The duel against Gran Canria is postponed due to a possible positive in Spar Girona

Uni finished in 2020 with a hard-fought victory on the court of Lointek Gernika Bizkaia (60-69) and it remains to be seen how it will start in 2021 because the match that yesterday afternoon had to be played in Fontajau against Spar Gran Canaria had a meeting adjourned. The possibility that a local player was infected by coronavirus activated all alarms and the Spanish Basketball Federation (FEB) activated all emergency protocols. Just a few hours past two-thirty in the afternoon, the appointed time, the match was suspended and it is now time to see what his new date will be.

L’Spar Girona he was training yesterday morning. A shooting session while preparing the first game of the year, normally and without anything strange. The news would come just after, when a player who participated in training with the rest of the squad learned that direct contact tested positive for coronavirus. The alarms went off and the FEB moved tab. With the danger of contagion, which would multiply in a hypothetical duel in the afternoon, the Uni-Spar Gran Canaria was postponed. It will be today when all the players and also the members of the coaching staff will undergo the relevant tests (antigen tests and a PCR the player in question) to determine if there are any positives. In two days, this operation would be repeated. Meanwhile, the visiting team had to resign themselves to the circumstances and spent the night in Girona, to return home today.

If the test results do not confirm any positive case for covid-19 in the squad, training would resume as normal and the team would continue with its routine to face a month of January full of commitments. Waiting to place the clash with Gran Canaria again, Uni will play this coming Saturday on the court of Casademont Zaragoza (20 hours). Only two days later, he would have to recover the pending match with Al-Qázeres, which was supposed to be played last November but which also had to be postponed. On the 15th, a Friday, I return to receive Ciudad de La Laguna in Fontajau (7.30pm) before facing a new Euroleague bubble. A demanding test that will arrive just before visiting the Valencia track, although this duel, scheduled for the 23rd, will surely have to be relocated.


Spar Girona’s basketball continues to grow with Julbe

The new Spar Girona by Alfred Julbe he not only wins the matches he passes over the opponent from the first moment. After the comfortable victories against Bembibre and Ensino Lugo, yesterday Uni had to row until well into the third quarter to wear out the enthusiasm of a Campus Promises that, balancing the battle in the inner game, he held on until the break all the good strides of a Uni Girona, which had four players with 15 or more points scored -Eldebrink (17) and Vasic, Araújo and Elonu (all three with 15) – and in the plays of Chelsea Gray, with an authentic individual technique recital, one of the best reasons to watch the match. Be it in the Logroño pavilion or in front of the computer screen.

With the stout Maimouma Diarra (15 points and 15 rebounds) winning the direct duel with Reisingerova, a few days the Czech is with players bigger than her, and the enthusiasm of former Uni Adrijana Knezevic Campus Promete managed to match the party, and that one was seen good basketball, for many minutes. A triple by Eldebrink and a final basketball by Labuckiene left the Girona difference in six points at the break (37-43), but the success of Vasic, Elonu or the triples of Eldebrink (4) and Ferrari (3 ) ended up undermining the resistance of the Promete Campus which has suffered greatly in the third quarter. With Chelsea Gray having fun on the court, sharing smiles and impossible passes, Uni has been making the difference on the scoreboard. triple end of the banyolina Júlia Soler (70-96).


Spar Girona is working on counting that the Euroleague will be played in Fontajau

The pandemic, its evolution and the various restrictions that governments are applying to minimize its effects make it difficult for anyone, and sports clubs are not exactly an exception, to make plans beyond a few days. But even so, in the offices of theSpar Girona in Fontajau it is worked counting that the first “bubble” of the Euroleague group stage will be played in the Girona pavilion. Six matches between Spar Girona, Italian Schia, Riga of Latvia and the great dominator of European basketball in recent years, Russian Ekaterinburg, which will be played in Fontajau in the first week of December. For now, with the current health restrictions, the matches should be played behind closed doors, but an improvement in the indicators, as is happening in recent days, opens the door to think that in three weeks the situation in Girona could have returned to what it was until recently, in which sports and cultural shows could have an audience with a reduction in capacity. This would mean that, as was the case at the beginning of the season, around 1,200 Spar Girona fans would be able to watch the matches live inside the pavilion.

For now, and that doesn’t seem to need to change, the FIBA keeps Girona as the scene of the bubble and the matches already have a day (not yet schedules). On Tuesday 1 December, Spar Girona will face Riga and Ekaterinburg will face Scchio; on Thursday 3 the Girona girls would play against the Russians, current European champions with the Americans Breanna Stewart and Britney Griner or the Mallorcan Alba Torrens, and the Schio in Riga; and on Friday 4 the matches between Ekaterinburg and Riga and Spar Girona and Schia would be played. The schedules are not yet defined, but the teams would arrive in Girona on the weekend and would be in the city for about six days.

As for the subject of the public, it seems clear that the Procicat will extend this Thursday two more weeks the current restrictions, which force all sports shows to be held behind closed doors and close theaters and cinemas. But if it then returned to the previous situation, Uni would arrive in time to allow its subscribers to enter Fontajau.


Between rich Surs and Anna Caula they have directed 77% of the matches of the Spar Girona to the elite

“Four years ago, when Xavi (Fernández) took over the team after the dismissal of Miguel Ángel (Ortega), we were clear that we had been wrong and that we had to look for someone who understood the way the club was and the people of Girona. And that’s why we went to a coach who was in the men’s fourth division (Èric Surís), because we understood that he had to go back a bit to what had been Anna Caula’s stage and that the bench had to be redone; and that has also moved us a bit with Alfred (Julbe), someone who understood us ”. With this reflection, Monday in the presentation of Julbe as a new coach, the sports director of the Uni, Pere Puig, recalled that in the eleven seasons of the team in the highest category, stability has always come from the hand of technicians who know the reality of Girona well. With the exception of Roberto Íñiguez, a coach who eats separately in European women’s basketball, whenever Uni has been looking for a coach outside the atmosphere of Uni and Girona basketball, the bet has crossed his mind. .

Neither Joan Carles Díez, nor Ramon Jordana, nor Miguel Ángel Ortega were able to consolidate on the bench of Fontajau (none of the three finished his first year at the club) and, beyond the twelve games with title included of Iñíguez or of the internship (with a lost final) of Xavi Fernández, the growth and stability of the current Spar Girona have come from the hand of two Girona technicians, Anna Caula and Eric Suris. Between the two they have led 77% of the matches played by Uni, both in national and international competition, since the club debuted in Liga Femenina-1 in September 2009 in a match on the court of Perfumerías Avenida.

Behind Surís in the ranking are three coaches from outside Girona -Miguel Ángel Ortega (35 games), Ramon Jordana (20) and Joan Carles Díez- who did not finish their first and only season in the team; Roberto Íñiguez and Xavi Fernández, with twelve matches each, who replaced Jordana after his resignation and Ortega (dismissed), respectively. Joan Carles Díez’s thirteen games on the Uni bench are at the start of the second season at the club, when Anna Caula decided to step aside, but for Christmas, with little chemistry between Díez and some players important in the locker room, Caula herself decided to return to the bench, where she would continue until the end of the 2013/14 academic year.

With a game, Alfred Julbe has been added to the list this week, but on Monday, both he and Pere Puig made it clear that their case is different from that of Díez, Jordana or Ortega because he knows both the city and the club for the two years he collaborated with Anna Caula doing technical tasks in the first team. “I came here at the age of 29, so I have been living in Girona for more years than I lived before coming,” said Julbe, who “as a citizen of Girona” said that he has been seeing very good people eyes the work done by the club: «For years, players with a lot of sports and aesthetic criteria have been brought to the Uni, which makes Girona, without being one of the biggest cities, one of the ten best in Europe in women’s basketball ».


No rest for the Spar Girona

Seven games in twenty days. Sunday’s victory against Casademont Zaragoza, with the dazzling debut de Chelsea Gray, was the premiere of a real marathon of matches that will continue this evening in Tenerife, at 9:00 p.m. against Ciudad de La Laguna, and will end on Friday 6 November in Fontajau against Ensino Lugo. Among the seven matches, a key date: the Euroleague qualifier against the Romanian Sepsis in Turkey, which will force Girona to be locked in the bubble that FIFA will set up in Izmit for four days. “These are times when the team has to be prepared, regardless of whether the schedule is very hard or not, the team has to pick up the habit and routine of working with a game every three or four days maximum with the “added to long trips, like this one to the Canary Islands, which leave you with less time to work”, he said yesterday Eric Suris, coach of Spar Girona, after the last training session in Fontajau.

“It’s a very strong team, the season was already a bone, and this season they have still strengthened very well with very physical players that have made them a very dangerous block, especially on their court,” said Surís on tonight’s match in the Canary Islands against a Ciudad de La Laguna that has achieved four victories in the first five days of the league and has players with a lot of scoring ability (Atkinson, Taylor, Nogic ..) and a base with many flying hours in the league, Gaby Ocete.

On the return from Tenerife, the Girona team will only have one day off to prepare for such an important event as the visit to Fontajau in Valencia by Queralt Casas from Bescanona on Saturday afternoon (19.00). A match, against one of the unbeaten leaders of the League tied with Girona and Salamanca, which has been advanced one day because on Sunday Uni already has to travel to Turkey where all teams must reach the bubble of Izmit with much room for contention in next Wednesday’s Euroleague preliminaries against Romanian Sepsis. The other will be played by the hosts of the Izmit Belediyespor against the Hungarian Miskolc.

Thus, in just one week, between today and next Wednesday, Uni has two long trips (Canary Islands and Turkey) and three key matches: visiting the complicated track of the City of La Laguna; to receive in Fontajau a Valencia that aspires to be the alternative to the two great ones; and playing the European future against Sepsis.

Back in Turkey, the situation, at least in terms of rest days, does not improve because the team will arrive in Girona on Thursday and on Saturday play the derby against Cadí a la Seu; the following Tuesday he visits the Bembibre track and closes these twenty frantic days receiving the Ensino Lugo in Fontajau in an advanced day on Friday 6 November through the FIBA ​​windows.


Spar Girona is betting that the Euroleague will not be postponed to January

With the ninth Catalan League title in his pocket and, as he prepares for the match against Perfumerías Avenida in Saturday’s Super Cup in Bilbao, the eyes of Spar Girona turned yesterday to Munich and FIBA’s doubts about the ‘start of the Euroleague. On paper, the main European competition should start at the end of this month with the preliminary qualifiers, such as the one to be played by Uni against the Romanian Sepsis, and the regular phase on 14 October. But yesterday, in a telematic meeting between the participating clubs, the different federations of each country and the FIBA ​​officials, some teams put on the table the possibility of not playing until January. “We have made it clear that we intend to play the preliminaries in September and then, if we qualify, continue with the competition,” explained after the meeting the president of the Uni, Cayetano Pérez, who, however, he added that “there have been different positions with clubs that prefer that the competition be postponed until January and now it will be up to FIBA ​​to analyze the different options and make a decision on how the competition will be played”.


Ekaterinburg and Schio will be rivals for Spar Girona if they win a place in the Euroleague

Spar Girona need to beat Sepsi in the previous phase to play in the Euroleague for the second consecutive season. The qualifier is scheduled for September 23 and 30, with the return to Fontajau, but yesterday FIBA ​​already drew the groups from both the top continental competition and the Eurocup. If Uni is able to beat the Romanian team, it will be integrated into Group B of the Euroleague, where they will find rivals of the potential of Russian Ekaterinburg, traditionally the most powerful team in women’s basketball, the Schio, the Landes or the Galatasaray. The other rivals would be Sopron, TT Riga and Bourges.

While the difficulty is obvious, on paper perhaps Group A is even more powerful, with Kursk, Prague, Fenerbahçe, Orenburg, Perfumerías Avenida, Asvel Lyon, Arka Gydnia and the winner of the preliminaries between the Hungarian Miskolc and the Turkish Izmit. Uni, who were second in the Women’s League when the competition ended last year in a hurry due to the state of alarm decreed by the health crisis, must win a place in the Euroleague in a preliminary, which that doesn’t happen to him on the Avenue, because he was the leader of the tournament.

The continental draws were held yesterday in Munich, at the FIBA ​​headquarters. Girona also knew what their possible rivals would be in the event that Sepsi deprived them of playing in the Euroleague. In this case, Eric Surís’ team would automatically move to the second European competition, the Eurocup, where they would have as travel companions Cadí La Seu, French Villeneuve and the winner of the preliminary round between the Belgian Namur and the Luxembourg Grengewald in Group G.

The Euroleague debut would be on October 14 in Fontajau against Galatasaray, according to the schedule made public by the International Federation. The group stage will last until February 24, and Uni would close it at home against Sopron. In any case, FIBA ​​has not yet made a final decision on when it will start the European tournaments and wait until September. If the health crisis recommends it, the calendar could be recomposed and tournaments started in January 2021, waiting for the pandemic to come under control. Uni, no matter what happens in Europe, will make their debut this season in an official match on September 6 against Cadí in the final of the Catalan League at the Palau Blaugrana.


Swedish escort Frida Eldebrink becomes the second signing of the Spar Citylift

The Spar Citylift continues to confirm pieces for the 2020-21 project and yesterday announced the arrival of the second signing. This is the Swedish escort Frida Eldebrink, 32, who comes from the Turkish Botasspor Adana. With 174 cm, Eldebrinc is international for his country and has a recognized career in important teams such as Bourges and Kursk and also in the WNBA with San Antonio Silver Stars. She also has experience in the Women’s League, because she already played with Rivas Ecópolis in the 2013-2014 season, with which she won the league title. Edelbrink has just signed averages of 17 points, 3.3 assists and 11.9 assists in 11 games this year with Botasspor. Eldebrink is Uni’s second signing after Reisingerova. Uni also has confirmed Palau, Oma, Araújo, Elonu and Xargay. The club is waiting for the renewal of Eric Suris. Yesterday it was confirmed that Ortega will not continue in Salamanca. íñiguez will be the relief.