Spar Girona’s basketball continues to grow with Julbe

The new Spar Girona by Alfred Julbe he not only wins the matches he passes over the opponent from the first moment. After the comfortable victories against Bembibre and Ensino Lugo, yesterday Uni had to row until well into the third quarter to wear out the enthusiasm of a Campus Promises that, balancing the battle in the inner game, he held on until the break all the good strides of a Uni Girona, which had four players with 15 or more points scored -Eldebrink (17) and Vasic, Araújo and Elonu (all three with 15) – and in the plays of Chelsea Gray, with an authentic individual technique recital, one of the best reasons to watch the match. Be it in the Logroño pavilion or in front of the computer screen.

With the stout Maimouma Diarra (15 points and 15 rebounds) winning the direct duel with Reisingerova, a few days the Czech is with players bigger than her, and the enthusiasm of former Uni Adrijana Knezevic Campus Promete managed to match the party, and that one was seen good basketball, for many minutes. A triple by Eldebrink and a final basketball by Labuckiene left the Girona difference in six points at the break (37-43), but the success of Vasic, Elonu or the triples of Eldebrink (4) and Ferrari (3 ) ended up undermining the resistance of the Promete Campus which has suffered greatly in the third quarter. With Chelsea Gray having fun on the court, sharing smiles and impossible passes, Uni has been making the difference on the scoreboard. triple end of the banyolina Júlia Soler (70-96).


Alfred Julbe’s Uni are demanding to work the 40 minutes of the match

Coach changes always have a point of injustice because the rope is usually broken on the weaker side. When a team doesn’t quite live up to the expectations created around it, it may be the demerit of the coach, but usually the players have something to do with it as well. However, the coach is the one who usually pays for the broken plates … On Monday, just before his first contact with Alfred Julbe, the players of the Spar Girona heard, through the mouth of the sports director Pere Puig, that of them also they expected more. And they seem to have caught the message. The arrival of Julbe has raised the level of demand towards a squad that, for the moment, seems to have captured that, no matter how much there is no public in Fontajau and the rival is inferior, it is necessary to defend each rival attack as if it was a question of recovering a ball to him to the Perfumeries. They began to understand it on Tuesday in Bembibre, against a much inferior rival. And they put it into practice better yesterday against Ensino Lugo who, in the face of the activity in defense of a Spar Girona that left the game resolved in the first half (45-21), seemed a much smaller team than which it really is. “In the locker room we talked about what makes us happy? Well, this is a very high requirement with our work, which is easier due to the absolute lack of selfishness that exists in the team right now “, explained Julbe at the end of a match in an answer that, surely, serves to explain why, winning by 24 points at halftime, yesterday Spar Girona did not fall into relaxation and self-demanded not to grant any break to Ensino Lugo until the final 88-53.

It didn’t take long before the players of Alfred Julbe came to terms with the score. The veteran coach has no mania when it comes to moving off the bench. Waiting for time to make big changes in attack, Julbe focuses his attention on the back. A very choral defense, trying to occupy the spaces well to reach the aids, and for that reason it often changes his five in track to maintain the intensity. Yesterday, for example, in the 6th minute of the match, and with the team playing well (13-4), the new coach of Spar Girona made four changes at once. Palau, Ferrari, Labuckiene and Júla Soler entered the track and, a minute later, Elonu replaced María Araújo. “I made a change of five because they were working very well, pressing for three and a half minutes and, although they wanted to play, they had won the bench,” said the coach.

With the team not allowing themselves moments of rest in defense, Uni has more opportunities to run. And when you can run, you score like never before (88 points have long been seen in Fontajau). Plus all this, without depending on any particular player. Six points from Labuckiene opened the first big hole at the start of the second quarter (24-13) and, five minutes before the break, the visiting coach broke the silence of the Fontajau gap in a boo without any miraments. His team was already losing by more than twenty points and could not see the basket by far: 34-13.

María Araújo’s great form moment is nothing new now. Yesterday it was again the most valued (21 with 13 points and 9 rebounds in twenty minutes). Five points in a row from the Galician center left the difference at 24 points at halftime (45-21). Julbe’s few mortgages when it comes to thinking about how his team should play make Uni a more unpredictable rival. Julia Reisingerova and Giedre Labuckien, two big five, can match on the court, as can Sonja Vasic and Adaroa Elonu inside. Playing with two bases or without Palau or Gray with Eldebrink raising the ball, Júlia Soler having a few minutes in each quarter, Ferrari with more prominence than she had had so far … And, all in all, not losing face in the game until final despite the clear difference in the score and the absence of audience in the pavilion. The score ended 88-54 in Alfred Julbe’s second convincing victory in his two games on the bench at Spar Girona.


The Bembibre demands little from Uni and Julbe has a placid premiere

The game of Spar Girona is still far from the “maximums” that Alfred Julbe wants to bring him, but, with only one training and the players adapting to the change of coach, yesterday it was a question of winning on the leather court, Bembibre, and let everyone begin to understand what the new coach wants. And it was achieved with a clear victory by 31 points difference in a game where, with no time to introduce many tactical changes, Alfred Julbe’s style book began to be seen in detail as his few reserves in the time to move the bench without fear of matching two bases at the same time (Chelsea Gray and Laia Palau) or, quite a few minutes, two hitherto incompatible “five” like Julia Resingerova and Giedre Labuckine.

The shortcomings of the rival, where, surely, the most interesting player is Laura Méndez, last season at GEiEG Uni, complicate the analysis of Uni. But, after three busy days at the club and by extension in the locker room, the Girona players solved the compromise once they were banishing, little by little, the misstep in attack of the staging (4-4, in the minute 5).

Working hard on the offensive rebound (between Araújo and Vasic they took 25 rebounds, 11 on offense), with a defense with many assists and continuous relays appearing on the court from the Girona bench, Uni was undermining the resistance, and morality, of the heart of the League. In the 8th minute of the match, Julbe had already played 10 players, all but Júlia Soler, and the first quarter ended 7-16 with a triple by Helena Oma, who, after the three seconds she had on the court of the Sepsis in the Euroleague preview, yesterday he will return to play minutes in the League after a long recovery from a knee injury. Laura Méndez’s activity prevented the match from being definitively broken at halftime, 22-35, but in the final action with Uni looking for up to two more passes to find Eldebrink’s triple it was clear that the Girona girls were starting to feel comfortable on the court.

After the break, the game was more and more downhill for Girona. Vasic (top scorer of the duel with 14 points despite missing a handful of clear basketballs before the break), Elonu, Gray … The Uni players already saw the biggest basket and, with more offensive success than at the beginning of the match, the differences grew until the final 46-77.