that’s why it might be worth not beating Wales

The temptation of second place. For a national team that has reversed the technical trend and clichés, gluing over 13 million fans to the TV and revealing itself to football Europe as the standard-bearer of the offensive game, thinking of losing on Sunday against Wales at the Olimpico is impossible. “We also want to win the last game”, Mancini and his team said in chorus after the early qualification for the round of 16 of Euro 2020. But the paradox of the scoreboard remains: finishing second in the group instead of first would be even more convenient, given the intersections .

Italy-Wales, probable formations, timetable and where to see it. Turnover for Mancini, in Toloi and Chiesa

Italy, Locatelli’s tweet

Back in Coverciano during the night, and immediately to work this morning to recover from injuries and fatigue, Mancini’s national team prepares the last match of her group after winning the first two 3-0. «Good morning Italy», Locatelli tweeted, with a simple message of absolute happiness after yesterday’s double.

Locatelli and teased him to Cristiano Ronaldo: the attacker moves the Coca-Cola, but the curtain is all to laugh

Possible intersections

But the head is already projected to the after. “We want to reach the final,” the coach repeats with confidence. To do this, it will be necessary to meet the big ones. The intersections of the board propose two paths. The one from before the group includes a stop in London on 26 for the round of 16, and eventually in Monaco for the quarter-finals on 2 July: the opponents would be respectively Ukraine O Austria, and then presumably the Belgium, capable tonight of a comeback on Denmark that had put it in crisis.

In case of second place, same dates but different locations (Amsterdam and Baku). Above all, the opponents would change: first one between Denmark, Finland e Russia, then in case the probability says Netherlands. In short, more affordable opponents and the logistics change little (the national team will always return to Coverciano up to any semi-finals). Finishing second would also lead Italy to the side of the board where the France favorite does not think to go, until the final. The intersection, if anything, would be with Germany O Portugal, among the favorites but not as superior as the Bleus.

Il turn over

“They are nationals later, but in football anything can happen”, the conviction of Mancini, who expects a growth of his national team and above all the return of Verratti, tested in today’s match in Coverciano against a youth from Cremonese. In Florence, the first medical check-up of the day was the one for Chiellini. The muscle problem does not seem serious, the recovery is for the second round: it is not worth risking for him, as in all probability for the PSG midfielder who yesterday did not even go to the bench. Of course, the explosion of Locatelli completely shuffles the cards of the midfield, where also Stretcher he admits the risk of having changed.

On balance, between the need to rest the “owners”, physical problems and assortment of roles, against Wales Italy will have to change its skin, and consistently. Said of Chiellini and Verratti, there is Spinazzola who pulled the brakes against Switzerland so as not to fall back into old muscular problems, Locatelli and Berardi in such good shape seem to preserve, and in the same way risk Jorginho – the only central director left, after Sensi’s forfeit – would be a gamble. If then really Immobile has conquered many positions on Belotti, it is possible that he will also have a little rest ahead of the knockout stage. On balance, the changes could be 6 or 7. At Euro 2016, Conte’s Italy launched towards the second round played in Lille against Ireland, changing half a team and more: result, great competition of the opponents and harmless knockout. An illuminating precedent. But on which Mancini’s Italy, devoted to beautiful football and lightness, does not think in any way to make speculations.

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VIDEO.- Tremendous images of the fall of the cable car in which 14 people died in Italy

The Italian public television RAI broadcast the moment of the collapse of a cable car on May 23, in which fourteen people died and only one child survived and had to suffer strong criticism for the decision.

“In circumstances like these, it is the duty of the public service to carefully assess all the implications, starting with the ethical ones, out of respect for the victims and their families,” admitted the president of the RAI, Marcello Foa. The news of the third Italian public television channel, TG3, broadcast the images of the moment in which the cable car with fifteen people inside falls into the void while making the route between the Alpine mount of Mottarone and the town of Stresa (north).

In the video, the cabin windows were covered so as not to show its occupants. The recording was also published by private media, some partially, such as “Il Corriere della Sera”, and others entirely, until the moment of fall, such as “La Repubblica”, although previously warning that they were sensitive images. Later the images went viral and all the media echoed them.

This has generated debate about the need to show these types of images, those of an accident that shocked public opinion and left fourteen dead, including two children, and a sole survivor, a five-year-old boy who lost to his parents and his brother in the accident.

The Verbania prosecutor, Olimpia Bossi, issued a statement denouncing “the absolute inappropriateness of the publication” of the images of the “last and dramatic moments” of the passengers. And the mayor of Stresa, Marcella Severino, declared herself “stunned” by the dissemination of the images.

The accident is being investigated and three people have been charged, initially detained on a precautionary basis and later released from jail, although one of them is under house arrest. Specifically, the owner of the Ferrovie del Mottarone company, which manages the cable car, Luigi Nerini, as well as the director of infrastructure, Enrico Perocchio, have been released but remain on the list of those investigated. While the chief of operations of the cable car, Gabriele Tadini, was placed under house arrest, after admitting that he deactivated the braking system, which caused the fall.


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♬ Feel It – Michele Morrone

A perfect Italy qualifies for the Round of 16 and has been undefeated for 29 games | Euro 2020



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A brutal display has shown Italy in Euro 2020 with two perfect matches with the same result, after beating Swiss 3-0 at the Olympic in Rome, as well as Turkey at the inauguration, for which he sealed his pass to the Round of 16.

Switzerland had nothing to offer against a perfect machinery in defense and attack that reaches 29 games undefeated in Roberto’s era Mancini as a technician, and today he found in the Manuel Locatelli to the creator of a driving double of triumph.

The first goal came from a game change of Jorginho to the left to enable Domenico Berardi, who saw Locatelli arrive perfectly from behind through the center, made an overflow to the bottom and sent the ball at the feet of his teammate in Sassuolo to get the first.

The second goal was another arrival by the center of Locatelli, who waited for an inside ball from Nicolo Barella, who activated it with a pass and Manuel fired close to the post.

In the complement, Italy handled the game at will and Switzerland only had one that diverted Donnarumma, only that. Immobile he had a pair with his left leg and crossed his shots too much. Almost at the end he received a ball through the center and hit with the right to close the scoring.

Italy will play against Gales to find the perfect score in his group, where he has six goals for and none against. The convoy remains hopeful for the Swiss, who require victory and hope for a win Azure about the British.

Bomb alarm near the stadium of Italia vs. Swiss


Died in Italy after receiving second dose of AstraZeneca – News

An 18-year-old girl who received the AstraZeneca vaccine against the coronavirus died in Italy, so that country ordered that those doses not be used again in people under 60 years of age and be replaced in second doses by Pfizer or Moderna serums.

The victim is Camilla Canepa, who was from Liguria, Genoa, and was hospitalized last Sunday for a cavernous sinus thrombosis.

The young woman had been vaccinated on May 25 during one of the open days in which citizens of legal age who do not have a reservation can apply the immunization against Covid-19. Canepa underwent surgery and unfortunately died last Thursday.

Different medical bodies had recommended the application of the AstraZeneca vaccine only to those over 50 years of age to avoid isolated episodes of thrombosis that it can produce.

However, some regions decided to provide this immunization in the so-called “open days”, dedicated to young people.

Pending the results of the autopsy, there are versions that the teenager had an autoimmune disease.

In addition, it is unknown whether or not he had declared it before being inoculated.

He also had hormonal treatment, which must be determined if it was related to the death.

Faced with this death, Italy decided to limit the use of the AstraZeneca vaccine to people over 60 years of age.

It also determined that it will administer a second dose of Pfizer or Moderna to minors that age who received the first application of the vaccine from the British laboratory.

It is a “recommendation” of the scientific committee that the Government will consider “peremptory”, conclusive or definitive, explained the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza.

For his part, the head of Italy’s Higher Health Council, Franco Locatelli, stated that “all the available data” on the AstraZeneca vaccine “indicates that thrombi after the second dose are extraordinarily rare.”

Meanwhile, the head of the vaccination strategy of the European regulator Marco Cavaleri indicated that there are countries such as France and Germany that are considering the possibility of banning the use of AstraZeneca serum, including those over 60 years of age.

In that sense, it considered that the vaccine of a dose of Johnson & Johnson presents “less problems” than the other immunization.

Initially, Italy suspended the supply of this vaccine, but later authorized it for people over 18 years of age after the endorsement of the European regulator.


How the G7 summit ended – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

In the English county of Cornwall, a three-day summit of the G7 – an informal union of the richest countries on the planet – has ended. The practical result of the first face-to-face meeting of the G7 leaders since 2019, which includes the United States, Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Canada, France and Japan, was a lengthy 25-page communique. It contained many beautiful words and promises, attacks on China and conflicting signals regarding Russia. At the same time, the lack of details in the communique is striking about how the heads of wealthy countries, who walked along the sandy beach of the resort town of Karbis Bay, arranged a showy photo session here, ate a juicy barbecue and seized it with ice cream dessert, the heads of wealthy countries are going to help the rest of the world to cope with the challenges.

However, the real highlight of the G7 summit was the appearance at it of US President Joseph Biden, who went abroad for the first time in a new capacity. Given Biden’s earlier assurances about his administration’s commitment to Western-centric alliances (which former US President Donald Trump openly shunned. – Ed.), The enthusiasm of the rest of the G7 leaders knew no bounds. Thus, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who hosted the G7 leaders as host, went out of his way to demonstrate his special affection for the new owner of the White House, as well as to emphasize the privileged alliance between the United Kingdom and the United States.

The head of France, Emmanuel Macron, was no less active in this direction. “I think it’s great that the US president is part of the club and really wants to cooperate. You demonstrate that leadership is a partnership, and we appreciate it,” the French leader said after a one-on-one meeting with Biden.

It is ironic that it was precisely this format of negotiations that led to an absurd curiosity during the meeting of Macron himself with Johnson. As reported by The Daily Telegraph, during the talks, the British Prime Minister became angry with the French President because of his mistaken hint that Northern Ireland is not part of the UK. Reuters confirmed the quarrel between Johnson and Macron. However, according to him, it was Macron who was indignant at the fact that, in his opinion, Johnson was trying to distract the G7 leaders from discussing the real problems of the world. Allegedly, the British prime minister has repeatedly translated the topic of the negotiations into a selfish topic for London of the consequences of “Brexit” and this behavior was not to Macron’s liking.

In fact, the discrepancies were reflected in the final document of the G7 summit, though agreed, but rather controversial. The Western press enthusiastically made headlines “sensation” – the G7’s promise to transfer a billion doses of COVID-19 vaccine to countries in need. True, when, to whom exactly and how the promised drug will be delivered from the master’s shoulder, remained outside the scope of the communique. The World Health Organization has already stated that the figure voiced by the G7 participants is clearly not enough, and in order to defeat the pandemic, it is necessary to allocate at least 11 billion doses of vaccine to countries in need.

The politicians gathered in Carbis Bay failed to agree on the issue of climate change. While the G7 has pledged to “reduce our collective emissions over two decades by 2030,” no concrete figures have been sounded. According to Politico, “a failure and a missed opportunity” was the lack of an agreed date to end the use of the most polluting coal in the G7 countries.

Another issue raised – the introduction of a global tax of 15 percent on the income of multinational companies – also turned out to be unsolvable in the format of a get-together for seven. It is assumed that this topic will be discussed next month at the much more representative platform of the Big Twenty (G20).

The references to Beijing in the summit’s final communique were unprecedentedly harsh. In addition to traditional accusations of China’s use of “non-market policies and practices” and violations of human rights, the Group of Seven agreed to launch a new infrastructure initiative for developing countries, which is designed to become an alternative to Beijing’s economic project “One Belt, One Road”.

For show, repeating the routine accusations against Moscow, the G7 participants, in essence, advocated the development of ties with Russia in those areas that are of mutual interest. The G7 expressed interest in “stable and predictable” relations with the Russian Federation. They used to say that Russia should be more stable and predictable. Now this task is considered to be the sphere of joint relations, that is, depending on all parties. Considering that our predictability has been confirmed by years and deeds, it is up to the G7, which is not very good in this area, “the Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Maria Zakharova commented on the position of the G7.

Immediately after the meeting in Cornwall, US President Joe Biden moved to Brussels, where he will take part in the NATO summit. On June 14, the leaders of the North Atlantic Alliance are expected to discuss its future until 2030 and agree on amending the strategic concept of the bloc. Here, in the capital of Belgium, the US-EU summit will be held on June 15, and Biden is scheduled to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin on June 16 in Geneva.


“Let’s not leave the EU border countries alone”. But the ‘dublinants’ repatriate to Italy

As Germany’s finance minister in the difficult years of the Greek debt crisis he had earned a reputation as an austerity hawk, certainly not very sensitive to the economic difficulties of Southern Europe. And yet, hearing him talk about migrants this morning, Wolfgang Schauble he seemed a supportive dove and willing to meet the needs of others. “The pandemic has only exacerbated the dire conditions of people trying to reach Europe,” said the current president of the Bundestag, the German federal parliament. Speaking in connection with the Eurocamera during the Interparliamentary conference on migration and asylum, the German added: “Let’s not leave alone the countries bordering the external borders of the European Union”.

The controversial EU Pact

However, Schauble’s message of solidarity towards Southern Europe translates into the “urgent” need to “adopt the new Pact on migration and asylum” proposed by the European Commission and unwelcome by the Mediterranean states (including Italy). The new rules, the former minister continued, will serve “to provide us with unique standards with reciprocal cross-border recognition procedures”. The increasing arrivals place Europe “facing a dilemma”. “On the one hand – is Schauble’s reflection – the suffering and death of thousands of people in front of whom we cannot close our eyes and on the other our responsibility as a community”. “Every lost human life is synonymous with a loss of trust and credibility for the European Union,” concluded the German politician. Words that could give hope for a solidarity turnaround in Berlin, which has contributed to slowing down the projects of automatic redistribution among the EU countries of migrants landed on the coasts of Southern Europe.

The truce is over

However, the chronicle of the last few days highlights a different reality. Germany has in fact resumed rejecting the so-called ‘dublinanti’ in Italy, i.e. migrants who have applied for asylum in the beautiful country and then decide to move. Many of them have applied for international protection in Italy because it is the first EU country of arrival, especially for those who arrive in Europe with the boats that set sail from Libya, perhaps without knowing that this act would then have precluded their transfer to others. States. But the Dublin Regulation, still in force today though many times declared obsolete, it prevents those who have already applied for asylum in one country from moving to another. A rule that goes beyond emotional ties and also affects people who have lived in Germany for years. As reported yesterday on The Republic from the correspondent Tonia Mastrobuoni, the pandemic had stopped the ‘secondary’ arrivals from Italy and Berlin had also established a ‘truce’ in repatriations to Italy. A truce now over.


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