Accident in Goyave: a 23-year-old woman dies

The shock was violent. The condition of one of the vehicles involved in a collision which took place this Saturday at the end of the morning at the Barthélémy crossroads in Goyave, attests it. Three victims are to be deplored, two in a state of relative emergency (a man and a child) and a young woman for whom the emergency services could not do anything.


“The spirit of the Dummies”, “to cry of laughter”: how the series “The Flame” set Twitter on fire

After the airing of the first episodes of The flame, the new comedy series from Canal + directed and performed by Jonathan Cohen, the reactions on social networks are very (very) enthusiastic.

When Jonathan Cohen, a new safe bet in French humor revealed by his character of Serge le Mytho, produces a parody series by bringing together a breathtaking cast, it inevitably creates expectations. Monday, October 12, 615,000 viewers, or 2.5% of audience share, watched the first episode, broadcast unencrypted on Canal +. On Twitter, the comments were not long in coming. The flame literally set tweeters in search of original creations and comedy ablaze.

“The spirit of Dummies, Unknowns, Robin Hoods and OSS 117”

How to qualify humor The flame ? Everyone has their own analysis. For @ RouxAlexis3, “It’s stupid, REALLY very stupid. And that’s great ”. @AnthonyCoindeau is of the same opinion: “The first 3 episodes of #LaFlamme are just bitter laughs. The writing is Dantesque and the cast is in total freewheeling. It does not hesitate to go very far, making delirium quite simply essential, ”he believes. Our colleague from Figaro Magazine Jean-Christophe Buisson uses no less than four comic references to describe the series: “A humor mixing a little spirit of Dummies, Unknowns, Robins des bois, OSS 117”. Extensive program.


Kate Moss’s daughter Lila walks the runway for the first time at Paris Fashion Week

Kate Moss’s daughter walked her first podium this Tuesday, October 6 in Paris, during the Miu Miu fashion show.

It’s a familiar face that paraded down the Miu Miu catwalk. A surname too. A Moss what. The daughter of the British top model has made her first strides for the Italian label. Even taking with her the crop-top, this very cropped top nineties who comes back to everything after having experienced his golden age with the Spice Girls, Britney Spears or even the Destiny’s Child – and also since September 14 has become the emblem of a movement of French college girls who claim the right to dress as they want.

Adolescence, Lila Moss barely comes out with her 18 years just blown this September 29. Which doesn’t make her a novice in the fashion industry. We could discover his youthful features and prominent cheekbones in one of the Vogue Italian, alongside Kate Moss, when she was 13. Then, in a campaign for Marc Jacobs Beauty and recently at Miu Miu, where she has embodied the brand for two seasons. In 2017, she also got to know the bronca after posing for The Braid Bar, a British hair accessories brand accused of cultural appropriation due to the choice of its white models – including Lila Moss – to wear African braids. And to the scandal, it is a response to the Moss that she gave: that is to say, no justification.

Daughter of Jefferson Hack, co-founder of the magazine Dazed and Confused, Lila Moss also made her debut in the press at the age of 16, conducting an interview with Gigi Hadid on behalf of the British media. A basic question and answer on the personal life of the model. In short, 18 years old, and already a full CV.

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The complete update on the biggest drug case ever in Guyana with in the end 594 kilos of cocaine seized and 50,000 euros in cash

The four individuals arrested in the context of the largest seizure ever made in Guyana will take the plane this evening to reach Martinique where they will be presented during the week at JIRS. The searches carried out brought to light a major drug trafficking. The investigation is continuing. The opportunity for us to take stock of this historic affair that France-Guyana revealed to you exclusively on Friday evening, when 594 kilos of cocaine were finally seized, as well as 3 luxury cars or even 50,000 euros in cash!

It is an unprecedented affair in Guyana that France Guyana revealed to you as early as Friday night. You should know that it is even more important than the first indications provided. 594 kilos of cocaine were seized by the police. And that’s not all: 3 luxury cars and 50,000 euros in cash were, among other things, also seized. 4 people, aged 26 to 56, were arrested, placed in police custody and will be presented during the week to the Specialized Interregional Jurisdiction of Fort-de-France (JIRS). While awaiting their planned transfer this evening to Martinique, the four suspects spent last night in Rémire-Montjoly prison. In Martinique, at the end of their presentation before the magistrate in charge of the case, they risk being indicted and imprisoned in Ducos prison. Searches have highlighted a major drug trafficking and the investigation allowed us to become certain that this was not the first time that this had happened …

“This is the biggest cocaine seizure ever in Guyana” confirms this Tuesday the parquet of Fort-de-France. A judicial investigation was open since August to the Specialized Interregional Jurisdiction (JIRS) of Fort-de-France after the Cayenne prosecutor’s office transmitted the file in view of the scale of the case.

Start of business in July

“In fact, the affair started last July” indicates this Tuesday, the prosecutor of the Republic of Fort-de-France Renaud Gaudeul. The soldiers of the Matoury gendarmerie company then gathered information relating to major drug trafficking, passing through Guyana.

The first elements made it possible to verify the seriousness of the elements gathered, justifying the opening of a judicial investigation, quickly piloted by the prosecution of the JIRS of Fort-de-France. At the end of a preliminary investigation of one month, a judicial investigation was entrusted to a specialized investigating magistrate.

The investigations, carried out jointly by OFAST Antilles-Guyane and the gendarmerie in Guyana, highlighted an imminent departure of cocaine at the end of September. “It is under these conditions that it was decided to conduct a judicial police operation on October 1, 2020, in the evening. This mobilized around fifty gendarmes from Guyana, as well as around ten OFAST investigators ”, specifies the parquet floor of Fort-de-France.

During this operation, 594 kilograms of cocaine, packaged in 18 canvas bags, were seized. They were accompanied by a container closing seal. The goods were found Thursday evening in a Citroën Berlingo vehicle, near the port of Dégrad des Cannes in Rémire-Montjoly.

The night of the facts …

The driver of the said vehicle as well as the occupants of a second vehicle which was in the immediate vicinity were arrested. A fourth individual, implicated by the elements of the investigation, was also arrested inside the port. All four were taken into custody. Police custody that ended Monday afternoon before these individuals were presented to a judge of freedoms and detention at the Larivot court in Cayenne. These four individuals are between 26 and 56 years old. Three of them are locals, born in Guyana, except the last, who is a Haitian. One of them was established in Suriname, while the other three lived in Matoury and Cayenne. Two of them declared that they had no profession, one declared himself to be a gold miner and timber negotiator in Suriname, while the last was employed in a maritime transport and port handling company working in the port of Rémire- Montjoly. This is the oldest of the 4, whose name and photo have been widely relayed on social networks. This man, an executive at Somarig, was also one of the union officials for the port dockers. He is also the only accused who has chosen to remain silent throughout police custody, as confirmed to us by his lawyer, Maître Jérôme Gay, who adds that for him “the case is more complex than it seems”. The other three suspects all agreed to make statements while in police custody.

It was not the first time…

At this stage of the investigation, it appears that this criminal organization had set up a cocaine transport network between Suriname and Europe, passing through the port infrastructures of Guyana.

At this stage of the investigation, it appears that this was not the first time that this organization had carried out this transport of narcotics to Europe by sea. The ports of destination were those of Le Havre and Antwerp.

The searches carried out have already enabled them to get their hands on more than 50,000 euros, three luxury vehicles (Audi Q5, Aaudi A7 and Renault Talisman), a jet ski and a Honda motorcycle.

At the end of their police custody, the four people arrested were the subject of a warrant to bring, in this open procedure, heads in particular of import and export in organized gangs of narcotics, facts for which the perpetrators face a sentence of 30 years of criminal imprisonment. The four individuals must be presented to the examining magistrate of the JIRS of Fort-de-France during the course of the week. The investigation is continuing in order to clarify the extent of this trafficking, and the exact role of the various protagonists.

La technique du “Ripp-on / Ripp-off”

The suspected traffickers used the technique commonly known as “Ripp-on / Ripp-off”. It consists of polluting legal containers by incorporating drugs into them, the latter then being unloaded in Europe, either inside the port or outside.

“This type of organization is complex to implement because it implies complicity in the ports of departure and arrival, but it is particularly lucrative: the quantity discovered in this case represents that transported by more than 400 mules passing through the by air from Guyana, the average quantity transported being 1.7 kilograms (2018 data) “, specifies the parquet floor.

The value of the merchandise seized in this case, once it reached Europe, was at least 18 million euros (and significantly more when cross-checked and sold at retail). The total sum of the value of this drug is much higher if we count sales per gram. We would then speak of several tens of millions of euros.


Seizures in figures

594 kilograms of cocaine seized

More than 50,000 euros in cash

Several vehicles, including 3 luxury, a jet ski, a motorcycle

4 arrests and presentations before the investigating magistrate


He said :

Renaud Gaudeul, Public Prosecutor in Fort-de-France: “Thanks to cooperation between services”

“I would like to congratulate the magistrates and investigators, both the police and the gendarmerie, who worked in this affair. We had assumed for several months that criminal networks should be interested in the sea route for the transport of cocaine from Guyana. This case, made possible thanks to cooperation between police and gendarmerie services, shows that this hypothesis was correct ”.


From best friends to political rivals: the reasons for the falling out between Chelsea Clinton and Ivanka Trump

For a long time inseparable, the two “daughters of” no longer speak to each other. At issue: Ivanka Trump’s unwavering support for her father.

On November 8, 2016, the father of one won the US presidential election against the mother of the other. What does it matter! Ivanka Trump and Chelsea Clinton have every intention of remaining friends. However, for almost four years, the two BFF (understand, best friend forever) no longer speak to each other. The fault is their political disagreements, Donald Trump too.

Invited to speak on the show “Watch What Happens Live” this Thursday, October 1, the only daughter of Hillary and Bill Clinton does not mince words about her former alter ego. “We were always in touch at the start of the campaign, but it’s really difficult when someone actively supports a candidate, whether it’s their father or not, who turns out to be racist, sexist, anti-Semitic, Islamophobic, homophobic, transphobic, follower of conspiracy theories, lies, and is so deeply corrupt ”, laments Chelsea Clinton at the microphone of Andy Cohen, accusing Ivanka Trump of having actively participated in“ the cruelty and incompetence ”of the US government. “I don’t want to be friends with someone like that,” she adds.

In video, who is Ivanka Trump?

Many points in common

Ivanka Trump et Chelsea Clinton

Reunion on the red carpet between Ivanka Trump and Chelsea Clinton. (New York, November 10, 2014.)

Getty Images

Born “daughters of,” Ivanka Trump, 38, and Chelsea Clinton, 40, grew up in the shadow of bulky parents. Chelsea lived her adolescence between the thick walls of the White House, heckled by the setbacks and scandals around her parents. Ivanka, she is the result of the union of the real estate mogul and the former athlete and model Ivana Trump. In the politico-elitist milieu of Washington as in the New York jet-set, the two Americans forged their own identity, before ending up following in the footsteps of their influential parents. Chelsea is now vice president of the Clinton Foundation, while Ivanka is her father’s senior advisor in the White House and vice president of the Trump Organization’s development and acquisitions department.

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Another point in common: both got married to Jewish men, Jared Kushner for Ivanka and Marc Mezvinsky for Chelsea. If the first was converted, the second opted for interfaith marriage. And it is precisely through their respective husbands that the two young women met. Residents of New York, the two couples have long used to meet for convivial dinners. At least until the election of Donald Trump in 2016. “Friendship is more important than politics,” Chelsea Clinton assured the newspaper People, some time earlier. Things have changed a lot since then.

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First appearance of the Oropouche virus in Guyana with 37 suspected cases in Saul

A new virus has just been detected for the first time in Guyana. It is an Oropouche virus. It causes symptoms resembling those of dengue fever. 37 cases have been recorded since early August in Saul. The virus is present in particular in the Amazonian states of northern Brazil (Amapa and Amazonas). A team bringing together the ARS, the Pasteur Institute and the CTG is going to the site today.

Since August 11, 37 clinically suggestive cases (including 7 confirmed cases out of 9 tested) of Oropouche virus have been detected in the town of Saul. This is the first emergence of the Oropouche virus in Guyana. The peak of cases appears to have been
reached mid-September.
This virus of the arbovirus class is transmitted by bites of midges and mosquitoes. Direct transmission of the virus from person to person has never been observed. It causes symptoms resembling those of dengue fever after an incubation period of 4 to 8 days (which can range from 3 to 12 days), explains this Wednesday the ARS (Regional Health Agency) which reveals the information.

Symptoms similar to those of dengue

The symptoms are: fever, headache, body aches, joint pain and vomiting. In some
patients, it causes clinical symptoms of aseptic meningitis. To date, Oropouche fever has never resulted in death in humans and all cases have been cured after symptomatic treatment.

The fight against the spread of this virus proceeds mainly by eliminating the breeding sites (egg-laying sites) near human dwellings. As for the
dengue fever, preventive measures involve these simple actions: eliminate places where water can stagnate (small rubbish, bulky items, waste …), protect yourself individually against mosquito and midges bites to avoid transmission of the virus (sleep under fine mosquito nets to protect yourself from small gnats, wear long, covering clothes, use repellents), in case of high fever, avoid taking aspirin and anti-inflammatory drugs,
see a doctor.

An ARS – Institut Pasteur – CTG mission of entomological investigation led by the entomology department of the Institut Pasteur, is going on site this Wednesday.

The info in +

The virus was first identified in 1955 in Trinidad and Tobago. It circulates in Central and South America. There are three different genotypes. It circulates in particular in Argentina, Brazil, Panama, Peru and Trinidad and Tobago. On the other hand, epidemics had only been identified there in states in northern and central Brazil. It is the first time that it appears in Guyana.

500,000 cases of Oropouche fever have been reported in Brazil over the past decades, an incidence that is expected to increase as its vector, the midge Culicoides paraensis circulates throughout the Americas. The incidence of Oropouche fever is also increasing in urban areas of Peru and in some Caribbean countries. In Brazil, the virus has been isolated from both birds and primates.

The virus is found in the cerebrospinal fluid of infected patients: in 2002, researchers in São Paulo diagnosed 128 patients infected with the Oropouche virus in Manaus, the capital of the state of Amazonas. These patients had developed symptoms typical of the infection, such as acute fever, joint pain, headache and pain behind the eyes. 3 of the patients also developed central nervous system infection. Certain immunocompromising diseases seem to facilitate the penetration of the virus into the central nervous system.

In Brazil, Oropouche is considered a threat to public health and is difficult to detect due to its proximity to the symptoms of dengue.


Dior, a great show like no other in the heart of Paris

For the first major physical show of this Parisian fashion week, Maria Grazia Chiuri celebrates women’s freedom with her Dior spring summer 2021 collection, presented this Tuesday at the Tuileries.

In the midst of a health crisis, the Covid-19 epidemic requires, most of the parades for this spring-summer 2021 season are only digital. Only a handful of houses, around twenty at most, often carried by powerful and solid luxury groups, are able to provide the spectacle with a physical parade. In this demonstration of vitality, the Dior house opened the ball with a “big” show that we have not seen or hardly seen since March. No less than 350 guests were invited, all masked and seated while respecting the rules of social distancing imposed. Little or no crowds. It’s the new normal parades in this Covid-19 era.

The decor : In the garden of the Tuileries, under a gray sky washed by the rain, stands a vast immaculate cube displaying Dior in capital letters. Inside, the atmosphere is more reminiscent of a cathedral plunged into darkness that is just pierced by the light of contemporary stained glass, a set of collages by Italian artist Lucia Marcucci. To reinforce this idea of ​​sacred femininity, twelve lyrical singers from the vocal ensemble Sequenza 9.3, conducted by Catherine Simonpietri, chant a Spokesman, a song like a labyrinth of words and sounds.

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Solar locker room

The collection: For Maria Grazia Chiuri, artistic director of the Dior house, it is not only a question of creating clothes that dress women but of imagining a collection that reflects the time, the evolution of society as well as that of fashion. The current period encourages change, transformation, reinvention. This is why the designer wanted to rework the famous Bar suit jacket, looser, more fluid, more relaxed, adjusted by laces that can be tied or untied as desired. She imagines a solar wardrobe, very Mediterranean. It respects both the look and the comfort of women, accompanying them in their new lifestyle. Long dresses with cashmere or floral prints are worn with laced sandals, men’s shirts are transformed into dresses or tunics associated with silk pants or openwork shorts. The collection celebrates the current woman, with clothes that do not hinder her, which sublimate her without betraying her. A free woman.
Le front row : In the front row we could see the actresses Emmanuelle Devos, Camille Cottin, Ludivine Sagnier but also the singer Chris.

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The eye of fashion editor Delphine Perroy

Dior Spring-Summer 2021 show, Paris - Look 23.


“We fell in love with this bohemian chic collection and its range of kimono, embroidered, tie & dye, canvas or denim jackets that define the new Bar jacket! The allure is transformed. It combines style and comfort. The many jewelry and accessories are equally desirable. In particular the leather bags, sculpted in the style of tooling, this traditional Argentinian craft intended to decorate equestrian saddles or even the Book Tote revisited in paisley patterns. “

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Coronavirus-proof Windsor finances: shortfall of several million pounds

Marked by the Covid-19 pandemic, the Crown anticipates difficult days and is already planning to tighten its belt.

It’s a safe bet that 2020 is the news dose horribilis for the British Crown. This Friday, September 25, the Windsors detailed their spending for the past year: they amount to 82.4 million pounds (90 million euros), or 1.23 pounds per subject of Elizabeth II. An amount which is slightly higher compared to the previous year, when the sovereign endowment, dedicated to the official activities of the royal family and the maintenance of its residences, then reached 82.2 million pounds.

This annual exercise of transparency towards the British taxpayer, which involves astronomical amounts, is always a bad time to pass for the royal family, but it is even more delicate this year because of the coronavirus pandemic. Unsurprisingly, the lockdown has resulted in financial losses in many sectors. And this does not spare the Windsors, who anticipate a drop in attendance at royal residences of 15 million pounds over the next three years. In addition, another budget – devoted to long-term spending to save Buckingham Palace hangings – is expected to suffer from a shortfall of £ 20million.

In video – Coronavirus: “This success will belong to each of you”, encourages Elizabeth II

“Efforts” are to be expected

While it is enshrined in law that the royal endowment cannot decrease from year to year, the Crown does not intend to dig further into the taxpayer’s wallet. On the contrary, she does intend to tighten her belt. “In the face of these challenges, we have no intention of seeking additional funding but we will seek to cushion the impact through our efforts,” Michael Stevens, the Queen’s Treasurer, told reporters. For now, the royal household has already frozen salaries and hiring and is seeking to avoid non-essential expenses.

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Suspicion of dengue death for a schoolgirl from La Trinité – all the news from Martinique on the Internet

Web writing (with HS and JMA)
Friday September 25, 2020 – 5:28 p.m.

A 4th year college student from the Rose Saint-Juste de Trinité college died on Monday (September 21). She had left the establishment three days earlier due to the onset of severe headaches.

A case of dengue fever could have caused the death of a 4th year college student, educated at the Rose Saint-Juste college in Trinité. Last Friday (September 18), she left the facility following a severe headache.
Three days later, she had to be transported to La Trinité hospital. Her serious condition required her to be transported by helicopter to the Maison de la Femme de la Mère et de l’Enfant, but she did not survive.

No communication from the ARS

A first diagnosis made would state a hemorrhagic dengue. But, at this stage, the Regional Health Agency is not communicating on this case.
No more than the Rectorate which set up since Thursday a listening cell with social assistance and a nurse.
The ARS and the CTM disinfection teams must intervene with the college, which suffered an invasion of mosquitoes. This could in particular be linked to the canal alongside the establishment.


As an announcement, Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik unveil the first photos of their daughter

Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik announced the arrival of their baby on Thursday, September 24 by unveiling the first pictures on social networks. An expected arrival, after several rumors about the date of the model’s delivery.

Some photos of intertwined hands on social networks as an announcement for the star couple. Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik announced the birth of their daughter on Thursday, September 24. “Our baby is here, healthy and beautiful,” the 27-year-old singer said in the caption of the photo, in which the infant’s tiny hand grips the young dad’s tattooed fingers. “Trying to put words into what I’m feeling right now would be an impossible task. The love I feel for this little human being is beyond my comprehension. I’m grateful to know her, proud to be able to call her mine and full of gratitude for the life you are going to have together. ”