor, roll, crawl, walk. Recommendation: stimulate movement and physical activity several times a day.

1 to 4 years

Stimulate movement: walking, running, climbing, dancing, jumping.

4-6 years

Free play and exploration Games with balls, hoops, etc. Riding a tricycle, skateboard. Individual and group free play. Run, swim, jump, throw and catch. Skateboarding, rollerblading, bicycle. Games with balls, paddles and others.

Recommendation: Encourage movement and physical activity throughout the day. It is recommended at least 3 hours per day. Accumulate from the age of 5 a minimum of 1 hour a day of moderate or vigorous physical activity.

6-9 years

All of the above Sports initiation in group and individual sports (soccer, hockey, rugby, basketball, handball, volleyball, tennis, swimming, athletics, sports gymnastics, skating, dance, etc.) Participation with flexible rules and minimal competition.

Recommendation: Daily physical activity should be, for the most part, aerobic. Incorporate, at least three times a week, vigorous activities to develop muscle strength, flexibility, and increase bone mass.

10-12 years

All of the above. Participation in individual and collective organized sports. Include specific stimuli for cardiorespiratory endurance, muscular strength and flexibility. Physical activity for more than 60 minutes a day will have an even greater health benefit.


Specific stimuli for cardiorespiratory endurance, muscular strength and flexibility. Competitive and non-competitive sport. Sports specialization.

The recommendations are aligned with the physical activity guidelines of the World Health Organization, which specify how much and what type of exercise should be done at each age.


a participant tried to cheat in “Pasapalabra” and was discovered

A strange and unprecedented situation It was given in the Spanish version of Pass word, the well-known entertainment cycle that Iván de Pineda leads here and in the European country is led by Roberto Leal on Antenna 3.

Is that Javier, one of the participants of the edition that was seen on the air this Monday, tried to circumvent the rules of the program, but they discovered him and he was severely punished.

His particular strategy, which It was worth being pointed out in the networks as a “cheater”, it occurred in the game called “Where are they?”, in which seconds are accumulated for El Rosco, the final challenge.

The dynamics of this test is very simple: a panel with 9 numbers appears on the screen and, as the driver says words, the participants must guess at which number each one is located.

In that game, Javier he hit the location of “Mochilo”, “Isla”, “Aventura”, “Volcán” and “Gazpacho”, but when he reached the sixth word he was silent and did not answer anything else.

The five hits that Javier achieved in the game of “Pasapalabra”.

His attitude attracted attention and set off alarms in production, where they began to wonder why Javier he limited himself to providing only five correct answers (the same amount that the opposing team had obtained) and then let the last four seconds run stopwatch.

And although for him it seemed to be an effective strategy, it was he himself who revealed it – perhaps with a certain innocence – and led to a harsh sanction That left him without any success.

Is that, in a low voice, while the audience applauded the end of the test, Javier said to one of his teammates: “Better, better (I didn’t say anything else). Because that’s how we tied. If I fail (when trying to answer the sixth) we lose every second “.

Upon hearing that phrase that the participant whispered to him as when passing his partner, the production decided to invalidate all their answers and Leal, the conductor of the cycle, announced it quickly.

“Javier, it would really have been five hits, but I have to give you the last one as a mistake because one thing has just happened and that is it took you more than 4 seconds to say that answer“, explained the entertainer.

And he continued: “You cannot do this, they are the rules of the program, it had never happened, but they are the rules of Pass word. Among other things, when you have a watch it is so that strategies are not possible when saving that result. Therefore, I am very sorry: they are zero hits for the orange team“.

So things are, Javier ended up going to the Rosco with less seconds and, a little due to poor performance and a little “tight” by the clock, it was finally eliminated.

“Pasapalabra”, a classic on Spanish TV

Roberto Leal is the current driver of "Pass word" since 2020.

Roberto Leal is the current host of “Pasapalabra” since 2020.

The historic entertainment cycle began to be broadcast in 2000 by Antena 3. Its first stage ended in 2006 and was mainly conducted by Silvia Jato.

Then, from 2007 to 2019, who was in charge of the program was Christian Gálvez because the program changed its signal and became part of the Telecinco grid.

Meanwhile, since May 2020, the program returned to the Antena 3 screen and changed the driver again: Roberto Leal, popularly known for being in charge of Triumph operation.



the plane had to turn around

The aircraft took off Thursday morning at 9:56 a.m. for Milan, Italy. But shortly after the plane, which was carrying 141 passengers, took off, a bird got stuck in the right engine. The captain therefore decided to get back on the ground. The plane landed at 10:09 am without any problem. Passengers will certainly be able to connect Milan with another device.

Such an incident is not exceptional, according to Brussels Airlines, which emphasizes that the pilots are prepared for it.


Photo 1: The eight urgent exits that Barcelona seeks to make for the renewal of Messi

Barça needs to transfer players with a very high salary to be able to balance the salary mass.

FC Barcelona must release around 200 million euros in salary bill once the renewal of Lionel Messi is completed, as reported by Catalan radio RAC1. The Barça club is working on the output of up to eight players.


step by step how to make the claim

With the advancement of technologies and the modernization of the computer systems of banks and online shopping, began to appear new problems for the consumers. Among them, computer fraud and the theft of personal data to make purchases without the consent of the owner.

Most users who use financial services know how a credit card operates and its benefits. However, it is not usual to know what to do when reviewing the account statement and see reflected a Unrecognized, misapplied, duplicate charge, or a purchase you did not make.

Between the Rights that users of banking services have is that of the return of unknown charges. How make the claim and make it effective?

According to the credit card law, the user can claim to the bank that this or that purchase was not made by him. Photos Martín Bonetto

According to the National Law 25065 on credit, debit and purchase cards, the user has 30 days to make a claim to the issuing entity of the plastic (bank or company that provided you with the card).

As provided for in article 26 of that law, the cardholder can question, that is, claim before the bank or issuing entity that this or that purchase or contract was not made by him and that, therefore, he is unaware of that operation and the imputation in the summary.

How to start the management of the claim for an ignorance of card purchase?

The user must make his claim reliably by email, O via electronic form that the issuing bank or company has on its official website.

The next step will be load the requested data (indicate the expenses with which you do not agree and everything that serves to clarify the error) and the claim will enter the system to be routed. At the end you will receive a claim number. It is important save the evidence either from the mail sent, code or claim number provided by the card issuer.

This will allow you to be certain of the receipt of the claim and to know the moment when the response time of the bank or company issuing the plastic begins to run. It is clear that such response must be complete and detailed, to inform the user about the challenge or rejection that he / she made.

Online purchases led to the theft of personal data to make purchases without the consent of the owner.  Photo: Shutterstock

Online purchases led to the theft of personal data to make purchases without the consent of the owner. Photo: Shutterstock

As stated in said law, the cardholder can initiate that claim (challenge the summary) and the plastic issuing entity should acknowledge receipt of the challenge within seven days of receipt.

And disagree with the answer received by the entity, this response must be rejected within 7 business days.

Meanwhile, within fifteen days after, you must correct the error if any, or clearly explain the accuracy of the settlement, providing a copy of the vouchers or grounds that support the situation.

The correction period will be extended to sixty days in operations carried out in the exterior.

Parallel, the cardholder will have to pay the rest of the summary that has not been questioned, leaving the amount claimed pending cancellation.

While the investigation of the objected consumption extends, the bank or company should not restrict the use of the card of credit nor alter the limits for withdrawals, purchases or purchase financing.

What to do if you do not receive a response from the bank, after 7 days?

On the website of the Central Bank (BCRA) they receive complaints from users of financial services not resolved by banks and redirect them to the Directorate of Consumer Defense. However, to make this presentation you will have to wait 3 more days than the 7 that the bank has as the limit to respond.

To settle the complaint, the following information and documents must be available:

1. Be an end user of financial services (The end user of financial services is considered to be human and legal persons who, for their own benefit or that of their family or social group and as final recipients, without commercial purposes, make use of the services offered by banks, financial companies and / or or credit cards.)

2. Claim number assigned by the financial institution or credit card issuer involved.


4. Claim What did you do to the entity?

5. Answer provided by the entity to your claim.

6. Have elapsed 10 working days since the presentation of your claim.

Also, the injured person may communicate directly with the National Consumer Defense Directorate, or through the toll-free line 0800-666-1518 or writing to [email protected]

Unawareness of purchase: how to read the invoice

When a purchase is made with a credit card, certain information appears in the account summary that, knowing how to identify them, will help speed up the claim process:

  • Voucher Number: is the number that the payment services company gives to that purchase.
  • Transaction Detail: It is the identification of the company to which the payment is sent.
  • Pesos or Dollars: It is the amount of the purchase expressed in the currency in which it was made.
  • Dues: It will show you the amount of payments made and missing.
From the BCRA, they recommend monitoring account statements and transactions regularly and not waiting for the card summary to arrive.  Photo: Reuters

From the BCRA, they recommend monitoring account statements and transactions regularly and not waiting for the card summary to arrive. Photo: Reuters

Finally, from the BCRA advise taking certain precautions to avoid the appearance of improper purchases or transactions in the summary of each user:

Keep track of the card when making a payment at a store with your credit or debit card.

-Check with the card provider if they have a alert option for notifications of purchases or money withdrawals greater than a certain amount. In this way, if the card was cloned, the bank or entity issuing the plastic will give notice if purchases were registered for a value greater than the agreed upon.

Monitor account statements and transactions regularly, anticipating and avoiding waiting until the monthly statement arrives to verify if there are any suspicious purchases, withdrawals or transactions.


the firefighter discovers that his daughter Ella is among the victims

It’s a situation he thought he would never face. He had never thought of it, the mere thought of such an eventuality gave him a cold sweat. However, this Sunday, June 13, Adrien Smith saw his worst nightmare come true.

On duty that day, the British firefighter had been called in to respond to a fire that had started following an accident on a Pembrokeshire country road. Once there, he was able to see the extent of the damage: a car had overturned in a bend before being struck by two other vehicles. But suddenly, Adrian stopped when he saw the face of his daughter Ella.

The 21-year-old girl unfortunately made victims of the accident. The one who wanted to become a nurse had just spent a day at the sea and was on her way home when the accident happened. She had said goodbye to her dad a few hours later but thought to meet him that very evening… Ella did not survive the shock of the crash.

“You can’t imagine how Adrian must be feeling. It is a rescuer’s worst nightmare to find out that your own child is a victim, ”a relative told the Mirror. On Facebook, the 47-year-old dad shared a moving photo of himself dancing with his daughter when she was little. “We are completely devastated to have lost our beloved Ella. She was a much loved and caring daughter, sister and granddaughter. She was a beautiful girl who will be missed by all of us. We would like to thank everyone for their support during this horrific time. It meant so much to the whole family as we mourn our Ella. », He wrote in the caption of the photo.

Three other people were injured in the pile-up. Police are now investigating to find out what really happened and hope to obtain images from another driver’s dashcam to establish the exact circumstances of this horrific accident.


Carteron: Al-Ahly may top the league while we are not playing.. Delays make his task easier

Patrice Carteron, coach of the first team at Zamalek club, confirmed that he did not ask the administration to address the Football Association to postpone any match before, despite the pressure of the team’s matches in the last period before the league stopped, due to his respect for the league and cup schedule that was established by the Football Association..

And Carteron said in official statements: “I asked the club to address the Football Association to postpone the clearing match only in the cup because it came at a difficult time, and I think that the league match schedule was wrongly set.”

He added, “There are many voids in the league table, and the opposing team will play several postponed matches in the coming period and may return to the top at a time when Zamalek does not play the same number of matches. And Zamalek wants to achieve justice by not playing the team for any matches until Al-Ahly fights its postponements.”

And the French continued: “The Egyptian League witnessed the establishment of two seasons in a period of only one and a half seasons, and therefore the current season was pressured due to Al-Ahly’s refusal to cancel the last season because of its desire to crown the title, at a time when most clubs wanted to cancel the competition.”

He commented on Zamalek playing 6 more matches than Al-Ahly in the league this season, saying: “We did not succeed in collecting all the points in those matches, but Al-Ahly may face teams that have no motives at the end of the league and this may make the opponent’s task easier.”

He concluded: “The irregularity of the league does not give Zamalek an opportunity to participate in the African Champions League and the Arab Championship together. The Arab Championship is a great opportunity for the club from a financial point of view, especially since the strongest teams in Africa are the Egyptian teams and in Asia the Saudi teams are the lucky ones to win the championship.” .


How much exercise should I do per week to lose weight

The benefits of practicing physical exercise they are the subject of permanent study. The frequency, duration, intensity and total number of hours devoted to sport are parameters and combinations that are investigated by scientists from all over the world and then translated into recommendations based on age, health status, possible pathologies and also medical conditions. Personal objectives.

One of the most common stimuli to start in the fitness universe is the need and desire to fight “those extra kilos”, a goal that sometimes seems unattainable and is frustrating.

It is that in many cases a vicious circle is generated: physical activity allows you to burn calories, but the effort made “forces” to eat more to compensate for the loss of energy and that increased appetite can lead to consuming the same calories that were burned during the training. The question then is:how much exercise should I do per week to lose weight?

The desire to lose weight must go hand in hand with perseverance so as not to lose the effort earned.

How much exercise should I do per week to lose weight

The physical exercise slimsIt just requires perseverance and a greater effort than normal. In addition to proper planning. It does not work to do gymnastics two weeks in a row and then give up, nor do miracle diets help.

One way to lose weight – lose accumulated fat – is to achieve what specialists call “negative energy balance”: reduce the calories you consume and increase those that are expended. Eat less – and healthier – and be more active.

Germán Laurora, coordinator of Megatlon and Fiter Training Programs explains that “a program with a focus on reducing adipose tissue, both for those who are overweight and obese, should ideally be daily. But it must also be taken into account that the effectiveness will drop markedly if the exercise is not complemented with an adequate diet “.

The coach gives us as an example two types of effective sessions to lose kilos, taking a “subjective” scale of effort that goes from 0 (no physical effort) to 10 (maximum effort).

To give a reference on the intensity and work that these two routines demand, Laurora chooses the walking / running activity as the pattern, although she explains that a training session has to include several functional exercises of movement and commitment of different muscle groups.

Training should include movement and engagement exercises for different muscle groups.

Training should include movement and engagement exercises for different muscle groups.

It also clarifies that it is important that the training program to reduce fat tissue contains both types of sessions, with daily exercise.

Session A: Medium intensity, continuous work and high volume (number of series and repetitions). Its duration should be 45 to 60 minutes.

In this type of session we would walk or run continuously for 50 or 60 minutes at an intensity of 4 or 5 points.

Session B: Training type HIT (“High Intensity Interval Training”), with a high intensity, interval work and low volume (less number of series and repetitions). Approximately 30 minutes.

We would warm up for 10 minutes of walking or running at a subjective perception of effort of 4 or 5 and then, as the core of the training session, we would run for a minute at an intensity of 8 or 9 and then walk very slowly at a intensity of 2 or 3. We would repeat this up and down for a total time of 20 minutes (10 runs at high intensity).


“It took two people to get him out”!

Amy, 27, is from Cheddington, in the South East of England. During her pregnancy, the young woman had no appetite. Still, that didn’t stop her from giving birth to a real little guy. Indeed, when he pointed the tip of his nose on May 25, the little Zagrys measured no less than 60 centimeters and weighed nearly 6 kg!

The mother, already mother of 2-year-old Lola, explains that “it took two people to get him out”. Worse still, the infant did not fit on the scale!

As The Mirror relates, Amy expected to have a tall baby: “All the scans showed him to be quite tall, and Zac and I are about six feet tall. But we had no idea it would be that big. It didn’t even fit on the scale when they went to weigh it, it was too long and too wide. They had to make a makeshift plank to balance it ”.

The parents had yet foreseen the blow. Amy and Zac bought clothes for a 3 month old baby. Too bad for the family, little Zagrys actually needed a “six to nine month” size. They now hope that their son is moving towards a career in rugby.