Fatima Daas, or how to be Fatima Daas?

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Find his place. In the heart, in the world, on a blank page. Finding her place: this is what Fatima Daas is trying.

For In G Major, I would like to give you to read his first novel entitled The last one. Mazoziya in Arabic. A novel in which, sitting on the same bench, are found words that do not necessarily meet: rap, Islam, homosexuality, prayer, suburbs, Algiers, asthma, shame, polyamorous … Selected for the literary prize 2020 of the newspaper Le World, winner of the Les Inrockuptibles prize in the 1st Novel Prize category … Hello Fatima Daas.

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Sniper Without Repisres

Ciara Like a boy

Medina Voltaire


Insa Sané, writing for flag

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We say it and we live it like this: the world is a pocket handkerchief. And yet, it’s been more than 10 years since this turbulent world has not cut our pockets. And that we did not meet again with Insa Sané.

It does not matter but just weird, because as a slammer, actor and author, he walks (heartily) his cities of love: Dakar and Sarcelles. And it is now he who makes the pockets of filiation, the hood of the rascal in the drawer (Insa Sané is a dad). Genealogical, geographical, poetic filiation with the diaspora world which begins for him in Senegal, then in the language which caps him with a nickname (Francenabé) and finally in writing: stitch that heals what must be. Who electrifies what already was. A thousand and one news in his marathon: Beware of the Dog (children’s book), Long way down (on prisoners in the US) and then Dianké, this magnificent podcast hosted on RFI.—

Insa Sané’s musical choices

Insa Sané Do not go

Bob Marley So Jah say


Saly Diop, a French dream

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From Senegal to the French suburbs, from the city of Beauval to the town hall of Meaux, from claiming rap to civic engagement, I present to you the all-consuming and all-terrain energy of Saly Diop.

Boris Cyrulnik would speak of a resilient course, yes Boris, why not. I will evoke, me, a multiple talent anchored in a French & Soninke culture (each assumed and fought or discussed). In a book-journal addressed to Faith, Saly Diop unpacks all its boxes: the renunciation of rap, the excision of which she was the victim, the forced marriage from which she escaped, the big and small brothers who must be channeled in a neighborhood, shall we say, teasing. La Diop convinced that the American dream is possible in France, works today as vice-president of the urban community of the country of Meaux (in Seine-et-Marne), hand in hand with a certain Jean-François Copé , the leader of the uninhibited right …

Saly Diop’s musical choices

Christophe Mae and Youssou N’Dour Lours

Khaled Didi


Camille de Toledo, in the labyrinth of the 20th century

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Ending the twentieth century: this could be the wish of Camille de Toledo, our guest. Unfortunately confined to Berlin, only our telephone voices will be able to exchange around Theseus, his new life, his novel in the running for the Goncourt.

But this literary Grand Prix is ​​almost a detail as this novel takes us into the forever of our destinies. Read his Theseus, his new life, it is to offer oneself a magnificent journey through the labyrinth of genealogy and into the body of a narrator who happens to be all the material of the book. Human material which has recorded shocks, traumas, family secrets over 4 generations. Camille de Toledo, not for nothing European, reflects on the polysemous song of the Fall which results from it and the deep meaning of the collapse of the XXth century. And since we never travel except within language, we will also open Beech and Birch, a majestic essay on European sadness.

The musical choices of Camille de Toledo

Iggy Pop In The Death Car

Chanson Yiddish Goodbye Odessa

Joubran trio


Dany Héricourt, the spoon as a compass

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Acting and dialogue coach, that’s what is marked on his business card. But as much to say that one misses Dany Héricourt if one sticks to this visit, of courtesy I would say.

Today, it is rather the professional of the romantic wandering that I receive, the one who ventures on the roads of the burlesque for a simple spoon, moreover it is the title:The spoon. A sensual first novel that stirs the imagination with, on the tip of your tongue, a strange Welsh, British and French family, a teenage wandering and a very serious quest for origins: that of the spoon. As if Dany Hericourt had the cup full of our ancestors the Welsh ….

Dany Héricourt’s musical choices

PrincePurple rain

Alela DianeOh my mamma

Jessie Reyez Figures


Mabeye Deme, the invisible photographer – In G major

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“The children, women and men photographed by Mabeye Deme seem like footprints, as if imbued with the fragile fabric of the textile.” Dixit the plastic artist Ernest Pignon Ernest who bumps into the question of the imprint. These silhouettes walk, anonymous, in a corner of Africa, but which one?

We are in the print, in the timeless, we are especially in the apple of Don’t call the temple which tracks, with a poetic eye, its Senegalese world which pays homage to the dead cliché, unfolding like a photo album as precious as the face of a grandmother who would be called Kady Kandé. On the menu of his goal In G Major: Doudou N’diaye Rose, Kurosawa, the Dormeur du Val, his bookWallbeuti, his series on the Bayefall, this Sufi Muslim brotherhood.

Mabeye Deme’s musical choices

Melissa Laveaux In the Valley of Wood

Rone and Saul Williams Faster

Doudou Ndiaye PinkBurgam songs


Assane Timbo, 100% actor – In G major

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When I look at the bottom of the sea, I see dreams clinging to seaweed and babies sleeping in the clams. So speaks the mother of Moses who dreams of Europe on a kwassa kwassa. We are in Mayotte and at the theater, two wavers from Assane Timbo who wets the jersey in Tropique de la violence, by Nathacha Appanah. But beware, it floats positive for this actor, director, author and teacher.

While the world of French theater and cinema is struggling on the question of diversity, he Assane Timbo is requested, desired, pampered everywhere. The greatest directors have him play (from Jean-Michel Ribes to Brigitte Jaques-Wajeman via Stéphane Braunschweig) and the gaze of his company rests as much on the pen of Molière as on that of Akakpo. Meeting with the one who is presented as a black artist, whereas he undoubtedly saw himself simply as an artist … in love with the things of life.

Due to the new measures linked to Covid-19, representations of Tropic of Violence are postponed to January 2021.

The musical choices of Assane Timbo

Helen’s song (film Things of life)

Kate Bush Cloudbusting.


Marie-France Bokassa, lovingly daddy’s girl (Replay)

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What is castle life like when your name is Marie-France Bokassa? What is the life of a princess like when you are one of the 56 children born to Jean-Bedel Bokassa, a flamboyant tyrant, self-proclaimed emperor of the Central African Republic in 76, deposed and exiled in France in the 1980s?

A thousand and one nights of questions in the head of our guest who introduces us behind the scenes of her childhood on the arm of an extraordinary father and a Taiwanese mother, tossed between the ocher land of Bangui, the Swiss boarding schools and the railings of a French castle. To leaf through for almost 1 hour, In G Major At the castle of the ogre, the courageous and loving autobiography of Marie-France Bokassa.

The musical choices of Marie-France Bokassa

Grand Corps Malade and Calogero Shadow and light

Birdy People Help The People


Inna Schevchenko, between Femen and Fée du logis, she chose (Replay)

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Today, maybe our chair in G Major will turn into a thoroughbred, who knows? Because it’s an Amazon, a real one, setting in front of me. A Femen with a switchblade and lipstick.

Inna Shevchenko is blonde, revolutionary and has risen like an entire army (with its co-religionists) against the dictatorship in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, against sexism in Eastern Europe, and against any commodification of the body of women. Just with bare breasts, pointed like shells, which offered themselves as food to feminist Utopia. Wow. A gently radical utopia, paid dearly by the young lady, in torture and in exile, from Ukraine to France. Land of the rights of the gentleman and the Marianne who sleeps in her. I present to you his life, his work and his book entitled Heroics, Amazons, Sinners, Revolutionaries, or the confessions of a young woman who dreamed of making the revolution rather than cooking.

→ The comic First name Inna, a Ukrainian childhood will appear at Futuropolis.

Inna Shevchenko’s musical choices

MY Bad girls

David Bowie Rebel Rebel