Delta variant, the fastest thanks to a secret: danger, mutations, that’s what we know

Appeared in India in October 2020, the Delta variant of the SarsCoV2 virus it has spread to about a hundred countries and it has been possible above all thanks to the speed with which English according to the old terminology is transmitted, between 50% and 60% higher than the Alpha variant. The secret of its speed lies largely in the Spike protein, which the virus uses to attach itself to human cells and …

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Delta variant, new mutation in Emilia Romagna. Virologists: “Now more serious disease”

The virus runs and continues to mutate, even with micro modifications, such as the one discovered in Romagna where one of the sub-variants of the Delta was isolated, the mutation of the coronavirus that is spreading in Europe, but fortunately it is not the plus, the most contagious and considered the most dangerous. Laboratories around the world are working to try to capture and sequence changes as quickly as possible, in order to understand if the new “face” of the coronavirus can be recognized by the antibodies produced with vaccinations.

Delta variant pushes infections in primary schools in Great Britain: + 70% in one week

Delta variant also in China

China also has to deal with the Delta variant that now worries the world. “It has a very high viral load and a short incubation period which makes it twice as contagious as Covid-19,” explains the country’s leading epidemiologist, Zhong Nanshan, in an interview with Xinhua. According to Zhong, “to find a balance between economic development and efforts to combat the variant, it is necessary to accelerate the vaccination campaign and build an immunity barrier in the population, vaccinating 80 percent of people in order to reach the immunity barrier. “. In this way, the appeals not to let down their guard multiply, just as Italy prepares to become an all white area without the obligation of outdoor masks. And it is precisely an appeal to caution that comes from many immunologists and epidemiologists, including Walter Ricciardi.

Delta variant, boom infections in Russia, Spain, Tunisia and Gb (Italy is also more at risk)

Coronavirus, today’s June 27 bulletin: infections (782) and deaths (14) are decreasing. Ricciardi: vaccines are not enough

Delta subvariety has been found in 7 other cases in the world, explains Professor Vittorio Sambri, director of the Microbiology operating unit of the single laboratory of Pievesestina (Cesena) of the Ausl Romagna. «The derivation from the Delta – he tells ANSA – can be seen very clearly from the phylogenetic analysis. But I want to point out that finding this sub-variant has a purely virological value: it tells us that the virus, as we expect it to do, is continuing to change. It will likely not be more contagious, nor will it lead to a more serious illness. But it is different and therefore the more we vaccinate the more we have to be careful, we have to sequence and pay attention to variations ». No alarmism, therefore: “It helps us to understand: seven months ago the Alfa became prevalent in three months, now there is the Delta and then we will have to deal with something else, the virus does not stop doing its job “. Precisely to respond to the need for greater tracing, in Emilia-Romagna in these days all the registered coronavirus positive swabs are starting to be sequenced, an operation made possible by the reduced number of daily infections.

Delta variant, boom infections in Russia, Spain, Tunisia and Gb (Italy is also more at risk)

The first results will be there next week. But against the Delta variant the vaccines at the moment cannot be enough alone, it is better to continue to maintain caution to avoid a new pandemic wave, explains Walter Ricciardi, consultant to the Minister of Health for the coronavirus emergency and professor of Hygiene at the Catholic University From Rome. In the difficulty of achieving herd immunity, with vaccination coverage between 90 and 95%, Ricciardi therefore invites you to adopt all behavioral precautions: safety distance and mask when it is not possible to respect it outdoors, washing and disinfection of the hands. Ricciardi confirms that the delta variant will become dominant and for this reason adds other recommendations to avoid a new surge in cases: “crowding of public transport must be avoided” but also in schools. Basically, you need to prepare for autumn. “We are sure that the Delta variant will become prevalent, it is necessary to monitor it and continue to vaccinate us so it will become like a flu,” said Professor Sergio Abrignani, immunologist and member of the CTS, guest of Maria Latella at the Sunday Café on Radio 24. “We must domesticate the virus with which we will live in the next decades ».

Rave party in Maleo, 16 crazy hours of 700 no mask: young people from all over the North, in the Lodi outbreak Delta


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Delta variant, what consequences does it cause? From hearing loss to blood clots (and in GB + 90% cases in 7 days)

It has spread to more than 60 countries in the past six months and has led to the blocking of travel fromAustralia ai United States. It is the Delta variant (ex Indian variant), mutation B.1.617.2, now renamed Delta to avoid discrimination. Among those sequenced so far it is the most contagious. But scientists are now studying them too consequences on the body of those who have been infected. And the results of studies carried out so far say it is more serious than the covid normal.

Delta variant, fear Great Britain: contagion boom, Johnson considers postponing reopening


Impaired hearing, severe stomach upset and blood clots leading to gangrene. These are the symptoms of the Indian variant. Effects that were not seen in Covid patients, but instead were seen in patients by doctors in India. Furthermore, in both England and Scotland, early data suggest that the (now dominant in UK) also carries a greater risk of hospitalization. So much so that Boris Johnson was forced to reconsider his plans to reopen later this month, which could be postponed for two weeks.

UK alarm

Infections are growing in the United Kingdom. The rebound of Covid cases in the United Kingdom fueled by the Delta variant (formerly Indian) has reached 90% more: a trend that confirms the alert (in particular in some areas, such as the Manchester area). Today’s data points to others 6,048 cases out of nearly a million swabs. Ma the effect of vaccines, which have reached 69 million doses administered, continues for now to slow down the impact on the number of daily deaths (13 in the last 24 hours) and on the total number of people currently hospitalized in British hospitals (still at the lowest in Europe at 954). The aim is to speed up the recalls. The government of Boris Johnson is focusing on a further acceleration of the second doses, now extended to the over 25s, to try to consolidate the containment of the variant.

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