Semak commented on Dzyuba’s decision not to go to the Russian national team

Sergey Semak / Photo: © REUTERS / Johanna Geron Zenit head coach Sergei Semak commented on the decision of the team’s forward Artyom Dziuba not to join the Russian national team in the selection games for the 2022 World Cup with Slovenia and Slovakia. – How would you comment on the expanded list of the […]

Long-awaited feature coming to WhatsApp

WhatsApp will start converting voice messages to text, WABetaInfo reports. The portal has information about the development of a long-awaited function in the messenger – the transcription of a voice message into text. The developers have already demonstrated an example of such decryption in the WhatsApp application installed on the iPhone. To activate the transcription, […]

“The point gained against CSKA is very important for Arsenal permanent expert Alexander Bubnov shared his opinion on the 7th round match between Tinkoff RPL Arsenal and CSKA (2: 2). Alexander Bubnov I would not say that it was one of the best matches of the season. It was a good game for Arsenal. First, a serious contender. Secondly, the debut of Bozovic. The […]

Scientists discover when one of the most popular drugs leads to cancer

According to the staff of the Sechenov University, over the year the consumption of antibiotics among the population has grown by 30 percent. This is associated with the coronavirus epidemic, however, experts note: even in quieter times, many tend to take these drugs without a doctor’s prescription, for example, with a mild cold or viral […]

Rubin confirmed the presence of multimillion-dollar debts to the stadium

Photo: © Ak Bars Arena Rubin’s general director Rustem Saimanov confirmed the football club’s multimillion-dollar debts to the Ak Bars Arena stadium. – Yes it’s true. The acts have not been signed yet, we have an incomprehensible rental value. It is higher than it should be, – Saimanov answered the question about the debt of […]

“The Spaniards scored very easy for us” permanent expert Alexander Bubnov commented on the results of the Euro 2023 youth group stage qualifying match between the national teams of Spain and Russia (4: 1). The Russian national team quickly took the lead. The Spaniards themselves brought trouble, at the same time our pressure worked through the efforts of Karapuzov and Agalarov. […]

Wandering Count. 10 facts about Miodrag Bozovic, who goes to Russia again

The 53-year-old Montenegrin skipper stood at the helm of the Tula Arsenal, replacing Dmitry Parfenov, who was written off ashore. 1. Left, but only for 14 months A well-known coach from the Balkans, nicknamed Graf, has long been attached to Russia. It’s no joke, he managed to work in our country with seven clubs, and […]

Fernandez and Ionov will not play Cyprus

Cyprus – Russia All videos of the match The Russian national team flew to Cyprus to prepare for the World Cup qualifying match. 24 football players went to the game with the Cypriots: the coaching and medical staffs decided to give an opportunity for a full recovery to midfielder Alexei Ionov and defender Mario Fernandez. […]