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Jose Eduardo Derbez, son of Eugenio Derbez and Victoria Ruffo, again decided to clarify if it is true that his sexual preferences are out of the heternorm, because the rumors about whether he is gay or bisexual continue despite the fact that this should not be an issue of interest to anyone. He also launched a ‘claim’ for his godfather Fernando Colunga, As he revealed, he has not been very aware of him. Did Vadhir and Aislinn Derbez’s brother get angry? We tell you what the driver of Members on Air.

It was in an interview with him Today program where José Eduardo Derbez spoke seriously about his relationship with his godfather Fernando Colunga. He also broke the silence about the rumors that continue to haunt him about his sexual preferences, because despite the fact that he holds a loving relationship with a woman, the bickering follows.


On Fernando Colunga, José Eduardo Derbez expressed that very few people know that the soap opera actor is his godfather.

“Few people know that he is my godfather. -my mother and him- they became very good friends in a novel, in Abrázame muy fuerte ”, said the son of Eugenio Derbez.


For this reason, he took advantage of the morning cameras to express his dissatisfaction with the actor because he supposedly “never peels him”:

“Well, look, as a godfather I have a lot to claim from him, he never fights me, he never sends me a message, never anything. We speak very little when we meet from time to time, but he knows that I adore him and that I love him ”, José Eduardo Derbez expressed.

José Eduardo Derbez talks about his sexual preferences

On the other hand, José Eduardo Derbez He was blunt about the rumors about his sexuality. He expressed that he has always been honest and that if he was gay or bisexual he would not hide it:

“The roll of my sexuality and my preferences, they always got involved with the roll that if I was gay or bisexual, that if I had not come out of the closet when I am so clear, that I have always said it, if I was gay I would say it , if I were bisexual I would say so, but no, I am 100 percent heterosexual “, mentioned.

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José Eduardo Derbez revealed what his relationship with Mauricio Ochmann is like today

José Eduardo Derbez was interviewed a few days ago by Mara Patricia Castañeda and revealed a fight he had with the couple, at that time, of his half sister Aislinn Derbez.

After the great repercussion that his aforementioned testimony had, the protagonist of “Frozen Rent” pointed out how his relationship with his ex-brother-in-law, Mauricio Ochmann, is.



José Eduardo Derbez: this is what is known about the alleged ‘theft’ of Eugenio Derbez’s son | Celebs | MEXICO

Jose Eduardo Derbez He is the son of Victoria Ruffo and Eugenio Derbez, brother of Vadhir Derbez, Aislinn Derbez and little Aitana, on his father’s side; and Anuar Fayad and Victoria Fayad, on the mother’s side. The actor also never had a normal or easy childhood, as it was marked by the constant fights between his parents, even after separating.

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In fact, during the fifth episode of the second season of “Traveling with the Derbez”, A program where Eugenio, his wife and their children visit a country and coexist with its culture, the famous comedian confessed in front of him the complicated relationship he had with the soap opera actress. According to the Mexican actor, he could not legally approach José Eduardo. However, Victoria Ruffo denied those statements.

It is public knowledge that the relationship between the actors is not very good, but, in the end, they have always agreed when it comes to supporting their son. His official presentation on Mexican television was in the successful children’s program “TVO driven by his aunt Gabriela Ruffo, when he was barely a couple of months old. After that, he participated in other programs until he made a name for himself. Now Jose Eduardo Derbez is accused of a robbery in the social media. What happened?

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Apparently the last weekend Jose Eduardo Derbez He had gone out for drinks with some friends, where he was Renato Francis, the representative of the band CNCO. The truth is that there are not many details of this meeting, since due to the current situation of the pandemic they should be prohibited, but Renato harshly accused Jose Eduardo on social networks to steal his cell phone:

Hey, how can you see that yesterday José Eduardo Derbez took my cell phone from the table “BY WRONG”. In very bad taste your drunkenness bro … Come in, your alcoholism is not cool. If you do not control it, do not consume it friends, ”Can be read in the Tweet that rescued the program “No gossip no like”, Because the publication is no longer available.

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José Eduardo Derbez has been accused of being an alcoholic and a thief, but things don’t quite add up (Photo: Instagram)

The fans of both did not take a second to make viral this post, but in a way that Renato maybe he didn’t expect. The vast majority of responses mention that it is a very rare event for a famous person to steal a cell phone, more than anything because he has no need, defending José Eduardo who could have been a mistake.

Even those who believe that they did so on purpose, they question the representative from CNCO about his publication, commenting that he had to face the comedian at the meeting and not wait for him to take his cell phone to be able to do the infamous post. In any case, as mentioned in the comments, Renato He is the one who looks bad in front of everyone.

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José Eduardo Derbez has not commented on the matter, and it is unlikely that he will (Photo: Instagram)
José Eduardo Derbez has not commented on the matter, and it is unlikely that he will (Photo: Instagram)

For its part, Jose Eduardo He has not given a statement about it, but he has shown on his social networks and in his program with his family that he has a clear taste for alcoholic beverages. Even on his personal Instagram he created a miniseries called BartenDERBEZ, where he performs experiments combining different drinks.

Still, it is highly unlikely that the situation reported by Renato Francis is mentioned by the actor. Is a serious accusation, but it is most likely that he has admitted his mistake privately and has agreed with the manager not to delay the problem any longer so that both remain without being accused by their respective groups of fans.

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José Eduardo Derbez faces the accusation of having stolen a cell phone

Through Twitter, Renato Francis, representative of the band CNCO, said that in recent days he met with Jose Eduardo Derbez and that he would have taken advantage of his drunk state to take your cell: “Hey, how do you see that yesterday in your pe … José Eduardo Derbez took my cell phone from the table ‘by mistake,'” he wrote on his profile.

He continued: “Your drunkenness is in very bad taste bro … Come in, your alcoholism is not cool. If you do not control it, do not consume it friends ”.

Faced with the forceful statements of Renato, the son of Eugenio Derbez in an interview with Javier Poza gave his face and declared that he does not know this person who calls him a ‘thief’.

And even José Eduardo shared that he looked for him on social networks to talk to him, but he could not find him.

“I don’t know this person. I tried looking for him on social networks and I didn’t even find him, I think he closed his social networks, I don’t even know who he is. I just (want) to clarify that well, again the media, anyone can upload something and upload it without investigating, without asking, but I have nothing to talk about that issue, really ”.

In addition to this, the actor assured that this type of situation slips him.

It should be noted that the account that indicated the son of Victoria Rufo is no longer available, an act that has given rise to talk.

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