Donald Trump with uncertain future said he will return ″ in some way ″

Donald Trump had landed less than an hour ago in the Florida heat when, in windy, cold Washington DC, he officially ceased to be president at 11.48, when Joe Biden took office on Capitol Hill. Trump was the first president in almost 150 years not to see the transfer of power, choosing to leave the capital still ahead of U.S. destinations. “We’ll be back somehow,” he said at the farewell at Andrews Air Force Base, recalling that the past four years had been an honor and a privilege. But if your near future involves playing golf at the Mar-a-Lago club, it also implies a process of impeachment in the Senate, which could complicate his plans.

Trump’s last day at the White House began with the aftermath of the 70 pardons and 73 sentence commutations he had enacted the day before. Among the beneficiaries were the architect of his 2016 campaign, Steve Bannon, several former members of Congress and even rapper Lil Wayne. But already on his last trip as president on Air Force One, Trump issued yet another full pardon. The lucky one was his former lawyer Albert J. Pirro, ex-husband of Judge Jeanine Pirro, one of the president’s biggest defenders at Fox News, who served an 11-month prison sentence for fraud almost 20 years ago.

It would have been the last action of his presidency, which will be marked by the negative because of the coronavirus pandemic, which has already caused more than 400 thousand deaths in the USA. And for the violence that was experienced at the Capitol on January 6, when his supporters interrupted the joint session that made Biden’s victory official – a victory that Trump himself never acknowledged, despite maintaining the tradition, leaving a note to the successor on White House. The president was accused by the House of Representatives of inciting violence in a speech before the crowd, which is why he was the target of a historic second impeachment that will now have to run in the Senate.

But Trump did not mention any of this in the farewell, in front of a few hundred supporters, at Andrews airbase. He chose to focus his speech on what he said were his achievements, talking about the pandemic in the past to highlight vaccine development in record time and to insist again that before the covid-19 appeared, the US had the best economy ever – something that experts have already denied. And he wished the new administration “luck”, without mentioning Biden’s name, explaining that he had “laid the foundations” for him. “I hope they don’t raise taxes, but if they do, I warned you,” he said, promising to stay tuned.

Campaign-style Trump arrived on the Marine One helicopter while listening to the music Gloria, by Laura Branigan, and left the base aboard Air Force One to the sound of My Way, by Frank Sinatra. In between, the approximately 500 people who were present also heard Y.M.C.A dos Village People, Don”t Stop Believin” of the Journey, in addition to a salvo of 21 cannons. The president was greeted with shouts of “We love you“and” Thanks “, having said that” it was an honor and a privilege “to occupy the position over” four incredible years “.

In the speech, he spared no praise for the family, saying that they could have chosen an easier life and that “no one has any idea” of how much they worked. “We left everything on the pitch,” he said, using a sporty expression. He especially thanked the first lady, Melania Trump, saying that she is “very popular with people” – in fact, she is the most unpopular ever, with 42% favorable opinions (still higher than her husband, whose approval is only 34%) and 47% unfavorable. And he passed the microphone to her for a moment. Melania said it was an honor to be first lady and that everyone will stay in their prayers.


Donald Trump’s final days in office: impeachment proceedings started

In the US House of Representatives, according to one MP, the Democrats have passed a resolution to impeach President Donald Trump.

Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House, awaits a response from Vice President Pence Foto: J. Scott Applewhite/ap

WASHINGTON afp / dpa | The US Democrats have passed a resolution in the House of Representatives to impeach President Donald Trump. The impeachment text, in which Trump is accused of “inciting a riot” because of the storm on the Capitol, was presented on Monday in the Congress Chamber, as the Democratic MP Ted Lieu announced. The Democrats also called on Vice President Mike Pence to remove Trump.

But the Republicans have blocked for the time being an ultimatum aimed at by the Democrats for US Vice President Mike Pence to remove incumbent President Donald Trump. The attempt by Democratic MP Steny Hoyer to pass a resolution unanimously failed on Monday due to opposition from Republican MP Alex Mooney.

The resolution was intended to call on Pence to take immediate steps to remove the incumbent president on the basis of an amendment to the US constitution following the storming of the US Capitol by supporters of Trump. The resolution stipulates that Pence respond to the request within 24 hours.

The House of Representatives will meet again on Tuesday at 9:00 a.m. local time (3:00 p.m. CET). It is expected that it will then deal with the resolution again and decide on it. Since the Democrats have a majority in the chamber, the resolution should then be passed.

The spokeswoman for the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, had already urged Pence in the past few days to take steps to remove Trump. The basis is Amendment 25 of the US Constitution.

According to this, the vice-president can declare the president incapable of “exercising the rights and duties of office” with a majority of important cabinet members. But Pence has not yet responded to the demands.


US House of Representatives to urge Pence to overthrow Trump

Dhe “Speaker” of the American House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, has set out the procedure in the efforts to prematurely disempower President Donald Trump. In a first step, a draft resolution is to be introduced into the chamber on Monday, in which the removal of Trump by Vice President Mike Pence and the Trump cabinet will be required, as the leader of the Democrats wrote to her parliamentary colleagues on Sunday.

According to Pelosi’s plan, the House of Representatives should vote on this resolution on Monday or Tuesday if possible. Pence is to be set by parliamentary resolution a deadline of 24 hours in order to respond to the demand for Trump’s removal according to Amendment 25 of the constitution. This article gives the Vice-President the opportunity, together with the Cabinet, to remove the President if they consider him unfit for office.

Plan B: Impeachment

Should Pence not comply with the House of Representatives’ request, according to Pelosi, a procedure for the impeachment of Trump by Congress should be initiated immediately. Pence has recently distanced himself from Trump. However, he has not indicated that he could be prepared to remove it on the basis of Amendment 25.

The Democrats as well as some MPs from Trump’s Republican Party accuse the elected president of direct joint responsibility for the storming of Congress by rioters last Wednesday. Shortly before the violent attack on parliament, Trump repeated his completely unsubstantiated accusation of massive fraud in the presidential election in November in a speech at a rally and urged his supporters to march on the Capitol.

Trump is supposed to be replaced by his elected successor Joe Biden on January 20 anyway. But the Democrats do not want to allow him to finish his term in office. “We will act urgently to protect our constitution and our democracy,” wrote Pelosi.

Impeachment unlikely

For impeachment proceedings against a president to be initiated, the House of Representatives must first bring charges against him. This is what is known as impeachment. A simple majority is sufficient for this charge to be brought. It is certain that this majority would come about, since the Democrats have a majority in the House of Representatives and can also count on the approval of some Republicans.

According to the constitution, the decision to impeach the president does not lie with the House of Representatives, but with the Senate. In this chamber the Republicans are in the majority. In addition, a two-thirds majority is required for removal from office. It is considered unlikely that this majority would come about. In addition, the time for the procedure is short, since Trump will be leaving office in a week and a half anyway.

Even the initiation of further impeachment proceedings would be a great shame for Trump. He would become the first president in American history to be subjected to such a procedure twice. His first impeachment trial revolved around his efforts to get help from Ukraine for his election campaign. It ended in February of last year with Trump’s acquittal by the Senate.


Dismissal advances if Trump does not resign ″ immediately ″, says Pelosi

US House Speaker Democrat Nacy Pelosi announced this Friday to congressmen from both parties that she will begin the impeachment process against Donald Trump if the outgoing president does not resign. “immediately”.

In a letter sent to all members of the House of Representatives, Pelosi urged Republicans to fire Trump for the president’s “dangerous and seditious acts”, giving as an example the Republican Party’s actions at the end of Richard Nixon’s presidency.

“Today, following the President’s dangerous and seditious acts, Republicans in Congress need to follow that example and ask Trump to step down immediately. If the President does not step down immediately and voluntarily, Congress will proceed with our action, “said Pelosi.

The growing pressure for Congress to start the second impeachment process against Trump a few days before leaving the White House, following the defeat of the presidential election, comes at a time when Pelosi awaits the response of Vice President Mike Pence on whether will invoke the 25th amendment to the US Constitution to remove the president from office.

Pelosi also informed Democratic members in the House of Representatives that the new impeachment case against Trump has more support in the party than the first case, carried out in early 2020.

At the time, Democrats sued Trump for pressures he exerted on President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskiy, to investigate Joe Biden with the aim of hampering his presidential aspirations.

The political process against Trump failed in the Senate, where Republicans had a majority until Wednesday and following the victory of the two Democratic candidates in the Senate elections in Georgia.

Pelosi, as well as the leader of the Democratic minority in the Senate, Chuck Schumer, had already announced on Thursday that they would ask the vice president, Mike Pence, to invoke the 25th amendment of the Constitution, which allows the President to be removed from power by inability to exercise functions.

If Trump is removed from office for dismissal, he will be barred from running for the White House again.

If he is the target of a dismissal trial, he will be the only President of the United States, so far, to have been the target of two such cases.

Republican Donald Trump lost the November 3 presidential election to his Democratic rival, Joe Biden, who is due to take office as the 46th US president on January 20.

Only this week did Trump assume defeat and, on Thursday, promised for the first time a peaceful power transition.


Trump asks supporters to pressure Congress not to validate Biden’s victory

US President Donald Trump asked his supporters this Monday to demonstrate in Washington on Jan. 6 in a last-ditch attempt to pressure Congress not to certify Joe Biden’s victory in the elections.

Thousands of protesters are expected on that date in the US capital to support the outgoing president and his (unproven) charges of electoral fraud in the November presidential election, including elements from far-right violent groups like the “Proud Boys. “.

Over the weekend, Trump used Twitter to urge his followers to join the protest, calling the November 3 election act “the biggest fraud in the history of the country”.

“See you in Washington on January 6th. Don’t miss out,” he appealed in two publications on that social network.

The president wants protesters to pressure Congress to reverse their defeat at the polls.

Vice President Mike Pence will chair, on January 6, a session of Congress to certify the votes of the electoral college of each American state, where Joe Biden obtained the votes of 306 major voters against the 232 of Donald Trump.

In the joint session with the House of Representatives and the Senate, Pence will have to complete the formality of opening and reading the certificates that announce the count of the big voters in each state before declaring the winner.

But Donald Trump and his supporters are trying to pressure the vice president to reject electoral certificates from states where Joe Biden won, a power that Pence lacks, according to several legal experts in the country.

For lack of tangible evidence to support the “massive fraud” charges, the nearly 50 complaints filed by Donald Trump’s supporters in the United States have been almost all dropped or rejected by the courts.


Over 100 MPs support lawsuit against Trump’s removal from office

IEver more Republicans are behind a Texas lawsuit against the results of the US presidential election. In addition to the Justice Ministers of 17 Republican states, at least 106 congressmen – around a quarter of the House of Representatives – expressed their support for what may be the last major attempt to overturn the election result. It calls on the Supreme Court to invalidate the Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin voters’ votes. Without these votes, Joe Biden would have lost the election.

Trump and his camp have already been beaten off with dozens of lawsuits for election and counting in various courts, most recently in the conservative Supreme Court. Experts also see no chance of success for the Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s lawsuit. Because it contains false, already invalid and unfounded claims about fraud in postal votes and other irregularities. The votes of tens of millions of Americans would de facto be annulled if the Supreme Court agreed with Paxton’s reasoning.

Ultraconservative MPs join Trump

But the fact that so many Republicans support President Donald Trump in this process shows the influence he still has in the party less than six weeks before the end of his term in office. It is mainly ultra-conservative MPs who support the lawsuit, but still: That around a quarter of the House of Representatives believe that the election result should be overturned is a clear signal. Even though there is no evidence of any major fraud.

Trump stuck to his account: “The Supreme Court has the opportunity to save our country from the largest election abuse in the history of the United States,” he wrote on Twitter on Thursday. He himself joined the lawsuit directly, as did six of the 17 states that expressed their support on Wednesday.

However, some of the Republican Justice Ministers do not want to reiterate Trump’s allegations of fraud, even though they support the lawsuit as such. It is just important that the Supreme Court pass judgment, said Wayne Stenehjem from North Dakota.

In the states concerned, the lawsuit was seen as a PR maneuver. Since election day, courts have been inundated with silly lawsuits aimed at undermining the legitimacy of the election, said Pennsylvania Democratic Justice Secretary Josh Shapiro. Rick Hasen, a law professor at the University of California at Irvine, said the Supreme Court will never uphold the lawsuit. But the “anti-American” support for such a maneuver from 17 states shows how bad things are for the country.


Clinics do not see a country (

Caring for a corona patient in the Berlin Havelhöhe Clinic – the doctors and nurses have an increasingly difficult time.

Photo: Reuters / Fabrizio Bensch

All hope now rests on the fact that vaccinations will soon be possible. “We can most likely start vaccinating as early as December, but no later than January,” said the governing mayor Michael Müller (SPD) in the plenary session of the House of Representatives. Here on Thursday there was a heated discussion about the current procedure in the corona crisis.

For this, it is necessary to create the appropriate spatial situation and technical equipment and to address and provide staff, said Müller. “If we succeed in getting the vaccines approved, if production can start accordingly, we can expect to be able to vaccinate around 350,000 Berliners in the first quarter,” said the mayor.

Until the hoped-for relief of the pandemic situation through vaccinations comes, the situation in the clinics must be kept in view. Two of the three Berlin Corona traffic lights are still on red, says the leader of the Greens Silke Gebel in the House of Representatives. From Wednesday to Thursday alone, 1,000 new infections were reported. “88 percent of Berliners who died of Covid-19 were over 70 years old. If we don’t act more consistently, more and more elderly people will die, ”says Gebel.

“The Berlin 7-day incidence is still 193.4 infections per 100,000 inhabitants,” says Carsten Schatz, leader of the Left Party in the House of Representatives. This is the first red corona traffic light. The second red light relates to the proportion of Covid 19 sufferers in the intensive care bed occupancy. 26.6 percent of the beds in intensive care units are currently occupied by Covid patients. »While 169 intensive care beds were occupied at the beginning of November, this number has more than doubled. As of this morning there are 358 «, said Schatz.

The Vivantes Clinic in Neukölln reported at the end of November that it was considering stopping the rescue center because it was busy. That has not yet happened, but on Monday evening nine patients from the rescue center had to be relocated by the fire brigade to the surrounding city area in order to “temporarily relieve them,” says Vivantes spokeswoman Mischa Moriceau. According to Moriceau, a total of 448 patients with Covid-19 will be treated at Vivantes on Thursday, 74 of them intensive care and 47 with artificial respiration. “The bed occupancy rate is currently around 66 percent in the somatic area and around 70 percent in the intensive care area,” said the clinic spokeswoman when asked by nd. Reserve beds do not have to be approached yet.

Michael Müller also referred in the debate in the House of Representatives to full intensive care units and double-digit death rates per day in Berlin in connection with the corona virus. “None of this is anything to come to terms with,” explained Müller.

The situation in Brandenburg is also very serious. “The hospitals are reaching their limits,” said Health Minister Ursula Nonnemacher (Greens) on Tuesday. The day before, her department had informed the 24 rehabilitation clinics in the state that they should be prepared to treat moderate and mild cases without corona infection if necessary, so that »more severe and very severe cases and those infected with corona can be admitted to the hospitals «. According to the State Hospital Association, it has not yet come to that. However, patients are already being transferred to less polluted areas of Brandenburg. “We look at where there are still free capacities,” says Managing Director Michael Jacob. Lower Lusatia is one of the particularly affected regions. “The situation there is dramatic.”

As can be seen from a register of the German Interdisciplinary Association for Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine, in Oberspreewald-Lausitz, the district with the highest infection rate in Brandenburg, 25 percent of the intensive care beds are occupied by corona patients and no beds are free. In the entire state, only 153 of 757 intensive care beds are unoccupied. An all-clear is therefore not indicated: “What we see today in the hospital in severe cases is the infection from three to four weeks ago. The numbers haven’t gone down, ”Jacob warned. It is important that the population avoid anything that drives up the number of infections.

With 950 infections within 24 hours, the Ministry of Health reported a new record on Thursday. 689 corona patients are currently being treated in clinics in Brandenburg, 143 of them in the intensive care unit. 107 need ventilation. The number of deaths increased by 25 to 525. This almost reached the previous high of 26 deaths, which was reported on November 28th. With agencies


USA: Donald Trump signs “Rodchenkov law”

NAfter the House of Representatives and the Senate, the still incumbent American President Donald Trump has given his approval: This makes the so-called “Grigory Rodchenkov Law” in the anti-doping fight official. This gives the authorities in the United States the opportunity to classify doping as a criminal offense at major sporting events and to punish it. In addition to criminal sanctions, the law protects whistleblowers from retaliation and provides compensation for athletes who have been damaged by doping.

Democrats and Republicans introduced the “Rodchenkov Law” into both chambers in early 2019. It was approved by the House of Representatives in October 2019. The Senate followed. On Friday, Trump also gave the decisive signature to the paper.

“A monumental day”

The name is a tribute to the Russian whistleblower Grigory Rodchenkov. The former head of the Moscow doping control laboratory revealed Russia’s machinations during the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi to cover up positive doping tests from local athletes after his escape. Rodchenkov has lived in the FBI’s witness protection program in the United States ever since.

“This is a monumental day in the global fight for clean sport. The law will help to change the competition for clean athletes for the better, ”said Travis Tygart, managing director of the American anti-doping agency Usada, before Trump’s signature.


The FEI will criminally accuse former representative Guillermo Miranda

Former Penepé Representative Guillermo Miranda will be charged this afternoon with criminal charges, confirmed this morning the chairman of the Independent Special Prosecutor’s Panel, Nydia Cotto Vives.

The evidence will be presented by prosecutors Leticia Pabón and Ramón Mendoza in a trial for virtual arrest at 1:30 pm

What I can confirm is that criminal charges will be filed against former representative Guillermo Miranda“Cotto Vives told El Nuevo Día.

On October 27, Cotto Vives confirmed to this newspaper that the prosecutors had completed their report on the investigation they carried out on Miranda on September 21, but for that date a series of bureaucratic procedures postponed the date on which the document would be made. public.

Miranda Rivera resigned on October 25 last year, after the House Ethics Committee evaluated the content of the recording of a phone call between him and his former employee, Ivette Sierra Vivas. In the audio, Miranda is heard justify the dismissal of the woman, executed by his office director in the Capitol, Francisco “Paco” Cruz Rivera, because he understood that Sierra Vivas was not “doing his part for the committee”, it is understood that he did not want to buy raffle books to raise campaign funds.

The case was referred by the Department of Justice to Opfei on December 9 of last year, with a recommendation that the conduct of Miranda Rivera, Cruz Rivera and another employee of the office, Addyth Valle Torres, be investigated.

Miranda will be the only defendant today.


Here Donald Trump can still do considerable harm to Joe Biden

Donald Trump will probably no longer be able to save his presidency. Even if he tries everything. But he can do Joe Biden yet make life hard. Especially in Georgia.

Mike Pence came, anyway. The vice president flew to the southeastern United States on Friday, to Georgia. While Donald Trump complains on Twitter about the allegedly stolen election, Pence is already campaigning again. “We will defend the majority!” Pence shouts to the audience, as shown by video recordings. And the audience cheer.

Unlike their flood of futile lawsuits and attempts to undermine democracy, Georgia Republicans still have a realistic and, above all, legal way of influencing the outcome of the election. Because here on January 5th it will be decided how powerful President Joe Biden will really be.

Photo series with 17 pictures

It’s going to be tight for Biden

The presidential election practically ran out in Georgia as well. On Friday when Mike Pence toured the state by bus, the Republican governor put his signature on the result. The election workers had previously counted the ballot papers by hand, instead of 14,000 votes, Biden now leads with 12,670 votes. But he just leads. Trump’s team immediately requested another recount, which this time will be automated. It will cost tax money again, but Biden is unlikely to win. There is nothing left to get.

But on November 3rd, the Americans not only elected the president, they also filled many seats in the House of Representatives and the Senate, the two important chambers of parliament. In the House of Representatives, the Democrats have defended their majority, albeit much more tightly than hoped. Who will be in charge of the Senate in the future will be decided on January 5th in Georgia. Because there the result for two Senate posts was so close that there was a runoff election. Two Republicans compete with two Democrats.

It will be tight for the Democrats and thus for Joe Biden in any case. Both of their candidates must win in order for the Senate to have 50 Democrats and 50 Republicans in the future. The vote of Vice President Kamala Harris would then narrowly secure the majority for the Democrats – provided that not a single Senator leaves. Even if only one Republican wins in Georgia, they would have defended their majority in the Senate.

One compromise after another

Joe Biden would then be the first president in over 30 years to come into office without control of the two houses of Congress. It would severely limit his plans from the start. Both chambers have to approve every bill. And since Congress has budgetary powers, it can withdraw funding from the President for his projects. Without a majority in the Senate, Biden would have to make one compromise after the other right from the start.

Not a good prospect.

Georgia has actually been Republican hands for decades. The fact that the Democrats won a slim majority this time was one of the biggest surprises of the presidential election. So it will be anything but easy for the democratic candidates: the more moderate liberal Jon Ossoff and the more left-wing pastor Raphael Warnock.

Preventing another Trump term in office was the main successful message of the Georgia Democrats before November 3rd. Now the two candidates are campaigning for votes by emphasizing that Biden must now be able to implement his plans, for example in the Covid crisis. With a majority in both Congress Chambers.

The complicated message of the Republicans

Georgia is actually a home game for the Republicans, and only one of the two seats is enough for them to win a majority. But their message is currently a little more complicated. And that’s up to Donald Trump.

With the runoff election, the Republicans can prevent much of what Joe Biden wants to achieve. You can sabotage the new president, prevent him from undoing Trump’s policies. That would be the main logical message of their campaign.

However, it is more difficult to convey it with a Donald Trump who still claims at every opportunity that he has won and will remain President. Especially since he likes to publicly punish Republicans on Twitter who say goodbye to this line. So why go to the polls again when Trump has everything under control and remains president?

Vice President Mike Pence (middle) with Republican Senators Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue in Georgia. (Source: Alyssa Pointer / Atlanta Journal-Constitution / AP / dpa)

Mike Pence tried the balancing act on his Friday visit by saying that a “Senate Republican majority could be the last line of defense for everything we’ve done”.

The Republican Senators Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue, who fear for their re-election, are apparently too subtle. Perdue warned Friday that without her, the Democrats “have the White House, the Senate, and the House of Representatives. They’ll do whatever they want!”

Both senators are big Trump supporters and even asked the state election officer to resign after the election – a party friend. Now they implicitly acknowledge Biden’s victory. To win for yourself.

Is Trump coming?

The runoff election on January 5th is likely to be largely determined by voter turnout. Far fewer people tend to vote in runoff elections than in large presidential or mid-term congressional elections. Teaching people what depends on the Georgia runoff is therefore the most important task for both camps.

Both Trump and Biden’s team know that, of course. Biden’s chief of staff, Ron Klain, recently said that the newly elected president could be expected to visit Georgia. Some Democrats there also want Barack Obama, especially since the votes of the blacks have contributed a large part to the democratic success there.

And Trump? Whether he visits Georgia depends on his schedule, said Chief of Staff Mark Meadows last week. Maybe Trump will simply continue to support the candidates where he currently prefers to be: on Twitter.