which are the most advanced laboratories?

INFOGRAPHICS – The WHO has currently identified 48 vaccine candidates in clinical trials in humans around the world. Among them, 11 have already reached phase 3. Update on this planetary battle.

Around the world, laboratories have started to develop vaccines against the coronavirus, which are often the result of international cooperation.

Thanks to our dashboard, find out which vaccine candidates are the most advanced and which are less advanced:

How many vaccines in the pipes?

In its last point dated November 12, the World Health Organization (WHO) lists 48 “vaccine candidates” in clinical trials on humans around the world. Eleven are in the last stage, phase 3, where the effectiveness of the vaccine is measured on a large scale on tens of thousands of volunteers spread over several continents.

Among these eleven, the announcements of Pfizer / BioNtec and Moderna were considered very encouraging by the international scientific community, which sees in it a great reason for hope to curb this epidemic, which has already resulted in the deaths of more than 1 , 3 million inhabitants in the world. However, details are still lacking, these announcements having been made by press release, without there being a publication in a scientific journal.

The 37 others are still in phase 1/2 which aims above all to assess the safety of the product or in phase 2 where the question of efficacy is already being explored. To speed up the process, several laboratories have decided to carry out tests of several phases simultaneously – phase 1 and 2 for example.

Among these many candidates, some have already obtained authorizations and / or orders. Find out more about the situation in the table below:

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The wall with a Tesla, 81-year-old: it is not the fault of the Autopilot

It happened a few days ago on the junction of Moncalieri, in the direction of Turin. A Tesla with a 81enne is over against a traffic island: the man is stuck in the sheet metal of the electric car, and are due to intervene the fire department to remove it from the car. On the spot also came the helicopter of 118, but the patient was still transported by ambulance to the hospital Cto of Turin, in conditions that are not severe. There were no other vehicles involved and the driver seems to have done it all alone, but the causes of the loss of control are not clear.

In the case, is to discard the hypothesis Autopilot, the well-known assistant to the guidance of the american Brand that, in the last period, was the protagonist of an incident on a highway in Taiwan, where the Model 3 has crashed at full throttle against a truck overturned in the third lane (here is the video of the incident).

Photos: TorinoSud and TorinoToday


Tottenham. Heung-min Son impressed in military service

While the Premier League is still suspended, Tottenham striker Heung-min Son has completed military service in South Korea. A national service which he successfully completed, being one of the top five Marines in his contingent.

South Korean football star Heung-min Son completed his three-week military training at a camp in the southern peninsula on Friday, as he was named one of his top five students unit, announced the Marines. The Marine Corps posted photos of the Tottenham striker, very popular in his country, in a lattice, saluting or elongated M-16 shooting range on Facebook.

In South Korea, every physically fit man is required to spend almost two years under the flag. The conscription thus provides the main body of South Korean troops, whose strength is 600,000 men, and who face a North Korean army of 1.3 million soldiers. The Korean War (1950-1953) ended with a ceasefire, not a peace treaty, so North and South are still de jure at war.

Son had been exempted from compulsory military service for almost two years, which could have jeopardized his soccer career, thanks to the gold medal won with the South Korean national team at the 2018 Asian Games in Indonesia. This title enables him to fulfill his military obligations through only three weeks of basic training and approximately 500 hours of community service.



He was “exceptional in all areas of training”

On April 20, he joined the 91st Battalion, 9th Marine Corps Brigade, stationed on Jeju Island, south of the peninsula. He appears to have won over his officers, as he was named one of the top five students in his training, which numbered 157, said a spokesman for the Marine Corps. “His sound has been exceptional in all areas of training, including military ethics and security education,” he added.

The training included long walks and workshops to learn how to use a rifle or tear gas training. The Premier League was suspended in mid-March due to the coronavirus epidemic, and no date has been set for a possible resumption of competition.


Back to Crans-Montana

Projects, sites, events: the great Swiss resort of Valais is booming. We find her with pleasure.

Panorama of the Alps from the Chetzeron terrace. On the slopes, at an altitude of 2112 meters, this designer jewel of concrete, glass and wood has been fitted out in a former gondola station. OLIVIER MAYOR / OLIVIER MAYOR

This winter, it will be remembered to our fond memories, displayed simultaneously in the books section and on the calendar of the Alpine Skiing World Cup: Crans-Montana, February 13 and 14, 2016, downhill and women’s super-combined; Crans-Montana, the latest novel by Monica Sabolo (The literary Figaro of 12 November 2015).

It is a sign, an invitation to find the beautiful Valaisanne that we had lost sight of a little. The reason: “In 1987, we organized the Alpine Skiing Worlds. The weather, the snow, the fourteen medals of the Swiss team, it was magnificent. The resort was at the height of its glory. And we fell asleep on our laurels ”, summarizes, in the general opinion, Marius Robyr, president of the organizing committee of the World Cups.

At an altitude of 1500 m, Crans-Montana basks in the sun – 300 days a year, they say – on its south-facing balcony, the “Haut-Plateau”, perched above the Rhône valley, facing a 4000 ‘graffiti horizon. For three decades, the cult years 1960, 1970, 1980, she was the glam chic snow queen, the Franco-Italian meeting of cinema and song, Gina Lollobrigida, Michèle Morgan, Lino Ventura, Bernard Blier, Alain Delon , Gilbert Bécaud, Charles Aznavour… We even saw, at Christmas 1975, Jackie Kennedy-Onassis and her children disembark for three weeks of vacation.

The paparazzi are in turmoil. “To escape them, she was skiing with a full balaclava,” recalls Bouby Rombaldi, 90, former ski champion, coach of the Swiss women’s team, piste designer, owner of one of the most beautiful shops in the Alps, Bouby. Sports (closed ten years ago)… and appointed instructor, then friend, of the former first lady of the United States. Posted in early December – still a sign? -, his book of memories Signed Bouby, is to devour absolutely. End of the nostalgia chapter.

• La Folie Douce announced

Crans-Montana has woken up. Determined to treat herself to a new winter golden age, worthy of her renowned golfing summers: her Omega European Masters is the biggest European tournament after the British Open. This is why many wealthy families, Swiss, French, Italian and Belgian have remained faithful to him. Half of the vacationers, up to 45,000 in high season, are secondary residents. Some end up living here all year round, such as Roger Moore in his chalet with blue shutters. A rare occurrence in the mountains, everything is open ten to twelve months a year, including hotels.

“Out of thirty-seven establishments, two thirds have been completely renovated and the others partially”, indicates Jean-Daniel Clivaz, president of Crans-Montana Tourism. Stopped the epidemic of closures. New stars – Le Garda Golf, LeCrans, Le Chetzeron – are shining. And a future luxury resort is taking shape, coached by a Russian investor.

The resort center is booming: the outdoor skating rink has just been redone, huge, 2600 m2. On Friday evening, the Ice Cream Disco is in full swing until 10 p.m. and the surrounding shops are nightlife.

Events are the news again. On the front page, alpine skiing, with the World Cup, therefore (confirmed until 2020) as well as a candidacy for the organization of the 2025 Worlds. Things are just back after all: it is in Crans-Montana that ‘was held on January 7, 1911, the first downhill in the history of skiing, the Kandahar Trophy, still contested today (February 19 and 20 in Chamonix). At the time, the runners set off from the Plaine Morte glacier, 3000 m above sea level and the highest point of the slopes today.

The ski area has rejuvenated. “About ten years ago, we realized that there was nothing for 15-35 year olds,” explains Philippe Magistretti, president of the ski lift company. In a resort which has only 50% of skiers, or even only 30% at Christmas, it was time to seduce young people, at the risk of seeing them slip away on more trendy snows. Result: two snowparks, a 10-kilometer seal-skin climb, an electro spring festival (Caprices Festival, from April 7 to 10), cable car stations re-dressed in street art … And La Folie Douce, dance floor number one des pistes, is announced for next winter. It will be the first in Switzerland.

• First ascent

At the exit of the Sierre train station, a red thread traced on the asphalt leads to the departure of the century-old funicular, also red. Twelve minutes of rack-and-pinion climbing to conquer the steep vineyards… and Crans-Montana here we are. It is a city in the mountains. Wood, concrete, chalets, small buildings, buildings of all styles, flat or gable roofs and even a sixties tower, Super Crans, 19 floors branded by Ellenberger: architecture tells a hundred years of history. A slew of shops, a colony of luxury window displays (Prada, Moncler, Longchamp, Vuitton, Breguet, Mont-Blanc…), a multitude of bars and restaurants guarantee city pleasures. And, according to a recent study, the air we breathe there is the purest of the Swiss Alps, despite the parade of large cars …

• On track

Large white for the most part and forest on the bottom, the area offers 140 km of panoramic sliding over 1500 m of vertical drop. Superb, the red track that descends from Plaine Morte, up there at 3000 m, a long walk with a mineral atmosphere, full of slope breaks. Note that it does not pass over the extra-flat glacier (however, two northern loops). Champions, the three black pistes approved for the competition, all designed by Bouby Rombaldi: the historic Bellalui, the men’s downhill from the 1987 Worlds, a cant festival (after a little coffee on the terrace of the restaurant of the same name, just at the start ). Still masculine, the Nationale and its impressive final dive.

Finally, Mont-Lachaux, a series of walls over 2.5 km, starting at 2210 m altitude and finishing at 1500 m: this is the track for the Ladies’ World Cup on February 13 and 14. Closed to the public ten days before, it will reopen two days later. Free show along the route and in the arrival stadium or paying in the grandstand, 28 euros per seat (standing) for the descent, 18 euros for the super-combined.

Ski pass: until April 17, 59 euros per day of skiing, 273 euros for 6 days, youth discounts. To seize: from March 5, one day of skiing offered per night of hotel booked (subject to availability).

• Full view

Matterhorn, Dent-Blanche, Dent d’Hérens, Weisshorn, Grand-Combin, Mont-Blanc … on the horizon, lunch with a big spectacle is the specialty of mountain restaurants, more than twenty. Here are three.

Typical Swiss: the Cabane des Violettes (2200 m), very fondue, rösti (24 euros), barley soup (12 euros). Tel .: + 41 (0) 27 481 39 19 and www.cabanedesviolettes.ch

Refined: the Chetzeron (2112 m), crespelles stuffed with chard, champagne fondue and black truffles and other revisited specialties (25 to 55 euros). Tel .: + 41 (0) 27 485 08 00 and www.chetzeron.ch

Connected: on the Signal slope, Amadeus 2006, for quick nibbles (burgers, hot dogs, soups) then dancing connected (Wi-Fi and DJ) on the tables in ski boots, like what La Folie Douce does not have. not everything invented… Tel .: + 41 (0) 78 655 33 89 and www.baramadeus.ch

• Freestyle attitude

Special confirmed riders, the main snowpark – rails, box, jumps, airbarg and a formidable 140 m long half-pipe with 6 m high walls – puts on a show in the middle of the slopes (Swiss Freeski Open 2016 on the 19th and 20th March). While an “easy park” with happily cooler modules welcomes beginners freestylers. Initiation provided from the age of 9 by three instructors from the ESS (Swiss Ski School), including Anthony Vuignier, native of the country and former champion of the discipline. Group lessons, 60 euros for the morning, 205 euros for five. Private engagement: 64 euros per hour.

Tel .: + 41 (0) 27 481 14 80 and www.essmontana.ch

• Street art at the top

Explosion of colors on the slopes. Last summer, during the Vision Art Festival, international street art aces dressed up the gray walls of ski lift stations. Astonishing exhibition between snow and sky that these twenty graphic and scratched frescoes (Remed, Felipe Pantone, Okuda, Greg Mike…). It can be visited on skis, with the small leaflet provided for this purpose by the tourist office, whose president, Jean-Daniel Clivaz, promises: “When these ephemeral works have faded, we will make others.”




To Sierre, by TGV Lyria direct from Paris (5:30 a.m.) on Saturdays. Or to Geneva by TGV or by plane from Paris and the provinces. Then 2 hours by regional train to Sierre with a Swiss Transfer Ticket at a single price (206 euros round trip first) from the fontière station or the airport. www.voyages-sncf.com, www.tgv-lyria.com, www.easyjet.com, ww.hop.com, www.swisstravelsystem.com


At the Crans-Ambassador, 5-star, 60 rooms and suites with skishop balcony, Valmont spa, infinity pool, heated lounge terrace. Mountain view. From 1000 euros with breakfasts. Tel .: + 41 (0) 27 485 48 48 and www.cransambassador.ch

At Guarda Golf, 5-star, 24 refined rooms and suites with terrace, Ivo Pitanguy spa, swimming pool, Nordic tracks at the doorstep. Around 1000 euros with breakfasts. Tel .: + 41 (27) 486 20 00 and www.hotelguardagolf.com

At LeCrans, 5-star (Leading Hotels), 15 rooms and suites with terrace, Cinq Mondes spa, indoor-outdoor swimming pool, Michelin-starred restaurant. From 500 euros with breakfasts. Phone. + 41 (0) 27 486 60 60 and www.lecrans.ch

At the Chetzeron, 4-star, on the slopes (2112 m), a designer jewel in a former cable car station, 16 rooms and suites, restaurants, bars, outdoor swimming pool on the roof. From 318 euros with breakfasts. Tel .: + 41 (0) 27 485 08 00 and www.chetzeron.ch

To visit

“Romanticism: melancholy of stones”, the superb exhibition of the Pierre-Arnaud Foundation, the art center opened three years ago in Lenz, just below the station. Until April 17, entry 16 euros. www.fondationpierrearnaud.ch

Ask about

Crans-Montana Tourisme, tel .: + 41 (0) 848 22 10 12, www.crans-montana.ch and www.suisse.com


unusual ski resorts

In Hawaii, we also surf on the snow

If Hawaii is best known for its waves, you can also surf on the snowy slopes of Mauna Kea, a dormant volcano in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. It is one of the highest mountains on the main island of Hawaii (4205 meters). Geology suggests that the last eruption of the volcano dates from 1650. According to legend, Mauna Kea and Maula Loa (slightly smaller neighboring mountain) were the domains of two opposite goddesses, Poliahu and Pelé. This is not the most equipped area, we go there to “go on an adventure”. No lift or terrace-restaurant, but a road to take by car to reach the summit. Generally, amateurs take turns shuttles, picking up skiers at the foot of the slopes, and so on. In winter, temperatures vary between – 4 and 4 ° C, with milder weather from April to November.

More information: www.hawaiiinfoguide.com/hawaii_skiing.htm

Mauna Kea Beach Hotel, 62-100 Mauna Kea Beach Dr, Waimea. Tel: +1 808-882-7222 www.princeresortshawaii.com/mauna-kea-beach-hotel/index.php

Ski in Gulmarg, with a panorama of Mount Everest. Jerome Bon / Flickr / cc

A view on the roof of the world

You don’t have to be an expert skier to hit the slopes of the Himalayas. The Gulmarg estate is located in the north of India, in the region of Kashmir. At the top, you have a breathtaking view of Mount Everest. We go there for the wild and sporty side. There is something for all levels, from undamaged pistes for powder snow lovers, to the flatter ones where beginners can train. Since the end of the conflict with Pakistan in 2003, the Kashmir region has been increasingly visited by tourists. Hotels are being built to accommodate the 150,000 annual skiers. Gulmarg and its 300 stations invite fans of strong sensations and the great outdoors.

The Vintage Gulmarg, 2739 Circular Road. Tel: +91 1954 254 582 thevintage.in/

Welcome Hotel Gulmarg, Boulevard Road. Tel: +91 9622 899 417 welcomehotelsgr.com/welcome-gulmarg/

The Khyber Himalayan Resort & Spa, near the cable cars. Tel: +91 9906 603 272 www.khyberhotels.com/

In Morocco, on the Atlas chain

Renowned for its imperial cities, its deserts and its beaches, Morocco hides other assets. That of the snow-capped peaks. We ski there in an exotic setting. We land in Marrakech, at the foot of the Atlas, to reach the highest point in all of North Africa, 75 kilometers away, the Toubkal (4164 meters). Oukaimeden is the mountain station, located at 2620 meters above sea level. You can go there from December to March, to ski under a blue sky. 3 green slopes, 4 blue, 8 red and 3 black, each one finds something to suit them. One hour by car from the ocher city of Marrakech, you can go skiing one day, and visit the city the next. The road to get there is superb, and allows you to discover many villages perched on top of the hills. The fields of fig trees gently give way to the ocher rocky plains. Total change of scenery. For a break in the sun or to sleep, the Anghour inn, nestled at 2,675 meters, offers rooms and a restaurant.

Chez Juju (Anghour Inn). Tel: +212 524 31 90 05 www.hotelchezjuju.com/

Lapland: skiing under the northern lights

The snow-covered plains of Lapland. Timo Newton-Syms

There are around 75 stations in Finland, often located on hills near towns or villages. The most famous are in Lapland, in the North of the country. Aurora borealis in the evening, exceptional light from morning to end of the day, the rays of the sun pass the horizon and light up the snow on the trees. The place is ideal to practice sports activities in a dazzling nature. The high season runs from February to early April. These tracks are less visited than in France or Switzerland, you do not spend hours queuing for chairlifts.

Two essential stations in Finland are separated by around fifty kilometers. Two friendly places to ski in radiant landscapes and stay in ultra-comfortable hotels.

– Levi: incredible area for cross-country skiing. Certificate of Excellence on TripAdvisor. The most popular in the country. Two snow parks; the village is very lively, it can be easily reached from Kittilä airport, a few kilometers away. Here are two hotels that have Travelers’ Choice 2015 on TripAdvisor.

Spa Hotel Levitunturi, Levintie 1590. Tel: +358 16 646 301 hotellilevitunturi.fi/

Hotel Levi Panorama, Tunturitie 205. Tel: 358 16 336 3000 golevi.fi/fi/majoitus/hotel-levi-panorama

– Ylläs: legendary resort for tourists. The first ski lift was installed in 1957, and the six hills which surround the village have kept their authenticity. A hotel holds the Certificate of Excellence on TripAdvisor.

Lapland Hotel Saaga, Iso-Ylläksentie 42. Tel: +358 16 32 32 www.laplandhotels.com/EN/benefits-and-inspiration/inspiration/current-events/lapland-hotels-buys-yllas-saaga-hotel-from- holiday-club.html

The only two stations in southern Africa

– Tiffindell (3000 meters), about half an hour from the South African capital Johannesburg, offers two kilometers of trails in fifteen hectares of land. There is a restaurant and four bars. The snow cannons are activated there for three months, from June to August.

– Afri-Ski (3222 meters) is an area made up of several pistes, including a snow park, in the north of Lesotho, landlocked kingdom of South Africa. An alternative in the middle of July, the coldest month in this country, where temperatures can drop to -4 to -11 ° C. The idea to create a station there comes from the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, in partnership with the Austrian HSP Alpine, in 2005. One kilometer from the slopes, the “Oxbow Lodge” and its bar offer ready spaces for conviviality to receive more than 200 people.

Lodges are available on the estate. More information: +27 87 230 84 08 www.afriski.net/Home/Accom


Floating lanterns light up Honolulu ‘Memorial Day’

IN IMAGES – This event allows you to inscribe on each of the little lights, messages and memories addressed to loved ones who have passed away. This tradition of Asian origin has crossed borders. In Hawaii, it coincides with Memorial Day, a day in honor of all war dead.

Through Service photo

1/6Lanterns containing prayers are placed on the water. They float in the hope of encouraging harmony and peace. Lantern floating Hawaii


Rick DesLauriers, the Boston sleuth

As discreet as he was effective, the boss of the FBI in Massachusetts oversaw the hunt for the Tsarnayev brothers.

By Maurin Picard

Rick DesLauriers gives a press conference on Friday after the arrest of one of the Tsarnayev brothers, suspected in the deadly Boston attacks.
Rick DesLauriers gives a press conference on Friday after the arrest of one of the Tsarnayev brothers, suspected in the deadly Boston attacks. STAN HONDA / AFP

He is the great, very discreet man of this manhunt with an unexpected outcome. Less solar than Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, less stocky than impressive State Police Hercules Timothy Alben, Special Agent Rick DesLauriers led the hunt for the two Chechen brothers with an iron fist, while Boston was sinking into psychosis. Wearing the gray or blue suit-jacket of an official like a second skin, the somewhat frail boss of the FBI in Massachusetts has become a public figure, at the turn of two martial sentences: “It is now a global investigation, assures t he in front of a forest of cameras. We will find those who did this and we will go to the ends of the earth if we have to. ”

The quiet determination, the firmness behind the smile let exude a reassuring professionalism in this 53-year-old man born in Longmeadow (Massachusetts) and raised in a Catholic environment. No lost gaze or ill-contained anger:

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