Spar Girona’s basketball continues to grow with Julbe

The new Spar Girona by Alfred Julbe he not only wins the matches he passes over the opponent from the first moment. After the comfortable victories against Bembibre and Ensino Lugo, yesterday Uni had to row until well into the third quarter to wear out the enthusiasm of a Campus Promises that, balancing the battle in the inner game, he held on until the break all the good strides of a Uni Girona, which had four players with 15 or more points scored -Eldebrink (17) and Vasic, Araújo and Elonu (all three with 15) – and in the plays of Chelsea Gray, with an authentic individual technique recital, one of the best reasons to watch the match. Be it in the Logroño pavilion or in front of the computer screen.

With the stout Maimouma Diarra (15 points and 15 rebounds) winning the direct duel with Reisingerova, a few days the Czech is with players bigger than her, and the enthusiasm of former Uni Adrijana Knezevic Campus Promete managed to match the party, and that one was seen good basketball, for many minutes. A triple by Eldebrink and a final basketball by Labuckiene left the Girona difference in six points at the break (37-43), but the success of Vasic, Elonu or the triples of Eldebrink (4) and Ferrari (3 ) ended up undermining the resistance of the Promete Campus which has suffered greatly in the third quarter. With Chelsea Gray having fun on the court, sharing smiles and impossible passes, Uni has been making the difference on the scoreboard. triple end of the banyolina Júlia Soler (70-96).


Olot falls by a landslide in Cornell and is still without victory this season

L’Olot remains unbeaten this season. After the defeat at the Nàstic field and Sunday’s draw at home against Badalona, ​​the Garrotxins lost yesterday one of the two matches they had pending for the coronavirus, against the Cornellà, with a clear 3-0 that leaves the team coached by Raul Garrido in the back of the standings. Before the break, a goal by Pol Moreno, after a corner, broke the balance on the scoreboard and, at the beginning of the second half, the grief of Agus Medina and Max Marcer sentenced a defeat that Garrido left a very bad taste in his mouth: “I’m angry, we’ve been bad and we have to improve. We have to be smart, because we need to compete better. There are no excuses.

In the first half, Llagostera tried to create danger with the connections between Xumetra and Juan Delgado while Cornellà, on the other hand, was looking for a more direct game with the reference above from Pablo Fernández. The match looked like it would reach the break with a 0-0 draw on the scoreboard, but a real pitcher of cold water arrived. “We defended a bad corner in the first goal,” Garrido said after the game, recalling how his team had left a dead ball on the crescent for Pol Moreno to shoot Ballesté. It was time to react, however, the beginning of the second half was disastrous for the Garrotxins with the goal of Agus Medina in the first minute. With Olot very touched, Max Marcet’s 3-0 was the sentence and only a strong clash was missing between Jordi Masó and the veteran Cornellà footballer from Olot, Albert Dorca, who finished first with a broken nose.


Barakaldo continues with his locker at zero

Barakaldo is still weighed down at the start of the season. The factory set continues with its scorecard to zero after succumbing to Real Sociedad B by a bulky 1-4. The game went from power to power, until the referee expelled Aparicio just at the beginning of the second half. From that moment, the balance was completely unbalanced and the goal carousel of the Txuriurdin subsidiary began. This result leaves the colista factories one more day, which will try to take off in the next match against Real Unión at home.

Strange context that enveloped the first home game for Barakaldo. The meeting was not played in Lasesarre as usual, but in the Sports City of San Vicente due to the works that are already being concluded in the fiefdom of the gualdinegros. To make matters worse, the stands were unpopulated due to the new restrictions, so the atmosphere was very cold. However, some fans did not want to miss the appointment and witnessed the crash from behind the fences of the field. With the departure of the players, they encouraged their team with several flares and shouts of fervor to make them feel the heat from their fans.

Maybe because of it, Barakaldo started the match plugged in with good combinations to reach the rival area with relative ease. Alain Ribeiro had the clearest of the first bars with a low shot from the edge of the area, which forced Ayesa to stretch to his right post to avoid the factory goal. Later, Real Sociedad B took control of the match and consequently enjoyed more approaches to the rival area. Xeber Alkain starred in most of them being a headache for the black-and-white rear.

The factory box was able to get ahead with a strong shot from ‘Pitu’ with his left leg that crashed into the post. After the break, the game would go uphill for Barakaldo due to an expulsion of Aparicio four minutes after leaving the locker room. The direct red card was very rigorous, much discussed from the factory bench and would end up being decisive in the future of the stake.

The expulsion condemned Barakaldo

As a result of the expulsion, the match was a monologue of the Royal Society B. In fact, practically immediately afterwards, the first goal of the Txuriurdin subsidiary arrived. The ‘Sanse’ took advantage of the fact that Barakaldo was with two less men at that time, due to a blow that Julen López had received, to attack the gualdinegra area with several shots. Garrido took one of the rejections and sent the ball to the bottom of the tights. In the 70th minute, the same midfielder was able to increase the income by crashing a ball over the crossbar. However, the one in charge of bending the result was Aguirre with a great maneuver, turning and finishing with a spur to beat Oleaga. Three minutes later, Veiga would leave the game seen for sentence with a good shot from outside the area.

The only good note in favor of Barakaldo was Vargas’s header, the first of the factories this course. It does not worth for anything. In the following action, Robert Navarro put the icing on the cake for the Txuriurdin subsidiary with the 1-4 score, which leaves the Gualdinegra squad at the bottom of the group.


Oleaga; Estrada (Carles Marc, min. 85), Vargas, Julen López, Iriondo; Aparicio, Ribeiro; ‘Pitu’, Seguín, Bengoetxea (Jurgi Oteo, min. 65); Obolskii (Rubén Jurado, min. 85).


Ayesa; Aldasoro, González de Zárate, Ezkurdia, Recio; Vega (Galarreta, min. 85), Olasagasti; Xeber (Aranzabe, min. 85), Garrido (Ander Martín, min. 85), Lobete (Robert Navarro, min. 64); Jorge Martínez (Aguirre, min. 74).

GOALS: 0-1;

Garrido (min. 55). 0-2; Aguirre (min. 80). 0-3; Veiga (min. 83). 1-3; Vargas (min. 87). 1-4; Robert Navarro (min. 88).


Mateu Busquets Ferrer, from the Balearic school, admonished the local Estrada (min. 26) and expelled Aparicio (min. 49).


The bullfighting season continues in November with restrictions due to Covid




The atypical bullfighting season of 2020, reduced by more than ninety percent of its usual numbers, will last until November with another ten festivities subject to the strict sanitary measures imposed by the covid-19 pandemic, none in Castilla -La Mancha.

In this sense, the two bullfights announced for this weekend in the Valladolid town of Medina del Campo will finally have to be held without an audience in the stands, as the Junta de Castilla y León has demanded in recent days.

These two celebrations, which will be broadcast live on Channel 7 of that community, correspond to the Circuit de Novilladas de Castilla y León, organized by the Junta itself and the Fundación del Toro de Lidia.

Tomorrow Saturday will be the turn of the final of the bullfights with picadors, with erales by Lorenzo Rodríguez for Sergio Rodríguez, Ismael Martín and Daniel Hernández, while on Sunday 8 there will be a celebration with picadores in which Pablo Atienza, Daniel Barbero and Valentín Holes will be stowing utreros from six Castilian-Leonese herds.

As for the so-called “reconstruction tour”, organized by the Fundación del Toro de Lidia, the bullfights planned for this weekend in Sanlúcar de Barrameda (Cádiz) have been moved, for health reasons, to the Malaga town of Estepona, where, with limited capacity, they will also have to comply with strict sanitary measures.

Tomorrow, Saturday, the first of the two planned bullfights will be held, in which, with bulls from La Quinta, Emilio de Justo and Morenito de Aranda will act, who replaces David Mora, who is out at the last minute due to an ankle injury.

On Sunday, also in Estepona, there will be a double day, with a morning rejones celebration -in charge of Andy Cartagena and Segio Galán with Bohórquez bulls- and an evening bullfight, in which Daniel Luque and Fortes will carry out a parade. Montalvo’s forex lot.

During the rest of the month of November, also within said tour, the celebration of three bullfights with picadors is scheduled in the Malaga square of Fuengirola, on the 13th, 14th and 15th, as well as the two bullfights that would finish it off on the weekend next in Logroño, with bulls from Miura and Victorino Martín, and which are still pending official authorization.

In addition to these ten celebrations, with which a season that was stopped from the beginning of March to the end of July and which has been very limited by security measures will close, this month they have tried to organize some more in Córdoba, Granada and Illescas, without the respective companies having found the possibility of specifying them due to the restrictions imposed by the pandemic.

See them


Real Madrid win in Bilbao and remain undefeated in the ACB

Real Madrid endured in Miribilla the tremendous comeback of Bilbao Basket, which came to neutralize a 17-point deficit in the second quarter after the break, and the unbeaten league that keeps them the solo leader with a tight 83-85 amid the continuing threat of ‘the men in black’.

A postponed match of the sixth day in which the whites, who angered Pablo Laso in a third quarter in which they received a 31-14 partial, began clearly dominating launched by the young Alberto Abalde and Carlos Alocen.

But then they had to lay hold of outstanding versions of Sergi Llull (14 points), Trey Thompkins (16, 6 rebounds and a PIR of 22), Edy Tavares, (9 rebounds and 4 blocks), and until the last minute of the ‘Facu’ Campazzo to save the furniture, carry out a commitment that was extremely complicated and chain nine victories in a row in the ACB.

Because Bilbao Basket returned enraged in the second half to chain a 21-2 that changed the sign of a match that came to be 27-44 shortly after the break with French point guard Jonathan Rousselle in a state of grace (16 points with four baskets of three points in the comeback) to help Ondrej Balvin, the main stronghold of Alex Mumbrú’s team (18, 12/8 Q2, 6, 3 steals, 5 dunks and 21).

Five points followed by Abalde and the first triple by Carroll (0-8) They began to put a game down for Madrid in its first quarter dominated almost at will by Alocén, who advanced his team by up to 13 points (10-23) before those first minutes ended 12-23.

In Bilbao Basket the only one who opposed the resistance team was the giant Balvin despite having in front of a Tavares bigger still and also toned.

Similar was the second quarter, in which Thomson, Taylor y Llull They took over from their young teammates to stretch a difference to 17 points (27-44) that remained at 15 at halftime (29-44) for a basket from Serron, the only local that would make Mumbrú happy with Balvin.

As in the first quarter with 10-14, the Czech pivot had given a thread of hope to his team, leading a reaction that put the locals just seven points (25-32) 4 minutes from the first return to the changing rooms.

It seemed almost everything said in the first 20 minutes, but Rousselle rebelled against the fate of the match, went into ecstasy and with four three-point plays, two triples and two 2 + 1, turned the match around in three and a half minutes (48-46).

The partial conceded by Madrid, 21-2, made Laso very angry, who, according to his words in a time out, he did not quite “understand” the 17-2 that his team conceded at the beginning of a third quarter that, unbelievably, finished ‘the men in black’ ahead (60-58).

The 31-14 of those ten minutes fourth obviated more explanations and Laso put Facu Campazzo on the court, unprecedented in the first 30 minutes. But the Argentine could not change the course of the clash, which was already on a path of equality until the final three minutes, which were still ahead of the locals (74-73).

But seven points in a row for whites, including one of the several Llull baskets and another of Thompkins’ also several triples, and several errors from Bilbao decided a match in favor of the leader (73-79) that Bilbao Basket, however, he fought with options until the last seconds (78-81, 17.8 from the end).

But Madrid ended up keeping undefeated Against an opponent much better than expected due to the 1-5 that was reflected in the classification and that, after losing by 17 points, came back and dreamed of victory until the last breath before the clash ended 83-85. after a triple from Kulboka with less than a second to go.- Technical sheet:

83 – RETAbet Bilbao Basket (12+17+31+23): Rousselle (16), Jaylon Brown (16), Alex Reyes (3), Aaron Jones (4) and Balvin (18) -starting five-; Hakanson (14), Kljajic (2), Serron (2), Kulboka (6), Dos Anjos (2) and Betolaza.

85 – Real Madrid (23 + 21 + 14 + 27): Alocén (10), Abalde (9), Carroll (10), Garuba (2) and Tavares (6) -initial five-; Laprovittola (3), Campazzo (6), Llull (14), Taylor (7), Reyes (2) and Thompkins (16).

Partial: 12-23, 29-44 (rest); 60-58 and 83-85 (final).

Referees: Rubén Sánchez, Javier Torres and Carlos Peruga. Eliminated by fouls Rousselle (m.40).

Incidents: Game of the sixth day of the Endesa League, postponed in its day by a positive in the white team, played at the Bilbao Arena in Miribilla behind closed doors.