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Sergio Ramos started running, hesitated – and then hit the left corner. Once again, the Real Madrid defense chief decided an important game. His team won 3: 1 (1: 1) against FC Barcelona in the infamous Clásico on Saturday afternoon. Ramos not only converted the decisive penalty to 2-1, but had also taken it out beforehand. With a typical Ramos action. When a Toni Kroos free-kick sailed into the box in the 60th minute, Barça defender Clément Lenglet tugged on Ramos’ shirt. Since the warrior with the long beard realized that he would not reach the ball optimally, he accepted the offer and let himself fall. The referee watched the scene again in the video and gave the penalty, Barcelona coach Ronald Koeman later complained bitterly. But it was a justifiable decision – and the key scene of the game.

Madrid had previously lost two games in a row, against supposedly smaller opponents. In the league against Cádiz, in the Champions League against Donetsk. The 34-year-old Ramos was absent both times due to a knee injury and the captain was back in time for the Clásico. Ramos is a footballer who, like no other, succeeds in pulling his teammates away, and the older he gets, the more dangerous he gets. Last season the defender scored eleven times in the league – at Real, only striker Karim Benzema scored more goals. His role with Los Blancos is more important than ever.

The prestigious victory at Camp Nou is just right for the team and the previously harshly criticized trainer Zinedine Zidane. “I’m happy for the players,” said the Frenchman after the game. “We can be satisfied today.” Ramos conjured up team spirit: “We ran together, we suffered on the pitch together. When things are difficult, we have to be united.” Barcelona plunged deeper into the crisis after the second league defeat in a row, while Madrid took over the top again at least overnight.

A lively but sad Clásico

It was a playfully lively Clásico, but not a high-class one. And it was one of the most saddened in history. The coronavirus pandemic hits Spain like hardly any other country in Europe, more than a million residents have already been infected, and a national emergency could soon be declared. Spectators were therefore not allowed in the Camp Nou stadium in Barcelona, ​​the emotions on the pitch were more subdued than usual.

Real took the lead early. After a thoughtful pass from Karim Benzema, Federico Valverde hit the far corner from a tight angle in the fifth minute. But just three minutes later, the experienced Jordi Alba crossed the only 17-year-old striker Ansu Fati, who nudged the ball into the goal with his toe, kissed the club emblem on his jersey and shot himself to become the youngest Clásico scorer in history. The two teams gave each other a lot of space, and there were always opportunities. At halftime, each team had fired five shots on goal.

Barça are more offensive, Madrid are smarter

Barça were then the more offensive team, Lionel Messi was happy to play. Fati crossed perfectly on the free-standing Philippe Coutinho in the 54th minute. But the offensive player, who suddenly played an important role in Barcelona after his loan to FC Bayern had expired, negligently headed next to the goal. A little later, Ramos fell in the penalty area – and made sure that not the better, but the clever team won that afternoon. Barcelona goalkeeper Neto, who is currently replacing the injured Marc-André ter Stegen, suspected the corner but did not hold the ball. Ramos stuck out his tongue and let the other players hug him.

From then on, Messi, Fati and Coutinho played out chance after chance, but there were no compelling ones. Not even after Barcelona coach Koeman replaced Antoine Griezmann, whom he had so often reviled, for Fati. At Real, Kroos and Ramos missed good opportunities shortly before the end, before Luka Modric dribbled out goalkeeper Neto and made everything clear in the 90th minute. Messi stopped moving, paused on the lawn, puffing out his cheeks. “We played well and created a lot of chances,” said Koeman after the game. “We deserve to win this game.” But in the end there is a definite defeat.

Barcelona are struggling with themselves

At least since Barcelona embarrassed themselves in August 2: 8 in the Champions League quarter-finals against FC Bayern like never before, the club has not only been fighting against other teams, but above all with itself. The dispute between the players and President Josep Maria Bartomeu escalated. Messi then announced in the summer that he would be leaving the club and only stayed because those responsible wanted to bring him to a legal battle. Messi is trying hard on the pitch, but so far he has not forgiven those responsible, partly because they sold his teammate and friend Luis Suárez to rival Atlético Madrid.

On Friday, Gerard Piqué put in an interview with the newspaper The vanguard again after. While flattering Messi, he heavily criticized those responsible. The club does not come to rest, the defeat against Real at Camp Nou worsens the situation. The Presidium will meet near Barcelona on Monday. Much is now conceivable, even an immediate resignation of the president.


Before the confrontation, Messi sends a “moving message” to Ronaldo

The British newspaper “Al Meror” quoted Messi’s interview with the “DAZ” network, where he said, “On the eve of the upcoming Clásico, Saturday, between Barcelona and Real Madrid in the seventh round of the League:” When Cristiano was playing with Real Madrid, the matches in front of them were distinguished. Matches against them always have a distinct flavor, but with Cristiano on the field they have gained a special significance. “

And about his rivalry with Ronaldo when he was in the ranks of the Royal, Messi explained, “This is now from the past and we are looking forward to the challenges of Wednesday. There may be this challenge and we hope that Cristiano will be there and soon recover from the emerging Corona virus.”

The Juventus striker underwent a new scan of the emerging corona virus, “Covid-19”, and the result was positive, which means that he will be absent from the upcoming confrontation in the Champions League, next Wednesday.

“Playing matches against Cristiano will remain special forever,” said the Barcelona captain. “It has lasted for many years and it is not easy to maintain this level for a long time. Our teams were also very demanding. Real Madrid and Barcelona are the two strongest teams in the world.”

He continued: “To compete on equal terms for many years is something that will remain forever. The competition between me and Cristiano was very good on a personal level and I think people enjoyed this.”

Juventus is seeking to make Ronaldo test for the “Covid-19” virus one last time, 48 hours before the match against Barcelona, ​​in the hope of participating with the team in his next match.

Juventus will host Barcelona, ​​28 October, in the second round of Group G of the European Champions League.

Football fans around the world hope to see Ronaldo and Messi face to face in their team’s match in the continental championship.


Barcelona vs. Ferencvaros: Lionel Messi and the numbers that justify Koeman’s ‘palazo’: “His performance could be better” | Champions League | FOOTBALL-INTERNATIONAL

“Your performance can be better.” Ronald Koeman used those words to explain that Lionel Messi is not having a good time in the Barcelona. And although hours later rectified his statements, the recent statistics of the Argentine star do nothing but agree with the Dutch.

Since football was restarted in Spain after several months of paralysis due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Messi is no longer the same. As if confinement had taken away his powers, the Rosario was no longer that decisive player in the Barça team.

From June 13 to date, Lionel Messi He has played 17 games and has only scored eight goals. The most worrying thing about their numbers is that of those eight goals, only half have been through moving play. The rest of annotations came by way of the penalty.

Since confinement, Messi has averaged a goal every four games. These are inconceivable numbers for the Argentine compared to other times. Comparing with the 17 meetings prior to the football break, the ‘Flea’ was able to score 13 goals in the same number of matches.

Terrible start to the season

Barcelona’s defeat against Getafe showed that Lionel Messi is far from his best at this start of the season. In four LaLiga games, the Argentine has only scored once. It was against Villarreal and a penalty.

Beyond goals and assists, the statistics also reflect that Messi shoots less (3.5 shots per game in the 2019-20 season compared to 3 in the current one, according to data from ‘Sofascore’), comes into contact with the ball less (87.4 touches per game compared to 80.3) and gives fewer key passes (2.7 per game vs. 1.5).

Messi only has one goal this season. (AFP)




FC Barcelona: dispute threatens to escalate in court

Soccer FC Barcelona

The dispute between the club and the players threatens to escalate in court

| Reading time: 3 minutes

The ten top soccer earners

Salaries in the millions are now commonplace in football. But the discrepancy between individual players is still enormous. In the list of top earners you will mainly find the big names, even if not all of them currently play a role in sport.

FC Barcelona players and employees continue to refuse to accept pay cuts. The club is sticking to its plan. Likewise the opposite side. There is hardly any time left to prevent a legal battle.

Dhe FC Barcelona does not come to rest: First the hang-up game at the end of March about the existential plight of the club, then the rather unworthy spectacle about the farewell or whereabouts of superstar Lionel Messi, and now that: FC Barcelona and its employees, including the players , in a labor dispute. The reason is the upcoming 30 percent wage cut that the club wants to impose on everyone. This is reported by the Spanish broadcaster Radio Cadena SER.

The wage cut, it is said, is urgent and must be completed within three weeks – regardless of whether there is an agreement or not. This should be achieved by October 22, but the negotiations do not seem easy: The positions of the club, team and works council are far apart.

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Should the club actually implement the cuts without reaching an agreement, the case should go to court, according to Radio Cadena SER. Messi and his teammates, whose salaries represent nearly 70 percent of the club’s budget, are unwilling to accept the proposed terms.

When Messi and Co. gave in

Review – there was already a lot of money recently: at the end of March this year, the board of the Spanish champions decided to cut payments to all professionals and also to the club’s employees. The pandemic is forcing a reduction in working hours and a corresponding cut in salaries, it said.

In the end he stayed: Lionel Messi

In the end he stayed: Lionel Messi continues to wear the FC Barcelona jersey

Source: dpa / Joan Monfort

There was talk of 70 percent less. However, the players quickly said no to a voluntary waiver of money. Then the U-turn a few days later: Lionel Messi announced that the team would accept the club’s proposed salary cuts of 70 percent during the Corona crisis and would also guarantee full pay for the club’s employees.

Ter Stegen before contract extension

There is also new sporting news from Barcelona: According to media reports, national goalkeeper Marc-André ter Stegen is about to renew his contract. It is only “a matter of days”, wrote the sports newspaper “Mundo Deportivo”. The 28-year-old will extend his contract, which runs until 2022, by three years until 2025. Both sides have already reached an agreement. The negotiations were not easy, it said.

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Germany - Southern Tyrol Training Camp Day 14

The former Mönchengladbach resident is currently recovering from an operation on his right knee that he underwent on August 18. His return to the Catalans’ goal is expected in early November. That is how long he will be replaced by the Brazilian Neto.

Since moving to Barcelona in the summer of 2014, the German has played 236 competitive games for the “Blaugrana”. He conceded 221 goals and conceded 100 matches. In six years ter Stegen won the Spanish league four times with Barcelona and the Champions League once (2015).

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Michael Müller-Möhring from EA Sports


Messi duel in danger: Cristiano Ronaldo’s puzzling infection

Soccer Will the duel against Messi break?

The enigmatic infection of Cristiano Ronaldo

| Reading time: 2 minutes

Cristiano Ronaldo tested positive for Corona

Portugal coach Fernando Santos confirms that Cristiano Ronaldo has tested positive for Corona. However, Santos also emphasizes that the superstar is not showing any symptoms.

Cristiano Ronaldo tested positive for Corona. How this came about is a mystery to everyone involved. Now he threatens to miss the direct duel with Lionel Messi. The next few days will decide.

IIn the worst case scenario, Cristiano Ronaldo could even miss the direct duel with Lionel Messi. In two weeks, Juventus will meet Messi’s FC Barcelona in the Champions League – and after Ronaldo’s positive Corona test, it is not clear whether the preliminary round game will also be the giants’ meeting of the two football superstars.

According to his own statement, the 35-year-old is doing well, but is still in quarantine. And how long the Portuguese will have to remain in isolation is also still unclear. Just like the question of how Ronaldo got infected in the national team at all.

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“We’ve been completely locked up here since Monday. The staff and players came in and no one else, “said national coach Fernando Santos, to whom the whole thing is a mystery:” Ronaldo is fine and he says he wants to play. “He has no symptoms of illness and doesn’t understand at all,” how that could happen, ”added the coach.

Ronaldo is sure to miss two games

On Tuesday, Ronaldo’s positive result became known. All safety rules were strictly observed, said Santos. The other players on the team tested negative. In the Nations League game against Sweden on Wednesday evening, the Portuguese had to do without Ronaldo. He will also miss the Juventus game on Saturday in Crotone.

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Michael Müller-Möhring from EA Sports

How it goes after that remains open. Italian media wrote on Wednesday that, according to Uefa protocol, he must test negative at least seven days before a game. For the duel with Messi on October 28, this would mean that Ronaldo would have to show a negative test by next Wednesday at the latest. Accordingly, Juve could not use him in the premier class opener next Tuesday in Kiev.

In addition to the superstar, the U23 team of the Italian record champions must also be isolated. The reason was a positive Covid-19 test by the team’s coach, Lamberto Zauli, according to a statement. The Bianconeri U23 team plays in the third Italian division and trains in a different location than the Serie A team.


Argentina: Lionel Messi insults Bolivia’s physiotherapists

Soccer “Fuck off”

After the game, Messi goes for the physio

| Reading time: 2 minutes


Lionel Messi suffered a few verbal dropouts after the game against Bolivia


Lionel Messi competes with Argentina in the mountains of Bolivia. The mood is heated. After the final whistle, the star striker loses his composure. Then there are bad insults.

Dhe Argentina national team also won their second qualifying game for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. The team around superstar Lionel Messi prevailed on Tuesday in La Paz with 2: 1 (1: 1) against Bolivia.

But after the final whistle, the spirits heat up in the thin mountain air of the Bolivian city. Right in the middle: Lionel Messi. The Argentine superstar quarreled with an opposing physiotherapist.

As the sports newspaper “Olé” reports, the man named Lucas Nava, also from Argentina, provoked Messi after the game. Video recordings show how the striker then fired a veritable volley of insults: “Fuck off, you bald man! Why are you looking for a fight, you idiot? You don’t have to come to fool me! “

Messi provoked in the game

Bolivia’s Marcelo Moreno Messi and the Argentines are said to have insulted them during the game. It should have been about the bitter 1: 6 Argentina against Bolivia in 2009. “You got six things,” said Moreno. Messi had been on the pitch at the disgrace. The Peruvian referee Diego Haro showed Messi and Moreno the yellow card.

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Physio Nava wasn’t aware of any guilt after the game: “I just tried to separate the others so that nobody would get a red card. I respect Messi like every Argentine player and like every person on earth. I’ve already received a lot of insults, the best part is that I don’t talk about it. “

The hosts initially took the lead in the game at 3,650 meters above sea level in the 24th minute thanks to a goal from Marcelo Martins. Lautaro Martínez equalized for the Argentines just before the end of the first half. Joaquín Correa scored in the 79th minute for the final score.

Coronavirus affects qualifications

Argentina won their first qualifying match against Ecuador 1-0 last week. Because of the Corona crisis, the World Cup qualification in South America started under difficult conditions. The region is currently one of the hot spots of the pandemic.

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Michael Müller-Möhring from EA Sports

After the death of association president César Salinas, Bolivian football is also shaken by internal trench warfare. Several clubs do not release their players, and national coach César Farías is accused of corruption.


Lionel Messi was apparently about to move to Chelsea in 2014

Lionel Messi was apparently about to move to the Premier League for Chelsea in the summer of 2014. At least that’s what sports journalist Gianluca Di Marzio claims in his new book Grand Hotel Calciomercato.

Accordingly, Messi toyed with the idea of ​​leaving FC Barcelona because of the charge against him for tax fraud. The 33-year-old even confirmed this himself last year.

“At the time I was thinking of leaving. Not away from Barcelona, ​​but away from Spain,” Messi told 2019 RAC1 and added: “I felt badly treated and didn’t want to be here anymore.”

At the time, he also confirmed that he had held talks with other clubs, but that there were no official offers for him. According to Di Marzio, one of these clubs is said to have been Chelsea. According to this, Messi had already had “constructive talks” with the then blues coach Jose Mourinho about a change.

Chelsea were even ready to pull the Argentine’s release clause of 250 million euros at the time and pay Messi a net annual salary of 50 million euros. Allegedly, after the phone calls, Messi said: “With Mourinho I can win anything I want. He’s a winner, makes the deal.”

Messi’s Chelsea move? Father Jorge intervenes

Only after a call from his father and advisor Jorge did Messi back down. This was against a move to Stamford Bridge. Messi, on the other hand, claimed that while many clubs had opened the door for him, there was “never an offer”.

In the end, as is well known, Messi stayed in Barcelona and was sentenced by the Spanish tax authorities to a 21-month prison term for tax evasion in 2016. However, he never had to take this because in Spain prison sentences of less than two years are mostly given probation. He still had to pay a fine of around 3.7 million euros.

Six years after talking to Mourinho, Messi was again close to saying goodbye to the Catalans last summer. After arguments with Barca president Josep Maria Bartomeu and the 8-2 disgrace of Barcelona in the Champions League quarter-finals against FC Bayern, Messi wanted to activate his contract clause, which gave him a unilateral termination before the end of the contract and thus a free transfer for a year before the expiry of its working paper, which was dated until 2021, would have made possible.

While Barca and LaLiga insisted on the expiry of the deadline for the clause and Messi’s stay in Spain, the Argentina international looked for a confrontation and stayed away from the Catalans’ training start. In the end, Messi remained loyal to Barca again because he “could never go to court against Barca”, as he revealed in an exclusive conversation with SPOX and Goal.

Messi to Manchester City in summer 2021?

In the coming summer, however, he could actually be drawn to the Premier League, but not to Chelsea, but to Manchester City, where his former sponsor Pep Guardiola is now coach. Rumors of Citizens’ interest persisted in the weeks leading up to his whereabouts being announced.

“He’s the best player in the world, probably the best player of his generation,” Omar Berrada, managing director of Skyblues, recently told the Manchester Evening News and indirectly confirmed that he wanted to advertise the services of the superstar in summer 2021. “I think every club in the world would like to look into the possibility of bringing him on.”


Cristiano Ronaldo is studying the quarantine in Italy to be able to face Barcelona

The Spanish newspaper “Marca” said that the Portuguese star, Cristiano Ronaldo, is thinking of returning to Italy to spend the remainder of the quarantine and strengthen his chances of playing the Barcelona meeting with a drawing

The Spanish newspaper “Marca” said that the Portuguese star, Cristiano Ronaldo, is considering returning to Italy to spend the remainder of the quarantine and strengthen his chances of playing the Barcelona meeting with the group league in the Champions League.

Portuguese laws impose a 14-day quarantine on everyone infected with the Coronavirus, while in Italy the period is reduced to 10 days only, which allows the Portuguese star to return to the stadiums faster.

The Portuguese star can also test for Corona virus in Italy 3 days before the end of the quarantine, and if his results are negative, he will be in legal status to play against Barcelona in the Champions League.

And European Union football laws dictate that the player had negative results for the Corona virus a week before playing a match in the European Champions League, and if the Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo remains in Portugal, he will find it difficult to play the Barcelona match.

The Portuguese Football Association announced that Ronaldo was injured in Corona on Tuesday (October 13), while the Juventus-Barcelona match will be held (October 28).

On the other hand, the newspaper reported that Juventus’ shares in the stock exchange took a hit when it was announced that Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo was infected with the Corona virus, as it lost 3 percent of its value, but it returned to normal today.

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Meet Abu, the new member of the Lionel Messi and Antonella Rocuzzo family | News from El Salvador

The Argentine was in charge of making the social presentation of the new member of her family, while Messi played with the Albiceleste team in La Paz

By Agencies / J. Navarrete | Oct 14, 2020- 05:30

Surprising and charming. That has been the reaction generated by the new member of the family of the Barcelona and Argentina star, Lionel Messi, as well as his wife, Antonella Rocuzzo. It is an adorable brown puppy that posed with the couple’s children.

The presentation coincided with the time of the match that Lionel was playing with the Albiceleste team, which ended in a 2-1 victory for the visitors with goals from Lautaro Martínez and Joaquín Correa, while for Bolivia Marcelo Martins Moreno scored.

The unpublished photo of Lionel Messi and Antonella Roccuzzo about the beginnings of their romance

The puppy, which according to Argentine media is of the Toy Poodle breed, has the name Abu, whose reception has been incredible on the networks for a couple of hours from published the postcard, has almost 700,000 likes, as well as comments of happiness for the pet.

Sofía Balbi, wife of Luis Suarez commented “Taaaaaan liiiiindoooossssssss❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️”, while Daniella Seaman, wife of Cesc Fabregas captured the name and how it is read in another comment, “Abu Roccuzzo Messi😍👌🏻” and so many followers of Antonella were happy for the can .

Thiago Messi with his new mascot, Abu. Photo / Screenshot

The children of the couple, Thiago, Mateo and Ciro They posed delightedly for the camera with their new mascot from their home in Casteldefels in Barcelona, ​​to which the Rosario will join in the next few hours, after fulfilling the double FIFA date in their selection.

As for the puppy, the website of the food brand Purina explains that this breed is Noble-looking with a slender muzzle and a long neck. They are cheerful and affectionate dogs that can be the most wonderful companion, a good watchdog, announcing visitors, but generally good-natured ”.

Mateo Messi with his new mascot, Abu. Photo / Screenshot

The dog arrives after a tumultuous Messi preseason, in which he was nothing to leave Barcelona Due to various problems, although in an interview near the start of the season, Messi settled the problems and guaranteed his commitment to the Blaugrana team.

“My children, my family, grew up here and are from here (Barcelona). All this time it has been hard for everyone. He was clear about what he wanted, he had assumed it and said it. My wife with all the pain of the soul supported and accompanied me. It was understandable. It happened to me. It is very difficult to make a decision “He told journalist Rubén Uría a few weeks ago about his children.

Ciro Messi with his new mascot, Abu. Photo / Screenshot