Stella Nyanzi, ″the most insolent woman in Uganda″

M. A. com AFP October 20, 2021 at 9:33 pm He uses his body to express his anger against a government that – he accuses – has robbed his parents. She was arrested and beaten in prison – where she lost a son – and had to flee to Kenya. But he returned to Uganda […]

“The Sahrawis expected more from a Portuguese UN Secretary General” | Africa

Western Sahara and the conflict between Morocco and the Polisario Front, a liberation movement recognized as the representative of the Sahrawis by the United Nations, finally has a new international envoy. The experienced Italian diplomat Staffan de Mistura was the name accepted by both parties and will take office on 1 November as special envoy […]

Alternative Nobel Prize for Russian Environmental Activists – “Intrepid”

This year’s Alternative Nobel Prize winners have been announced. The Right Livelihood Foundation selected three people and one organization. The Alternative Nobel Prizes this year go to three people and an organization that encourage other people to fight for human rights and the environment. This time the award goes to the lawyer Marthe Wandou from […]

SEF canceled contracts with security company involved in the death

“At this moment, there is no contractual relationship between SEF and the company Prestibel.” The news was given to DN by the Foreigners and Borders Service in August, after the newspaper once again questioned this police about the maintenance of contracts with the security company whose employees ran the detention center at Lisbon airport where […]

New US security alliance “Aukus”: “A shock effect for Europe”

The US forges a new security alliance in the Pacific that has consequences for the whole world. The danger to Europe: it will continue to be marginalized. The Asia expert Maximilian Mayer warns of this. Mr Mayer, Germany is on the final spurt of the election campaign. Meanwhile, the Americans are changing the political map […]

Request for financial aid: Taliban: “Would Merkel be warmly received”

Monday, September 6th, 2021 Ask for financial help Taliban: “Would Merkel be warmly welcomed?” Outwardly, the new old rulers of Afghanistan are moderate. The radical Islamic Taliban are wooing international partners and would be “really” happy about a visit from Chancellor Merkel. They ask people who have fled to Germany to return – but at […]