Kim Kardashian’s ponytail at the Met Gala cost more than 200 thousand pesos

5/6 A treasure The result was undoubtedly what they expected, because both fans and the media did not stop talking about the look or the ponytail, which according to Chris Appleton, your stylist, is priced at over 200 thousand pesos by having a length of almost two meters, and be made of extensions that they […]

Kylie Jenner and the crop top with which she showed off her baby bump

2/6 The 24-year-old businesswoman uploaded two photos to Instagram that caused quite a stir, not only for the minimalist, classic and very elegant style that she showed off, but also for revealing her baby bump in a rather modern way: with a beige extra short top, with irregular texture, which he combined with a long […]

Selena Gomez proves that cinnamon will be the fall trend

6/6 Selena and the best trick to increase height Although nude heels With the ones that complemented her look could seem very simple, they are the key to one of the favorite tricks of fashionistas to increase their height … and that is that wearing any type of footwear of the same skin tone helps […]

Adamari López is very concerned about this aesthetic detail

It was clear that the actress and TV presenter Adamari Lopez looks stunning and more radiant than ever. After renewing her look, thanks to having made big changes to her eating habits and new exercise routines, she is seen at her best. Day by day, her fans are witnesses of how the presenter is taking […]

The glamor continues on the second day of the Venice Film Festival

8/16 On the first day of the Venice Film Festival, the Spencer sisters took everyone by surprise. After the success of Kitty Spencer as muse of Dolce & Gabbana (becoming his ambassador), Eliza and Amelia Spencer, nieces of the Princess Diana, made it clear that their style defines them on their own. Amelia decided on […]

Jennifer Lopez and the real reason she left the price tag on her cape

6/6 The truth is that more than one of the singer’s fans came to her defense, arguing that this was not her mistake, but her team of stylists, who are the ones who choose each of the pieces for their events and shows. One in particular confessed that this detail it wasn’t about a price […]

Camila Cabello and her crystal dress for Cinderella’s red carpet

6/6 “It was one of those things that I felt God made for me and it was like ‘Here you go.’ I just couldn’t say no. It’s honestly a dream for me. And also a little scary“, confessed the singer to Variety about this new challenge. This new version will also feature the participation of […]

Eiza González wears the most coveted plush sandals

5/6 Contrary to what you might think, its undercut design is a good choice for hot summer climates, giving a very luxurious comfort. The best thing is that the sole is light and it is also available in other colors such as beige, coffee, red, green, blue, and black, the latter being a wild card […]