Hamilton holt Pole Position in Portugal

Formel 1 world champion Lewis Hamilton is starting from position one on the hunt for the 92nd Grand Prix victory of his career. In qualifying for the Portuguese Grand Prix in Portimao, the British Mercedes driver took the 97th pole position of his career and the ninth of twelve possible this year with a brilliant final lap.

Hamilton’s Mercedes flew like a black lightning over the mountain and valley railway in the Algarve, after this fantastic lap Hamilton was a tenth of a second ahead of his team-mate Valtteri Bottas (Finland). “It’s unbelievable, I can’t even say how difficult it was,” said Hamilton, who in Q3 of the top ten, unlike Bottas, drove two fast laps instead of just one. “Yes, we have a great car, but of course you have to drive it,” said the Briton. Since Friday he had tried to “find this one fast lap, in the end I succeeded.”

Max Verstappen (Netherlands) in the Red Bull was third, 2.5 tenths of a second behind Hamilton’s fastest time. “Can we do something at top speed?”, Verstappen had meanwhile radioed to the pits: “We are actually nowhere really fast.”

Four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel (Heppenheim) only finished 15th in the Ferrari and missed the final qualifying section for the ninth time in the twelfth race of the season. Vettel’s team-mate Charles Leclerc, meanwhile, drove his Ferrari to fourth position. “I didn’t really get into the rhythm and in the end I had difficulties getting the tires to work,” said Vettel on Sky: “The car felt okay, if it worked.” and with whom I am satisfied ”, are still just too slow.

The qualification had started half an hour late after a manhole cover had come loose during free practice and this had to be reattached and secured.

If Hamilton wins the race on Sunday (2.10 p.m. / in the FAZ live ticker on Formula 1 and on RTL and Sky), he is the sole record holder with 92 wins ahead of Michael Schumacher.


Michael Schumacher versus Lewis Hamilton as Formula 1 giants

Past times: Michael Schumacher (left) and Lewis Hamilton at the 2012 race in Malaysia
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Michael Schumacher or Lewis Hamilton – who is the greatest driver in 70-year-old Formula 1 history? On the one hand there are the numbers of the statistics. But then there is the second part of the story.

91. In Formula 1 that was a number that lasted. It should last forever. 91 Grand Prix victories? Incomprehensible. 51 for Alain Prost, that seemed like a lot. But forty more? “For me that was a number that I always thought would never be set,” said Sebastian Vettel a week and a half ago at the Nürburgring. There are only 14 years between his assessment as a 19-year-old admirer of Michael Schumacher and his prognosis, which is underlaid with a bit of sadness in his voice: “We can be pretty sure that Lewis Hamilton will surpass them.”

Not at record speed, the Englishman needed 14 races (261) more to reach 91, but at a consistently high speed. The tie these days after the Englishman’s victory at the Grand Prix of the Eifel is temporary. This Sunday (2.10 p.m. in the FAZ live ticker for Formula 1, on RTL and Sky) he starts in Portugal, again as a favorite. Hamilton leads the drivers’ standings with 69 points ahead of his team-mate Valtteri Bottas. At the beginning of December at the latest, like only Schumacher before him, he will become world champion for the seventh time. And so the inevitable discussion took off: Who is the best in 70-year-old Formula 1 history? And who is the greatest?


Olav Mol: “Max Verstappen does something Hamilton cannot”

It is clear that Lewis Hamilton is currently the number 1 driver. He equaled Michael Schumacher’s record during the race weekend at the German Nürburgring, both of them now having 91 race victories. Hamilton can also be on par with Schumacher this year in terms of the number of world titles. Schumacher has achieved 7 in his career while Hamilton has 6 and is on his way to title number 7.

Before Mercedes’ dominance, Red Bull was in control of the Formula 1 field. With Sebastian Vettel who won four world titles with the team from Milton Keynes. Then Mercedes came with the hybrid engine. Lewis Hamilton has now spent seven seasons with the formation led by Toto Wolff. With five world titles and on his way to his sixth in his eighth season, he seems to many to be the best driver in the world. Only Ziggo Sport commentators Jack Plooij and Olav Mol think differently.

For Jack Plooij, whether or not he wears ‘orange glasses’, Max Verstappen remains the best driver on the current grid. “Lewis is currently number 1, but Max Verstappen can become number 1 if he has the best material”, Jack Plooij starts at F1 at the Table.

Frans Verschuur also gave his opinion and immediately came up with an answer. “In my opinion, Verstappen is better, but he doesn’t have the equipment. We have seen that for a long time with Fernando Alonso, so I hope that the same will not happen to Max. Lewis will never want to have him next to him,” adds team boss Frans Verschuur On.

Olav Mol over Verstappen

Olav Mol immediately compares the two drivers. He thinks Max does things that Hamilton couldn’t do. “When Hamilton just went to Mercedes, Hamilton did not do what Max does now. In the period that Sebastian Vettel drove for Red Bull and won 4 world titles, Hamilton did not manage to put the fire to the test. But from the moment that he did. car was the strongest, so was Lewis. I’m sure he’s one of the very best, “said the Ziggo commentator.


Toto Wolff laughs at the criticism of Lewis Hamilton

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff has commented on the suggestion that Lewis Hamilton’s stats are not as impressive as he drives the best car on the field. Last weekend Hamilton won the Eifel Grand Prix at the Nurburgring, in Michael Schumacher’s ‘backyard’. He equaled Schumacher’s record number of victories with his victory, putting both drivers at 91.

Right choice Hamilton

It has sparked criticism in some quarters that Hamilton’s performance is largely due to the dominant car he has, but Wolff believes such arguments are shortsighted. The Mercedes team principal: “Winning races and winning championships is always a team sport in this sport, but you have to put yourself in a position to end up in the best car.”

“You can see that many talents and good drivers made wrong decisions, or not well-advised decisions, and in that regard it was Lewis who joined Mercedes in 2013. It is he who is in the car and able to drive on the track. to perform well with the tools we offer him, but it is always those 2 factors that make a big difference. “

“We couldn’t hit the records that we have and he probably wouldn’t be able to set the records without the right car. I don’t want to let these people shout; well he’s driving a Mercedes, it’s clear he’s all races. The drivers who say that should try to analyze why they have not found their way to a Mercedes. “

Hamilton changed in 7 years

Wolff added that the 2020 Hamilton is unrecognizable from the person who joined Mercedes seven years ago.

“I think what impresses me the most is that he develops as a person from year to year. The Lewis Hamilton we see today has nothing to do with the Lewis Hamilton I met in 2013. That’s very impressive, that someone who performs at that level is still able to get better every year, get better as a person and get better outside of the car and in the car, and that’s really inspiring. ”


Formula 1: Vettel’s praise for Hamilton – “But Schumacher remains my hero”

formula 1 Schumacher record set

Vettel’s eulogy – “But Michael will always be my hero”

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Hamilton sets Michael Schumacher’s winning record

Lewis Hamilton wins the Grand Prix of the Eifel and cracks Michael Schumacher’s fable record. Both have now won 91 Formula 1 races.

With the triumph at the Nürburgring, Lewis Hamilton took his 91st Grand Prix victory and set Michael Schumacher’s record. The Briton is already a Formula 1 legend, and after winning he is very humble.

EIt went like so often in previous years: Lewis Hamilton drove to a sovereign victory in his Mercedes at the Eifel Grand Prix at the Nürburgring. And yet it was a particular success for the British. With his 91st Grand Prix success, the 35-year-old broke the record for Formula 1 legend Michael Schumacher. A record that was considered inviolable just a few years ago.

Formula 1 pays tribute to Hamilton for his performance. “For me it was a number that I always thought would never be discontinued or even surpassed. We can be pretty sure that he will surpass them, ”said Ferrari driver Vettel. “I can’t respect his efforts enough.”

Sebastian Vettel (left) paid great respect to Lewis Hamilton after his 91st Grand Prix victory

Quelle: pa/Hasan Bratic

There is much to suggest that Hamilton will be the sole record holder in the coming race in Portimão, Portugal in two weeks’ time. “Michael will always be my hero. Michael had something about him that I had never seen before with any other driver, ”said Vettel about the seven-time world champion from Kerpen. For Vettel, this has something to do with the fact that he initially followed Schumacher’s impressive career as a young boy and has been driving against Hamilton himself for years.

“The number 91 is dizzying”

“Perhaps in ten, 15, 20 years, the appreciation will be even greater. When you’re still active, you look at yourself and not so much at others, “said Vettel and added, referring to Hamilton:” You can’t recognize him enough for what he has achieved. “

“The number 91 is dizzying, but it also illustrates the performance of the two men at two very different times,” writes the French newspaper “Le Figaro”. Hamilton himself was overwhelmed after the victory in the Eifel. “It’s crazy to stand here. Of course I dreamed of being here at some point, but it’s unbelievable, “said Hamilton, for whom Schumacher” will always be a legend of the sport “.

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A status that Hamilton has also earned in recent years. Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff accompanied the Briton on his way to becoming a legend. “What we see today has nothing to do with the Lewis I met in 2013. He gets better every year. Inside and outside the car, ”said Wolf. Hamilton didn’t have the record in mind during the race: “If you think too much about victories, you will only be distracted. For me personally, Michael will be the most iconic of all racing drivers. Who would have ever thought that this record would be reached one day? It’s something to be proud of. More will come if we continue to work together. “

Schumacher’s helmet as an emotional gift

As important as the 91st Grand Prix victory was for Hamilton, it was also emotional after the race. It was not the handover of the trophy, but a helmet that gave goose bumps. Schumacher’s son Mick presented Hamilton a helmet from his father and congratulated: “Congratulations on behalf of our entire family. A great achievement. “


Hamilton with the helmet from Michael Schumacher


The racing helmet is from the 2012 season in which Schumacher drove for Mercedes himself. It comes from the private collection of the Schumacher family in Switzerland. According to “Bild”, manager Sabine Kehm brought it to the paddock in a bag on the Sunday morning before the race.


Mika Hakkinen sees concerns at Mercedes about Max Verstappen

Max Verstappen drove to third on the grid this weekend but was able to compete for pole position during qualifying. In the end he managed to finish second because Valtteri Bottas retired with problems with his Mercedes. The fact that Verstappen performed better is due to the updates that Red Bull has implemented, according to former F1 champion Mika Hakkinen.

As usual, Verstappen was the only one who could stay close to Mercedes. Red Bull fell short on Sunday compared to the German team and especially Lewis Hamilton. Hakkinen speaks in his column at Unibet about the progress of the Verstappen team.

The 1998 and 1999 world champion writes: “Max Verstappen shows that Red Bull Racing has made progress in the development of the car. Another strong performance with a second place that brings Verstappen close to Mercedes and they will really be concerned about that. . “

Departure Honda is a headache

Of course, Hakkinen also reflects on Honda’s decision to leave F1 at the end of 2021: “With the announcement that Honda is leaving Formula 1, we must hope that the Japanese company will still be fully committed to the rest of the year and next year. Red Bull. The Austrian team is the only team to pose a serious threat to Mercedes next year. “


at the Eifel Grand Prix, Hamilton equalizes Schumacher’s record for victories

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Lewis Hamilton snatched his 91st Grand Prix victory in Eifel, Germany on Sunday, tying the record for wins held by Michael Schumacher.

By winning the Eifel Grand Prix in Germany, the Briton Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) equalized, Sunday, October 11, the record of victories of Michael Schumacher (91).

Lewis Hamilton won ahead of Max Verstappen (Redbull) and Daniel Ricciardo (Renault). Starting second on the Nurburgring track, he benefited from the mechanical problems of his team-mate Valtteri Bottas, forced to retire, and from an impeccable racing strategy to consolidate his position as leader of the championship.

First victory in 2007

Hamilton’s first F1 victory dates back to the 2007 season, at the Canadian Grand Prix, in Montreal, in a Mercedes-powered McLaren.

And it was Mick Schumacher, the son of “Schumi”, who gave Lewis Hamilton a helmet from his father before the Briton stepped onto the podium for the 160th time in his 261 Grand Prix F1 career.

To clinch his seventh victory in 2020, Hamilton won ahead of the Dutchman Max Verstappen (Red Bull), still placed, and the Australian Daniel Ricciardo, who gave Renault his first podium since 2011.

Towards a seventh world championship title

In the world championship, Lewis Hamilton is now 69 points ahead of Bottas and 83 over Verstappen. A hole. Barring a huge disaster, he is on course to equal this year another record set by legendary German driver Michael Schumacher by winning a seventh Formula 1 world title.

For the Renault team, this is the first podium for nine years, with at the time, the third place of another German, Nick Heidfeld, at the Malaysian GP 2011. Without counting of course the period during which Renault F1 was called Lotus F1 Team, as of 2012.

Sergio Pérez (Racing Point) and Carlos Sainz (McLaren), after having engaged in a magnificent fight, took, on Sunday, the fourth and fifth positions. As for Pierre Gasly (AlphaTauri), winner at Monza at the start of September, he took eight points from sixth place just ahead of Charles Leclerc’s Ferrari.

Arrived on Saturday morning at short notice to replace Lance Stroll, suffering, at Racing Point, Nico Hülkenberg was the author of a solid race and finished eighth, ahead of Romain Grosjean (Haas) and Antonio Giovinazzi (Alfa Romeo), who completed the Top 10.

“Hulk”, ex-Renault driver and winner of the 24 Hours of Le Mans, undoubtedly took advantage of the lack of preparation of the entire field: free practice 1 and 2 were canceled on Friday due to the lack of safety caused by the weather conditions.

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Contract negotiations Hamilton and Mercedes are on hold

Lewis Hamilton’s contract with Mercedes has been discussed for several months. The Brit’s current agreement expires at the end of this year and the intention is on both sides to sign a new contract. That has not happened yet and the reason behind it would be a possible sale of the team, but the future of Toto Wolff is also important for Hamilton. The Mercedes team boss must also renew his contract to be active for the German team after 2021.

It is no secret that Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton would like to continue together. The combination of team and driver is one of the most successful in Formula 1 history, and the Briton is well on his way to securing his seventh title, setting and matching Michael Schumacher’s seemingly impossible record.

Focus on races

However, the German broadcaster RTL reports that Hamilton’s contract extension will not take place in the short term. However, there is no contract extension yet between the two parties. According to British media, there is already a contract for another three years and only a signature is required. The German RTL contradicts that rumor. According to the medium, there will be no contract extension for the time being. Hamilton and Mercedes want to talk about a new collaboration after the current season and not when the focus should be purely on the Grands Prix. RTL therefore claims that no contract extension will take place before November.

Humanity Hamilton

The British driver and Mercedes actually wanted to talk about a new agreement earlier this year, but then the corona virus threw a spanner in the works, causing the talks to be canceled. Hamilton said he did not want to talk about millions of salaries, while many people in the world are becoming unemployed.


Fernando Alonso: “Michael Schumacher will always be bigger than Lewis Hamilton”

Michael Schumacher is always one step ahead of Lewis Hamilton in terms of F1 greatness. That’s the view of Fernando Alonso, as the world of Formula 1 awaits Hamilton to race past Schumacher’s all-time victory record to match his seven titles in 2020.

Alonso seems completely back in the F1 battle and speaks spicy words about his former teammate Lewis Hamilton. Earlier this week, the Spaniard said he thinks Hamilton’s teammates have been weak during his career.

In conversation with Sport Bild, Alonso says: “I remember Michael Schumacher as a driver with the greatest talent.”

As for Hamilton, Alonso said the Mercedes driver is clearly the best at the moment: “Lewis Hamilton is very good and the best of his generation. But he didn’t win the world championship at McLaren when his teammate was Jenson Button. Nico Rosberg won. also the world championship at Mercedes. Michael has never had such things – he has always won. For me Michael is one step ahead and therefore bigger. “

Right time and opportunities

The 39-year-old was also asked about Ferrari’s 2020 slump, comparing Sebastian Vettel’s failure to win a title for Maranello to his own. Two-time world champion Alonso: “When you sign with Ferrari, you assume that you can win the world championship. After four titles, Vettel probably thought he could take another one, but sometimes you are not lucky with the right time and the right one. opportunities.”

“I think we both missed the right car at the right time, but in my career I have tried to not just focus on Formula 1, for example driving Le Mans and winning as much as possible.”

Kansen Aston Martin

Alonso thinks Racing Point-Aston Martin is a good move for four-time World Champion Vettel for 2021. “At the moment, it looks like Aston Martin will have better chances of being competitive than Ferrari next year, although it’s hard to believe. . “