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Turkish intelligence has crossed all borders – Mir – Kommersant

A scandal erupted in relations between Turkey and a traditionally friendly post-Soviet country, Kyrgyzstan. On the evening of July 5, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that Orhan Inanda, head of the Sapat network of Kyrgyz educational institutions, who disappeared on May 31, was secretly taken to Ankara to face trial for his participation in the FETO movement. The hunt by the Turkish authorities for supporters of the Islamic preacher Fethullah Gulen is not new, but before their extradition always took place with the consent of the authorities of third countries. However, the Kyrgyz authorities say they did not know about the operation.

Kidnapping on the eve of the visit

“As a result of the painstaking work of the Turkish special services, the curator of FETO in Central Asia, Orhan Inandy, was brought to Turkey and brought to justice,” Recep Tayyip Erdogan said, speaking on the air of the TRT TV channel. “To date, more than 100 people from many countries have been brought to Turkey as part of the with this terrorist group. We will continue to fight it until it is completely eliminated. ” At that moment, a photo of Orhan Inanda himself was shown on the screen, standing between two Turkish flags.

«We will not allow any structure that betrays the state and the nation, ambushes, sheds blood, or causes material or moral damage, continue to exist, ”added Mr. Erdogan.

Recall that supporters of the FETO movement, led by the Islamic preacher Fethullah Gülen living in the United States, in Ankara are considered guilty of the 2016 military coup attempt. Mr. Gulen himself denies any involvement in these events. FETO is also known for its custody of a wide network of information resources and educational institutions, including outside Turkey. For example, in Kyrgyzstan, the Sebat network of lyceums, which had been operating since 1992, was considered a Gulen network, which was renamed into Sapat in 2017. It was headed by Orkhan Inandy. He has lived in Bishkek since 1995, having both Turkish and Kyrgyz citizenship.

After the attempted military coup, Ankara took an active interest in the activities of Zapat. However, back in 2017, then-President of Kyrgyzstan Almazbek Atambayev assured Turkish partners that the network operates under the control of the country’s Ministry of Education and does not pose any threat. The same was said by his successor, Sooronbai Jeenbekov. Under him, President Erdogan, during his visit to Bishkek, announced the opening in Kyrgyzstan of a new network of Turkish lyceums – “Maarif”, which should become an alternative to “Zapat”. Meanwhile, the network “Sapat” has 16 lyceums and one university – “Ala-Too”, and “Maarif” – only two schools in Bishkek and Osh, and even those are just being built.

Orkhan Inandy disappeared on May 31. His car was later found abandoned. Thanks to his wife Reikhan, who from the very beginning said that, according to her information, her husband was being held in the Turkish embassy, ​​the event received a wide response: protests were held literally every day in Bishkek.

The Kyrgyz authorities also tackled the problem at a fairly high level: the Ministry of Internal Affairs opened a case under the article on kidnapping and declared the head of educational institutions on the international wanted list. President Sadyr Japarov called on the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the State Committee for National Security to intensify the search, and the country’s Security Council held a meeting on June 3, where they spoke of “the need to strengthen interdepartmental coordination” for an early investigation of the case.

At the same time, at the parliamentary hearings that took place on June 7, Deputy Foreign Minister Aibek Artykbayev said that in 2019 Turkey tried to extradite Orkhan Inanda. But Bishkek refused her, noting that in 2012 the head of the network of lyceums received Kyrgyz citizenship.

Head of the network of Kyrgyz educational institutions “Sapat” Orkhan Inandy


On June 9, President Sadyr Japarov paid a visit to Ankara, where he asked his Turkish counterpart a question about Orhan Inanda. But Erbol Sultanbaev, spokesman for the Kyrgyz President, told the local Akipress newspaper, “Erdogan replied that he does not know him, he has no information, and he does not want to hear anything about FETO supporters.” President Erdogan himself, in turn, claimed that he and Sadyr Japarov “agreed that FETO poses a threat to the national security of both countries.”

Now, after new statements from Ankara, Sadyr Japarov told newspaper that he knew about other attempts to kidnap Orkhan Inanda. “As soon as the media reported on the disappearance of Orkhan Inanda, I immediately gathered the heads of law enforcement agencies, you know,” said Mr. Japarov. “I instructed them to do everything possible to find him as soon as possible and closely monitor the borders. On the same day, I received detailed information about Orhan Inanda. It turned out that there have been three attempts to kidnap him since 2016 ”.

Kyrgyzstan is seriously dependent on Turkish investments, nevertheless Sadyr Japarov expressed his readiness to confront Ankara.

“I immediately gave instructions to Minister of Foreign Affairs Ruslan Kazakbayev to summon the ambassador (of Turkey. – “B”) and give him a note of protest. The note has been delivered today. We raised this issue with the Turkish side and will demand the return of Orhan Inanda. But so far there has been no official response from the Turkish side. They verbally stated that Orhan Inandy is their citizen, that he did not renounce his Turkish citizenship. We must wait for an official response from Turkey, ”Sadyr Japarov said.

Almost unique case

The wife of the head of the network of educational institutions, Reikhan Inanda, intends to fight for the release of her husband with the help of the lawyer Talaygul Toktakunova, and not only with the Turkish, but also with the Kyrgyz authorities. The women told Kommersant that they had applied to the Prosecutor General’s Office of Kyrgyzstan with a statement about the start of a pre-trial investigation, the purpose of which was to find those responsible for the disappearance of a citizen of the two countries.

«We will demand from the Kyrgyz authorities all the necessary actions to return Inanda to the country and family, ”said Ms. Toktakunova.

“There are only two explanations for the scandal – either our special services overlooked the actions of our Turkish colleagues, or the local authorities facilitated the abduction. The third is not given, “Kanybek Imanaliev, deputy chairman of the committee on international affairs and security of the Kyrgyz parliament, developed the idea of ​​the responsibility of the Kyrgyz authorities in an interview with Kommersant.” The Kyrgyz Constitution guarantees the safety of its citizens and prohibits their extradition to other countries. “

Enes Bayrakli, a researcher at the Department of Political Science and International Relations at the Turkish-German University in Istanbul, also confirmed to Kommersant: Bishkek may deliberately deny that they knew about the operation of the Turkish special services in order to avoid public pressure. “The Gülenists are very active in Kyrgyzstan, they are infiltrated into the elite of the country,” he said. “Perhaps that is why there is so much noise around this now.

I do not know all the details, but President Erdogan did not specify that Orhan Inanda was abducted illegally. I think there was still cooperation with the local authorities. “

It is worth noting that it is indeed not the first time that Ankara has hunted for representatives of Gulen’s educational institutions. For example, Kommersant reported a similar case with the Orizont lyceum network in Moldova in 2018. Then the teachers expelled from the country, who had previously asked for asylum there. However, the procedure was carried out by the Information and Security Service of Moldova itself. In order not to attract attention, she announced the expulsion of “suspected of links with an Islamist group conducting illegal activities in many countries,” without specifying either the names or citizenship of these people. Meanwhile, the journalists saw at the airport the teachers’ relatives and lawyers, who had been detained the day before.

Kabay Karabekov, Bishkek; Kirill Krivosheev


Watch – sexual intercourse while she is in photography.. a beautiful artist who did not control her instincts!

Thank you for reading news about watching – sexual intercourse while in photography.. a beautiful artist who did not control her instincts! And now with the details

Aden – Yasmine El Tohamy – Turkish actress Handa Archil, the heroine of the series “You’re Knocking on My Door,” shocked her audience on the social media with dangerous confessions.

Where Archil admitted that she had real sex more than three times with the hero of the movie Weeping Eyes (Turkish movie).

She said that she was completely naked during her performance in the film, noting that the necessity of work required that and that she does not regret her participation in the film Weeping Eyes.

The Turkish actress, who has more than two and a half million followers on Instagram, considered that the message the film presents is more important than anything.

Hande Archil, born in 1993, in the Turkish province of Balık Asir, graduated from Mimar Sinan University of Fine Arts, and began her artistic life in 2014, through the series “Crazy University”.

As for her real fame, she gained her through her embodiment of the role of “Celine” in the series “Daughters of the Sun” in 2015.

It is noteworthy that Handa Rachel is a star that ranked first in Turkey and occupied the world press with her beauty and also occupied the Turkish press with her emotional stories, especially after her separation from her lover, the Turkish singer Murat Dalkilic, because of a hot kiss with actor Karam Bursin, who is co-starring in the series You Knock on My Door.

The series You Knock My Door enjoys a high public follow-up because of its events that revolve in the form of a romantic comedy, and the distinguished performance of the youth heroes Karam Bursin and Handa Archil, which makes it achieve high viewing rates, as the audience is keen to watch its new episode as soon as it is shown.

And Handa Archil, the heroine of the series “You’re Knocking on My Door,” shared her followers a few days ago, new photos of her on the Instagram photo and video sharing site.

And Handa Archil appeared in the photo, with a charming look, as she wore a short red dress, which attracted the attention of her followers.

She did not bother to acquire accessories and was satisfied with her distinctive look and left her hair in an attractive way, which suited her look.

Aesthetically, Handa adopted no makeup and was satisfied with her distinctive look.

The Turkish actress, Handa Archil, shines in the selection of her clothes, which prompts her followers to express their love for her appearance, as she shares photos with them through the “Instagram” application.

The 25th episode of the summer Turkish series, “You’re Knocking on My Door”, was criticized for its high levels of viewership, due to the coldness of the events it carried. The audience described its events as “fabrication,” noting that the new writers were unable to make a qualitative shift in the way events were presented or constructed.


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P3? #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #islam #islamic #muslim #muslimtiktok #palestine #bts #celebrity #allah #quran #tiktokarab #viral #fy #arab #news #xyzbca

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