US joins authoritarian governments to sign anti-abortion declaration | USA Elections 2020

The United States joined more than 30 countries led by illiberal or authoritarian governments and signed an international anti-abortion declaration, in a conservative reorientation of US foreign policy promoted by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

“Under the leadership of President Trump, the United States has been defending the dignity of human life, always and everywhere,” said Mike Pompeo, who promoted the virtual ceremony of the presentation of the Geneva Consensus Declaration, alongside the secretary of the American Health and Social Services Alex Azar.

Despite presenting itself as an initiative to promote and defend the health of women, the declaration condemns the termination of pregnancy, stating that “there is no international right to abortion or any international obligation on the part of States to finance or facilitate abortion”.

In addition to the USA, the document was co-sponsored by Brazil, Egypt, Hungary, Indonesia and Uganda. As noted by the The Guardian, most of the 32 signatory countries are among the 20 worst ranked worldwide in the Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace and Security index, which measures the well-being of women in terms of inclusion, justice and security at family, community and Social.

In Europe, in addition to Hungary, the declaration was ratified by Belarus, whose Aleksander Lukashenko regime has violently repressed peaceful demonstrations promoted by women, and Poland, which on Thursday saw abortion in cases of fetal malformation being considered unconstitutional , making it practically impossible to terminate pregnancy in the country.

Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Sudan or Libya are other countries that are part of the Geneva Consensus Declaration, which uses a “pro-family” and “preservation of human life” language, defending the “strengthening of the family as the basis of society”.

The declaration is not legally binding and does not change any existing laws in the signatory countries, however it is seen as a setback in the rights of women and the LGBTI community, attacked and persecuted in many of the countries that are part of this conservative coalition.

“It will undoubtedly bring problems to LGBTI people and reverse the global consensus established on the need to protect sexual and reproductive health and the rights of women and young people in all their diversity,” he told the Washington Post David Stacy, director da Human Rights Campagin.

The initiative sponsored by the Trump Administration arises less than two weeks from the US presidential election and is seen as another step towards the American President moving the country away from its traditional allies, approaching countries with illiberal or authoritarian regimes .

Gillian Kane, political advisor to Ipas, an international organization that defends the right to abortion, however, considers this statement to be a defeat for the Trump Administration, which has failed to expand its support base abroad.

“The United States fails to reach consensus and build a coalition. The United Nations has 193 member states, and they [EUA] they only managed 31. It gives a bad image, ”said Kane to the Guardian. “It is a diplomatic failure,” he concluded.


Presidential elections in Poland: election campaign with anger

This Sunday Andrzej Duda has to run for a second term in the run-off election. His challenger Rafał Trzaskowski is on par, according to surveys.

Unfriendly encounter of supporters of both presidential candidates in Stargard Photo: Marek Szandurski / imago

For Poland’s current President Andrzej Duda, the report is in the high-circulation tabloid Fact the absolute worst-case scenario in the election campaign: “Mr President,” the paper asked on Friday last week, “how could you pardon someone like that?” A close-up view of Andrzej Duda in a white shirt and dark suit jacket, plus the headline: ” He held on to the daughter, slapped her in the face and took her hand in the crotch. ” A red arrow points to two outlines, a man, the “perpetrator”, and a girl, the “victim”.

On the next two pages, readers will learn details about the suffering story of the daughter and the perpetrator’s partner. The man was imprisoned for four years for repeated abuse and rape. Now the victims and the perpetrators allegedly want to live together again, it is said. But also that the man supports the two women financially, so there is again a dependency relationship.

The article triggers a scandal mainly because the pedophile’s pardon does not want to match the rigid morals with which Duda campaigns against his challenger Rafał Trzaskowski. While the popular Mayor of Warsaw from the Liberal Citizens’ Platform (PO) is sometimes happy and carefree walking along the colorful parade of lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender people (LGBT) in Warsaw, Duda poisoned, behind which the national-populist governing party Law and Justice (PiS) says at an election campaign event in Brzeg: “We are being tried to tell us that these are people. But that’s an ideology. “The generation of his parents hadn’t struggled for 40 years to throw the communist ideology out of schools to see now how another, even worse, ideology spreads in schools and excludes those, who didn’t want to submit to her.


When media all over the world report on Duda’s LGBT hate speech, the 48-year-old calls on the press agencies Reuters and Associated Press and explicitly on Twitter New York Times, the Guardian and the Financial Times to stop “spreading fake news”. On the article from the tabloid Fact However, owned by the German-Swiss group Ringier Axel Springer Media, Duda and his campaign staff react with such a fury that the Warsaw correspondent of the World, Philipp Fritz, targeted.

In order to distract from the fact that Duda disqualifies sexual minorities as nonhumans and pardons a pedophile father, the Fact-Reportage on an alleged “interference of the Germans in the Polish election campaign” exaggerated. In Boleslawiec, Duda loudly insists that it is the Germans “who are us [Polen] want to choose the president ”. A “Mr. Fritz” wrote that Trzaskowski was the better president because he would not demand war reparations from the Germans.

That is wrong – in Fritz’s article it only says that Trzaskowski, as elected president, would be skeptical about possible reparation claims, since “this problem area between Berlin and Warsaw could quickly poison the relationship between the two countries” – but hardly anyone cares PiS. On the contrary: Poland’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs not only sent a complaint letter to the publishing house Ringier Axel Springer and asked the top management to “apologize to the victims”, but also ordered the embassy of the German embassy in Warsaw to ensure that that the supposedly “manipulative” reporting of German newspapers on the presidential election in Poland will be stopped.

Out of anger at the increasing poll values ​​of the competitor Trzaskowski, who is increasingly popular on his campaign trip, Duda has once again pulled the anti-German card out of his sleeve. With this ace, PiS was able to win almost every choice in the past.

Trzaskowski meanwhile tries to reach as many people as possible on the last day of the campaign and to convince him of his socio-political and EU-friendly program. He unexpectedly found a helper on the PiP-controlled state television TVP. So a caller complained in the morning magazine of the private radio TokFM; “I’m really fed up. TVP thinks we are stupid: if it pours out of Warsaw, Trzaskowski is to blame, if a sewer pipe breaks, Trzaskowski is to blame, and if a bus driver builds an accident in Warsaw, Trzaskowski is also to blame. No. I no longer choose the PiS. “

According to recent surveys, the two rivals are head to head with 47 to 53 percent approval for Andrzej Duda and 44 to 50 percent for Rafał Trzaskowski. Since the first ballot exactly two weeks ago, the Mayor of Warsaw has caught up with almost 13 percent.

But it would not be enough for a victory. Because Duda has also grown and has passed the all-important 50 percent mark several times. On the home stretch, both candidates give their all for a spectacular end to the campaign in order to get even the last undecided to go to the poll on Sunday.

With the sentence “I don’t know Rafał Trzaskowski at all. I don’t think I’ve ever spoken to him, ”Duda recently delivered such a bang.

“That shouldn’t be true!” Says the kiosk owner in the Warsaw district of Mokotów. “One is the president in Warsaw and the other mayor of Warsaw, and the two never met?” She asks her customers, who are one meter away from the kiosk at a corona distance. “Oh, Pani Basia,” an older teacher waves from the nearby high school, “our democracy has long been in the bucket. How does PiS propaganda television differ from communist television? They cannot organize an honest debate between Duda and Trzaskowski. ”

Andrzej Duda, Polish President about his challenger

“I don’t know Rafał Trzaskowski at all. I don’t think I’ve ever talked to him before ”

A young woman with a twin stroller nods: “In Trzaskowski’s place, I wouldn’t feel like meeting Duda in the TVP studio. He could go straight to the PiS party headquarters and be spit on there. But … “, she pauses and points to her twins:” I will still vote for Duda on Sunday. That is hard cash. 1-000 zloty a month! ”. Pani Basia nods: “Yes, the child benefit from the PiS. I can understand that. ”She hands the young woman the thick puzzle book, picks up the small change and turns to the teacher:“ Sorry that we Poles have come this far. ”

The fact that Duda and Trzaskowski, both 48 years old, both from Kraków’s and Warsaw’s Intelligenzija, never met, shows how deeply divided Polish society is. The rift not only divides city and country, poor and rich, young and old, well or poorly educated, but also worldviews.

Duda, whose parents were strictly Catholic university professors at the Mining Academy in Kraków, stands for conservative-traditional Poland, which finds it difficult to open up to new things. Trzaskowski, on the other hand, comes from a famous family of musicians from Warsaw, who was closely associated with the cabaret cellar “At the Widder” in Kraków, which was opposed during communist times.

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Both men grew up in the real socialism of the People’s Republic of Poland and studied after the political change in 1989. Duda, who was thinking early on about his future career, chose law as a subject, while Trzaskowski studied political science and English, also in Oxford and Paris. In addition to English, he also speaks French, Spanish, Italian and Russian, while Duda only spiced up his school English as a politician. Both received their doctorates and started a scientific career in 2005, but were increasingly orientated towards politics.

Duda, who has been president since 2015, was originally a member of the liberal conservative citizens’ platform (PO), but moved to this party after the PiS victory in 2005 and became deputy minister of justice. He was just 34 years old and a new doctor of administrative law. After joining the PO, Trzaskowski also quickly made a party career, was a member of the European Parliament, Minister for Infrastructure and Digitalization and Minister of State in the Federal Foreign Office and has been Mayor of the capital city of Warsaw since 2017.

Winning the presidential election against Duda, the PiS prime minister who is handing checks around the country, and the PiS propaganda broadcaster TVP is unrealistic. But there is something in Poland that keeps giving hope to many Poles: the miracle of the impossible.


The united states Supreme protects gays and trans in the Civil Rights act

The Supreme court of the united States has given you this Monday a transcendental victory the struggle of the community LGBTI to determine for the first time that the sexual orientation and the gender identity are protected against discrimination in the Civil Rights act.

The decision has been adopted by six votes in favor and three against in the High Court conservative majority, and has precisely been Neil Gorsuchone of its most conservative judges, nominated by Donald Trump, the one who signed the opinion that it makes history and which have also ratified the president of the Supreme John Roberts and the four judges progressive. And it is a blow for the current Administrationthat has been reducing protections to the community and makes for only three days, for example, annulled a change driven by Barack Obama to avoid the discrimination the LGBTI community in the access to health care and health insurance.

Sex, orientation and identity

The Supreme had on the table three cases: the two gay men they complained of having been dismissed because of their sexual orientation, one of whom passed away in 2014, and the a transgender woman also dismissed by it and who died last month. Their stories put on the table a discussion that takes going on for decades: whether the title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1967, including between the prohibition of discrimination factors the “sex” (in addition to race, color, religion and national origin), included sexual orientation and gender identitysomething that rejects the Administration Trump..

“The answer is clear”, he has written, however, Gorsuch, which has been consistent with its view that the legitimate way of reading the statutes is following their texts, not the expectations they may have of those who drafted, which in this case and in the 60’s almost certainly not considered protections for the LGBTQ community. “Someone who dismisses an individual for being gay or transgender fired by characteristics or actions that would not have questioned members of a different sex. Sex plays a necessary role and undisguisable in the decision, what exactly prohibits Title VII”.