Boston River 1-Nacional 1: The tricolor was left with the desire to be the only leader of the Apertura – Ovation – 06/19/2021

When the Opening Tournament 2021, which would not have Danubio and Defensor Sporting for being in the Second Division, practically all the journalists said the same thing: the greats are going to fight it and for a large number of points. The truth is that we usually do it because it is the logic, more with the hiring that each one had done; and also because it is the easiest. Who dares to say that Plaza Colonia or River Plate can win?

The point is that, after six days of the Apertura Tournament, these two teams are the leaders together with National, that this Saturday lost a great opportunity to remain as the only leader the draw 1-1 with Boston River. Yes, the one who reached this date first tied with the one who ran last.

It was not a good game for the tricolor, who had the ball during the first half but lacked depth as he did not feel comfortable with the approach of a Boston River that pressed in the middle, occupied the spaces well, stood firmly behind and had the better goal situation.

Alejandro Cappuccio made some adjustments at halftime, sent Andrés D’Alessandro to the field and tried to give the team more play, but he did not succeed, beyond that he reached the goal because he has that monster called Gonzalo Bergessio, who the first clear that he had transformed it into 1-0.

But Boston River was not willing to make it easy for him, he went to the front, took advantage of some failures in the rival’s exit, pressed, generated a corner, put a comb in the first half, a play by Facundo Rodríguez for the second post and the goal of the tie.

First time

The ball and the initiative were from Nacional, which began as if to pass over Boston River but then it was diluted. At the minute of play, Leandro Fernández was enabled by Gonzalo Bergessio and sent a powerful shot that passed next to the pipe. Alejandro Cappuccio’s team came out determined to get those three points that would leave him as the only leader of the Apertura Tournament, but that was until there, because then he fell into the disorder that the rival proposed to him when he stood firm in defense and did not manage to get there clearly.

Boston River vs. Nacional
Nacional was not clear during the first 45 minutes against Boston River. Photo: Estefanía Leal

In fact, the clearest play on the goal came from Boston River at the feet of Facundo Labandeira, who arrived from the right and took a powerful shot that Martín Rodríguez sent to the corner standing at the near post.

Lazy first 45 minutes of Nacional, who is not comfortable on the court and needs to find clarity to reach the victory that gives him the lead.

Second time

Alejandro Cappuccio reached into the team at halftime and sent Andrés D’Alessandro to replace Pablo García. The team needed more clarity and who better than the number 10 to try to give it. And without having much to do with it, Nacional reached the opening of the scoreboard at 50 ‘.

Gonzalo Bergessio started it with a great pass to Leandro Fernández, who took the goalkeeper off his back, looked in the middle, saw “Lavandina” enter and enabled him to score. True to his style, the first clear he had he sent to save to score what was the goal of tranquility for the tricolor. But it was not.

Gonzalo bergessio
Bergessio’s celebration with Leandro Fernández. Photo: Estefanía Leal

Boston River did not give up, kept looking, began to send deep balls and find that the tricolor defense was not firm. He pressed in the middle and quickly put his forwards running and thus got the corner that was worth the tie.

Boston River goal to Nacional
Facundo Rodríguez has already pushed the ball, which is heading for the net. Photo: Estefanía Leal

Nacional did not play well, but not because its players did not perform. He did it because Boston River presented him with a smart game, handcuffed him, made him uncomfortable and detected his defensive shortcomings to get a draw that is celebrated as a victory. In the dressing room of El Sastre and also in the houses of the Plaza Colonia and River Plate campuses.

Boston River vs. Nacional
Facundo Rodríguez yells his goal and points it to Ruben Bentancourt, who combed the ball. Photo: Estefanía Leal
Boston River vs. Nacional
Andrés D’Alessandro and the gesture of disbelief. Photo: Estefanía Leal
Boston River vs. Nacional
Bergessio finishes off and Nadruz tries to interrupt the ball’s path. Photo: Estefanía Leal
Boston River vs. Nacional
Bergessio’s frustration. Photo: Estefanía Leal
Boston River vs. Nacional
The “Chino” Recoba explains something to Alejandro Cappuccio. Photo: Estefanía Leal

The previous

National visit to Boston River from the hour 15.00 in the Artigas de Las Piedras Park by sixth date of the 2021 Apertura Tournament and comes with the great possibility of remaining as exclusive leader after the fall of Liverpool in his visit to Plaza Colonia. Alejandro Cappuccio, tricolor coach, has already confirmed the eleventh starter and it will be the same as the last two games: wins against Plaza and Fénix.

Boston River: In the first five dates he only reaped one point and it was in the last one, when he drew 2-2 with Villa Española. It is the last in the table.

National: Won four of the five games (the last two in a row) and lost the rest. Gonzalo Bergessio scored four goals in the last two games and reached 6. He only has the same amount as the rival on duty.