Representative theater: Ulf Poschardt about Hengameh Y. and the KaDeWe

NOf course, Hengameh Y. did everything right. She has understood and internalized the inner logic of capitalism, in which every individual can make a career as their own brand. Anyone can become a successful product of the attention economy if only they have become (un) shaped enough to be distinctive. This includes an ambitious freedom from pain and the will to step over corpses (or at least police officers on the garbage heap) in case of doubt.

The talented, inconspicuous author has established her identity-political narrow-gauge program profitably as a business model.


Podcast: Jan Böhmermann, the attention generator

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Jan Böhmermann, the attention generator

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Christian Meier

"The media week" is a podcast about the world of media and its makers "The media week" is a podcast about the world of media and its makers

“The Media Week” is a podcast about the world of media and its makers

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Jan Böhmermann is back. With a book and a new show coming soon. And he also jazzed up a little excitement, an interview that was not printed. In the podcast we talk about Böhmermann, the self-marketing entertainer.

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Jan Böhmermann kept the ball halfway flat for a few months, now a new book and the announcement of his show “ZDF Magazin Royale” are causing the usual buzz about the entertainer and satirist. There is also a feature scandal about an interview that he gave to the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung”, but which editor Jürgen Kaube is said to have thrown out of the paper shortly before going to press.

The mixture of my own projects and the interaction with other media is once again causing the typical Böhmermann excitement. Which the moderator fires on the one hand to the best of his ability, on the other hand he is willingly helped by the publication of numerous contributions. The podcast “Die Medien-Woche” cannot be inferior to this either – in the current issue we talk about Böhmermann, the media and the art of self-marketing.

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Also in this issue: The taz column “All cops are not able to work” is not reprimanded by the press council. The reporting on the killing of children in Solingen. The new “Courage Decides” campaign by the “Süddeutsche Zeitung”. The move of “Spiegel” journalist Annette Bruhns to the street newspaper “Hinz & Kunzt”. And the “summer house of the stars” on RTL.

The “Media Week” is a podcast about the world of media and its makers. Christian Meier, editor at WELT, and Stefan Winterbauer, editor of the Meedia industry service, talk about the most important topics of the week every Friday. Profound, analytical, entertaining.

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Jan Böhmermann attacks “FAZ” editor – dispute over interview escalates

media ZDF-Moderator

Böhmermann publishes the controversial “FAZ” interview on Twitter

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Why doesn’t the “FAS” publish a Böhmermann interview?

Jan Böhmermann is said to have given the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung” a major interview that editor Jürgen Kaube is said to have deleted from the paper. Böhmermann wants to force a statement, the “FAS” has not yet commented.

The “Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung” apparently withdrew an interview with the entertainer and activist Jan Böhmermann shortly before the publication. Now Böhmermann tweeted angrily – and complained in a public letter.

Bhe “Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung” is currently getting a lot of newsprint. A week ago, the features editor Claudius Seidl was dismissed, now editor Jürgen Kaube is said to have canceled an interview with the entertainer and activist Jan Böhmermann.

A publication was planned with the editors last Sunday. His book publisher Kiepenheuer & Witsch has now informed him that the interview was deleted from the paper by Kaube himself a few hours before it was printed. “I’ve really never seen anything like this before,” tweeted Böhmermann. He attached an open letter with which he now wants to force a statement from Kaube – then Böhmermann published the controversial interview via Twitter.

The letter also contains an instruction from Kaubes, according to which the interview “should under no circumstances be published”. A request from the ZDF moderator for a written statement has not yet been met, writes Böhmermann.

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Böhmermann is currently on a promo tour for his Twitter diary “Followed by nobody you follow”. On August 25th, Böhmermann conducted what he said was a “big, really exciting interview”. It was about cancel culture, right-wing extremism in the discourse and topics to smile about, writes Böhmermann in the letter.

In further tweets, the 39-year-old describes how he stood on potted plants and made faces for the photographer for the Sunday newspaper. If someone interviewed him and then a supervisor decided not to publish the interview, he wanted to know at least one reason, according to Böhmermann.

The tweets from Böhmermann about the interview do not allow any conclusions to be drawn as to why it was deleted. For example, the “FAS” asks: “Is there actually a recipe for a successful tweet? Do you spend a long time working on your punch lines? ”Böhmermann replies:“ I recently wrote something like ‘Hegel is cool’, which was quite successful. But I don’t know why. “

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The newspaper told WELT that it would not comment on editorial decisions. The publishing house Kiepenheuer & Witsch has not yet responded to a WELT request.

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In November, Böhmermann starts a new satirical program on ZDF. It will be shown on Friday evening after the “Today Show”. “ZDF Magazin Royale” starts on November 6th at 11 pm, the broadcasting time will be 30 minutes according to ZDF.

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Solidarity for Hengameh Yaghoobifarah: appeal to the #Love Chancellor

Hundreds of cultural workers and journalists call for the Chancellor’s commitment to freedom of expression. Seehofer has not yet filed a complaint.

Should give him a hint: Merkel with a (not open) letter and the controversial minister Photo: Fabrizio Bensch / Reuters

BERLIN Taz / dpa | With an open letter published on the Internet on Monday evening, around 600 cultural professionals, authors, journalists and others called for a clear commitment by the Chancellor to freedom of expression and the protection of journalists. The criminal complaint against the taz columnist announced by Federal Minister of the Interior Horst Seehofer (CSU): in Hengameh Yaghoobifarah is “a massive attack against freedom of the press and freedom of expression,” the letter said.

At the time of publication, the appeal was already accompanied by a long list of several hundred first signatories, led by ZDF satirist Jan Böhmermann, who Spiegel-Columnist Margarete Stokowski and the sea rescuer Carola Rackete. The taz editor-in-chief Barbara Junge, her deputy Katrin Gottschalk and many other taz editors are among the first to sign. On Tuesday morning, around 5,000 people had already signed the petition on the website. It is shared on social media under the hashtag #LiebeKanzlerin.

In the letter, Seehofer is accused of “creating an invented connection between this satirical newspaper column and the riots against the police in Stuttgart on June 20, 2020”. This is a “dangerous instrumentalization” that divides society and leads to “authors like Hengameh Yaghoobifarah being massively attacked, attacked and threatened by other right-wing populists and right-wing extremists.”

The actual topic, which must also be discussed in Germany, is the racist police violence, it continues in the open letter. The Federal Minister of the Interior does not want to face this conversation and, with his threatened criminal complaint, stands out on the back of a freelance author: in who himself is affected by racism, anti-queer behavior and the daily attacks against journalists. ”The announced criminal complaint is thus an“ attempt to intimidate everyone those who publicly position themselves for the equal opportunities of all citizens in this country. We cannot allow that. “

Seehofer had via on Sunday evening image– Newspaper announces filing criminal charges against Yaghoobifarah for its “All cops are disabled” column. In it, the author had started a mind game a week ago, where police officers could work if the police were abolished, but capitalism was not. In the end it was said: “I can only think of one suitable option spontaneously: the landfill. Not as rubbish people with keys to houses, but on the heap where they are really only surrounded by waste. They certainly feel most comfortable among their own kind. ”

The column had sparked heated debates, including within the taz editorial team, which has since been published in several texts.

Whether Seehofer would actually file a complaint was still open on Tuesday morning. “The decision has not yet been made,” said a spokesman for the Federal Ministry of the Interior late Monday evening. On Monday, Angela Merkel apparently interfered moderately in the debate. The Chancellor is in discussion with Seehofer, government spokesman Steffen Seibert said on Monday.