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Dozens of tourists continue to travel to the United States to receive the covid-19 vaccine, a process that has become viral in the country, where states such as Florida, California, New York and Texas have eliminated the residency requirement to inoculate.

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In Miami, as in most cities that allow this practice, visitors can access the dose against covid-19 for two options. The first is the “walk in” or without an appointment. Many pharmacies across the country, including CVS, Wallgreens, Publix, and Kroger, offer the vaccine without an appointment.

The second option is to schedule a specific appointment at any of these pharmacies or sites offered by the CDC tool, which only works within the United States. They can generally be scheduled up to two days in advance.

Tourists from Ecuador, El Salvador, Colombia, Venezuela and other Latin American countries daily opt for vaccination tourism as the fastest option to get immunized, and some tourists prefer the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, because it requires only one dose.

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Some people who have agreed to vaccines have been rewarded with pizza and soda.


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Below you can see some of the sites that are available for vaccination in Miami.

  1. Tropical Park: 7900 SW 40th Street, Miami, FL, 33135
  2. Walgreens: 7910 Nw 27Th Ave, Miami, FL, 33147
  3. Publix at Dadeland: 9105 S. Dadeland Blvd., Miami, FL, 33156

This relaxation of the immunization process was implemented to stimulate the vaccination of undocumented people, although in fact it also facilitates the arrival of more tourists.

In the city of Miami Beach, for example, vaccination posts are set up on the beach, where tourists can receive the biological without problem.

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Covid: simulate wedding to celebrate baptism, fined – Sicily

Found 50 guests at a banquet in a restaurant in Palermo

(ANSA) – PALERMO, MAY 15 – They simulated the banquet for a wedding to celebrate their daughter’s baptism with fifty friends. It happened in Palermo in the Molara area where the carabinieri interrupted a lunch in a dining room and fined three people for violating the anti covid 19 rules in the middle of the orange zone. The child’s parents were convinced that it was possible to organize the wedding banquet. And so they put on a great performance. The carabinieri of the radio-mobile unit found the mother of the child dressed as a bride. A staging to try to make pantomime as real as ever. The restaurant should have been closed. The girl’s parents told the military that they were celebrating their wedding. They believed that in the orange zone it could be done. And instead, as per decree, only religious celebration is allowed with strict restrictions. Among other things, the carabinieri ascertained that the couple was already regularly married. The administrative sanction was taken for the parents of the birthday girl and for the owner of the catering service.
Investigations are underway against the owner of the restaurant. There were high penalties of 1200 euros. (HANDLE).