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childless Vika Tsyganova stunned with recognition

Vika Tsyganova was published with her husband Vadim and "daughter" Anna.

Vika Tsyganova was published with her husband Vadim and her “daughter” Anna.

A photo: Vladimir VELENGURIN

Singer and designer Vika Tsyganova became one of the brightest winners of the First Ladies Award, which was held in Moscow before the new restrictions began. Red lipstick, a chiseled figure and a branded soul-warmer that emphasized the beauty of Tsyganova – at 57, the artist looks the envy of thirty. It turns out that the second youth gave her … quarantine.

– You will not believe: personal life sparkled with new colors! – the radiant Victoria admitted to reporters. – No, no new fans … I have only one person whom I love – this is my god, my husband Vadim Tsyganov. We have been together for 33 years, and it was like falling in love with each other again. Is there sex after 50? Sure! And my husband and I have a lot of joint projects, most of which are planned in Sochi. I don’t know how they will be here in Moscow without us, but we will definitely not get bored there.

The singer assures that her husband and assistant have completely replaced her children.

The singer assures that her husband and assistant have completely replaced her children.

A photo: Vladimir VELENGURIN

– Vika, how do you manage to look so young? – journalists asked.

– My husband and I go to the bathhouse, eat sea urchins, and most importantly, we surround ourselves with positive things. After all, if we remove positive emotions, what is left for us then? Only die. There are a lot of talented young people in our environment, and we don’t sit idle for a single minute. There is nothing worse than wasting your time.

– But now it’s quarantine …

– Yes, the absence of concerts is a very difficult situation. Of course, I don’t go with outstretched hand, I earn my own bread: I have my own brand, I sew outfits that glorify our Russian culture and foreigners really like this. But for 30 years I have not canceled a single concert, and for me this is very unusual.

– How do you feel about hazing in show business? They say that Alla Pugacheva forbade calling Buzov to the New Year’s lights.

– You know, today is the time of such heroes as Olga Buzova. In fact, I watch her skate, and I am very happy about that. She shows some remarkable fighting qualities. And the main thing is not what a person starts with, not “Dom-2”, but what he will come to. It’s not a thing to scold something new that is emerging so actively now. The same Alla Borisovna needs to be a mentor, share her experience.

– They say that once the Prima Donna closed the way to the stage for you?

– Well, there was a lot … But there is a simple truth: everything that does not kill us makes us stronger. And if there is talent, a person must demonstrate it, prove his worth. And then he will have an army of fans.

Assistant Anya is the author of the brightest pictures on Instagram Tsyganova.

Assistant Anya is the author of the brightest pictures on Instagram Tsyganova.

A photo: Vladimir VELENGURIN

– Recently, the singer Maxim admitted that she had been treated for alcoholism for a year. Is this a common occurrence in show business?

“Oh, yes, it’s actually a scourge. When a person has nothing but ambitions, he will look for some kind of substitute. And if he opens new horizons and lives with God in his soul, then, of course, he will fight this passion. This is a very difficult addiction, and creative people are exposed to it like no other.

– Vika, now many couples have a child with the help of surrogate mothers. Have you and your husband thought about it?

– And I have a child! See the girl standing? Meet Anya, my assistant, with whom we have been working together for seven years. But everyone thinks that she is my daughter, and I agree with that. Anya takes great pictures, makes cool collages, knows where I have what lies – just in case, if my memory suddenly gets knocked off. She is my faithful companion and friend. She is young, aware of all trends, all brands. Deals with my appearance, my Instagram. We have a great relationship.

– Don’t you want your baby?

– What for? My husband and I have our own way, and there are so many people around whom I love and whom I want to help. We have everything, everything is enough.

Meanwhile, earlier Vika Tsyganova was very worried about the lack of children with her husband. Last year, in the program “The Fate of a Man”, the singer spoke about the reasons for childlessness: many years ago in Bulgaria, she had a serious accident, the consequences of which, coupled with chronic diseases, did not allow the singer to become pregnant. For a while, the couple even thought about IVF, but the father dissuaded them from this step. The adoption of a baby from an orphanage also did not work out: the child, who sunk into Victoria’s soul, was given to another family.


First Ladies’ Prize: Natalya Bochkareva confirmed marriage, and Liza Arzamasova flashed her engagement ring

Before the second wave of restrictions began, celebrities attended one of the last social parties of the year (details)


a 5,000-year-old woman to accompany Ötzi, the snowman

Rosalia SanchezRosalia Sanchez

I correspond salt in Berlin



Lying on the right side, in a squatting position. With her legs and hands resting against her chest, her head directed towards the east and her face facing north as if asleep. Thus has passed at least the last 4,500 years the one already baptized as «Lady of Bietikow». Its skeleton appeared last May, during construction works to install wind turbines in Bietikow, Uckermark, in the Brandenburg region, not far from the border between Germany and Poland. The team that since then has led the archaeologist Philipp Roskoschinski, leading the subsequent excavation, has managed to establish that the burial dates from between 3,400 and 3,300 BC, given the position, a


The Lady of Mystery from Vitoria

Eva García Sáenz de Urturi has achieved what no one before. Let Vitoria sneak into thousands of Spanish homes but also from other parts of the planet such as Germany, Italy, Poland, Greece, the United States, Australia or Latin America. The capital of Alava is, with the permission of the inspector Unai López de Ayala, the undisputed protagonist of the trilogy of ‘The White City’, which has already exceeded one million readers and has had some thirty translations.

Eva García Sáenz de Urturi, born in Vitoria in 1972, began a strong romance with literature while working at the University of Alicante. Although it actually comes from blood, it was his father who bequeathed him the bibliophile gene and he writes daily since he was 14 years old. With a degree in Optics and Optometry, for a decade she held senior management positions in the sector, and later obtained a permanent position at the University. There he gave different courses on writing techniques or institutional blogs for the university community, in addition to giving lectures on social networks.

It was in 2009, while developing his professional work, when he came up with the plot for ‘The saga of the long-lived’. He then began to attend novel and creative writing courses and to write at night. Three years later, in 2012, the novel was published and it became a viral success that, as she herself has confessed on several occasions, changed her life. After his first literary successes, he decided to take a leave of absence from the University to dedicate himself to his great passion.

Married and mother of two children, at the age of 15 she left the capital of Alava and moved with her family to Alicante. At the age of 21, after finishing his degree, he returned to his homeland to practice until he was 26. Then he returned to Alicante and continues to reside there, although the truth is that he regularly returns to Vitoria to visit his family. In these getaways there are always mandatory stops, such as at the Goya pastry shop to buy some pasta and in your favorite bars to taste pintxos. He also likes to kick the cantons and the medieval almond, although he almost knows them by heart. A strong family bond also binds him to the Montaña Alavesa area, which has been well reflected in his works. His grandfather, inspiration for one of the most beloved characters in the trilogy, and his mother are from the small town of Villaverde.

He confesses that for his novels he finds inspiration in the Historic Quarter of Vitoria, the fact that the layout of the streets is still intact and that “those verbal fossils that represent the Correría, la Herrería, la Pintorería, the Plaza de la Burullería are preserved. .. they are ancient trades that describe the guilds of our great-great-grandparents, and all of this is very suggestive to include in a novel, it provides a historical and permanent background that makes the capital’s setting solid, “he said during an interview with THE MAIL.

After his first novel came six more titles, the last ‘The Time Lords’, the closing of the trilogy that has created a legion of fans: the Krakenians. Baptized at the time as ‘the new Lady of the black novel’, Eva García Sáenz de Urturi took several courses on criminal profiling, judicial procedure and autopsies in a police academy to give rigor and verisimilitude to the trilogy. Besides being a writer, she is a voracious reader. In the crime novel section, she adores Pierre Lemaitre, Dennis Lehane, Don Winslow and Jo Nesbø. In other genres he enjoys Margaret Mazzantini and Yasmina Khadra. When he wrote ‘The saga of the long-lived’ and ‘The sons of Adam’ he read many classic authors, from Herodotus and Julius Caesar to Baltasar Gracián.

Beyond books, his hobbies also include mountain outings and bicycle rides. And in his ‘playlist’ the Bilbao group Fito & Fitipaldis is never missing. Since she achieved fame, there have been several recognitions to this woman from Vitoria, among them Alavesa of the Month in 2016 granted by EL CORREO. In 2017 she was chosen as a txupinera for the La Blanca Festival, a moment that she remembers as “magical” and that she confesses would never have occurred to her to dream. In 2018, she was chosen by YoDona as one of the most influential women in the world of Culture. In 2019, the film adaptation of ‘The Silence of the White City’ was already the consecration of one of the greatest literary phenomena of recent times.


The Crown 4: this is how Netflix recreated the arrival of Lady Di to the British royal family

the crown 4

Netflix series premieres on November 15

Kindness @chenetflix

On the other hand, the tension between the queen and Margaret Thatcher (Gillian Anderson) – the first woman to hold the post of Prime Minister of Great Britain – on account of the latter’s controversial policies and its impact on the nation only increases when Thatcher throws the country into the Falklands war, generating friction in the Commonwealth. And, while the romance between Carlos and the young woman Diana Spencer (Emma Corrin) becomes a very timely fairy tale capable of uniting the British people, divisions increase within the royal family behind the palace gates.

The fourth season of “The Crown” features scripts by Peter Morgan. The cast also includes Helena Bonham Carter (Princess Margaret), Tobias Menzies (Duke of Edinburgh), Josh O’Connor (Prince Charles), Erin Doherty (Princess Anne), Emerald Fennell (Camilla Parker Bowles), Marion Bailey (Queen Mother). ), Georgie Glen (Lady Fermoy), Tom Byrne (Prince Andrew), Angus Imrie (Prince Edward) and Charles Dance (Lord Mountbatten).


Lady Gaga covers mouths | The mail

Ten years have passed since Lady Gaga walked through the MTV Video Music Awards (VMA) wrapped in pieces of raw meat in a controversial plea for human rights. A decade later, and without a red carpet, she still knows how to become the undisputed center of attention to give voice to the causes for which she stands as a standard bearer. The New Yorker, who swept last night after taking home five awards, wore a repertoire of eccentric masks with which she demanded the use of the star complement of the so-called new normal.

Made of leather with side horns, with a rock aesthetic, metal mesh, a sort of pink gas mask, a helmet that reminds the one who always wears the character of Arenita from ‘SpongeBob’ … a fantasy display that had its stellar moment in the performance of ‘Rain on me’ with Ariana Grande -also with his corresponding mask-, in which he did not take off a mask with a screen of lights.

Lady Gaga during the performance with Ariana Grande.
Lady Gaga during the performance with Ariana Grande. / Reuters

“He wears a mask, it is a sign of respect”, asked the singer in one of her interventions on stage to collect one of the many trophies with the astronaut she owns. Gaga was recognized in three categories – Best Song of the Year, Best Collaboration, and Best Cinematography – for ‘Rain on me‘. In addition, he triumphed in the category of Artist of the Year and won the new Tricon Award in recognition of his different creative facets and his acts of philanthropy.

They were eclipsed Miley Cyrus, singing ‘Midnight Sky’ on a huge shiny disco ball in tribute to the famous ‘Wrecking Ball’ music video, and Taylor Swift in his pajamas receiving the award for best director for ‘The Man’.

Three of Lady Gaga’s ‘looks’. / Agencies

Swift, like many others, thanked in a pre-recorded speech over the coronavirus pandemic, marking a ceremony in New York that also spoke out for the deaths of African Americans at the hands of police officers. The Weeknd , who won the award for best video of the year for ‘Blinding Lights’, which also earned him the award for best R&B video, showed a very serious demeanor when receiving the awards. «Once again, it is difficult to celebrate. Justice for Jacob Blake and Breonna Taylor »said the Canadian both times he went on stage.

Another remarkable moment was when, at the beginning of the gala, the presenter Keke Palmer, the first African-American woman to present the MTV VMA solo, dedicated the gala to the recently deceased actor Chadwick Boseman, whose death has overwhelmed the entertainment world.

To the South Korean group BTS The night was not bad for him, since he won three awards for his video clip ‘On’, in the category of best pop, best K-Pop and best choreography. It was also named the best musical group. Meanwhile, the award for best Latin video went to Maluma and his ‘Qué pena’, which he picked up shortly after singing his new single ‘Hawaii’ from Brooklyn on an outdoor stage surrounded by cars, from which a few lucky fans watched him. “It is incredible that J Balvin and I have left from Medellín, Colombia, who made this song,” said Maluma, dressed in yellow, in her acceptance speech, recalling the collaboration of her compatriot in the piece.

In other categories, Machine Gun Kelly won the award for best alternative music video for ‘Bloody Valentine’, Doja Cat to the best new artist, Megan Thee Stalion for best hiphop video for ‘Savage’, and Coldplay for the best rock video for ‘Orphans’.


# Lady3Pesos gets involved with the pork rinds in green sauce and the memes do not forgive her

A woman insulted employees of a Walmart store in CDMX, this because the security guards prevented her minor daughter from accessing.

The angry woman, who said she was a lawyer, unleashed her fury against employees who complied with the rules established in businesses in the face of the COVID-19 contingency, where citizens are asked to avoid entering accompanied, and above all, with minors and older adults.

The woman was upset because by not letting her enter the store, she argued that on previous occasions she had already done it with her daughter and no one stopped her, she also claimed 5 pesos that she had already spent in the parking lot.

Give me the 5 pesos from the parking lot so, oh, you’re a naco. Sure, you earn 3 pesos. Sorry! ”, He said in a derogatory and mocking tone when they insisted that minors cannot enter the store.

➡️ Annabelle “escapes” from the Warren museum and memes seek her

“What an asshole? What are you going to tell me? […] I need to do the shopping for my children, you’re stupid, “the woman who wanted to enter the store kept insulting.

“I’m a lawyer, I’m going right now to the propheco and to the dick all,” threatened the woman.

“Go to eat Pork Rind in Green Sauce to your little house. Fucking!”. Before retiring, the woman made fun of the employees again, “Enjoy your 3,500 pesos a month.”

Memes that are worth more than 3 pesos

This new Lady who boasts of being influential and classist earned everyone’s hatred on Twitter for messing with something sacred in Mexico, apart from the honesty of earning a salary at a job, attacked him Pork Rind in Green Sauce, that Mexican dish loved by many. This situation earned him invaluable memes.

➡️ “Lalito 10” and his tricycle do not allow Covid-19 to leave children without classes


how she overcame bulimia and ate a healthy diet, what the princess ate

Every anniversary of the death of Lady Di It is the reason for the review of her life, of which there are still numerous speculations, and even theories about whether her death was really an accident or even whether she was murdered. Her popularity has not waned in all this time and she continues to live up to the nickname she was given, the ‘princess of the people’. Not surprisingly, documentaries about her life do not stop appearing and the main world media continue to publish unpublished or unknown information and details about her.

Three years ago, when a more round anniversary was reached, two decades after his death, whatever buckingham chief and spent eleven years in the service of Diana of Wales spoke openly about his shared experiences with the ex-wife of Charles of England. Darren McGrady says that the time she worked in Kensington they were very happy and Diana had a balanced and healthy diet, although from time to time she was indulgent with herself and allowed a small transgression.

Darren McGrady, in a file image.  (Getty)
Darren McGrady, in a file image. (Getty)

McGrady began working for the Princess of Wales after she separated from Prince Charles in 1992. After having been battling bulimia, a circumstance that she managed to overcome, she changed her life by starting to count on the services of the chef, according to this counted in the book ‘Eating Royally: Recipes and Remembrances From a Palace Kitchen”, that saw the light in 2017.

“She was entering a new stage in her life and taking better care of herself. The years as a bulimic were over and she was eating properly,” she wrote in her book, while revealing to ‘The Daily Mail’ that she avoided carbohydrates and red meat.

Carlos and Diana, in 1992. (Reuters)
Carlos and Diana, in 1992. (Reuters)

Diana exercised regularly and dined on boiled potatoes and egg whites with paprika and poached chicken. She also loved stuffed peppers: “She used to say to me: ‘You take care of the fats, I’ll do the same with the carbohydrates in the gym,” the chef revealed in the same interview.

There are many ‘secrets’ that the chef brought to light about Diana, who was very methodical when it came to meals, although she made exceptions when she had guests. McGrady stresses that she preferred vegetarian dishes when she dined alone, but that if she had guests with other preferences she used to please them, such as when Clint Eastwood She asked her for lamb, which she also ate: “The princess nape ate a lot of red meat, never beef or pork, and occasionally lamb, when she was hosting her guests, but most of the time she ate meat, fish or vegetarian dishes” .

Princess Diana of Wales, with her children.  (Reuters)
Princess Diana of Wales, with her children. (Reuters)

However, the princess was not in the least severe with feeding their childrenHe understood that they were children and, within limits, they had to be pleased. “They were princes, but they had childish palates,” says the chef, who says that their menus used to include pizza or fish sticks, but even so, his mother wanted their diet to be balanced, so she asked him for healthy meals that looked like what they used to like so that they wouldn’t feel forced to eat something they didn’t like.

Diana, yes, had a predilection for sweets, her guilty pleasure, and her favorite dessert It was the bread and butter pudding, and he used to enjoy watching his particular chef prepare it while eating the raisins on top …


Police issue search and arrest warrant against former Lesotho lady

ThePolice have issued a search and arrest warrant against former Lesotho lady Maesaiah Thabane, accused of murder, after a court revoked her bail on Friday. Maesaiah Thabane was arrested in January and charged with the murder of Lipolelo Thabane, the first wife of her husband, then Prime Minister Thomas Thabane. She was later released on bail.

The Lesotho Court of Appeals, however, reversed the initial decision and further criticized the circumstances in which the release was granted, according to the South African news portal Eyewitness News.

Authorities charged Maesaiah Thabane on February 4 after heturned himself in to the Police after nearly a month on the run. However, she was released on bail.a day later after paying a thousand lotis (about 61.5 euros), a decision that was appealed due to the risk of an existing flight.

The deputy commissioner of Police, Paseka Mokete, has acknowledged this Saturday that the agents who went to look for the first lady at her home found the house empty.“We need to arrest her so she can apply for bail while she’s in custody“Mokete has stated.

The former prime minister is also under investigation for the murder. He resigned on May 19 due to pressure to leave office, given the ongoing investigations.


Lyubov Uspenskaya quarantined

Lyubov Uspenskaya, like many celebrities, observes the regime of self-isolation in his country house. Unfortunately, after the scandal with her daughter Tatyana Plaksina, who accused her mother of all mortal sins and moved to her father in America, the already not very crowded mansion of the artist was empty. Now in a huge four-story house with 16 rooms with a total area of ​​1000 “squares” live only the star herself and the head of her fan club Rolan Melandovich, whom she affectionately calls her nephew. And also – tiny dogs, for which the star organized separate apartments.

On her Instagram, Lyubov Uspenskaya assures that “you won’t be lost with her” – they say that she is a jack of all trades: she keeps the household in perfect order, she cooks well, and she also cuts her nephew and dogs in a personal hairdresser located in basement of the house. At the same time, the star does not look obscure: even in quarantine, she continues to dress up and experiment with images.

So, the other day, the singer appeared before the fans as a “dressing lady”.

– My Ukrainian roots in quarantine woke up, today I cooked borsch with donuts and dressed up like a hohlushka, – Ouspensky explained. – In quarantine, hair grows very quickly, after another week scythe will be to the waist. True, she recovered by 4 kilograms. My grandmother would be happy, she loved chubby. During the hunger strike, the chubby ones were grabbed. Either for love, or for food …

Lyubov Uspenskaya recovered in quarantine

Most subscribers were delighted with the new image, although there were those who noticed that the queen of the chanson is not the same – a tummy appeared, the wasp waist blurred …

Meanwhile, even with this increase (and 4 kg is already clothes a size larger), Ouspenskaya’s overweight does not threaten. With a height of 168 cm, she weighed 65 kilograms almost her whole life, and a year and a half ago, against the background of hassle due to her daughter’s accident, she immediately dropped 10 kilos. According to the singer, the secret of her constant harmony is yoga and refusal to eat dinner after 18.00.