The UN declared the threat to human rights due to climate change :: Society :: RBC

According to Commissioner Michelle Bachelet, the “triple planetary crisis” leads to the violation of human rights, including to life and development: the loss of natural resources, environmental pollution and climate change Michelle Bachelet (Photo: Denis Balibouse / Reuters) Environmental threats are fueling tensions in societies, exacerbating inequalities and other dire consequences, especially for people in […]

Pope quoted Dostoevsky during his visit to Slovakia :: Society :: RBC

He recalled The Legend of the Grand Inquisitor from The Brothers Karamazov in the context of a conversation about free will and choice. Previously, Francis said that Dostoevsky’s works are his reference book Pope Francis (Photo: Zuma / TASS) Pope Francis remembered the parable “The Grand Inquisitor” from Fyodor Dostoevsky’s “The Brothers Karamazov” during his […]

What threatens the health of those who survived covid in the first six months after the illness, said the director of the N.N. Pasteur

Patients during physiotherapy exercises in the “Chuvashiyakurort” sanatorium. The sanatorium offers a treatment program to help patients recover from coronavirus infection. Photo: Semyon Antonov / TASS This week, many people with covid disease and their loved ones were frightened by the statement of the Minister of Health, Mikhail Murashko. If a person, especially an older […]

In their childhood, bats babble like human babies

Some baby bats are very talkative. And like human infants, they practice babbling. A very high-pitched twitter “Gagaga, bababa”… All the children of the world go through this phase which seems to plunge them into intense meaningless conversations, in order to learn to control their vocal system. A study published Thursday in the prestigious journal […]

The doctor named three rules to avoid obesity

The doctor named three rules to avoid obesity Photo: Valery ZVONAREV Irina Bakhman, an endocrinologist at the Pirogov Center, CDC “Arbatsky”, told about three simple rules that will help to avoid obesity. According to her, first of all, you need to analyze your type of food and lifestyle. Moreover, the sooner the restructuring of […]

The doctor told if a flu shot can protect children from coronavirus

As the school year approaches, the question is whether it is worth vaccinating them against the flu, and whether it will help protect them from the coronavirus Photo: Ivan MAKEEV For the second year now, scientists around the world have been trying to understand how seasonal influenza vaccination affects the course of the coronavirus epidemic […]

Nurse injected saline instead of 10 thousand doses of covid vaccine

The incident became known back in April, although then the nurse admitted only in a few cases, when she deliberately replaced the vaccine with saline. Photo: REUTERS In northern Germany, a nurse who worked at a vaccination station staged a real sabotage. Instead of a drug, she injected her patients with useless saline. According to […]