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Sea ice in the Arctic is melting much faster than expected

When investigating the Arctic, researchers came to a frightening result: the thickness of the sea ice there is decreasing significantly faster than previous models have shown. This has serious consequences for the climate.

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British climatologists have sounded the alarm in a new study and warned of dramatic ice melt in the Arctic. The sea ice thickness in the coastal regions of the Arctic is decreasing 70 to one hundred percent faster than generally assumed, according to the study published on Friday in the specialist magazine “The Cryosphere”. The sea ice in the Arctic keeps the earth cool – its disappearance would therefore exacerbate climate change from the point of view of scientists.

“From our point of view, our calculations are a huge step forward when it comes to the more precise interpretation of data from satellite data,” said co-study author and professor at University College London (UCL), Julienne Stroeve. According to the scientist, the affected Arctic region is warming three times as much as the earth as a whole.

Determination using satellite data

To determine the thickness of the sea ice, scientists measure the part of the ice that protrudes from the ocean. However, the values ​​are distorted by the snow that lies on the clods and pushes them down. For their study, the UCL researchers said they used more up-to-date satellite data from the European Space Agency (ESA) than were used in previous studies and combined them with calculations from a new climate model that they had developed together with US scientists from the University of Colorado.

“Previous measurements of sea ice thickness were based on a snow map that was last updated 20 years ago,” said PhD student and lead author Robbie Mallett. “Because the sea ice started to form later in the year, the snow on top of it has less time to pile up,” he said. The study presented by him and his colleagues takes this phenomenon into account for the first time. The result is that “the sea ice is thinning out faster than we thought”.

Sea ice thickness as an important indicator

The sea ice thickness is an important “indicator of the health of the Arctic,” stressed Mallett. Thick layers of sea ice served as a type of thermal insulation that prevented the Arctic Ocean from warming the earth’s atmosphere in winter. In summer, the floes protected the ocean from solar radiation. “Thinner ice also has a poorer chance of survival during the Arctic summer melt,” said Mallett.

The melting of ice in the Arctic is also fueling geopolitical tensions in the region, as neighboring states see opportunities for the development of previously unused resources and the potential for new sea routes in the disappearance of the floes. At a meeting of foreign ministers at the end of May, eight countries bordering the polar region, including the USA and Russia, agreed on peaceful cooperation to combat global warming.


Trains should be more punctual: Deutsche Bahn is making ICE4 even faster

Trains should be more punctual
Deutsche Bahn makes ICE4 even faster

Long-distance travelers between Munich and Berlin, among others, can look forward to a new top speed in the ICE4 of the train. The state-owned company is also planning to expand its high-speed routes – but it will take some time until they are operational.

Deutsche Bahn is upgrading its latest generation of ICEs technically: From the beginning of August, the ICE4 will be able to reach speeds of up to 265 kilometers per hour for the first time, according to Deutsche Bahn. The new top speed should therefore also improve punctuality. On the Cologne-Rhein / Main, Göttingen-Hanover and Munich-Berlin routes, the trains should also be able to run at the new speed. So far, the top speed was 250 kilometers per hour.

The ICE4 has been in regular operation since 2017. Deutsche Bahn has ordered a total of 137 trains from the technology group Siemens, of which 75 have now been delivered. Another train is added every three weeks, emphasizes Deutsche Bahn. The entire ICE4 fleet should be delivered by 2024.

The latest ICE generation is also significantly slower than its predecessor, the ICE3, at 265 kilometers per hour. This can reach speeds of up to 330 kilometers per hour. This Saturday the Intercity Express high-speed trains of Deutsche Bahn will be 30 years old. The ICE1 was officially inaugurated on May 29, 1991. A few days later, on June 2, the first trains started operating.

The expansion of the route should take up to twelve years

At the same time, Deutsche Bahn intends to significantly increase the number of high-speed lines in the coming years. “In the medium term we will expand the high-speed lines by 50 percent – from now 1000 to 1500 kilometers,” said rail board member Ronald Pofalla to the newspapers of the Funke media group. According to this, there should be more speed on the routes between Stuttgart and Ulm, Frankfurt and Mannheim as well as Hanover and Hamburg.

Pofalla did not want to commit to an exact time frame. “Every major infrastructure project that we plan is accompanied by protests and objections,” he said. A timeframe of at least ten to twelve years is realistic.


Maru Botana redoubled the bet with a suggestive video – GENTE Online

On vacation in Mendoza together with his whole family, Maru Botana went viral on social networks after sharing an unusual video where she is seen licking a piece of ice. While he quickly removed the sequence in Instagram, it didn’t take long for users to share their image everywhere.

The main reason that the cook gained so much notoriety is that her clip was taken with a sexual tone because of the way she licks the ice. Hours later, Maru assured that he published it because he was amused and clarified that it was his community manager who eliminated it when he saw the great repercussions that were generated by his video. It makes me laugh a lot! I did not delete it. It was deleted by one of the guys who handle me on social networks and was scared. That’s why I uploaded it. Because it seemed so funny to me. I did not delete it “, warned.

The cook shares much of her daily routine on Instagram.

Far from the hilarious situation ending with his clarification, Botana went for more and in the last hours shared new images where he returned to play with the double meaning that was previously seen with ice.

In response to the malicious comments, Maru recorded himself training in the morning near the mountains in Luján de Cuyo: “Today … amazing. Now we stretch well, well stretched, there … Ugh, uf, uf .. there right here“, launched ironic while touches his crotch.

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how does Kazan live after the tragedy

Ilnaz Galyaviev, who attacked the Kazan school, underwent a narcological examination. In the analyzes of the offender, no traces of drugs or alcohol were found. He attacked school # 175 while sober. The preliminary psychological and psychiatric examination of Galyavieva is personally carried out by Zurab Kekelidze, the chief freelance psychiatrist of the Ministry of Health and director of the Center. V.P. Serbian in Moscow. The publication Life reports that on the way to the police after the arrest, Galyaviev tried to commit suicide. Yesterday at the trial, he pleaded guilty and was arrested.

Now local residents are discussing whether the attacker was sane. During the meeting, he communicated with the judge in a calm tone, and ignored the emotional questions of journalists about whether he was aware of what he had done. His behavior at the meeting had nothing to do with the interrogation footage that got into the network immediately after the arrest, where the young man screams obscenities and claims that “two months ago he realized himself to be a god.”

A former employee of the school, with whom Marfa Smirnova spoke at the funeral of teacher Elvira Ignatieva, who died in the shelling, said that Galyaviev was “an absolutely normal boy”, studied well and had no conflicts with other children and teachers.

Photo: Egor Aleev / TASS