Parler’s website is accessible again after its expulsion by Amazon

The website of the social network Parler, widely used by conservatives and the extreme right in the US, is accessible again after Amazon stopped hosting it on its servers a week ago due to the proliferation of violent messages after the assault to the Capitol.

On the page appears a greeting from its chief executive, John Matze, dated this Saturday, and a text titled “technical difficulties” in which the company says its objective is “to offer a non-partisan public square” in which people can exercise your right to privacy and free expression.

“We will solve any challenge that comes our way and we plan to welcome you all soon. We will not let civil discourse perish,” concludes the text, addressed to “lovers and enemies” of the social network.

According to CNN, the return to service of the page implies that Parler has found a new server and it appears to be Epik, a platform that hosts far-right content and that in recent days had sounded like a candidate, according to a search in the archive Whois domains.

After the assault on the Capitol on January 6 by a mob of radical supporters of US President Donald Trump, protesting an alleged electoral fraud and in which five people died, internet giants such as Amazon, Apple and Google moved to block this social network.

Parler was one of the main channels for organizing these protests and has grown significantly in recent months, becoming a refuge for far-right figures whose content violates the rules against hate speech and violence on platforms such as Twitter or Facebook.

Following the withdrawal of the hosting on Amazon Web Services as a “public safety risk”, Parler filed a lawsuit against Amazon in the city of Seattle (Washington, USA) alleging that she was expelled for political reasons and asking for a warrant. to allow you to return to the server.

This Friday, the defense of the company delivered documents to the court in which it indicated that the Parler executive had to “leave his home and hide with his family after receiving death threats and invasive personal security breaches,” according to Fox News. .


Law against plastic waste: more reusable by law –

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Despite allegations of fraud: Museveni remains president in Uganda

Yoweri Museveni has been in power in Uganda, East Africa for 35 years – and he will probably stay that way for the time being: in the presidential election he secured another term in office. The opposition speaks of fraud.

Uganda’s long-term ruler Yoweri Museveni has clearly won the presidential election in the East African country – and has thus secured a sixth term in office. As the state electoral commission announced, the 76-year-old got 58.64 percent of the vote. His challenger Bobi Wine, a 38-year-old pop star and MP, came to 34.83 percent in the vote on Thursday. He spoke of “widespread fraud”.

Wine, whose real name is Robert Kyagulanyi, entered the race as the bearer of hope for a young generation frustrated by poor governance, corruption and slow progress. He had been given a good chance of winning in a free and fair election.

Museveni has been in power in Uganda for 35 years. He had the constitution changed so that he could run again. The election campaign was overshadowed by tension and violence. The Internet was largely restricted on election day, and social media were blocked at the beginning of the week. Wine said soldiers ransacked his Kampala residence last night.

Incumbent warns of protests

Museveni warned the opposition against attempts to “cause chaos” after his re-election – security forces would resolutely crush protests. “Nobody’s going to cause chaos here because we’re going to break anyone who tries, because it’s no fun.” The general secretary of Wines party National Unity Platform (NUP), David Rubongoya, told the news agency dpa that security forces had started to arrest NUP members and supporters.

In addition to the president, the Ugandans also elected a new parliament. In the actually stable and peaceful country with 44 million inhabitants, there have been tensions for months. Security forces repeatedly took action against opposition supporters and candidates. Dozens of people died in protests in November.

The average age in the East African country is 16 years, three quarters of the population are younger than 30 years. At the same time, the proportion of urban and educated residents has increased. For many, Museveni’s earlier involvement in the overthrow of dictator Idi Amin no longer matters. Ex-pop star Wine is particularly popular with young people with his songs about economic and social inequalities.

Inforadio reported on this topic on January 16, 2021 at 4:03 p.m.


TECHNOLOGY – WhatsApp delays privacy policy update to clear up “confusion”

The messaging application WhatsApp decided this Friday to delay the update of its privacy policy, scheduled for February 8, to clarify the “confusion” regarding the use of data with Facebook, the parent company, and its new options focused on selling products.

The update of the privacy policy has raised many doubts and misinformation on whether it meant access by Facebook to personal data, contacts or conversations held on WhatsApp, the most used messaging application in the world.

It also triggered doubts about whether by not accepting the new conditions of use, the user would lose their account and the app would disappear from their phone.

“We are going to delay the date that people will be asked about reviewing and accepting the terms. No one is going to have their account suspended or deleted to February 8. We are also going to do more to clear up the misinformation about how privacy and security works on WhatsApp, “the company said in a statement.

Facebook and its popular messaging subsidiary have tried several times to deny that with the new rules they will access message or call content, as well as contact lists or groups or shared geolocation.

In the statement on Friday, WhatsApp said that “this update does not expand” its ability to “share data with Facebook” and promised to explain the new use policy without haste “before the business options are available on May 15.” .

Several outlets have reported that the new privacy terms will include more open language, which has invited speculation that Facebook will access WhatsApp data, while the company has insisted that everything responds to a greater role and functionality to communicate with businesses and make purchases.

“Although people do not use WhatsApp to buy from businesses today, we believe that more people will choose to do so in the future and it is important that the world is aware of these services,” the statement said.

The messaging application, with some 2,000 million users, fears a massive exodus to Telegram and Signal, which have positioned themselves as the most jealous when it comes to preventing the collection and use of their users’ metadata, despite the fact that WhatsApp also encrypts the conversations.

Many groups have used the confusion about WhatsApp to spread disinformation about the use of private data by Facebook, which has also been highly criticized in the United States by groups of all kinds, first, for not controlling the language of white supremacist groups and, subsequently, for prohibiting access.


The US House of Representatives begins an investigation into the assault on the Capitol

Several committees of the House of Representatives have begun this Saturday the investigation into the failures that allowed the entry of a group of armed protesters who sought to prevent Biden’s certification in the Capitol on January 6.

Among the objectives of the investigations is to determine how much the intelligence services and police authorities knew about the threats of violence and to whom they passed the information.

This Friday, ‘The Washington Post’ said that the Capitol Intelligence service warned three days before the possibility of the attack on the Capitol on January 6 in which six people died.

Likewise, the committees will also analyze whether there was foreign influence or the weight that disinformation had in the organization of the riots.

The House of Representatives approved on Wednesday its second impeachment against the president of the United States Donald Trump whom they accuse of “inciting insurrection”.

It is still unknown when the Senate will vote, although it is ruled out that it will take place before Joe Biden’s inauguration as president on January 20.


The Federal Government has also decreed a confinement in prisons in order to minimize the possibility of any threat to security during the inauguration of the new president.

The security measures that seek to shield Washington DC have meant that part of the special operations personnel of the unit that is in charge of controlling possible riots in the United States has been assigned to the capital, according to NBC.

In the more than 120 federal prisons, access to showers, telephones or email will continue to be allowed in small groups, but visits are canceled and inmates remain in their cells for most of the day.


Rafael Devers agree to one-year contract for $ 4.575 million

A person with knowledge of the terms said the Boston Red Sox agreed to a $ 4,575,000, one-year contract with third baseman Rafael Devers, which avoids salary arbitration.

The person spoke on condition of anonymity because the team has not announced details.

The 24-year-old Devers had a standout season in 2019, hitting .311 with 32 homers and 115 RBIs, leading the majors with 54 doubles and 359 total bases and finishing 12th in the League MVP voting. American.

But last year it was a setback: He hit .263 while committing 14 errors at third base, the most in the major leagues. The next closest was 11. Devers earned $ 256,481 prorated from a salary of $ 692,500 last season.

With the Devers deal, the Red Sox have reached an agreement with all of their players eligible for arbitration this offseason. In December, Boston agreed to one-year contracts with left-hander Eduardo Rodríguez ($ 8.3 million), rights Matt Barnes ($ 4.5 million), Ryan Brasier ($ 1.25 million) and Austin Brice ($ 870,000), and wide receiver Kevin Plawecki ($ 1.6 million). .


The media learned about Apple’s plans to introduce a subscription to podcasts – RBC

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A Dominican came from England with the new strain of Covid-19

Given the highly contagious nature of the new British strain of the Covid-19 virus, already detected in the country in a traveler, neurosurgeon José Joaquín Puello recommends the use of a double mask as protection.

The specialist said that although it is known that the new strain is not more aggressive, it is known that it spreads much faster, so physical distance and the use of double masks are tools of protection.

He assured that in the country many doctors already use the double mask, so it is important that the population begins to adopt it no matter what type it is.

Yesterday the country’s Health Cabinet reported that a Dominican passenger from the United Kingdom was detected the new strain of the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes the Covid-19 disease.

“Given the possibility of a new variant, what is recommended is the double mask, everyone should use it, that is a good decision,” said the specialist, noting that it would be to put a lock on time.

He said that even in hospitals, doctors used it in the operating room, but now they also use it outside.

Health Cabinet
In a press release, the Health Cabinet indicates that the control protocols at airports with international service made it possible to detect and isolate the woman in time at the end of last December.

“All the passengers who arrived on that flight from London that brought Dominicans and took English people who were doing tourism in the country, last December, since they got off the plane were immediately isolated and put to quarantine,” says the statement .

The document states that when they were tested to determine if they were carriers of the virus, the result was positive in the case of this Dominican woman from the southern region.

When the quarantine period was completed, the passengers who tested negative were dispatched. In the case of this lady, the quarantine was maintained until the PCR test was negative.

“After his family reintegration, the teams of the General Directorate of Epidemiology followed him up and all his relatives and relatives in his community of residence were tested with negative results. This monitoring of their contacts has not detected cases or people with symptoms compatible with Covid-19 ”, it is expressed in the note.

The health authorities indicate that the results of the positive test of the passenger were sent to the Center for Disease Control of the United States (in Atlanta), and subjected to analysis and it was found that when the presence of the virus was detected, it was carrier of the new strain of SARS-CoV-2 detected in the United Kingdom.


When the deadline expired, 26 political organizations gave opinions on the order of the ballots

The Central Electoral Board (JCE) reported this Friday that 26 political organizations sent in writing, via the General Secretariat, their opinions on the order of the electoral ballot for 2024 and the economic distribution that the State makes to them.

After the deadline this Friday, January 15 for the deposit of said considerations, the JCE will notify the parties, groups and political movements on Monday, January 18, the opinions that have been deposited.

Once the indicated opinions have been notified to the parties, they will have until January 26, 2021, at two in the afternoon to formulate in writing, via the General Secretariat, the observations or oppositions they consider appropriate on the opinions deposited by the other political parties, groups and movements.

Then the Central Electoral Board will study the different opinions that have been deposited and the observations or oppositions to these, if any, and, subsequently, will issue the corresponding decision.

The organizations that sent their opinions are: Quisqueyano Christian Democratic Party (PQDC), Christian Democratic Union Party (UDC), Eagle Movement (MA), Civic Renewal Party (PCR), Liberal Reform Party (PLR), Social Democratic Institutional Block (BIS) , Alternative Democratic Movement (MODA), National Citizen Will Party (PNVC), Independent Movement of the Municipality of Consuelo (MIMCO), Liberal Action Party (PAL), People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), Community Movement We Pa When.

Likewise, the Broad Front, Christian Social Reform Party (PRSC), Dominican Revolutionary Party (PRD), Country Alliance Party (ALPAIS), People’s Force Party (FP), Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM), Dominican Party for Change (DXC) ), Alliance for Democracy Party (APD), Dominican Humanist Party (PHD), Dominican Green Party (VERDE), National Unity Party (PUN), the National Citizen Will Party (PNVC) and the Social Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRSC ).


Judge revokes file that favored David Ortiz for accusation of gender violence

Former Major League Baseball player David Ortiz did not appear this Friday at the Fifth Court of Instruction of the National District, where the objection to the opinion of the Public Ministry to the file of the complaint filed against him for domestic violence or gender violation was known, which He would have committed against his former partner.

The former Boston Red Sox player had to attend at 9:00 in the morning, to hear the objection hearing to the opinion of the Prosecutor Rosalba Ramos, who issued the decision in favor of the player and against Fary Almánzar Fernández, his ex-girlfriend.

The process was heard in the courtroom of the Fourth Criminal Chamber, located on the third floor of the Ciudad Nueva Palace of Justice, door 302.

Judge Arisleyda Méndez ordered that the National District Prosecutor’s Office continue the investigation of gender violence against Fary Almánzar Fernández.

The accusation against the former player for violence against women, domestic and intrafamily rape that includes a sentence of one year in prison at least and five at most and a fine of 500 to 5,000 pesos and the restitution of the bins destroyed, damaged or hidden, if applicable.

The appeal was notified to the former Major League Baseball player, through the bailiff act, number 324-2020, on August 13 of last year, where they warn that the absurd, malicious and illegitimate decision of the file provided by the Public Prosecutor’s Office cannot prevail. National District until the competent investigating judge decides on the objection.