Personalized medicine to fight childhood leukemia

Acute lymphoblastic leukemia accounts for a quarter of all cancer cases diagnosed in children and young adults, and it is the one that causes the highest number of deaths in this age group. Although the vast majority of patients respond well to treatment, in 15-20% of cases, the cancer recurs. The standard treatment for these […]

Delirium, this persistent symptom in patients with Covid-19 –

According to American doctors, delirium is a more common symptom in coronavirus patients. A very common symptom According to the results of a study published in the journal BMJ Open, the delirium is one of the symptoms of coronavirus, in addition to breathing difficulties, fatigue or headaches. the delirium is a medical term to describe […]

[Société] The hope of nasal vaccines

COVID-19. Replace the vaccine needle with an injection into the nose? By acting on the initial site of infection, several tests show promise against the disease and its transmission, although they remain to be confirmed in humans. At the beginning of September, Inrae and the University of Tours filed a patent for a candidate vaccine […]

[AFP] Covid: these resuscitation survivors who have become vaccination activists

“It’s been over a year and I still haven’t fully recovered”: Hugues, 23, experienced the “nightmare” of intensive care. Since then, like other survivors, he has mobilized to raise awareness of the importance of vaccination against Covid-19. “When I come across people who do not want to be vaccinated, I am more in the pedagogy […]

[Société] The Union of Liberal Doctors in favor of “compulsory vaccination for citizens”

The Union of Liberal Doctors of Réunion (SML Réunion) declares itself more than ever in favor of Covid vaccination and supports “with conviction a compulsory Covid vaccination for liberal doctors and caregivers, considering their exercise without being vaccinated irresponsibly dangerous for patients”. The SML Réunion also calls for this compulsory vaccination to be extended without […]

Ingrid Coronado. Magazine reveals damage to her image: condemned | VIDEO

Digital Millennium Mexico City / 19.08.2021 10:41:35 Ingrid Coronado, former host of Come the joy from TV Azteca, recently gave something to talk about after winning a legal claim before the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN) against a magazine that violated his privacy and that of his children that had with Charly […]

Arnold Schwarzenegger at antivax: “who cares about your freedom” –

Annoyed by the antivax, Arnold Schwarzenegger decides to come out of his silence. Vaccination, the only solution Since the start of the pandemic, Arnold Schwarzenegger has never hidden his involvement in the fight against coronavirus. But faced with antivax and anti-mask, the former governor of California shows his annoyance. According to the cult actor, the […]

[Société] Back to school: demonstration at the rectorate against health measures

To masks at school, to vaccinodromes in schools, they say no. To the “discrimination” of vaccinated and unvaccinated students and teachers as well. Gathered this Thursday morning in front of the rectorate gates guarded by the police, about 150 people, parents and teachers, wanted to reaffirm their opposition to the health measures decided for the […]