Near Braunschweig: Man and dog run over by train while walking | Regional

Braunschweig – It was supposed to be a relaxed Sunday stroll, but it ended in tragedy! In Bechtsbüttel in Lower Saxony (Gifhorn district) near Braunschweig, a man (56) and his dog were run over by a train and killed on Sunday morning around 10.30 a.m. The victim’s wife saw the accident and, according to the […]

Shopping outside of opening hours? This is how it works at Combi in Emden

Independent customer: Before and after the regular opening times, customers can do their own shopping in a Combi branch in Emden. Employees are not in the supermarket during off-peak hours. Nina Kallmeier Emden. Digitization in the supermarket does not only exist in the big cities. In Emden, Combi customers can now shop autonomously outside of […]

Corona crisis team: “Freedom Day” is not yet in sight | – news

Status: October 12, 2021 2:33 p.m. The state government of Lower Saxony wants to adhere to the corona measures until further notice. Complete repeal, as in other countries, is not yet appropriate. “It is currently far too early for a ‘Freedom Day’”, said the deputy government spokeswoman Kathrin Riggert on Tuesday in the state press […]

GORLEBEN SHUTDOWN: Potential nuclear waste repository is now finally closed – WELT news channel

GORLEBEN CLOSED: Potential nuclear waste repository is now finally closedWORLD news channel Possible nuclear waste repository in Gorleben, Germany, finally off the Final end for Gorleben as a nuclear waste repositorySalzburg news Gorleben: Intermediate nuclear waste storage facility will be shut down for goodIMAGE Nuclear waste repository: Gorleben mine will be closed for goodTIME […]

Local elections: CDU remains the strongest force in Lower Saxony – tagesschau

Local elections: CDU remains the strongest force in Lower Saxonydaily News News today: Forecast: Left opposition wins parliamentary election in Local election 2021: voter turnout higher than five years Greens start in local elections: CDU and SPD in frontTHE WORLD Althusmann celebrates overall victory – “We broke the national trend”IMAGE See “More on […]

Sold at Edeka – manufacturer recalls cheese because of plastic parts

The manufacturer Deutsches Milchkontor is recalling gratin cheese. It is sold in Edeka branches under the own brand “Gut & Favorig”. These federal states are affected. DMK Deutsches Milchkontor GmbH produces some products for the Edeka Group for its own brand “Gut & Vorteil”, including a gratin cheese. The manufacturer is now calling this back. […]

Sniffer dogs detect corona infection extremely reliably | – news

Status: 08/21/2021 12:50 p.m. According to the TiHo Hannover, special sniffer dogs can sniff out a corona infection with high accuracy. 92 percent of over 5,000 samples submitted were correctly identified. The success of the dogs is independent of whether they are presented with a urine, saliva or sweat sample, announced the University of Veterinary […]

Semiconductor shortage: Short-time work at VW’s parent plant in Wolfsburg

VW has the semiconductor crisis firmly under control. After the summer break, the group will start with just one shift on all lines at the Wolfsburg parent plant. Subsidiary Audi is also sending thousands on short-time work. Due to the lack of semiconductor components, production in the Volkswagen – The main plant in Wolfsburg will […]

Corona: Farewell to incidence – two countries are going their own way

Dhe seven-day incidence remains important for the time being: The Federal Chancellor and the Prime Minister agreed on Tuesday that the extended compulsory testing for unvaccinated people with a stable seven-day incidence of less than 35 in a district or city can be suspended. A new formula for assessing the corona situation with indicators such […]

Diagnosis of Long Covid: A Path of Sorrows with an Open End | – news

Status: 09.08.2021 07:09 a.m. Anyone who has survived an infection with the coronavirus is not automatically healthy. For many, the ordeal is just beginning. Long Covid patients find help in a rehab clinic in Vechta. by Elske Beermann Dorthe is 42 years old. At first glance, it appears healthy and active. A brisk, springy walk, […]