Retirement savings: how much can you deduct?

OUR ADVICE – The deduction of the sums paid into a retirement product is limited. It remains to be seen how much. This is one of the great advantages of retirement savings products (individual or group retirement savings plan, Prefon scheme, old Perp, etc.) compared to other forms of investment: the sums paid into these […]

An armed raid on the car dealership in Bağcılar! This is literally a massacre

The incident occurred yesterday at around 17.30 in the Century Mahallesi, Galericiler Sitesi. Allegedly, Cemal Dündar (40), his son Engin Dündar (16) and their relative Polat Dündar came to the site to look for a car. Meanwhile, armed attackers, who were learned to have had hostility before, arrived in front of the same gallery with […]

three new features that will change the lives of travelers

The American platform has just announced the arrival of 50 new options before the end of the year. We have selected three, which are very important. It is one of the rare companies in the tourism sector to emerge from the pandemic in a big way. Buoyed by the development of teleworking and the tendency […]

Battery production: Italy’s first gigafactory

Scarmagno The old factory halls have started to rust, windows have been smashed, scaffolding supports the dilapidated concrete ceiling. Everything looks a bit like “The Walking Dead” here. Instead of zombies, a wiry man in a suit walks through the weathered backdrop, blue slippers on his feet, a thick buckle on his belt: Lars Carlstrom […]

Disaster is imminent! Flood early warning system is essential but…

Betül Yasemin Keskin / There is an increase in the number of natural disasters brought about by climate change around the world. Turkey has also experienced the pain of the flood disasters that occurred in the Black Sea Region this year. So, what kind of measures should be taken to prevent disasters? Can early […]

US companies are moving south

Goodbye, California Tesla boss Elon Musk moves the company headquarters to Austin, Texas. (Photo: AP) New York In the middle of Texas, Elon Musk announced his departure from Silicon Valley on Friday. In Austin, where Tesla is already building a large plant, the electrical pioneer announced to investors that the headquarters would be relocated to […]

PETROL DISASTER: The situation in London is so dramatic – "Boris Johnson remains tough" – WORLD news channel

GASOLINE DISASTER: The situation in London is so dramatic – “Boris Johnson remains tough”WORLD news channel No gasoline, empty shelves and unharvested vegetables: Boris Johnson is taking advantage of his Subdued mood at Johnson’s ToriesFAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung Tory party conference overshadowed by British supply See “More on Topic” in Google News […]