The ADBA, run over by an imposing Baxi Ferrol

The ADBA was run over yesterday by a rival, Baxi Ferrol, who is a clear favorite to achieve promotion to the highest category of women’s basketball. The Galicians were superior from start to finish and fattened the score in the last quarter, when the Avilesino team noticed one of their biggest shortcomings, the lack of a bench, which affects their physique.


The imposing air parade of the Russian army on the 75th anniversary of the end of the Second War

Of the military parade scheduled on May 9, only the aerial part remained.Dozens of fighters, helicopters, and other planes flew over Moscow.On Red Square, a squadron drew the Russian flag over the sky of the capital.

“We know and firmly believe that we are invincible when we are united“The president said, in a brief speech broadcast on television and delivered near the Kremlin, on the anniversary of the defeat of Nazi Germany, a day marked for the Russians.

In this sober intervention, the head of state made no direct reference to the epidemic that forced the country to renounce the great military march that was scheduled for this Saturday before numerous foreign leaders.

Putin promised, not to mention the new coronavirus, that the country will celebrate “appropriately” in the future victory against Nazism.

The president wanted to pay tribute to the nearly 27 million Soviet deaths in World War II and to war veterans.

“They saved the homeland, the lives of subsequent generations, liberated Europe and protected the world,” he said.“Our war veterans fought for life and against death, their solidarity and determination will always be a model for us”, said.

“We bow to the memory of those who did not return from the war,” he added, before keeping a minute of silence.

Putin knelt before the flame of the unknown soldier, in Alexander’s gardens, at the foot of the red walls of the Kremlin, before which he deposited a bouquet of red roses.

At a good distance from him, a group of soldiers gave a solemn appearance to this modest ceremony.

Putin has been confined for weeks at his residence on the outskirts of Moscow.Russia is approaching 200,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus and has registered 1,827 deaths, according to official data released this Saturday.