Why do non-smokers get lung cancer? – healing practice

Why do people who have never smoked also get lung cancer? In a recent research, three subtypes of lung cancer were classified by non-smokers. (Image: utah51 / stock.adobe.com) Analysis: lung cancer in non-smokers Even if smoking is the main risk factor for the development of lung cancer, people who have never smoked also develop this […]

Human study planned: mRNA cocktail is effective against cancer in mice

Thursday, September 09, 2021 Human study planned mRNA cocktail is effective against cancer in mice Defeating cancer is still the dream of many scientists. Mainz researchers have perhaps come a step closer to achieving this. In animal experiments, they fight cancer with mRNA molecules. An immunotherapy based on mRNA molecules acts against cancer in mice. […]

Vaccinations can protect against diseases – healing practice

Vaccinations against potential cancer triggers are a very easy way to reduce your personal cancer risk. (Image: weyo / stock.adobe.com) Vaccinations for the prevention of cancer A balanced diet, little alcohol, no smoking, regular exercise: cancer prevention measures are often inconvenient and require discipline. Not all of them have the motivation to do this. But […]

This is why non-smokers also get lung cancer

07. September 2021 11:53 Robert Klatt Lung cancer in nonsmokers is almost always triggered by the body’s own processes. The new knowledge is intended to improve early detection and treatment in the future. Bethesda (U.S.A.). Around two million people worldwide develop lung cancer every year. The main causes of this type of cancer are smoking […]