“Either they release everyone or the judge will happen like Nisman”

“This is a message from Gustavo Sancho and the family. Tell the doctor that this is not enough: either they release everyone or the judge will happen like (Alberto) Nisman, and his daughters like Candela (Sol Rodríguez ) “, was the threat that on April 3, 2018 was received at one of the landlines of […]

Germany: escaped from trial, former Nazi secretary in court – Europe

The former Nazi secretary Irmgard Furchner, 96, presented herself in the courtroom at the provincial court of Itzehoe, Germany, where the hearing began at 10 am in the trial that sees her accused of helping in the massacre of 11,000 people, in the concentration camp of Stutthof, between 1943 and 1945. At the start of […]

Texas abortion law suspended, Biden wins – North America

The Texas abortion law, which prohibits termination of pregnancy after the sixth week even in cases of rape and incest, was temporarily blocked by a federal judge in what is a preliminary victory for the Biden administration. According to the decision of District Judge Robert Pitman, doctors – reported the American media – can go […]

He just arrived at PSG: “He wants to return to Real Madrid”

The tie of PSG against Bruges for the debut of the Champions League left the French team in a bad way that, with their star constellation could not beat a team at least modest from the start. And not only that, the Brujas deserved to win. He played better, had more chances heading into goal […]

Brazil: Bolsonaro investigated for attacks on the electoral system – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – BRAZIL, AUGUST 04 – A judge of the Supreme Court of Brazil today ordered the opening of an investigation against President Jair Bolsonaro for the unproven allegations of the head of state according to which the electronic voting system leads to election fraud. The decision of the judge, Alexandre de Moraes, comes after […]

Free players who will IGNITE the transfer window | JT Foot Mercato – Foot Mercato

Free players who will IGNITE the transfer window | JT Foot MercatoFoot Market Messi, Ramos, Boateng: Top 12 players free of any contractFootball.fr Mercato. Messi, Ribéry, Sergio Ramos… The top 10 players free to sign where they wantWest France JT Foot Mercato: the free players who will ignite the transfer windowFoot Market Messi, Ramos, Ribéry, […]