New to the White House: Joe, Jill, and the Biden Family Secrets

Updated November 27, 2020, 3:06 p.m.

  • Jill and Joe Biden are the “New First Family” in the White House.
  • The Bidens’ private life has been characterized by tragedy and solidarity.
  • The USA is getting a highly educated, strong first lady, a problem son and granddaughters with star potential.

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from Wolfram Weimer

With the new President Joe Biden there is also a new one “First Family” into the white house. The world public suddenly discovers a colorful group of interesting figures who will be global for years to come Tabloids colorful fabric.

The new first lady Jill Biden is a counter-image to the doll-like Melania Trump – a hands-on woman, intelligent and professionally independent: Jill Biden is University professor with a bachelor’s degree, two master’s degrees and a doctorate in education.

She works courageous and self-confident, but not complacent, eloquent but not patronizing, she knows how to put herself in the limelight, but does not exude vanity. America has had her rhetorical talent since her video for the Nomination Congress be amazed to take note.

With that speech in September, she created the powerful narrative of a parallel between the personal tragedies in the life of her husband and the wounded, deeply divided United States of America. Fate made him a reconciler, comforter and conqueror of serious crises.

Jill Biden: A first lady who teaches in school

Indeed had Joe Biden as a child hard under stutter suffered and overcome it; as a young senator he lost his wife and daughter in a tragic car accident and stood there as a young widower with injured sons. Later one of his sons died on a brain tumor: “How do you bring a broken family back together? Just like you bringing a nation together: with love and understanding and small gestures of kindness, with courage, with unshakable faith. “

Jill Biden is considered the most important political advisor to the new president. Unlike some presidents before, the Bidens live an intimate, harmonious marriage.

Jill Biden has indicated that they are despite the new First-Lady-Rolle continue as Working teacher wool. This has never happened before in US history. But Jill Biden already showed in the eight years as Vice President’s wifethat she was able to continue her job at Northern Virginia Community College.

As First Lady she wants the subject education put them at the center of their activities. Helping children with problems is her mission. So she enrolled Children’s book, which addresses her husband’s stuttering trauma. “For American educators, this is a great day for all of you,” Biden said in his Victory speech at the weekend: “You will have one of you in the White House.”

Problem son: Hunter Biden’s wild past

While Joe Biden’s wife is considered a political pound in Washington, his is Son of Hunter as a latent problem. Again and again he makes the headlines dubious business or private Antics. Because of a positive Cocaine tests has been Hunter Biden Discharged from the US Navy in 2013.

He has five children with three different wives, including the Stripper Lunden Alexis Roberts. She met Hunter Biden at the “Mpire Club” in Washington, where she performed under the stage name “Dallas”. His paternity was forcibly proven by a DNA test. Hunter was also in embarrassing legal proceedings involved in a second strip club in Washington, the Archibald’s Gentlemen’s Club, crack-smoking populated the VIP room.

Across from the New Yorker, Hunter gave Biden his Drug problems open to: “Everyone has trauma. In every family there is an addiction. I was in this darkness. I was in this tunnel – it is a never-ending tunnel.” Hunter Biden describes himself for the tragic Death of his mother, his sister and his Brother (who died of a brain tumor in 2015) as traumatized.

Joe Biden is proud of his son Hunter

For Joe Biden, the unstable son was an acute problem during the election campaign because Donald Trump the opaque stores of Hunter Biden in Ukraine into one Stylize the scandal wanted and attacked the son personally. “My son, like many people, like many people you know at home, had a drug problem,” replied Joe Biden during the debate with Trump on September 29th. “He got over it, he fixed it, he worked on it, and me am proud of him.”

Since May 2019 Hunter Biden with Melissa Cohen married – only six days after he met her. In March 2020 they had a son. The young family lives in Hollywood. Cohen is an avowed Jew (she has the word Shalom tattooed on her arm in Hebrew) and so the new, catholic president also a Jewish grandchild.

Joe Biden: Four single daughters with star potential

While Hunter Biden prefers to stay away from the media now, the impartial prefers Granddaughters of the new president in public. They busily post and tweet each other through social media.

So did the 26 year old granddaughter Naomi Biden just in close girlie friendship with the Trump-Tochter Tiffany shown on Instagram. Also Finnegan, Natalie and Maisy Biden like to move around in public and accompany their grandfather at some appearances.

Together they have four granddaughters produced a video that was clicked hundreds of thousands of times in which they talked about Joe Biden speak. They rave about the fact that he calls them every day and always answers the phone when someone calls him.

And also a special secret is revealed – that the new president is passionate about and constantly eats ice cream. These granddaughters have Starpotenzial and know how to make positive headlines.

Melania Trump and Jill Biden support their men in the fight for president. But who are these women actually? While the life of one revolved around fashion for a long time, the other focused on an academic career. (Photo: Reuters)


Who is Joe Biden – Trump’s opponent?

The candidate of the colorful America: Joe Biden in the election campaign in Florida in September.
Image: AFP

There was a time when Joe Biden was out of the question as president. He makes a mistake, bends the truth right and has few successes. But Trump has pushed the boundaries – and paved the way for his challenger. A portrait.

EIt’s going well for Joe Biden. In recent weeks, according to the polls, the probability that the Democrat will defeat Donald Trump has increased. Respectable pollsters estimate the chance of Joseph Robinette Biden junior to become President of the United States at about six to one. It would then be up to him to lead the country out of the Corona crisis. It would fail if the economy did not quickly emerge from its lockdown hole. Biden would fly to NATO summits, negotiate nuclear weapons with Vladimir Putin, and determine how robustly America faces China. An officer with the nuclear codes in his suitcase would stay near him day and night. A huge thing, actually. But hardly anyone talks about it.

Andreas Ross

Editor in Charge of Politics Online and Deputy Editor in Charge of News.

One and a half weeks before the election, other things are in focus. What if the polls are misleading again? And if not, would the incumbent even accept defeat? Or could he barricade himself in the White House? So the discussion is not about the man who has by far the best chance of ruling America. It revolves around Trump over and over again. Biden’s role in this drama is narrowly defined. He’s the man who isn’t Trump.


TV duel between Trump and Biden: should that be moral?

“You know who I am”, Joe Biden shouted to the American voters in his televised duel against Donald Trump, “and you know who he is.” Should anyone have forgotten, then the debate provided enough illustrative material, especially during the most important topic of 2020, the pandemic.

When asked about the more than 220,000 corona deaths in his country, the President did not wrest a word of sympathy this time either, but boasted: for the millions of deaths that he had prevented; for the vaccine, which in Trump’s imagination is “ready” for immediate mass vaccinations; even for his own contagion, because: “I am immune!” It was left to the democratic challenger to point out the currently devastating development of the number of cases in several states as well as to the gloomy prognoses of the experts and to spell out the often unpopular measures that are not a panacea , but until further notice the best medicine: mask requirement, plexiglass, rapid tests and so on.


Borate 2: Sacha Baron Cohen is America’s Eulenspiegel

Dhe new “Borat” film by comedian Sacha Baron Cohen made headlines even before it was released: the reason for this is Rudy Giuliani. He was once celebrated as “America’s Mayor”, today he is known (or laughed at) as Donald Trump’s girl for everything.

The history of the scandal: Giuliani has been on a mission for many months – he wants to prove like hell that Hunter, the son of Joe Biden, did the wrong thing in the Ukraine. To prove it, Giuliani recently brought a handful of e-mails allegedly off of Hunter Biden’s computer hard drive.

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Rudy Giuliani and Donald Trump at a joint press conference

Even right-wing television broadcaster Fox News thought it didn’t smell good somehow and refused to release the alleged evidence. In the midst of the excitement, the news burst that Sacha Baron Cohen has literally put Rudy Giuliani on the cross.

Pretty breathtaking

In truth, this credit is not due to Cohen, but to the young Bulgarian actress Maria Bakalova. She plays in “Borat Subsequent Moviefilm” (roughly: “Borat subsequent film artwork”) Borat’s blonde daughter. In the crucial sequence she mimes a real reporter with a Slavic extreme accent. After she has flirted with Giuliani to the max, she maneuvers him into the bedroom with gentle emphasis.

Borat Subsequent Moviefilm Courtesy of Amazon Studios

America’s Eulenspiegel: Sacha Baron Cohen as Borat

Quelle: Courtesy of Amazon Studios

There Giuliani lets her lay him on the bed. Then Giuliani’s hand disappears into his pants. He claims today that he just wanted to stuff his shirt back into place. Most people prefer to do this while standing. Anyway, a second later Borat bursts into the bedroom himself. He wears a bra, exclaims in horror: “But she’s 15 – that’s far too old for you!” And instead offers Rudy Giuliani sex with him. It’s pretty breathtaking.

The whole thing suggests a rather uncomfortable conclusion: a person who is so easily fooled by a comedian is a delicious breakfast bite for the guys from the Russian secret service. What about Hunter Biden’s emails again?

The “Wuhan Virus” and the other plagues

For those who do not yet know Borat, it should be briefly explained that he is a journalist from Kazakhstan. Borat is of course an anti-Semite, as well as a racist and sexist, and he invented neither the deep plates nor the non-domineering discourse. In “Borat Subsequent Film Art Work” he and his daughter set out into the deepest Trump hinterland, that is to Texas or Oklahoma.

The climax is reached when Borat – disguised as an American hillbilly with a beard, stomach and dungarees – appears on an anti-lockdown demo. So in front of people with Confederate flags and semi-automatic submachine guns.

The outfit changes, the madness remains: Borat as a hillbilly

Borat Subsequent Moviefilm Courtesy of Amazon Studios

Quelle: Courtesy of Amazon Studios

Borat picks up a funny little song about the content that Obama belongs in prison and that the Democrats should be infected with the “Wuhan virus”, that you have to deal with journalists like the Saudis (sawing through) and with scientists like the Germans ( gas). The demonstrators laugh and sing along loudly.

Decoration for the chocolate cake

There are other scenes that almost approach this one. In a pastry shop, for example, Borat has a fat, cozy baker spray the phrase “Jews will not replace us” on a chocolate cake. That was the slogan of the Nazi demonstrators in Charlottesville, Virginia in 2017, to whom the American President later certified that there were “very good people” among them.

In the middle of this horribly funny film there are also touching sequences. At one point Borat disguises himself as a Jew. In other words: like the anti-Semitic caricature of a Jew. He glues a long nose to himself, puts on devil horns, straps black wings onto his shoulders and goes into a synagogue equipped with this.

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Sacha Baron is known for his characters Ali G, Borat and Brüno

There he meets two older Jewish women. One of them says: “We are just people”, we are just people. She lets him touch her nose, which isn’t particularly big. She tells him that as a child she survived the Holocaust, that this genocide really did exist. In the end, they share their food with him. “Tastes good, doesn’t it?”

In the end, the two women hug the fake Kazakhs and say: “Make love, not war.” All the while they don’t know that they are really dealing with a man whose mother is Israeli and whose father is a Jew from Wales was. (Borat’s Kazakh is Hebrew, spoken with a Slavic accent.)

America’s Eulenspiegel

In another scene, a black babysitter tries to talk Borat’s blonde daughter out of having breast enlargement. She has a brain, says the babysitter, she doesn’t have to do everything her father tells her to do. Then she embraces Borat’s daughter dearly.

Sacha Baron Cohen’s humor is sarcastic, hurtful, urbane, absurd, bitter, but never cynical. Not for a moment. Borate is something like the Till Eulenspiegel of our age. Not the harmless, soothed Eulenspiegel, which we know from the retelling of Erich Kästner, but the medieval Eulenspiegel, whose pranks are abysmal and painful.

Like Eulenspiegel, Borat wants to uncover something with his comedy. For example, when he shows up in full Ku Klux Klan outfit at an event hosted by Vice President Mike Pence and cheerfully exclaims: “I’m Steven Miller, I’m sorry I’m late!” (Miller is one of Donald’s closest confidants Trump and is jointly responsible for his brutal anti-immigrant policy.)

„Vote – or execute!“

It is also an owl mirror-like prank when Borat’s daughter appears at an event for Republican women – noisy ladies who think they are good Christians – and honestly proclaims that she has just taken hold of her genitals in the toilet and there are none at all Teeth in!

One of the most brilliant feats is how Borat seduces two supporters of the QAnon theory (who are known to believe that democrats are demons who drink children’s blood) to exclaim: “No, that’s not true, that’s a conspiracy theory!” Hair pulling out. To beep.

Borat Subsequent Moviefilm Courtesy of Amazon Studios

„Bring in the gals!“

Quelle: Courtesy of Amazon Studios

But “Borat Subsequent Film Art Work” is not a number revue. The film has a stringent plot that naturally should not be divulged here. Just so much: In the end, you think very differently about the coronavirus. And about Kazakhstan. But above all through the United States of America.

Sacha Baron Cohen shows us what an ugly face this country has. At the same time, Cohen shows us the greatness of America. His film ends with the seriously meant request: “Vote – or execute!” Vote – or execute!


John Bolton’s settlement with Trump

The government wanted to prevent it, but Bolton’s book is now available everywhere.
Image: Reuters/Carlo Allegri

The long-awaited book by Donald trump’s former security adviser John Bolton is now available. The reactions are mostly negative. Republicans accuse the authors of the lie, Democrats accuse him of opportunism.

Ein President, the authoritarian rulers courted, and a National security adviser, who proudly describes how he wanted to make to the chief preventive military strikes tasty: Under normal circumstances, would be the book of John Bolton as the occasion for several scandals. But “The space in which it happened,” confirmed for many observers what they already know about Donald Trump: he’s hurt for more than three years, the country and the international relations.

Bolton has this book, in a now long list of investigative stories about Trump, well pay two million Dollar advance, he should have conceded. And after the Attempts of the government to prevent the publication before the court, have failed, can now read what he has to say about his 17 months in the White house.


USA: Rally in Minneapolis: Trump is brushed on riot

An hour and a half of insults and insults: The US President switches to a frontal counter-attack in the Ukraine affair. Its base likes it.

Maybe someone just swapped the date. The wild fight of 35 bulls “with bone-breaking action” was actually announced by the Target Center for the past weekend. Now there is only one man on the stage of the huge multi-purpose hall in downtown Minneapolis. But the motto “Let the beast off the leash” could not have been implemented more wildly by the cowboys.

Donald Trump looks agitated and contentious. The rally in the capital of Minnesota on Thursday evening is his first appearance in front of the base since the impeachment investigation opened in Washingtonthat unearth new puzzle pieces every day of an affair in which the president has obviously abused his office for domestic interests. In this respect, the appointment with around 20,000 spectators in the Midwest on the one hand offers a welcome change. At the same time, however, he is also a yardstick for the state of mind of the president and his supporters in a traditionally democratic state that Trump almost conquered in the last election and wants to grind in 2020.

Donald Trump is brushed on riot

As far as the state of mind of the politician is concerned, it is obviously brushed up on riot. “We are dealing with really sick and disturbed people,” he insults the opposition Democrats. This is just the start of a wild cascade of insults, in the course of which the words “hell” and “son of a bitch” and ex-vice president come up Joe Biden it is assumed that he “understood the ass of Barack Obama to kiss”.

Rally in Minneapolis: Trump is brushed on riot

These are pretty rough words for a politician who praises himself for supporting Christians who are faithful to the Bible. But the message is clear: With their impeachment procedure, however, the Democrats are “on a crusade to destroy our democracy”. He was not the culprit when he tried to force Ukrainian President Volodymyr Selenskyj on a dirty campaign against his potential challenger Biden. Rather, it has to be investigated against Biden.

Audience chants: “Lock him up!”

The audience cheers. The ranks “Lock him up!” Chants several times. In feminine form, this battle cry in the 2016 election campaign referred to Trump’s opponent Hillary Clinton. Now he’s up Hunter Biden, the son of the current democratic presidential favorite because he worked for a Ukrainian gas company without any evidence of misconduct. “Where’s Hunter?” Trump begins a real chase. Shortly afterwards, the Trump campaign offered t-shirts with this slogan for $ 25.

Not all viewers would probably sign every word. But the Ukraine affair, Trump is not chalked by his followers. “Impeachment is a crisis for three weeks,” said pensioner Greg outside in the queue: “The Democrats chase a new sow every week through the village.” The 63-year-old with the red “USA“Cap wants to vote for Trump again in November 2020:” He has created many jobs and the economy is going well. ”

The good economy is also always the starting point for Trump’s campaign speeches, in which the president never saves with self-praise. This time, he will soon put his manuscript aside entirely, and there will follow a breathtaking stream of thoughts lasting one and a half hours, which does not seem to follow any internal logic, but only the state of mind of the speaker. Of the allegedly fake polls about immigration, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (“it’s not quite right”), the media (“a shame”), the “dark political establishment” in Washington, his favorite shows Fox-News (“Sean Hannity is number one”) to Syria, where the USA supposedly has “no more troops”, even though there are still 1,000 soldiers stationed there and Trump now wants to negotiate a ceasefire between Turkey and the Kurds.

Hatred and polarization in the United States

It all sounds bizarre and looks even more whimsical thanks to the grotesque grimaces of the speaker. But the audience likes the show. And it applauds with a lot of applause when Trump periodically incorporates the keywords “socialism”, “abortion”, “right to a weapon” or “law and order”, which are at the center of his cultural struggle. “I’m in favor of migration, but it has to be legal,” says Char Lecron, who came to the rally with her husband David. And in a socialist country – no, she definitely doesn’t want to live there. So she will probably vote for Trump again, although she doesn’t like the hatred and polarization in the country.

A contradiction? Not for the 52-year-old: “Trump is not responsible for the bad climate. It’s the media’s fault, ”she says. (dpa)

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