Constraints and fear revived memories of the colonial war

The pandemic revived memories of Colonial War combatants and increased the use of psychological support services, despite the difficulty in holding face-to-face sessions, when “the solidarity of peers is essential”.

For Manuel Diogo, a former Colonial War fighter residing in Guarda, the pandemic brought a rekindling of memories in very specific situations, such as when he started seeing people in the street wearing masks, watching a an atmosphere of mistrust and fear that he also felt in Angola, in war.

“In Africa, during the war, we used to go for a walk in Luanda and we were looking from one side to the other to see who was chasing us. Here, now, the same thing happens,” he told Lusa.

The president of the Association for the Disabled of the Armed Forces (ADFA), Manuel Lopes Dias, said that the isolation that the pandemic had forced has revived memories of times of war, which aggravated the difficulties already felt by the disabled military.

“The pandemic brought us experiences of war, such as loneliness and remoteness of our families, society and friends, who we passed as young people in the Colonial War. Many of us are psychologically affected because no one comes back like that from war. Every human being who is subjected to a war situation has serious psychological consequences, there are always traumatic effects. And this we live again,” he said, in an interview with Lusa.

According to ADFA data provided to Lusa agency, in a year of pandemic there was an increase in requests for help from disabled military personnel and in the psychological support provided. In 2020, the association supported 82 people at a psychological level, by telephone or in person, when necessary, at the Lisbon and Porto hubs, 8 more than in 2019, when 74 disabled military personnel were accompanied.

“We have cases already referenced by our multidisciplinary teams, of psychologists and psychiatrists, because the pandemic, in fact, is affecting quite a few of our military disabled people affected by the stress of war and more affected by psychological problems. They have resorted and called more”, said Colonel Lopes Dias.

Although important, psychological support did not solve the problem of lack of contact between the disabled military who suffered the marks of the Colonial War and who were forced to isolate themselves from each other, he said.

“The solidarity of peers is essential, in addition to technical support and support from families”, explained Manuel Lopes Dias. “And at this moment, the pandemic has cut, in some cases almost completely, this possibility for the disabled in the Armed Forces to participate, collaborate, meet together. This has been a serious situation that we are witnessing.”

According to Dr. Luísa Sales, a psychiatrist who is part of the Scientific Committee of the Center for Stress Resources in Military Context (CRSCM), in general, “the populations reacted with a increased expressions of stress, from adaptation or trauma processes” to the pandemic. Former combatants who were in the Colonial War between 1961 and 1974, and in particular those who developed pathologies as a result of this experience, were no exception.

Among these is post-traumatic stress, but also “depression, anxiety, phobic and somatization, loss of contact with reality and addictive behaviors that are extremely frequent in these contexts of rupture” and that make former combatants a vulnerable population, explains the psychiatrist, also responsible for the Psychiatry Service of the Hospital Militar de Coimbra and coordinator of the Observatório do Trauma/CES.

“The frailty of people over 70 was extremely marked and all ex-combatants of the Colonial War are generally over 70 years old, so that was reasonably disturbing. And the fact that they were more imprisoned – for example, in my therapeutic groups we had to take periods off – it doesn’t make things easier”, said the professional, in an interview with Lusa.

Contacted by Lusa, Anabela Oliveira, member of the Board of the Association for Support to Ex-Combatants Victims of War Stress (APOIAR) said that the association received more requests for assistance in 2020 and that psychologists provided support by telephone, existing twice per month face-to-face psychiatry consultation.

According to Luísa Sales, the group therapy is the most indicated in the treatment of ex-combatants, since the existence of a “social support network is very important in the prevention of traumatic conditions and the development of post-trauma disease”, he explains.

But despite the fact that group consultations were interrupted during the confinement, the ex-combatants he accompanies maintained telephone contact with each other almost daily. For the psychiatrist, it was this mutual support that allowed them to overcome the constraints posed by the pandemic.

Luísa Sales admitted that she initially hoped that the pandemic, a situation she classified as “very violent”, would constitute a “kind of trauma activation”. However, in his clinical practice this has not been the case, he said.


PGR arrested five more involved in Operation Crab


June 16, 2021 at 2:56 pm

The five suspects were interrogated at the National Directorate of Investigation and Criminal Action (DNIAP), and preventive detention was applied as a coercive measure, according to Rádio Nacional de Angola.

Last week, a list was released to all provincial bodies of the Migration and Borders Service prohibiting the departure of 24 soldiers from the country, all of whom are accused under criminal proceedings 39/2021, known as Operation Crab, including the major Pedro Lussaty, found in possession of millions of dollars.

The PGR announced, on May 24, that a case was opened involving officers of the Angolan Armed Forces assigned to the House of Security of the President of the Republic, on suspicion of embezzlement, retention of currency, criminal association and other crimes.

The PGR note stressed that, in the context of the process, monetary values ​​were seized “in cash, kept in boxes and suitcases, in the order of millions, in US dollars, euros and kwanzas, as well as homes and vehicles” .

The head of finance of the musical band of the Presidency of the Republic, Pedro Lussaty, was arrested in possession of two suitcases with ten million dollars and four million euros, allegedly trying to leave the country.

Following the scandal, the Angolan President, João Lourenço, dismissed several top soldiers linked to his House of Security, as well as its top official and Minister of State, Pedro Sebastião.

The National Bank of Angola (BNA) also opened an inquiry to investigate the circumstances in which the money raised by a commercial bank was found in the possession of officials linked to the House of Security, whose conclusions were not revealed.


Eduardo dos Santos expected in Luanda – Angola

José Eduardo dos Santos is expected to travel to Luanda during this month of June, thus putting an end to a long absence from the country. The former President of the Republic left Angola in April 2019 and has since settled in Barcelona. The exception to this kind of exile was a trip to Dubai to be with her daughter, Isabel dos Santos, after the death of her husband, Sindika Dokolo.

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Confessed homicidal detainees of three members of the same family in a luxury condominium in Luanda

The Criminal Investigation Service detained on Wednesday afternoon, May 26, around 3:40 pm, two men, 29 years old, who, during interrogations, confessed to the authorship of the triple homicide that occurred in a luxury condominium in Luanda. . Kamukotele Anderson’s stepson is one of the confessed murderers.

New Journal

May 27, 2021 at 09:54

SIC informs that the individuals, known as Wander, single, computer technician, stepson of Kamukotele Anderson, residing in Kilamba Centrality, and Ludy, single, unemployed, residing in Bairro Prenda, assumed responsibility for the murder of three members of the same family: Kamukotele Anderson, economist, 51, son Anderson Júnior, 14, and nephew, Delvany Manuel, 9, who lived in Condomínio Vereda das Flores, and were found dead with signs of violence inside a jeep in the car park in Kilamba Centrality.

The police report that at the time of the arrest a cell phone was seized, which belonged to Anderson Kamukotele, and was in the possession of one of the confessed murderers. The SIC also informs that the motive for the crime was the attempted theft, “via the multi-card, of the amount of approximately US $ 500 thousand that allegedly the failed Kamukotele held in his bank account, resulting from an indemnity for part of the BP Oil Company, after amicable termination of employment “

From the medical-legal autopsy examination carried out on the three corpses, “characteristic signs of mechanical asphyxia and internal injuries to the heads of the citizens of Kamukotele and the minor Delvany, caused by a blunt object,” were confirmed, “the Criminal Investigation Service adds, adding that now detained citizens will be presented to the prosecutor for criminal liability while other proceedings are under way.


BNA guarantees that it has complied with the law but says it has opened an investigation to ascertain the complete circuit of the money up to the official’s hands

New Journal

May 26, 2021 at 14:21

The BNA reacted in a statement to news reports referring to a police operation where an FAA major, Pedro Lusssati, placed in the finance department of the musical band of the Security House of the Presidency of the Republic, appears to be in possession of large millions of dollars, euros and kwanzas, as well as goods of high monetary value, including luxury homes, vehicles and watches, with suspicion of involvement in a group of generals placed in the Presidency.

Ensuring that there was no failure in the way it made the Kwanza banknotes that appear in the images available, the BNA, however, leaves open the question of the withdrawal by third parties of these banknotes at the commercial bank in question, which has not been identified.

“According to our records, the amounts in question, in national currency, were withdrawn at our strongbox by a commercial bank, fully obeying the rules and protocols in force for this purpose, with no failure of procedures at the level of the National Bank. de Angola “, assures the Central Bank, in a statement.

The BNA emphasizes that it has the responsibility to control the currency in circulation in the values ​​and quality of the banknotes and that it receives from the commercial banks the banknotes that they receive from the public.

“The National Bank of Angola puts banknotes in circulation exclusively through commercial banks and all volumes of banknotes, new or used, that leave their strongbox for these banks, have BNA stamps that facilitate the registration of movements and confirm the the banknotes’ provenance, their authenticity, their face and financial value in each volume “, the statement said.

The BNA ensured that it provided the criminal investigation bodies with all the information requested and initiated an investigation to investigate with the commercial bank in question the circumstances in which those values ​​were made available to third parties and which are the compliance procedures (application of the rules defined) regulator) applied to ensure its legitimacy.

Major Pedro Lussati, as the New Advance Newspaper on here e on here, was found in possession of two dozen suitcases containing millions of dollars, euros and kwanzas, luxury watches, large-capacity cars and luxury homes, with solid suspicions that he was trying to leave the country with these transportable values.

There is also a consolidated suspicion that this senior FAA officer did not raise this fortune by operating alone, nor are these values ​​commensurate with his income.

It is recalled that the PGR has already announced that it is currently in the process of investigating this case involving several officers, of different ranks, placed in the Presidency of the Republic, including Major Pedro Lussati, under suspicion of crimes of embezzlement and, among others, criminal association.

At about the same time that the PGR announced the existence of this investigation, the President of the Republic exonerated several officers assigned to his Security House, as the Novo Jornal also reported on here.


UNITA rejects complaints against accusations to the leader for ″ not contributing to the clowning ″


May 25, 2021 at 3:57 pm

“There is a saying that you will not complain about the pig to the boar. How is it possible to believe in a judicial power that elects a president of the CNE (National Electoral Commission) fraudulently? Do you think we would be serious if we took participation to a judicial power that acts in this way? “, commented today the UNITA deputy, Liberty Chiyaka, when questioned by Lusa.

Alleged acts of “tribalism, intrigues and embezzlement” have been attributed to the president of the National Union for the Total Independence of Angola (UNITA), the largest party in the Angolan opposition, Adalberto Costa Júnior (ACJ).

The “legitimacy and legality” of the 13th UNITA Congress, which elected Adalberto Costa Júnior, and his nationality have also been questioned on a recurring basis, especially on social networks, as well as alleged internal dissidences against the party president made public by former militants.

Last week, the MPLA (ruling party) denied being linked to “levels of challenge to the ACJ leadership or to the internal upheaval that is taking place within the party”, stating that UNITA was using the MPLA to justify “the absolute lack of control in which he finds himself “.

In the same communiqué, the MPLA said that “it does not need to pay militants disagreed with UNITA to do anything” and stressed that it does not see itself in such conduct, demarcating itself “in absolute low-level and absolute practices. intolerance like the ones that UNITA uses and has always used in its strategy, since its foundation “.

The Angolan Constitutional Court (TC), explained Liberty Chiyaka today, was present at the UNITA congress and confirmed the legitimacy and legality of the 13th Congress.

[E agora] he accepts to receive an alleged complaint from a group of citizens who have been manipulated by distinguished MPLA leaders. Do you think this is serious? “, He asked.

“Are we going to participate in a body like this? We would be contributing to the clowning. We have a lot of respect for Angolans, we have a lot of respect for the legal professionals, but we are not going to bore them because the higher orders will prevail, unfortunately that is it”, shot.

For the also president of the UNITA parliamentary group, who spoke today at a press conference, the accusations against the president of his party result from an “agenda of the State that goes through fighting every day Adalberto Costa Júnior”.

The main resources of the State, he affirmed, “are channeled to this perspective: to fight the president of UNITA”.

Speaking at a press conference on the crisis of confidence in public institutions, the UNITA politician considered that the governance of the Angolan President, João Lourenço, “failed” and the UNITA leader was the “scapegoat to distract people’s attention” .

“Because President João Lourenço’s governance has failed, Angolans, society, particularly Angolan youth, identifies UNITA and its leader as a credible alternative to the governance of PR João Lourenço and a power management strategy emerges,” he said.

UNITA, he further argued, “would be contributing to the regime’s strategy if every time an accusation arises, we run out, time is a matter of wearing out, time is the great master”.


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