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Updates on the expansion in various states …

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Update on #lockdown extension in different states of india. #timesnow #covid19 #coronavirus #curfew #janatacurfew #jantacurfew #fyp #foryou #news

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Víctor Manuelle’s granddaughter solidifies her marriage | Stage

Becoming a grandfather doubly changed the life of salsa singer Víctor Manuelle, as this experience has helped to solidify their marriage relationship.

Little Dylara Valentina was born in December 2020 and is the first-born of her daughter Yanishka.

“It was such a special thing. With the (covid-19) pandemic, I have had time to dedicate myself to this ‘full’ grandfather job. It is the most beautiful thing that can happen, it is a completely different feeling, I cannot explain it to you. It is the same explanation that my father gave me, may he rest in peace: ‘When you have a grandson, you will be able to experience it.’ It transforms your life completely “, said the singer to THE SPOKESMAN.

Although he never thought it would be the way he lives it, “I knew he would be a very special grandfather because I saw in my father the best grandfather in the world. I know what to do, but I didn’t know it was touching you so hard. Sometimes I think of that opportunity he would have had to be a great-grandfather, that he would have pampered her incredibly ”.

Victor Manuelle with granddaughter Dylara Valentina.JPG

“With the pandemic, I have had time to dedicate myself to this full grandfather job.”

The voice of Boogaloo Supreme ensures that the whole family is like him, maddened with Dylara Valentina. Even his wife Frances Franco, with whom he married on January 22, after 20 years of knowing each other and 13 of living together.

On different feelings with Frances, after getting married, he commented that “the girl has had a lot of influence because Frances is more of a grandmother than I am. Neither of us had seen each other in that facet and it comes with marriage. See her with the baby talking to her, because you start to see other things that you had not enjoyed about your partner and you continue to solidify. It is ironic because this pandemic is a difficult time. But for us as a couple she has brought many beautiful things and the family has been united by the baby. I am enjoying the baby and my married life which is completely different ”.

Feminist theme

On the other hand, for the first time he joined his voice to that of India in the single Victims the two.

“Things happen when they have to happen. But we had been developing it for a long time, we said we wanted to do something together. I was actually waiting for the right song because if I was going to sing with India, it had to be a strong content theme. I did not want India singing a strawberry song with me ”, emphasized the Sonero de la Juventud.

For this reason, he sat down to compose with Juan José Hernández and they gave life to the musical piece.

“It was created to sing with India. It’s a pretty strong theme. They are both victims because each of them is living a deception because I am telling them a story. But neither knows of the other. Neither is the other because for them the two are the couple, “he explained.

Being the Princess of Salsa, they wrote the feminist theme.

“I am a fan of India and its music, which makes me enjoy when it takes men and hits them on the floor (in songs like My greatest revenge),” he said.

The video premieres today at 6:00 pm on Victor’s YouTube channel.

“The video captures all that drama and tension, in a restaurant where I arrive with a couple, who is the Venezuelan actress Scarlet Ortiz and India is there and confronts me. The two begin to find out about each other’s existence and I, in my role as a liar, deny it, “he mentioned about the plot.

The set includes 20 dancers who act as diners, choreographed by Tito Ortos. These are integrated “with a half-theatrical choreography, with all the tension. The video I know is going to give an incredible complement to the song because it is very descriptive ”.

Even in the filming, the salsero earned a slap from Scarlet.

“The slap was real so it didn’t look fake. The one I wanted to be slapped was India, because of the character, but she did not want to in any way. He said: ‘No, Victor, I have a lot of affection for you, you are a very dear person and I don’t want them to see me as hurting you,’ “he recalled with a laugh.

The singer wishes – as soon as the covid-19 emergency passes – interpret the song live at a concert of his or in India “because the public is going to enjoy it a lot.”

It is displayed on the stages of Puerto Rico before its fans at the end of the year, since it already did it a month ago with limited space in Miami and on May 8 it will be at the Salsera Fair, in Orlando.

“These days the phone has been moved for dates. We are going to see how it flows, it seems that expectations are for October, November, December in Puerto Rico some things are being done, “he said.

Meanwhile, he finished an album that includes the aforementioned single, which he plans to present in the summer.


Víctor Manuelle lives to the fullest being a husband and grandfather

He wanted the wedding ceremony to take place in secret, and he succeeded, even for the knowledge of the vast majority of the guests.

The singer Víctor Manuelle reviews with a wide smile how he decided to take advantage of the 75th birthday of his mother, Jenny, as a reason to gather the group of guests to the bridal event that took place in January, and which had a limited number of relatives taking into account account for the restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We did it in a secret way. Many of the family and close people did not know it, “he was pleased to reveal to Primera Hora in a meeting by video call to talk about the premiere tomorrow Thursday of the music video of Victims both, song that plays a duet with the singer India.

“I was able to take everyone by the hair and tell them that they were going to my mother’s birthday, that as a reason please wear black, elegant, because I wanted to surprise her because it was her 75, that we also celebrated there.”

On the opportunity to spread the news, he shared how much he longed to be the one to reveal to his followers the scoop on his link with Frances Franco.

“He always said ‘I want to say it, don’t let anyone slip in, don’t say,’ Look, we found out ‘, no, I’m going to say it’, and we were able to do it,” the artist laughed, who confessed that the decision to marry was last minute.

“We have been living together for 13 years, under a routine of spectacular work, airplanes, rehearsals, presentations. She in her professional part (public relations) up and down. At the moment, they lock us up (because of the pandemic). We are every day together looking at each other’s faces, and I said to him ‘if we have endured this, we are ready really, ‘”he stressed. “You get up every day with the person without doing anything, without working. I say that it helped us a lot ”.

The interpreter, in turn, reflected on what has contributed to strengthening his sentimental ties over time.

“You are realizing it along the way,” he analyzed thoughtfully. “That person catches your attention. You fall in love with a personality and what we realize is that perhaps things, the shocks that we may have due to differences, one knows that one can live with them through the years ”, he observes.

“What we fight for is the same thing that any couple fights for. I am disorganized. She is obsessive compulsive. What if the mess, what if the stockings, if you threw them away…, things that you say ‘we already know how to handle that’ “, he listed, adding that maturity is another aspect that has been key to their relationship.

“That passion at the beginning, which is passion, that you say is ending, in my case it is going to be replaced and you are placing importance on the things of greater weight. We already have many dreams and many goals that we accomplish together ”.

On the other hand, the pandemic has also allowed the salsa singer more time to enjoy his role as the grandfather of Dylara Valentina, who was born in December. However, he confesses to feeling some unease when his artistic career resumes the busy schedule from before.

“The girl (her daughter Yanishka) spent the pregnancy here in the house. He is born and has his room here in the house. It’s not the same as I’m waiting for the baby to be brought to me and I’m going to see her, but I open the door, and I get in and take her to my room. She sleeps with me for a little while, naps, and I get into the baby’s bed when she is with her and I get in the middle, that’s the positive part that the pandemic gave me, enjoying the stage of first-time grandfather. These four months have been incredible ”, he thanked.

“But on the other hand, I’m super scared when everything opens up and returns to normal because I’ve gotten used to being there,” confessed the artist, who is all smiles when he describes the little girl’s personality.

“It is a spark. It is all energy. Since she is a baby, you cannot carry her without putting your hand on her back, she will throw you back. She is very active, at miles, much ahead of her months because the pediatrician says so every time he sees her ”.

You will get what you deserve

The salsa singer showed great enthusiasm about the release tomorrow at 6:00 pm of the music video for the single Victims both, a theme that premiered in February, and whose lyrics raises the claim of a woman who discovers that her partner has a double life in love, and that neither knew of the existence of the other. The clip will premiere on Víctor Manuelle’s channel on YouTube, with a prelude at 5:30 pm in which the singer will share anecdotes and other details about the recording experience.

“It’s a movie in every way,” he said of the content of the visual, which was shot in Miami, Florida. “The filmic part is spectacular, 25 dancers who are in a restaurant, who are not doing a choreography to dance salsa, but it is a theatrical piece where they are joining all this drama that is happening when India surprises me and confront ”.

Venezuelan actress Scarlet Ortiz joins the production as a talent. “It is the person who plays the other victim. He gave an incredible characterization to the video “, highlighted the” Sonero de la Jóvenes “, and announced that it presents an interesting plot.

“He has tension. People I trust who have seen the video tell me ‘you know that I’m scared, involved in the confrontation in India, that it is very aggressive’, and at the end of the video I get what I deserve (laughs), which is the every woman’s wish, that ‘I would like to catch it red-handed’, and they are pleased because the two of them literally put me in my place ”.

Although the interpreters have known each other for years, this is the first time they have sung an official song as a duet.

“It was something I wanted to do for a long time, on his part too, because we had expressed it on many occasions,” he mentioned. “I had to do the theme with the interpretive force of India, in the way that it always treats the themes towards men, gentlemen, which are strong themes. I think this song fits the bill. Thank God we are occupying the first places ”, he affirmed about the song that he composed together with Juan José Hernández, and that it is a preview of the album that he plans to launch for the summer.


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