Kim Kardashian dedicates a loving message and it was not for Kanye West

Maybe we could hope that Kanye West is the love of the life of Kim Kardashian And without a doubt he is, but we will have to say that he is not the only one besides his children, there is another extremely important person in the life of the businesswoman, it was precisely to whom he dedicated one of the most tender messages through his account official Instagram.

Although there are those who have ensured that the relationship between Kanye West and Kim Kardashian has had some relationship problems, they have not commented on it, on the contrary they have been seen together in several recent publications.

A few days ago the matriarch of the Kardashian Jenner Clan had her birthday and it was Kim Kardashian, who was in charge of sharing a tender message addressed to her mother Kris Jenner.

With several black and white images appear in a delicate and extremely elegant photo session, Kim Kardashian is next to her mother Kris Jenner looking spectacular as only they know how to do it as the celebrities that they are.

As we know Kim Kardashian She is an extremely loving person, although she also has a reckless character, this may not apply when it comes to her mother, as she adores her as well as her sisters Kourtney, Khloé, Kendall and Kylie.

It should be noted that each and every one of them obtains income thanks to the advertising they do on social networks, their fans on social networks are at least 100 million followers Kourtney is the one who has the least with 103 million and Kylie is the one who surpasses them all with 200 million respectively.

Mom!!!!! Today you are 65 years old and you never look better! I honestly don’t know how you do it! You make life seem so easy, raising 6 kids and running an empire by being the most caring mom and best friend! “Began Kim.

His message continued to mention the strong and deep gratitude he had for having instilled in them his work ethic and also giving them so much love and that is that Kris Jenner has taken over a great empire, managed to raise her six children, today each one one of them is someone extremely successful and recognized worldwide.

Kourtney Kardashian has a pants company that slim your waist, it also has beauty products in addition to having several Reality shows.

Kim Kardashian She is only known for her beauty products, makeup, her girdles as well as perfumes, both she and her sisters earn income thanks to their social networks.

Khloé Kardashian is the co-owner of a boutique that she founded alongside her sisters, who by the way have several in the United States, she also has several products in which she is associated with Kim and Kourtney, she also decided to launch a perfume and a makeup line.

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Kendall Jenner, is an internationally recognized model, has participated in large catwalks and is said to be the best paid in the world, together with her younger sister they decided to launch a clothing line, also another one of Jewelry, nail polishes as well as one collection of shoes and handbags for the Steve Madden brand.

Kylie Jenner is perhaps the most successful her sisters, in addition to launching her beauty products, her makeup line “Kylie Cosmetics” is recognized worldwide, produces both eye shadows, highlighters, blushes, bronzers and other types of makeup In addition to skin care, her sisters together have also launched perfumes and clothing.

I love you doesn’t even mean happy birthday enough, “that’s how Kardashian concluded her message to her mom.

As you can see, each one of the Kardashian sisters has become a successful businesswoman tomorrow, without a doubt they have had great support from their mother Kris Jenner and they will continue to have it for many more years, Congratulations Kris Jenner!

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Kim Kardashian and over 30 celebrities chat with Anthony Fauci about COVID-19

Kim Kardashian arranged a private meeting for Zoom with the doctor Anthony Fauci Y more than 30 celebrities to talk about the pandemic coronavirus at the beginning of the emergency.

Dr. Fauci is the leading epidemiological expert in the United States, is director of the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases, and a member of the coronavirus task force at the White House.

Speaking in an interview with CNN, retrieved by People, Fauci said that in April Kim Kardashian summoned celebrities like Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis, Orlando Bloom, Katy Perry, Gwyneth Paltrow and more.

“There were a lot of movie stars and some sports figures and they wanted to know what they could do to stay safe, about wearing masks and avoiding the crowds,” Fauci told CNN.

“I was impressed by the questions they asked me, their level of sophistication.”

Kim Kardashian used her influence to help

According to reports, the 40-year-old magnate would have organized the call after a doctor asked influencers on social networks to use their platforms to inform adolescents about the seriousness of COVID-19 in March.

Fauci He underlined the “enormous number of followers” that each of these stars has on their respective social media accounts, which could be used as “megaphones” to disseminate official health recommendations.

“I could tell them, for example, that it is important to wear a mask, and they log into their accounts and say ‘wear a mask’ and this results in a couple million more people (wearing protection).”

In August, Fauci took an Instagram Live with Matthew McConaughey to talk about COVID-19.

In August, Fauci took an Instagram Live with Matthew McConaughey to talk about COVID-19.

The coronavirus remains a serious problem in the United States, the country with the most deaths from the virus. As of this Sunday, at least 10 million cases and 237,000 deaths have been confirmed, according to the New York Times.

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In this regard, Fauci told The Washington Post that hospitals are now “much better prepared” and have a better understanding of how to treat COVID-19 patients and avoid the high death rate of April and May.


Do you know how many thousand votes Kanye West won during the US presidential election?

After arousing astonishment and mockery among some by announcing his candidacy for the presidential elections this year, rapper Kanye West seems to be moving ahead with his project as he announced his intention to run for the next presidential election in 2024, after winning about 60,000 votes Tuesday.

The 43-year-old singer has filmed himself casting his vote in Wyoming, posted a series of tweets in which he said he participated in a “first” presidential election, and cast his vote “for someone I really trust … me.”

And on the photos he posted, his name appears on the ballot paper handwritten, as Wyoming, where he owns a farmhouse, was not one of the 12 US states in which he formally qualified to compete as an independent candidate.

Kanye West showed his ambition to run again in the next presidential election after four years, through a tweet in which he wrote “Kanye 2024”. Figures published in the US media showed that Kanye West, who suffers from bipolar disorder, and called his wife in July for “sympathy and compassion” for him, won only 0.4% of the vote in the rural states of Idaho, Oklahoma and Utah.

He achieved the highest number of votes in the southern state of Tennessee, in which Donald Trump won, with nearly 10,200 votes. After supporting Donald Trump shortly after his election as President of the United States in November 2016, Kanye West announced his candidacy for the presidential elections this year on the American National Day on the fourth of July.

However, his candidacy raised many questions about his eligibility in terms of mental health and his seriousness in this step.

The hip-hop singer and reality TV star’s husband, Kim Kardashian, admitted yesterday that he lost the presidential elections to his rivals, outgoing President Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Joe Biden, as the competition was limited between them.

And the counting of votes continues in the states of Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Georgia, Nevada and Alaska, to determine the identity of the winner for the presidency of the United States, among the contenders Trump and Biden, and so far the latter is ahead of the current president by 25 votes, and he must obtain 32 more votes to settle the electoral college vote for him. , To win the presidency.



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These celebrities had Covid-19

SThey were what felt like the first celebrities to report their infection: on March 12th, posted Tom Hanks A photo on Instagram that made headlines around the world: With a picture showing a rubber glove in a bucket, the actor explained that he and his wife Rita Wilson had Covid-19: They felt tired, suffered from colds and complained about body aches. He and his wife would now like to use their blood to advance the development of a possible vaccine.


Auch „Big Bang Theory“-Star Jim Parsons and his husband Todd Spiewak were infected with the coronavirus. “We thought we had colds,” said the Sheldon Cooper actor. Because he could not act in the months of the pandemic, he also looked for other outlets for his creativity and tried painting and creative writing; he even bleached his hair.


According to wife Kim Kardashian was too Kanye West a corona patient at the beginning of the pandemic. During this time, she changed his bedding with gloves and face protection, according to Kardashian. The reality TV star took care of their four children alone; Meanwhile, her husband struggled with the virus. “I had to come and change his sheets and help him get out of bed when he wasn’t okay.”

“Kanye had it at the very beginning when no one really knew what was going on,” said Kardashian.

Image: Reuters

After only two appearances in the Bolshoi Theater, it caught it too Anna Netrebko. The opera singer said she was hospitalized for treatment for corona-related pneumonia. Netrebko had to spend her 49th birthday in a hospital bed. Her manager reported that Netrebko had started singing again in the hospital.


The American singer Pink fell ill with Covid-19 in March. It was the “most terrible thing” that had ever happened to her, said Pink, who had difficulty breathing and needed an inhaler. She was more worried about her son than about herself. The three-year-old “got very sick” and complained of breathing difficulties and chest pain. “There were many nights I cried,” said the mother of two. “And I’ve never prayed more in my life.”

It was the “most terrible thing” that had ever happened to her, said Pink, who suffered from breathing difficulties during her corona illness and needed an inhaler.

Image: Reuters

March 30th was Nick lamb Has been admitted to the emergency room with a corona infection. The Broadway star had to be put into a coma and artificially ventilated. At the age of only 41, Cordero died in hospital 90 days later. His right leg had been amputated in late April due to medical complications. He leaves behind a one year old son and his wife, Amanda Kloots. “Elvis and I will miss him in everything we do every day,” wrote the actress. When Donald Trump addressed the people this week with the message that nobody had to be afraid of the virus, Kloots was annoyed. “Do not be afraid? We were scared every day, “said Kloots through tears. “It’s like a dagger in the heart.”


When Neil Patrick Harris fell ill with the coronavirus, he initially believed it was just flu. In the spring, his entire family became infected: he, his husband David Burtka and the twins Harper Grace and Gideon Scott. “I didn’t mean to be paranoid,” said the How I Met Your Mother star. “And then I lost my sense of taste and smell.”

“We’re doing very well,” said Harris after recovering from illness. “It wasn’t pleasant, but we got through it and we have antibodies and we feel good.”

Image: Reuters


To Friedrich Merz could also Cem Ozdemir defeat the coronavirus. After announcing his illness, the Green politician reported back at the end of March: “The test result was negative,” announced Özdemir. “Nevertheless, the same applies to us as to you: stay at home.”


In August, the actress reported Alyssa Milano from her corona illness in April. She had never felt so sick before. Everything hurt, she couldn’t breathe and suffered from headaches, nausea, fever and the loss of her sense of smell, reported Milano, who made the hashtag #MeToo in the headlines, about which victims of sexual violence worldwide spoke up.


Comedian Larry David: Wedding at the age of 73

© AP

Farewell early so as not to ruin the good impression

Comedian Larry David got even closer to his partner Ashley Underwood during the corona quarantine. As reported by People magazine, the seventy-three year old married the television producer on Wednesday after spending almost six months together in his Los Angeles home. The couple had met three years ago at Sacha Baron Cohen’s birthday party. David, the inventor of the cult series “Seinfeld” and “Curb Your Enthusiasm”, later admitted to having left the party early in order not to ruin the good impression he had made on his neighbor Underwood. For the New Yorker, it’s the second marriage. In 2007, David divorced environmentalist Laurie Lennard, with whom he has two grown daughters. (ceh.)


People of the day: show your sheep – panorama

Ex-Chancellor Schröder at a hearing in the economic committee

(Photo: Kay Nietfeld / dpa)

(Photo: Kay Nietfeld / dpa)

Gerhard Schröder, 76, former Chancellor, is still in its infancy. His wife Soyeon Schröder-Kim, 52, uploaded a photo on Instagram that shows her husband harvesting tomatoes on the terrace at home in Hanover. His paprika-yellow sweater distracts from an extravagant detail: the former head of government wears gray felt slippers with sheep on the tips of his shoes.

Alec and Hilaria Baldwin are expecting their fifth child together

(Photo: Greg Allen / dpa)

(Photo: dpa)

Alec Baldwin, 62, US actor, has had enough of his wife Hilaria, 36’s passion for collecting. “Other people collect cars, watches, works of art. My wife collects children,” he said in a video interview on Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show. “When a child turns three and doesn’t give as much joy as it did in the first few years, Hilaria and I look at each other and think: ‘Well, it’s time to make a new one!'” But five children together be enough: “I will not try anymore.” The couple’s youngest child was born in September and the older siblings are two, four, five and seven years old. Alec Baldwin also has a 24-year-old daughter from his marriage to Kim Basinger.

(Photo: Angela Weiss / AFP)

(Photo: AFP)

Kim Kardashian, 39, US businesswoman, relies on home remedies. She used to dye her body-shaping underwear in the kitchen sink using tea bags, “because I couldn’t find my skin tone anywhere,” the reality actress told the magazine Grazia. The lack of a skin color palette was the main reason why she finally brought a shapewear collection onto the market.

Rapper Loredana

(Photo: Ian West / dpa)

(Photo: dpa)

Loredana, 25, Swiss-Kosovar rapper, got off lightly. A case of gang fraud has been discontinued, as the public prosecutor in Lucerne announced. The musician admitted to having pretended to be a lawyer in order to rip off a woman from the canton of Valais together with her brother. “Loredana apologized for her behavior and repaid the injured party more than the alleged amount of the crime,” the statement said. The rapper is said to have agreed with the woman on a repayment of the equivalent of almost 400,000 euros.

(Photo: Michael Sohn / AP)

(Photo: AP)

Daniel Craig, 52, British actor, has very simple stage directions for his as yet undetermined successor in the role of Agent 007. On Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show, the outgoing James Bond actor said, “Screw it up don’t! I don’t know what else I would recommend. “


Kim Kardashian (39) doesn’t get nervous about getting older | NOW

Kim Kardashian is celebrating her 40th birthday on October 21, and while she thinks this is a milestone that should be celebrated, she doesn’t mind getting older.

“It doesn’t make me nervous. Obviously, I do everything I can to feel young and look a certain way. But most of all I’m proud that my kids have another year with their mother,” said Kardashian in conversation with the American Grazia.

Kardashian herself was 22 years old when her father passed away and thus realizes how important it is to her children that their mother is in their lives.

The reality star was planning to celebrate her 40th birthday in a big way. “I had a great plan. The theme was Wild, wild miss West. Manfred Thierry Mugler had made me a metal suit. A cowgirl costume. “

The pandemic will make the party smaller than planned. The costume will hang in the closet for the time being. “I want it to be a real thing. So maybe I can handle it next year, when I turn 41. We can pretend it’s my 40th birthday?”


Lawsuit over guitar riff copy rejected

© dpa

Decision in favor of the British band

The dispute over the title “Stairway to Heaven” by Led Zeppelin is over. The United States Supreme Court ruled Monday not to admit the case over the allegedly written off guitar riff at the beginning of the 1971 piece. The decision of an American court of appeal in favor of the British band therefore remains. The estate administrators of the late musician Randy Wolfe had accused Robert Plant, lead singer of Led Zeppelin, and Jimmy Page, guitarist of the group, of having copied the world-famous riff from Wolfe’s title “Taurus” six years ago. Led Zeppelin had appeared in the late sixties as the opening act for the band Spirit, where Wolfe played at the time. At a trial in Los Angeles four years ago, Page had testified that he had only heard “Taurus” for the first time decades later. Led Zeppelin, one of the most famous rock groups of all time, broke up in the fall of 1980 after the death of drummer John Bonham. (ceh.)


The Reimann family is losing billions in the corona crisis

Düsseldorf The German billionaire family Reimann has built up a global company empire over decades – from coffee, soda and perfumes to snack chains. Daily consumer goods tend to have unspectacular margins, but are generally considered crisis-proof. But the corona crisis has changed a lot.

The lockdown particularly affected the catering and cosmetics industries. The business of the sandwich chain Pret-A-Manger and the fragrance company Coty went bad – all of JAB’s investments. The Reimann family has been pooling their investments in this Luxembourg holding company since 2012, and from there they determine the company’s strategy.

During the crisis, the chemical heirs also suffered billions in losses – at least on paper. JAB’s assets fell to 14.4 billion euros at the end of June from 18.6 billion euros at the end of 2019.

That is a loss of 4.2 billion euros that can be attributed to the owner – a drop of around a quarter within six months. The Reimann family of 14 own almost 90 percent of JAB Holding. The rest is divided between several partners, especially chief strategist Peter Harf.

“The corona crisis and its impact on the financial markets has had an unfavorable impact on the market value of the JAB holdings,” says the current half-year report. The investment in the listed cosmetics group Coty had a particularly negative impact. Within half a year it shrank in value by 1.2 billion to three billion euros.

In the meantime, JAB has reduced its Coty stake from 60 to over 50 percent. Financial investor KKR joined the troubled cosmetics group with around one billion dollars – and has taken over the majority of the Wella brand.

Even before the pandemic, Coty was in trouble with the acquisition of 43 brands from P&G. The virus now caused sales to collapse by more than half between April and June. “Coty is especially shaken by Corona – even more than many of our competitors,” admitted Harf in the Handelsblatt at the end of August.

At the same time, he announced that Coty will soon return to profitability. The beauty brands of influencer sisters Kim Kardashian West and Kylie Jenner should give a boost. Coty is now involved in those.

Successful IPO with coffee

The coffee and beverage holdings – by far the largest investment by the Reimanns – also lost around one billion euros. With a total value of 15.8 billion euros, this is a very moderate decrease. In May, JDE Peet’s successfully took to the floor with coffee brands like Jacobs and Senseo in the middle of the pandemic. The IPO brought in more than two billion euros.

The rating agency Moody’s expects the coffee and beverage groups JDE Peet’s and Keurig Dr Pepper to further protect the creditworthiness of the JAB. At the end of the year, both investments made up around 65 percent of the JAB portfolio. Moody’s believes coffee and soda are more crisis-resistant than the other holdings.

Snack chains such as Pret-A-Manger, Panera or Caribou Coffee suffered a lot in the lockdown. Pret-A-Manger is laying off around 3,000 employees in Great Britain. The value of the JAB shares fell by around a fifth to three billion euros. The stock market plans are likely to stay in the drawer for a longer time.

JAB is placing its hopes on veterinary clinics that were recently acquired in the USA. The shares are valued at 1.7 billion euros. “Animal health is a great business. I’ve never found a deal that I like so much, ”said Harf in March.

However, JAB has accumulated high debts through various acquisitions – at the end of June it was 10.7 billion euros. Moody’s criticizes the group’s leveraged capital structure. “The financial liabilities are all secured until 2024,” Harf emphasizes. In September, JAB reduced debt by around two billion euros.

Despite the Coronadelle, chief strategist Peter Harf has big plans: In the next ten years, the value of the Reimann holdings should quadruple, he recently told the “Spiegel”. Short-term price fluctuations leave Harf cold: “The Reimann family has been in the business since 1823 and has a lot of staying power.”

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