Shawn Mendes, Tainy – Summer Of Love – ShawnMendesVEVO

Shawn Mendes, Tainy – Summer Of Love  ShawnMendesVEVO Shawn Mendes on What It’s Like to Fight With Camila Cabello  Teen Vogue Shawn Mendes Reacts To Seeing Fans For The First Time Since 2019 | Elvis Duran Show  Elvis Duran Show Camila Cabello steps out in West Hollywood wearing grey skintight bodysuit  Daily Mail Did Shawn Mendes Propose? Camila Cabello […]

Saarland Greens elect Jeanne Dillschneider as the top candidate

The dispute over the state list of the Saar Greens for the federal elections lasted a long time. Now the party has made a decision: a young politician Jeanne Dillschneider becomes the top candidate. The Greens in Saarland after a long argument on a list for the Bundestag election agreed in September. They elected Jeanne […]

Parents abandon daughter on a desert island for being “too rebellious”

A 13-year-old girl was abandoned by her parents on a desert island in Shandong province, China, because she was “too rebel”. According to the parents, the teenager refused to go to school and stayed in her room all day. Tired of their daughter’s bad behavior, the parents decided to teach her a lesson about the […]

Less work, more free time: Iceland’s four-day week is a “complete success”

Wednesday 07 July 2021 Work less, more free time Iceland’s four day week is a “complete success” Iceland has completed the world’s largest experiment to reduce working hours with full pay with a positive result. Scientists speak euphorically of a blueprint for the whole world. For the majority of the Icelandic workforce, the 42-hour workweek […]