The heartbreaking cry of Abel Pintos: “I never saw her again and I remember her every day of my life”

Abel Pintos was as a guest last night to “PH: We Can Talk” (Telefé) and moved everyone when he remembered Corina, a childhood friend who passed away and who had never spoken in public.

In the middle of the program, the host Andy Kusnetzoff asked the guests to choose a moment in their life to go back in time and the singer indicated that he would like to go to the day of his communion. “It was the last time I saw a friend named Corina”she explained, as tears began to run down her face.

“When she left, that she couldn’t stay long due to a health issue, she sent me to say from another friend that she wanted to kiss me on the cheek. He came, he gave me a kiss, I gave him a kiss and he said ‘I love you’ and I didn’t know how to say ‘I love you’ “he added very saddened,

“I never saw her again and I remember her every day of my life”, closed, very excited, so he received a fist bump from Andy and the caress of his Denise Dumas (another of the guests) as a symbolic hug.

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16 days later, a cat living on the ninth floor is found alive

A cat that lived on the ninth floor of the condo that collapsed in Miami, Florida, was found alive and returned to his family, two weeks after the tragedy.

The black feline, called Binx, was seen wandering near the rubble of Champlain Towers, in Surfside, and taken to the rescue party Kitty Campus.

“After 16 long and incredibly difficult days, I can share a little good news: Binx of Champlain Towers South found, “Miami-Dade County Mayor Danielle Levine Cava tweeted.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart and on behalf of our community to the team that played a role in reuniting him with his family, “added the official, along with a photo of the little feline.

“Pets are family, and this is a miracle,” said Maria Gaspari, a friend of the cat’s family, with joy, local sources reported. “I’m shaking right now, “he added.

“In the middle of this sadness, we expected good news for the survivors or for any pet, “he said about the rescue of Binx, who belongs to the González family, who lived in unit 904.

Angela González and her daughter Deven were among the first to be rescued from the rubble and were hospitalized.

Deven’s older sister, Tayler González, was not at home during the collapse and the father, Edgar González, still missing.

Rescues continue and the death toll has risen to 86. Photo: AP.

86 dead

The search teams rescued another seven bodies this Saturday, which the provisional death toll from the collapse rose to 86. The disappeared, meanwhile, are now 43.

As reported by Levine Cava, the police and forensic doctors are working 24 hours to identify the bodies and be able to notify the relatives. Until now 62 victims have been identified.

This Saturday, the body of the Argentine lawyer 26-year-old Nicole “Nicky” Langesfeld was identified by Miami-Dade police as one of those rescued from the rubble.

The police reported that was found on July 7, but the official confirmation of his identity was given this Saturday. On the night of the tragedy, she was in an apartment on the 8th floor along with her new husband, the Venezuelan Luis Sadovnic, who remains missing.

Daughter of Argentines, “Nicky” was born in the United States, but had documentation from our country.

Attorney Nicole “Nicky” Langesfeld with her husband Luis Sadovnic.  Photo: Facebook.

Attorney Nicole “Nicky” Langesfeld with her husband Luis Sadovnic. Photo: Facebook.

Nicole Langesfeld is the fifth fatal victim of Argentine nationality who identifies himself among the victims of the collapse. She joins Graciela Cattarossi, her father Gino and her sister Andrea. This Friday, meanwhile, they identified the body of a 21-year-old Argentine Ilan Naibryf, who was studying Physics at the University of Chicago. He was on the 8th floor of the building with his girlfriend Deborah Berezdivin, a Puerto Rican, whose body had been identified hours earlier.

The young Argentine went to high school in the Hawaii Preparatory Academy, where he learned to surf, play soccer and cross country. Specialized in create prosthetics at the robotics center.

Meanwhile, the mother of Graciela Cattarosi, of Uruguayan nationality, also died in the landslide, like Graciela’s daughter, seven years old, of American nationality.

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What information do diamonds contain about the origin of life – Science – Life

Diamonds ancient and volatile gases they contain have revealed that the chemical composition of the atmosphere Earth was adequate for the diversity of life at least 2.7 billion years ago, according to a study presented at the Goldschmidt International Conference on Geochemistry.

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A team of researchers Canadians and French used ancient diamonds – which look little like today’s – as if they were “a time capsule” to understand the conditions inside the Earth’s mantle and saw that the proportion of volatile gases they contained has changed little in the last 2,700 millions of years.

This shows that “one of the basic conditions necessary to sustain life, the presence of vital elements in sufficient quantity, appeared shortly after the formation of the Land and it has remained fairly constant since then, “the researchers say.

Volatiles, such as hydrogen, nitrogen, neon, and carbon-bearing species, are light chemical compounds and elements that can easily vaporize due to heat or pressure changes, but are also necessary for life.

These substances mostly spring from the interior of the planet and are brought to the surface through, for example, volcanic eruptions; so know when they arrived at the atmosphere it is key to understanding when the conditions for the origin and development of life were met.

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The team used the diamonds to know the conditions of the interior of the Earth’s mantle – which begins about 30 kilometers below the surface of the Earth – in the distant past.

Studying the current composition of the mantle is “relatively straightforward,” explained lead researcher Michael Broadley of the University of Lorraine (France), but it is not the same in the past, as the movement of tectonic plates has caused the destruction of the most of the samples.

Diamonds, however, “are comparatively indestructible, they are ideal time capsules,” he added. The team studied diamonds that were trapped in 2.7 billion-year-old rocks in Lake Superior in Canada. Thus it is known that they are at least as old as the rocks in which they are found, but they can probably be older, since it is difficult to date them.

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These diamonds are “incredibly rare and are not like the beautiful gems that we think of when we think of diamonds,” explained the expert, adding that they were heated to more than 2,000 degrees to transform them into graphite, which released small amounts of gas to your measurement “.

The team measured the isotopes of helium, neon, and argon and found that they were present in proportions similar to those found in the upper mantle today.

Broadley noted that it was a “surprising” result and that it means that the volatile-rich environment we see today is not a recent development: “Our work shows that these conditions were present at least 2.7 billion years ago, but diamonds that we use can be much older, so it is likely that they were given earlier. “


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Her twin sister rescued her from the crocodile attack and now she is fighting for her life

Melissa and Georgie Laurie, 28, are inseparable twin sisters. In fact, they were now on vacation in Mexico, in the tourist area of ​​Puerto Escondido, in the state of Oaxaca.

The sisters of British nationality visited a lagoon near the town to bathe at night. Melissa jumped into the water first in a place that was readily safe.

Melissa was swimming when she felt a hit from an alligator attack. Although the reptile submerged her, the twin managed to cry out for help.

Georgie heard the cry and without hesitation jumped into the water. It was night and he couldn’t find his sister, until he spotted her face down.

Without understanding what had happened, he took it and began to drag it to the shore, when it was attacked by the crocodile. The animal began to bite them, but Georgie lunged to fight him and release her sister from the reptile’s jaws.

Georgie managed to get Melissa to shore and call for help, but both were seriously injured.

The emergency teams took them to a medical center where they began the treatments to remove them.

Both sisters remain serious, but Melissa is the most complicated, as she is still in a coma and life-threatening.

The pain of parents

The twins ‘mother, Sue Laurie, from Sandhurst in Berkshire, UK, discussed her daughters’ plight with the Daily Mail.

“We have two twin daughters who are traveling through Mexico and were attacked by a crocodile last night (yesterday),” the mother said.

Sue explained that “Melissa is alive, but we do not know if her injuries endanger her life or not.”

The twins’ mother said Melissa “has water in her lungs and has been coughing up blood. So we don’t know if she has a punctured lung or not. They have put her in a medically induced coma,” he said.