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A famous artist dies of life after 24 hours of false news of her death. Pictures

The worst that stars may suffer; Are rumors of their deaths; Which kicks off from time to time to shake the hearts of their relatives and loved ones and provokes a shock in the artistic community, which reflects on the artists and famous people with psychological harm.

The James Bond movie star “Tania Roberts” passed away at the age of 65, one day after fake news about her death, which her partner had denied her and confirmed that she is still alive.

The Hollywood star died Monday evening at Cedars Hospital Sinai, according to TMZ, where her partner, Lance O’Brien, received a phone call from the hospital informing him of her death.

This comes after rumors of her death sparked earlier confusion about whether the actress was still alive after O’Brien announced her premature death at the weekend.

O’Brien later received a phone call from the hospital in the middle of a live interview with Inside Edition to inform him that Roberts was still alive.

Roberts’ fellow artist, Mike Pinngle, had earlier issued statements explaining how the actress was hospitalized after collapsing during a walk with her dog.

Pinngle said doctors put her on a ventilator, but she did not recover. “I am psychologically devastated … I’ve been friends with Tania for over 20 years,” Pinngle said, praising Roberts, in a previous statement to ABC.

“She was full of boundless energy and we always spent the best of times together .. She was a really angel and I will miss her very much.”

As O’Brien affirmed, “Tania and I have never parted .. It is very difficult to accept it .. her animals will be lost without her and me too .. When I carried her in her last moments, she opened her eyes … She was able to see her beautiful eyes for the last time .. She had the most beautiful eyes.” .


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Power struggle at the traditional club: The hammer is circling at VfB Stuttgart

PAck is fighting, Pack is getting along, say many fans of VfB Stuttgart these days. At times it is like an inn when the regular carpenters give each other the cast-iron ashtray over the head.

Two weeks ago everything was on the palette. The promoted player played brisk football. The world was all right – until CEO Thomas Hitzlsperger showed why he was called “The Hammer” during his violent days in England.

If the store completely blows up in the next few days, there is only one consolation left.


They confirmed the death of Tanya Roberts after the false announcement | Daily Show

After his representative announced the death of Tanya Roberts On Sunday, the hospital where she was admitted had to deny her since she was still in critical condition. However this Monday he finally confirmed his death.

Wrongly, Mike Pingel, manager of the actress recognized as a chica Bond for his participation in the film “A view to a kill” with Roger Moore, had mourned his passing while he was still alive at Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles.

Tanya Roberts participated in one of the James Bond films with Roger Moore

Tanya Roberts was in one of the James Bond movies with Roger Moore.

At only 65 years old, Roberts broke down when he returned from a walk with his dog after the Christmas festivities. Although she was transferred to the medical center, after ten days she died, but the causes are unknown.

As explained by the artist’s spokesperson to the TMZ site, her husband Lance O’Brien had released a premature statement about her death after seeing her hospitalized. “After seeing her, he felt like she had passed away. So the Cedars Sinai doctors called him and told him at 10 in the morning that she had not passed away last night, but that she is terrible and please keep her in your prayers“Pingel said.

Even international media also broadcast the moment in which O’Brien received the call from the doctors to inform him that the actress was still alive. “Now you’re telling me she’s alive? Oh, thank the Lord. Thank God.”he says broken in emotion.


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Elisabeth Bronfen: “Historically, women are linked to infection”

WORLD: Her latest book examines representations of pandemics from a cultural studies perspective. There is also a lot about horror films, zombies and vampires.

Elisabeth Bronfen: It was fascinating for me to observe that since the outbreak of Corona many people have been watching vampire films again, with few explicitly referring to a pandemic. Nosferatu – A symphony of horror by Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau is my prime example of this. It came out in 1922 and alluded to the mass death during the Spanish flu, of course also to the mass death in the trenches of the First World War. The hype about vampire films of the 1990s, on the other hand, could be understood as a reaction to the AIDS crisis.

WORLD: What do vampires have to do with the pandemic?


Faced with the outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic, Hollywood suspends filming

The actors’ union has announced a halt to filming taking place in the county, at least until the end of January.

The blood of Tom Cruise will not have changed anything, Hollywood has again been forced to stop most of its filming taking place in the city of angels. The actors’ union announced the move as Covid-19 cases continue to break records in Los Angeles, which has become one of the epicenters of the pandemic in the United States.

«Most productions will remain on hiatus until the second or third week of January, if not later», Declared the SAG-AFTRA union in a press release sent to its members. Days earlier, Los Angeles County health officials urged filmmakers to “consider suspending their work for a few weeks during this catastrophic increase in Covid cases».

Los Angeles, the most populous county in the United States with some ten million inhabitants, has become one of the main hotbeds of the coronavirus pandemic in the country and is breaking records for almost daily contamination, with hospitals overwhelmed by the new cases. To date, some 750,000 cases have been officially identified in the county, where the disease has claimed nearly 10,000 lives.

Decrease in activity and filming abroad

Restrictive measures put in place in early December in an attempt to curb the spread of the virus were extended indefinitely on Tuesday across southern California, where emergency services are overwhelmed and ambulances sometimes have to run for hours to find a bed to the patient they are carrying.

The SAG-AFTRA union has stepped up initiatives to try to relaunch filming in Hollywood since their total shutdown last March, in particular through an agreement signed in September with the main studios on the health measures to be implemented to protect actors, including rigorous testing.

Despite these precautions, productions struggled to take off again in Los Angeles. In October, their activity rate did not even reach 50% of the usual level in this period, and the outbreak of contamination has reduced it further in recent weeks. According to Film LA, the entity responsible for issuing permits for filming in Los Angeles, requests were recently at their lowest level since the resumption of operations in Hollywood this summer.

Other than a few dozen independent films, very few feature films were shot this year in the Los Angeles area, with most of the activity focusing on commercials and music videos. Conversely, big budget films have relaunched their shoots outside the United States, such as Tom Cruise and his new opus of “Mission Impossible“In the United Kingdom and Italy, or the television series”Supergirl“And”Batwoman” in Canada. One of the factors slowing the recovery of films in California is the refusal of insurers to take charge of filming incidents linked to the coronavirus.