Biden speaks of a gloomy milestone

Dhe flag over the White House flies at half-mast in the cold winter air, and hundreds of candles on the south side of the building commemorate the countless corona deaths in the United States. President Joe Biden, First Lady Jill Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, and her husband Douglas Emhoff bow to the victims. With their heads bowed they observe a minute’s silence on the south side of the White House, their hands clasped as if in prayer. Shortly afterwards, a military band played the song “Amazing Grace”.

“Today we mark a truly gloomy and heartbreaking milestone,” said Biden in a speech on Monday evening (local time) immediately before the memorial event. The United States has passed the threshold of more than half a million corona deaths, according to data from the University of Johns Hopkins (JHU). “That’s more Americans who died in a year of the pandemic than in World War I, World War II and the Vietnam War combined,” Biden said. “That’s more lives taken from the virus than any other country in the world,” he said.

Flags at half mast

However, the president warned Americans not to be dulled by the “unimaginable” number of victims. “We have to resist becoming deaf to suffering. We have to resist seeing every life as a statistic, ”demanded Biden. “We have to do this to honor the dead. It is just as important to care for the living, those who have been left behind, ”Biden said. Every corona death had family, friends and an “extraordinary life” that ended too early.

To commemorate the dead, Biden ordered flags to be lowered to half-mast across the country. This applies for five days at public buildings, military bases and the diplomatic missions of the American government abroad. In the House of Representatives, the deputies rose to a minute’s silence.

The German ambassador to Washington, Emily Haber, said on Twitter that she had joined Biden and lit a candle. “500,000 is a hard to imagine number. It helps (and hurts) to imagine one soul, someone I knew, ”she wrote. “Rest in peace.”

The winter months of the pandemic were devastating in the United States. Since the beginning of January alone, more than 150,000 people have died after being infected with the coronavirus. There are now 28.2 million confirmed infections in the country with around 330 million inhabitants.

Recently, however, there has been hope that the situation will improve soon. The number of new infections every day fell from more than 200,000 at the beginning of January to less than 70,000. And the vaccination campaign is also progressing: So far, 44 million people in the United States have received the first vaccination, around 19.4 million people have already received both vaccine doses, according to data from the CDC.

Biden has been putting massive pressure on the vaccination campaign since he took office a month ago. The United States will now receive around 600 million doses of vaccine from manufacturers Moderna and Pfizer / Biontech by the end of July, which would be sufficient for all adults in the country. According to some experts – if everything goes well and only a small proportion of Americans refuse to be vaccinated – the worst of the pandemic could be over by autumn.

“This country will laugh again, this country will have sunny days again. This country will experience joy again, ”said Biden confidently. “We’ll get through this, I promise you.” Biden did not mention a specific point in time when he expects a return to a certain normalcy in the country. However, he was confident that the situation should improve significantly in the second half of the year. Biden stated, “We never gave up. We are America. We can and will do it. “

However, many experts warn that the spread of new variants could soon lead to an increase in new infections. The government is particularly concerned about the spread of the variant discovered in Great Britain, which is considered to be significantly more contagious. According to the CDC, it could become the predominant variant of the virus by the end of March.

The United States is the worst hit country by the pandemic in absolute terms. In relation to the number of inhabitants, however, the number of deaths is higher in some European countries. In the United States, according to the Johns Hopkins data, around 152 people died per 100,000 population. In Belgium this figure is 192, in Great Britain 182, in Italy 158. In Germany, 82 people per 100,000 inhabitants died. In many countries, experts also assume that there is a high number of unreported cases of infections and deaths.


He paved the way for the split in the United States

Dhe “voice number one for conservatism in our country” has fallen silent. Ronald Reagan called Rush Limbaugh that in the early 1990s. Now the radio talk show host died of lung cancer at the age of 70. For more than thirty years, Limbaugh carried messages of hate over the airwaves. Black, women or homosexuals – anyone who fought against discrimination could be the target of a Limbaugh campaign. Most recently, he tried to stage the pandemic as a kind of culture war. Covid-19 was just a cold, he claimed at the beginning of the wave of infection. All who were in favor of protective measures were enemies of freedom for him. Donald Trump was a rescuer whose election was “stolen”. Before the election, Limbaugh also read out texts in his program in which today’s Vice President Kamala Harris was denigrated as prostitutes and insulted as a “mattress”.

No one who had heard him in his earlier years was surprised, however. At the end of the eighties he read out the names of homosexual AIDS victims and celebrated their deaths – with the song “I’ll never love this way again” by Dionne Warwick as background music. After more than three decades of right-wing agitation in this style, Donald Trump awarded him the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest honor given to civilians by the American President.

Racism and hatred disguised as humor

When Limbaugh took to the stage of nationally marketed radio talk shows in the late 1980s, they were still a very polite affair, wrote Brian Rosenwald in his book Talk Radio’s America. But the shows were soon to play a major role in the rise of right-wing and Christian-nationalist currents. A few years later, Limbaugh’s tirades reached 25 million listeners on 530 regional radio stations. And the rest of the media gave him the attention that made the Missouri self-taught man a celebrity. The development of promoting radical right-wing positions was not certain from the start – until he was 35, Limbaugh had not even registered on the electoral roll. But even as a teenager he had been known for advocating his father’s reactionary positions.

In February 2020, Limbaugh receives the American President’s Medal of Peace during the State of the Union Address.

Image: Reuters

Until 1987, the United States had the “fairness doctrine” which required journalists to report in a fact-based and balanced manner. After Ronald Reagan abolished it and liberalized the media market, the era of Rush Limbaugh, Fox News, and Bible TV began. Limbaugh ostensibly enjoyed the deliberate breaking of taboos, and some people misunderstood it as a commitment to freedom of expression. Ultimately, however, he played a decisive role in the fact that racism and lies became accepted elements of the political dispute, after they had previously only been represented so openly in the regional parliaments of the southern states.

Limbaugh once asked if anyone had noticed that every mug shot looked like that of the African American presidential candidate Jesse Jackson. He loves the women’s movement, especially when he goes behind it, he said another time. Using supposed humor as a justification for racism or misogyny is now part of the repertoire of many radio and podcast talkers. Limbaugh was a role model for a number of talk show makers, mostly white men, who broadcast their frustration about the supposed “political correctness”, about women, about elections and about the political preferences of younger or non-white people. In the bubble, which is inhabited by men like Limbaugh or “Infowars” founder Alex Jones, facts do not count, conspiracy lies and the most absurd stories about the “enemy” are used specifically for political radicalization.


Kamala Harris exercises in the heart of the tourist area of ​​Washington DC – Telemundo 52

WASHINGTON – A video that captured Vice President Kamala Harris exercising at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC has gone viral on social media.

In the images you can see the president going up and down the stairs of the monument, located on the National Esplanade.

In one part of the video, First Gentleman Doug Emhoff, who was also exercising, greets Harris at the top of the steps.

Several Secret Service agents can also be seen closely following the vice president’s movements, as well as some tourists who could recognize her.

Harris and her husband exercised at the Lincoln Memorial this past weekend.


Kamala Harris exercises in the middle of the tourist area of ​​Washington DC – Telemundo Miami (51)

WASHINGTON – A video that captured Vice President Kamala Harris exercising at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC has gone viral on social media.

In the images you can see the president going up and down the stairs of the monument, located on the National Esplanade.

In one part of the video, First Gentleman Doug Emhoff, who was also exercising, greets Harris at the top of the steps.

Several Secret Service agents can also be seen closely following the vice president’s movements, as well as some tourists who could recognize her.

Harris and her husband exercised at the Lincoln Memorial this past weekend.


Discussion about Joe Biden: The howling must come to an end

Joe Biden was barely in office when everything was talked badly again. Political progress is only possible through confidence.

Joe Biden: not a single day in office when the experts already knew what would go wrong Photo: Tom Brenner / Reuters

It was the late afternoon of January 20th, the other day. The so-called “Inauguration” of the new US President Joe Biden was also broadcast on German TV stations from Washington, DC. Some will still remember: Joe Biden – until the election of the Democrat, the then incumbent president called him “Sleepy Joe”, meaning incompetent sleeping pill – was sworn in. And around him, on the stairs of the Capitol, he and his deputy, Kamala Harris, were wrapped in an extremely skilfully staged show program as if in warm woolen blankets: Lady Gaga could be heard with a grandiose interpretation of the national anthem of the USA, she wore a fumble that , added the facelook, like a bow to women in the tradition of Frida Kahlo. Then Jennifer Lopez, finally the Republican Garth Brooks, country star, whose version of “Amazing Grace” put the last of the Tea Party populists and Capitol Hill hooligans into moral injustice.

And finally the lyric poet Amanda Gorman, a queen of the moment from her own fortune and chosen for the ceremony with a tip from Joe Biden’s wife Jill – Gorman’s look was as powerfully glamorous as the celebration itself. All of this was already programmatic for every sentimentality and happy unrest inciting. Even more: These must have been embarrassing and painful minutes for Donald Trump’s fellows: Your husband, the alleged revolutionary against the country’s liberal elites, would apparently leave nothing but rubble, especially since days before one of the core states of the south, the former slavery stronghold Georgia, won a heady Republican vote in favor of a black and a Jewish politician.

But as soon as the guests around Biden and Harris had disappeared in the building, Deutschlandfunk broadcast a review with experts. A tough and, as it turned out, politically dumbing down show – and that is meant to be offensive, no misunderstandings, please. What the radio wave, which is based on a higher basic consciousness and multiple reflection, popular to put off was largely this: One should not promise anything from Biden, nor should one indulge in illusions. Much is also dazzling, the crisis is not over – whichever, at least the crisis, probably the one with Corona? What ever.

Biden and his executive had never really ruled for a day when the experts already knew about crises and false appearances and that it would probably go wrong anyway. And you could ask yourself, yes, you had to: How did they know all this? Had they laid out their tarot cards or consulted their horoscopes, possibly other divination instruments ready? If Corona hadn’t been the more pressing topic beyond the replacement of Trump by Biden, one would have guaranteed – this speculation comes pretty close to the level of “most likely” – a Plasberg talk, a “hard but fair” under the heading: ” Five days nothing with Biden – do we have to worry? ”Or:“ Sleepy Joe – wasn’t Trump right? ”- plus party politicians: from local latitudes, maybe a socio-psychologically oriented person. And a: e sleep researcher: in.

Nothing but narratives of negative fortune telling

What the audience is served is nothing but narratives of negative fortune telling, enthusiasm for opinion, speculation about what is to come. But that can never be grasped realistically and accurately, because what will be tomorrow can only be predicted in a small way: that the law of gravity still applies – it does. But maybe that won’t be able to be said soon either, because wasn’t Newton a heteronormative nature observer, old and gray to boot?

Anyway: the audience, we, like assessments. We are constantly appraising, judging what could come. Whether it will be exactly that is of course open. But it is true: leftists, especially in Germany, tend to think that a glass that is 50 percent full is half empty. Trend: downward. There is always a threat of doom and misfortune, only rarely does it come to an aggregate state of coolness in the sense of: “Wait, let’s see, it will be fine.

Even days after taking office, Joe Biden’s government issued decrees in the real world of the United States that were and are important for practical political life. Fracking ban, citizenship rights for illegals, rapprochement with the WHO and the Paris Climate Protection Agreement, which put a stop to the destruction of nature reserves, border fence construction stops, vital measures in the matter of corona pandemic, etc. – some of the left-wing projects that Biden began to implement with his signature are standing Debates. So there will be disappointments. Yes, but: So what? Then it goes on, nothing else.

Confidence, relief, uncertainty: the Covid-19 vaccinations arouse mixed feelings. Six freshly vaccinated people on life before and after the prick. Also: an interview with Büchner Prize winner Terézia Mora. And: What TikTok does with music, why we need literature reviews, how we stay fit during the pandemic (and why at all). All this in the taz on the weekend of February 6, 2021. At the kiosk, in eKiosk or a practical weekend subscription. And around the clock on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Politics always depend on the moment and can only be assessed to a limited extent. Nobody would have accused Angela Merkel of actually getting rid of nuclear power; none: r would have thought it possible that a CSU minister would abolish compulsory military service. The turning points were formulated out of the hustle and bustle of political events – and enforced: And this hustle and bustle is not dependent on revolutionary plans, but on manifest moods in the political and social arena.

This persistent bad talk of political processes before they take effect, which one could follow in the mainstream of the German media in the second of Biden’s assumption of presidency, this imagining of crises and fatalities that threaten and threaten, also makes the political mind mad. I don’t even want to imagine what kind of expert semi-cleverness will be whispered into the microphones on the evening of the next federal election, in the pose of the greatest certainty: black-green is possible. And then they insert: “Yes, but …”, “No, definitely not …”, “It won’t work …”; This oh-listen-to-see-everything-me-you-can’t-fool-style. Oh, what: That has to be seen – reform step by reform step.

Media heat and excitement, as has been the case with the corona pandemic for almost a year, obscure most of the real misery by the way: The problem is not the faltering organization of vaccines – as if Angela Merkel had not said early on that the winter months would be long -, The problem is not small things like the worries in generously proportioned middle-class apartments and houses, nor are planning errors or real assessment errors with regard to school attendance.

On the other hand, it is a real scandal that those children whose families have little and very little money do not get tablets and smartphones from their schools on loan. One problem is that millions of schoolchildren are effectively ignored when it comes to education (and often also: literacy and language acquisition), also because of often overwhelmed, unwilling and ambitious teachers and school authorities.

The real argument about this is worthwhile, and in such a way that the audience – us! – does not end up harboring revolutionary fantasies, but is specifically indignant about the poor supply situation especially for the most disadvantaged – and these are by no means just refugee children. Don’t keep talking about crisis and doom and illusions. Not of what we cannot know. Much more of what is going on.


Kamala Harris, the daughter Ella Emhoff signs a contract with IMG Models-

With her checkered Miu Miu overcoat, embroidered on the shoulders and embellished with an oversized collar, worn over a burgundy dress with high neck and puff sleeves by Batsheva, 21-year-old Ella Emhoff, born from the first marriage of Doug Emhoff, the husband of by US Vice President Kamala Harris, she attracted many of the fashion attention during Joe Biden’s Inauguration Day. Not by chance sui social fashion insiders immediately defined the very young girl as “a style icon in the making”, while on Lyst the Miu Miu brand had a peak of searches of 455% in six hours. And to complete this glamorous escalation came the modeling agency IMG Models – that of Karlie Kloss and Gisele Bundchen, so to speak – which, as reported by CNN, has signed Emhoff, after having done the same with the young poet. Amanda Gorman, another star to have conquered the international audience on the day of the presidential inauguration.

Daughter in law of the US vice president, the curly-haired Ella is studying fine arts and science of fabrics at the prestigious Parsons School of Design in New York and on her Instagram account she is often seen wearing brightly colored sweaters, many of which are made by herself. “My style was very young – the stepdaughter of Harris told Vogue magazine about the choice of the look of the day of the inauguration – and therefore I was looking for something more feminine, because an epochal event like this deserved a memorable outfit”.

January 29, 2021 (change January 29, 2021 | 14:37)



also invited to the Super Bowl

NEW YORK Art and fashion, commitment and elegance, at only 22 years old Amanda Gorman managed to combine languages ​​often judged to be contrasting. The poet who read his “The Hill we climb” at Joe Biden’s settlement is proving to be one multifaceted, effervescent personality, capable of conquering a transversal audience, from young African-Americans to white women of the suburbs, from the poor to the rich, from the serious world of culture to the sparkling world of fashion. Yesterday we learned that Amanda will soon also be a heroine of the sports world: on Sunday 7 February she will be the first person invited to read a poem during the Super Bowl, the football final between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
The Super Bowl is a television phenomenon followed by hundreds of millions of viewers, famous for its intermission shows, featuring world-famous pop singers.

Biden revokes Trump’s ban: “Yes to transgenders in the military, America’s strength lies in differences”

This year, with the country still in the mortal grip of the coronavirus, the American National Football Association has pledged to offer a more understated show. In the wake of the Black Lives Matter events, moreover, it has decided to give more space to black artists too. And if the music is entrusted to the Canadian singer The Weeknd (whose real name is Abel Makkonen Tesfaye), Amanda will be asked to thank in poetry those who sacrificed themselves in the pandemic.


Amanda’s appearance in the most important sporting event of the year may seem strange, but it is perfectly in line with the unusual path that the young woman has followed since her beginnings in poetry. In these days, the young woman has signed a contract with the well-known model agency Img to help her build an image of new elegance built “on sustainability, on the unhinging of the codes of the past, and the abandonment of the roads already traveled” as she herself declaimed her favorite designer three years ago at a Prada fashion show. The Img in its pool has names like Kate Moss, Gigi Hadid and Gisele Bundchen, wife of world famous football champion Tom Brady, who will lead the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the Super Bowl against the Chiefs of Kansas City.

Biden changes the Oval Office: this is his style, from busts to photos to that old carpet

Harvard graduate in sociology, poet since she was eight, political activist with the dream of running for president in 2034, winner of the title of Young National Poet, author of three books coming with the Penguin publishing house (one million copies each , numbers never seen by a poet), few can imagine that Amanda until recently was unable to recite her poems due to a difficulty in speaking. Amanda has a twin, Gabrielle, with whom she shares a political commitment, and with whom she shot a video that inspired the march of a million women in Washington. Gabrielle is a documentary director and photographer, Amanda is a poet. But the two girls share a difficult, premature birth, which left Amanda struggling for years with a hearing and pronunciation difficulty, which she painstakingly defeated only after arriving at university. Many thought it was this that made her dear to Joe Biden, a former stutterer, and made her choose her for the day of the inauguration. Instead, to push Jill Biden to summon the girl, on the evening of December 30, with a phone call that made her “jump for joy all over the house”, is the appeal to unity that Amanda’s poem has had from the beginning. : «To be united there is no need to cancel our differences», explains Amanda, who in the video Rise up as one shot by her sister recites a poem with the same title, «Let’s rise as if we were one».
On the day of the inauguration, with that yellow coat and hair tied with a red headband (both signed by Prada), Amanda appeared like a ray of sunshine on the stage that had been overtaken only two weeks earlier by the rioters who had entered the Capitol. Before reciting his poem, he looked up and gave a long smile. Then he explained: “From up there I had the esplanade of monuments in front of me, I saw the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, and I felt part of history, as a descendant of slaves.” It is rare that the word slave is accompanied by a smile, but this is the strength of a young poet who has conquered America with the words: “Let us look up not on what is between us / but on what is in front of us / …. We lay down our arms / and we open our arms ».

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Kamala: much more than the vice behind President Biden

After the first working lunch with his vice president on Friday, Joe Biden wrote on Twitter: “A new management means a new lunch partner.” The 46th president of the United States intends to recover an old tradition of the White House, interrupted by his predecessor, Donald Trump. But this is also another sign of the role he intends to give to Kamala Harris.

On the night of the inauguration and a few hours after Biden’s speech at the Capitol, the deputy spoke at the monument to Lincoln, in front of the statue of the president who won the Civil War. Kamala also stood by Biden when he signed his first executive orders to reverse some of Trump’s decisions. And he was in the Oval Office during the president’s daily briefing. A visibility thought by the presidential team and which underlines its role as first woman, first African American and first Asian (father is Jamaican, mother is Indian) vice president of the USA. And a sign that over the next four years, the runner-up will be much more than the woman behind Joe Biden.

“Even in the darkest of times, we not only dream as we do. We don’t just see what was, we see how it can be. This is the American aspiration,” Kamala Harris said on Thursday at the Lincoln monument, just a few steps from the place where Martin Luther King gave his “I Have a Dream” speech.

Trump never left Mike Pence much room for maneuver, with the vice president being eclipsed by the taste of the spotlight and the president’s almost ubiquitous presence on social media, where he both attacked opponents and fired employees.

But everything indicates that the Biden administration is going to take a very different course. To begin, Biden, 78, has already said he will not run for a second term, which leaves the door open for his deputy to move forward in 2024. And so, these four years are essential to assert yourself and gain experience.

It is that if Biden spent more than four decades in the corridors of Congress – he was elected senator in 1972 at the age of 29 – and eight more years as vice president of Barack Obama, at the age of 56, Kamala served only four years as a senator before Biden a choose for your vice president. Prior to that, this training attorney had been California’s attorney general between 2011 and 2017.


From inauguration to the bestseller lists

Dhat was her finest hour. Poetry slammer Amanda Gorman made it onto the bestseller lists after her performance at President Joe Biden’s inauguration. The collection of poems “The Hill We Climb” and the children’s book “Change Sings” topped the lists of Amazon and Barnes & Noble on Thursday, the day after the ceremony in front of the Capitol in Washington. At the inauguration of the Democrat and his deputy, Kamala Harris, Gorman had impressed the audience with the poem “The Hill We Climb,” which describes the United States as “not broken, just incomplete.” She called herself a skinny black girl, “descended from slaves raised by a single mother.”

The invitation to Washington came from Jill Biden. The first lady is said to have become aware of the former sociology student at Harvard University, who was honored as the first “National Youth Poet” in 2017 for her social commitment. Biden also knew that Gorman – like the 46th President of the United States – suffered from a language disorder as a child.

“What a day. Thank you thank you thank you”

The poet was born in Los Angeles in 1998, grew up with two siblings with her mother, the teacher Joan Wicks, and attended the private New Roads School in Santa Monica. Even then, the twenty-two-year-old dealt with skin color, discrimination and feminism in her poems. Her work was supported by the XQ Institute, the Library of Congress, and the media company OZY. The online series “Some Good News” by actor John Krasinski (“Jack Ryan”) brought her attention to presenter and producer Oprah Winfrey last spring. She is said to have given Gorman the earrings she wore with a yellow woolen coat from MiuMiu outside the Capitol on Wednesday.

“What a day, what a life. Thank you, thank you, thank you, ”Gorman wrote after his inauguration on Instagram. The account of the youngest speakers to date at the inauguration of an American president is registering more and more followers. Since Monday, the number of followers has grown from around 50,000 to around three million.

Gorman’s application for President of the United States, which Gorman is planning for 2036, now seems to be standing in the way. Hillary Clinton, the former First Lady, Secretary of State and presidential candidate for the Democrats, has already promised to support the young poet in her political ambitions.


LIVE – “Great convergence of views” between Biden and Macron, in particular on Covid-19 and the climate


Emmanuel Macron and Joe Biden spoke for an hour on the phone for their first conversation since the inauguration of the new American president last Wednesday. The two heads of state “noted a great convergence of views” on major international issues, in particular to fight against Covid-19 “within the framework of the WHO” and on the climate after the return of the United States in the Paris Agreement.

Emmanuel Macron “recalled the historic friendship that binds our two countries, based on freedom and democracy, and underlined his determination to act alongside the United States to implement our common objectives”, affirms the Elysee in a statement.

The two heads of state also confirmed “their will to act together for peace in the Near and Middle East, in particular on the Iranian nuclear issue”, the presidency specified. This “friendly and working conversation” was held in English for an hour, it was specified in the entourage of the French president.

For its part, the White House said that Joe Biden had told Emmanuel Macron “his desire to strengthen bilateral ties” with France, “our oldest ally”, but also “the transatlantic relationship” through ” NATO and the United States’ partnership with the European Union “.