The tender gesture of L-Gante with his girlfriend Tamara Báez | DiaryShow

L-Gante is at its best moment of popularity and fame, since it is conducting a successful tour of the interior of the country. In addition, the singer from General Rodríguez is preparing to give their first show at the legendary Luna Park stadium, which will undoubtedly be a consecrating evening in his career. Despite all […]

L-Gante and Tamara Báez were shown together after the fight – Net TV

L-Gante and Tamara Báez were shown together after the fightNet TV The unexpected turn after the scandal between L-Ghent and his daughter’s motherLM Neuquen Reconciliation? L-Gante was shown with Tamara Báez in a recital, after the alleged separationEl Esquiu newspaper L-Gante, after confirming the separation from Tamara Báez: “The next day they want to be […]

Amalia Granata’s very low criticism of L-Gante for how she talks

Amalia Granata, deputy of Together for the Change of Santa Fe, criticized L-Gante lowly. It was on Marcelo Polino’s radio program, after the host suggested to the panelist that her son learn the alphabet by listening to the singer’s version of cumbia 420. Granata exploded: “No! Let him go to school if he wants to […]

L-Ghent accused of sending people to beat Zaramay: videos of the scandal | DiaryShow

The rivalry between Zaramay and L-Gante it is far from lowering its intensity. After some songs crossed with powerful dedications, this time the situation escaped the social realm. The good time that both artists are going through allowed them to make successful tours of Europe. The first to return was the singer of General Rodríguez […]