this way you ensure that the corona virus has less chance at home –

Washing hands, keeping your distance, putting on a mouth mask, the advice to keep corona out of the door, we are gradually familiar with. But what is much less attention is the humidity level in the house. Throw that up, scientists advise in the AD.

The virus thrives better in dry air and the air is much drier in winter. Bas van de Wiel, professor of atmospheric physics at TU Delft: “The colder it is outside, the drier the air gets inside.”

Virus particles that you exhale have a so-called water shell, which evaporates faster with dry air. The droplets then become smaller, so that they float longer and therefore become even smaller. They are easier to transfer and penetrate deeper into the lungs.

Humidifying the air in the home can therefore offer some protection against the corona virus. This effect is already recognized internationally. “Humidity levels of 40 to 60 percent can help to limit the spread and survival of the coronavirus indoors,” said the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), for example.

Only the Dutch RIVM, as before with the mouth masks, does not want to wear it. It continues to maintain that mainly large virus particles spread the virus and keeping a distance works best. While it is so easy to make the air more humid. “If we take this seriously, you might be able to print reproduction number R by 0.1 or 0.2.”

Graphs show that the Dutch air humidity and the incidence of infections go hand in hand. You also see that with flu waves. According to the two scientists, including Geert Keetels, meteorologist and flow expert at TU Delft, the usefulness of higher humidity has been fairly well demonstrated. Moreover, it falls into the category: simple to implement and every little bit helps.

You can measure whether the air in the house is too dry with a sensor costing a few euros. You will also notice it in, for example, a dry throat, dry skin or static hair. A humidifier is the easiest way to humidify the air in your home. Otherwise, plants also help, just like drying the laundry indoors, a bowl of water on the heater or set the thermostat a few degrees lower.

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“Lungs look worse than those of a smoker” –

Most people recover from the coronavirus without any problems, but some seriously ill corona patients have significant lung damage afterwards. An American trauma surgeon shows on X-rays what ‘post-covid lungs’ sometimes look like. “Worse than smoker’s lungs.”

Texas surgeon Brittany Bankhead-Kendall shows three lung images: that of a healthy person, that of a smoker, and that of a former corona patient. White spots can be seen in the latter. These are ground-glass opacities (GMOs) in which the alveoli swell and fill with inflammatory fluid.

“The lungs of someone infected with the coronavirus look worse than those of smokers,” says the surgeon. “White spots are clearly visible. Some patients feel good when the photo was taken, but that doesn’t mean they can’t have problems later. ”

They may contract fibrosis, or scar tissue in the lungs, which reduces oxygen uptake, which can lead to symptoms such as shortness of breath and fatigue. Corona patients may be permanently damaged after infection. After the pandemic, how many people are involved must be clear.


Chinese vaccine is barely more than 50 percent effective –

The corona vaccine developed by the Chinese Sinovac is only 50.4 percent effective, according to the latest Brazilian study.

That is much less than previous data has shown and hardly more than the 50 percent required to be approved.

Due to the high number of corona infections, Brazil has chosen to purchase the Chinese vaccine that was available more quickly. Other countries, such as Indonesia, Turkey and Singapore, have also placed orders for the Chinese drug.

Earlier this week, researchers at the Butantan Institute said the vaccine was 78 percent effective in mild to severe cases of Covid-19. However, if very mild infections are also included, the effectiveness drops to just over 50 percent. However, the scientists emphasize that the vaccine is 100 percent effective in preventing moderate to severe infections.

Researchers come up with varying results when it comes to the effectiveness of the Sinovac vaccine. Turkish scientists said last month that the drug was more than 91 percent effective, but according to their colleagues in Indonesia that percentage was only more than 65 percent.

The Chinese vaccine has been criticized from the start. It wouldn’t meet the same standards of scientific research and transparency as Western vaccines.

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Man with the horns is dissatisfied with the food in prison –

Jacob Chansley, aka Jake Angeli or the QAnon shaman, appeared in court by phone yesterday. He was very polite to the judge, but he does have a complaint: the food in the jail is not prepared the way he, as a Shaman, wants to eat. He told the judge that he has therefore not eaten anything since Friday.

Chansley’s mother, Martha, was in court on Monday. She explained his diet.

“He gets very sick if he doesn’t eat organic food – he literally gets physically sick,” said Martha Chansley.

According to the hearing man, who was often seen at meetings of his hero Trump, he did nothing wrong: the door of the Capitol was open and he went inside. That doesn’t seem like a crime to him.

The judge has ordered prison authorities to do something about Chansley’s food.


“People pay 400 euros for vitamins that they urinate out again” –

The vitamin infusion is still gaining popularity. Those who feel tired or live unhealthy can have a dose of vitamins and minerals administered via an IV. This comes with a hefty price tag, while its usefulness has not been proven in any way.

“My problem with those IVs is that it is superfluous,” said Patrick Mullie, nutritionist at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) against Het Laatste Nieuws. “It is a medical intervention that is useless and that always entails a risk. It may be doctors who administer the IVs, but they do so with a commercial purpose behind it. ”

“The fact that they don’t use the most dangerous fat-soluble vitamins in the supplements but the water-soluble ones actually makes things worse. They make people pay 200 to 400 euros for vitamins that are urinated two days later. ”

The supplements contain a mix of water soluble vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, electrolytes and moisture. The infusion would provide an energy boost, help with stress, burn-outs and fatigue.

But according to Mullie this is not the case at all. “People feel better because they get treatment and attention, because there is a white coat. In other words, a placebo effect. Do you have to prick people and ask for 400 euros? In my view, any treatment that does not show that there is a scientific improvement in the patient’s medical situation is useless. ”

“What I find worst is that people ignore the signals from their body. When you are tired, that is a clear message. And the best method for fatigue is still resting. Don’t run off in supplements or stimulants. I think not listening to your body is a big mistake ”, says Mullie.

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More than 100 people possibly infected with HIV after research in Antwerp hospital –

Because something went wrong during an endoscopic examination, 110 patients in the Antwerp Sint-Vincentius hospital may have become infected with HIV or hepatitis. They have been called up for a blood test.

The endoscope that was used for the intestinal examination turned out not to be properly cleaned. It is a tube that is inserted into the intestines through the anus. “The disinfection bath used to disinfect the endoscope did not meet the standards of proper cleaning that we use,” says Kristiaan Deckers, chief physician of the GZA hospitals.

As a result, there is a chance that the patients who received such a study between 16 and 29 October will have become infected with hepatitis A or B or even HIV. However, the chance of this is minimal. “It can never be ruled out 100 percent, which is why we also sent that letter to the patients, but I think the chance is very small. Especially when it comes to the HIV virus, because you need the necessary amount of blood for that. When it comes to hepatitis B, it’s a bit more difficult because you can already transmit it with a smaller amount of blood, ”says Deckers.

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new variant 50 percent more contagious –

According to preliminary studies, the English variant is half more contagious and the amount of virus in infected people is also higher. The only bright spot: at first glance, children do not seem conspicuously more susceptible to the new variant.

A contact tracing study conducted by the British NHS health service found that people who had the new variant among members lit 15.1 percent of their contacts. In older variants of the virus this was only 9.8 percent. “A 50 percent increase in infectivity may not seem like much, but it is because of the exponential growth,” said epidemiologist and biostatistician Zoë Hyde of The University of Western Australia, who summarized the initial research results.


‘GGD was only ordered to vaccinate at the beginning of December’ –

The start of vaccination in the Netherlands could have been smoother, says Maarten Tanis, responsible for the vaccination program within the GGD Rotterdam-Rijnmond. He also indicates in an interview in NRC that the GGDs only received an order from the Ministry of Health “at the beginning of December” to help with vaccinations immediately.

That happened after the strategy was changed. “First, the strategy was that the vulnerable would be vaccinated by health and safety or institutional doctors,” Tanis says in the newspaper. Because of the refrigeration facilities required to store Pfizer’s vaccines, this approach proved inconvenient. “That is why the ministry has chosen to first inoculate the care workers at central locations and to give this assignment to the GGD. We now know about three to four weeks of this assignment.”

“That is the reality we are dealing with,” says Tanis. The GGDs assumed their turn would be much later. “We were initially supposed to start in August with the healthy group up to sixty years old, the last phase of the vaccination campaign. We already took into account that we had to jump in and wanted to be ready for that by the end of January, the beginning of February. pulled forward. “

Where vaccination has already started in other EU countries, the first injection will be done in the Netherlands on 8 January. Tanis expects to have vaccinated about 15,000 healthcare providers from his region by the end of February. Abroad he sees that mistakes are sometimes made in logistics or dosing. According to him, this can also happen in the Netherlands. “But we prefer to do it carefully than to do things under steam and boiling water that we are not ready for. Then I will take it for myself to start a week later.”


Paracetamol associated with risky behavior –

Little more harmless than a paracetamol for headaches. Or not? A new study links the world’s best-selling pain reliever back to problematic behavior.

“Paracetamol ensures that people experience fewer negative emotions when they consider risky activities. They just feel less scared, ”says Ohio State University neuroscientist Baldwin Way. “Since almost a quarter of Americans take paracetamol every week, a reduced risk perception can have major consequences for society.”

The findings top a stack of research showing that acetaminophen not only reduces pain but also decreases feelings. For example, people would be less concerned about hurting others, they show less empathy and can even dull cognitive functions.

In a similar way, the painkiller makes people less able to estimate risks, the latest study shows. Although the effect is small, it is important to take into account, because paracetamol and related products are taken on such a large scale.

The World Health Organization (WHO) also recommends the drug for symptoms of Covid-19. “But maybe someone with mild covid symptoms thinks it’s not that bad to get out of the house and meet people if they have taken acetaminophen,” said Way. That person would then underestimate the risk and could become overconfident.

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The most striking affairs of the European Royals in 2020 –

They don’t matter, but they’re all the time in the news: royals. The most striking events at the European courts

Willem-Alexander makes a colossal blunder.

Since 2013, the king of the Netherlands has been trying to show that he is a king of the people. That image is seriously scratched when the royal family decided to travel to their resort in Greece in the fall. The government, of which the king is a part, had just called for unnecessary travel

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle break with British royalty

On January 8, Harry and Megan signed out as members of the English Royal House. They will live in Canada first and then in the US. They want to get rid of the publicity pressure. Since then, the two ensure that they are in the news every day if possible

Belgium has a new princes

Belgium appears to have an extra princess. The previous Belgian king, Albert, turned out to have had a secret family in addition to his official family, of which daughter Delphine was also a part. He has always vehemently denied the rumors that have existed for decades about this. But DNA research turned out to be more powerful than the royal lies. Delphine is now Princess of Belgium.

Spanish ex-king flees from Spanish justice

The fact that the Spanish ex-king Juan Carlos has one (or more) mistresses is not surprising for a king. But that he took advantage of the kingship to earn millions from bribery for himself and his love is punishable. He fled Spain like a thief in the night and now awaits death in the Arab Emirates

Prince Andrew further cornered

It is certain that the English Prince Andrew was friends with the sex criminal Jeffrey Epstein. Epstein’s friends took advantage of young girls that Epstein recruited for his convenience. The prince denies having sex with the Epstein girls. Andrew has managed to maintain that in 2020. There is a considerable chance that he will not be able to do so in 2021