A super volcanic eruption could occur soon

Matheus Manente Meteored Brazil 08 Nov 7 min Super volcanic eruptions could cause disasters and massive extinctions on the planet – and scientists fear they can’t predict them in time. (Photo: Berdan Mardinly) With the latest COVID-19 pandemic, we realize that there are things on this planet that are beyond our control. We can’t take […]

López Obrador and Gutiérrez Müller

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador affirmed that there are no races among human beings and, therefore, racism does not make sense. The head of the Executive referred to the issue because it is the date of the arrival of the Spaniards to America, which was known years ago as La Raza Day. It is scientifically […]

Study confirms: These are the worst nights for men because of the “moon”

A recent study published in the “Science of the Total Environment” journal, conducted by scientists from Uppsala University in Sweden, revealed a surprise for men in particular, when it confirmed that men’s sleep is affected more strongly during the first half of the lunar cycle than women’s sleep. The new study is more comprehensive and […]

Boston Dynamics robots now do parkour better than humans

The robotics firm Boston Dynamics, owned by Hyundai, shared Tuesday a video of Atlas in which he successfully performs a new parkour routine. Beams and various obstacles jumped – even a backward turn – but the humanoids never lost their coordination. The session seen in the YouTube video, which so far is close to 500,000 […]

Afghanistan: “human remains” found in the landing gear of an American C-17

The US military discovered “human remains” in the landing gear of the military plane which was stormed Monday by panicked Afghans at Kabul airport. LThe US Air Force will review all videos circulating on social media of a C-17 transport plane that hundreds of people had chased after, some madly trying to cling to its […]

Alert: they detect dangerous bacteria for humans in dog food

A group of researchers from the University of Porto (Portugal) analyzed 55 canine food samples from 25 brands —Available nationally and internationally—, including 14 samples of frozen raw food, and it turned out that 30 samples (54%) contained Enterococci bacteria, which can live in human intestines without causing harm, but pose danger to other parts […]