White House will have to pick up the pieces of the international image

China echoed the troubled hours of American democracy in the wake of the invasion of the Capitol by supporters of President Donald Trump on the internet. Russia pointed to the “obsolete” electoral system and the deep divisions that left democracy “limping on both feet”. If it is true that Joe Biden, who takes office as president on the 20th, may, in contrast, benefit from a state of grace in some constituency that until now has not been seen in the former vice president, the consequences of what some describe as ” failed hit “and that left five dead and more than a dozen wounded policemen can be lasting out of doors.

The big US rival, Xi Jinping’s China, wasted no time criticizing the “stark contrast” between Washington’s response to chaos and Hong Kong’s protests in 2019. O Global Times, the English-language newspaper of the Chinese Communist Party, used Twitter to criticize the president of the House of Representatives. “Pelosi once referred to the Hong Kong riots as” a beautiful sight to behold “. It is unknown whether the same will be said about events at the Capitol”, forgetting to say that Nancy Pelosi’s statement referred to demonstrations then peaceful. Furthermore, it is a false equivalence: Hong Kong activists demand more democratic freedoms and Beijing’s non-intervention in that partly autonomous territory; Trump’s faithful tried to subvert the outcome of elections considered fair, with the exception of the defeated candidate and his neighbors.

Even so, regime propaganda flooded the internet, with more than 570 million people following hashtag “Trump supporters assault the Capitol” on the Weibo social network. Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said the “sharp contrast [nas reações] it gives you thinking and deserves serious and profound reflection “.

Russia of Vladimir Putin, who had Trump as a confessed but lonely admirer in Washington, also took the opportunity to express his point of view. “The United States certainly cannot now impose electoral rules on other countries and claim to be the “beacon of democracy” in the world “, said the head of Foreign Affairs in the lower house, Leonid Slutsky. “It is evident that American democracy is limping on both feet,” said the Duma upper house counterpart Konstantin Kosachyov. “The celebration of democracy is over. Unfortunately, it hit rock bottom, and I say this without a hint of rejoicing,” he said.

Recalling that the Chinese Communist Party has characterized the United States as an “unstable, disorderly and unjust democracy” since the days of Mao Zedong, Chinese affairs experts Jude Blanchette and Michael J. Green say Xi Jinping will “exploit domestic dysfunction” of China’s biggest geopolitical rival as a central component of its political platform “. Like? “Now, Chinese negotiators will sit across the table with American interlocutors imbued with a sense of moral rectitude, in addition to their warrior-wolf diplomacy,” they write in Foreign Policy.

“We hope to take a stronger position on China than has happened in previous Democratic administrations,” said a Biden adviser. to The Washington Post.

This position will take shape in the National Security Council, created more than 70 years ago and which will be reformed. In the restructuring of this body, which aims to coordinate the diplomatic and military fronts in the White House, there will be experts at the table in the areas of health, democracy and human rights, technologies and climate – in the latter case, it will be John Kerry, the former secretary of State, who will be the envoy for climate issues.


Authorities investigate person who illegally donated money to campaigns and peddled influence

Imaad Zuberi raised funds for Democrats and Republicans alike and had access to the upper echelons of both parties, including private meetings with the then vice president Joe Biden and a special invitation to the inauguration of Donald Trump.

He lived the high life, staying in the best hotels and inviting legislators and diplomats to four-star restaurants. Ambassadors from other countries called him when they wanted to meet with a legislator.

He was adept at handling contacts and loved to throw in the names of important people he knew. His Facebook account is full of photos of him with famous figures: Dining with Hillary Clinton Y Robert De Niro and rubbing shoulders with then-Trump chief of staff Reince Priebus in front of Trump’s residence in Mar-A-Lago. Zuberi raised large sums for Clinton in the 2016 election before crossing over and being a major donor for Trump’s inauguration ceremony.

Federal prosecutors say Zuberi’s lavish life was the product of lies and the lucrative business of financing political campaigns, to benefit after the influence that he got.

“People come to Washington to network,” Zuberi said in a 2015 email obtained by the Associated Press, related to efforts for the Guinean president to meet with a leading lawmaker. “We receive requests for contacts from the scum of the world … warlords, kings, queens, presidents for life, military dictators, tribal chiefs …”.

Prosecutors describe Zuberi as a “mercenary” agent who made deals with anyone he thought could benefit him, making illegal donations of money from others in his name. He told his clients that “this is how things work in the United States.”

Zuberi’s story reflects how loosely regulated political campaign finance and foreign lobbying laws are. It also raises an uncomfortable question: How does a cynical fundraiser ingratiate himself with so many high-ranking government officials?

“The case of Zuberi proves, with palpable evidence, foreign, corrupt and generalized interference with our elections and with decision-making,” said the prosecutor. Daniel J. O’Brien.

Zuberi pleaded guilty last year to violating campaign finance laws, acting as a foreign agent without registering as required by law, and tax evasion. He also admitted to obstructing a federal investigation into whether any foreigners had made illegal contributions to Trump’s inauguration. You could be sentenced to several years in prison.

The investigation of Justice DepartmentHowever, it does not shed light on several questions about Zuberi’s relationships and who benefited from his dealings. Aside from an associate who pleaded guilty to a lesser tax charge, no one who worked for him has been charged with anything.

And the government has not said publicly which politicians received donations from Zuberi and paid for them with favors.

An AP investigation, however, identified associates, collaborators and targets of Zuberi’s efforts, from emails, legal documents, campaign finance reports and interviews with more than three dozen people, including diplomats, officials. police officers, lobbyists and former members of Congress.

Documents and interviews indicate that Zuberi employed an illegal donation system in which he paid for the donations of others with his credit cards and used false information, including from a dead person. The Justice Department said it funneled nearly $ 1 million in illegal donations to political campaigns.

His donations gave Zubiri access to diplomats, generals and other important figures, especially legislators involved in foreign policy issues. Prosecutors say Zuberi worked for years as a foreign agent without registering as such and represented at least half a dozen countries and people, including a Ukrainian oligarch close to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Prosecutors say Zuberi worked to prevent the passage of a lower house resolution opposed by Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan, for Congress to pressure Bahrain on behalf of a businessman from that nation, and for the United States to invite Libyan officials seeking to recover frozen funds.

Zuberi also used his extensive network of contacts with public officials to pass information on to foreign officials. He was in close contact with a CIA agent and boasted of his contacts with the intelligence services.

Prosecutors asked Judge Virginia Phillips to sentence Zuberi to at least 10 years in prison, a fine of $ 10 million, and to pay $ 16 million to the Internal Revenue Service.

Zuberi admits to making illegal donations on behalf of others, but claims the sums involved are lower than what prosecutors say.

He maintains that he “helped facilitate” donations from foreign sources but that the federal laws in this regard are not clear and that he received “contradictory information from various campaigns” on this issue. He also acknowledges that he lobbied on behalf of Sri Lanka without registering as a foreign agent, but that the work he did for other countries and officials did not require registration.

“The government wants to set an example with Mr. Zuberi that goes far beyond what his actions would justify,” say his lawyers.


The Trump team brutally drops one of its lawyers

The president’s entourage distanced himself from Sidney Powell on Sunday, who spoke of a “national conspiracy” to steal the victory from the Republican candidate.

Sidney Powell (back) at a press conference with Rudy Giuliani on November 19 in Washington DC.
Sidney Powell (basically) during a press conference with Rudy Giuliani on November 19 in Washington DC. Drew Angerer / AFP

US President Donald Trump’s campaign team announced on Sunday November 22 that it was no longer working with lawyer Sidney Powell, controversial after claiming the existence of massive fraud in the November 3 election without providing any evidence to the media. “Sidney Powell practices law individually. She is not a member of the Trump legal team ”Donald Trump’s personal lawyer, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, said in a statement. “She is also not a personal lawyer for the president”, added the latter.

Donald Trump, who does not admit to having lost the presidential election, had indicated on November 14 on Twitter that Sidney Powell would be a member of his legal team, as well as Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis, a legal advisor for the Trump campaign. The team is working to reverse presidential election results in several US states, including the key states of Pennsylvania and Michigan.

The announcement made by Rudy Giuliani on Sunday comes after a press conference where Donald Trump’s team of lawyers, mainly Rudy Giuliani himself and Sidney Powell, reported a “National conspiracy” which would have aimed to deprive the outgoing US president of victory. The lawyers had not provided concrete evidence of their charges to journalists present, saying they reserved the presentation of this evidence to justice.

Sidney Powell notably affirmed during this press conference, and she has repeated it since, that Donald Trump had in fact largely beaten his opponent, Democrat Joe Biden. The mainstream American media gives Joe Biden 306 voters, 36 more than the 270 needed to be proclaimed president by the electoral college. Sidney Powell also claims that electronic electoral fraud systems linked to Venezuela and Cuba were used to skew the election and steal millions of votes from the Republican candidate.

Since November 3, Donald Trump has continued to affirm that he won the election and that he was the victim of massive fraud which he says will be revealed.

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That’s how rich Barack and Michelle Obama are

After serving as US President, Barack Obama and his wife Michelle made millions. With their marketing, the Obamas even overshadow Donald Trump.

Barack and Michelle Obama are one of the most popular couples in America. After Barack Obama’s second term as US President, the Obama family had their popularity gilded. The Obamas present themselves in public as a loving couple, are close to the people and always exude a down-to-earth attitude. In this political staging you are the opposite of the still incumbent US President Donald Trump, who shows off his billion dollar fortune and his economic success.

Barack Obama helps children in Washington swing: The Obamas like to be close to the people, a secret of their success. (Source: imago images)

But Barack and Michelle Obama also run an extremely successful family business. With lectures, books and especially Netflix documentaries, the couple made many millions over the past four years. There is no end in sight. In the medium term, Barack Obama could become one of the wealthiest former US presidents.

With comparatively little money in the White House

At the same time, when the Obamas moved into the White House in 2009, their wealth was small compared to other presidential couples. The business magazine “Forbes” assumed 1.2 million US dollars. For comparison: Donald Trump was worth $ 3.1 billion when he moved into the White House, the fortune of the US president-elect Joe Biden is estimated at over $ 9 million. Also George W. Bush already owned $ 20 million from a job in the oil sector.

The Obamas and the Bidens in the 2008 presidential campaign: Biden was elected 46th President of the United States in 2020.  (Source: Reuters)The Obamas and the Bidens in the 2008 presidential campaign: Biden was elected 46th President of the United States in 2020. (Source: Reuters)

The Obama’s economic rise began with Barack’s candidacy for US president. The official in the US receives an annual salary of US $ 400,000, plus book revenues for Barack and Michelle. When they moved out of the White House in 2017, they are said to have had a fortune of nine to ten million US dollars, writes Forbes. Has against it Trump So far lost a billion dollars during his tenure, which “Forbes” attributes to the corona pandemic. His fortune is currently based on $ 2.1 billion estimated.

The Obamas are collecting millions

With the withdrawal from the front line of politics, the rapid financial rise of the Obamas began and the family business went through the roof. That’s not just because of the presidential pension of $ 200,000 annually. Compared to the rest of the income, it looks tiny.

Lectures at companies and organizations are particularly lucrative, with relatively little effort. Barack Obama raked in $ 800,000 to $ 1 million for an hour-long event. Trump did the same before his time in the White House. Occasionally he appears as a speaker for the renowned New York further education institute “The Learning Annex”, the fee for a one-hour presentation is 1.5 million dollars.


The second major pillar of the Obamas are still book deals. The first volume of Barack’s autobiography, entitled “A Promised Land”, was released on Tuesday. In just under 1,000 pages, Obama tells of his childhood, unsteady youth, his political ascent and the first of two terms as president.

The book deals alone broke records, and the publishers competed for the rights to the couple’s autobiographies. In the end, Penguin Random House, a subsidiary of Bertelsmann, won the bid. The publisher is said to have paid an advance of $ 65 million for three books. For comparison: Bill Clinton received $ 15 million for his memoirs, Bush $ 10 million.

Obama depends on Trump on books

The financial outlay by the publishers is worth it. Michelle Obama’s autobiography “Becoming”, published in 2018, sold 1.5 million copies in the first week and 15 million to date. Barack’s book is also a bestseller even before it is published.

The Obamas clearly overshadow Donald Trump. Trump’s only halfway successful book, “The Art of the Deal”, is a mixture of personal memories and advice. He made about a million dollars in royalties from it. But: Unlike the Obamas, Trump does not write his books himself, so he has to pay royalties to authors.

Barack and Michelle Obama in a Netflix documentary: Their films are also produced by the Obamas' own company.  (Source: imago images)Barack and Michelle ObBarack and Michelle Obama in a Netflix documentary: Your films are also produced by the Obamas’ own company. ama in a Netflix documentary: Your films are also produced by the Obamas’ own company. (Source: imago images)

But the Obamas don’t just make money from their books. The former first lady even won a Grammy for the audio book she read in her autobiography. The Obamas also signed a highly dated contract with Netflix, and the production volume for Obama films is estimated at $ 50 million. The documentaries are produced by the ex-presidential couple’s own company.

Books, lectures, films, podcasts. People in the US and around the world are vying for whatever appears of the Obamas. They are in a class of their own when it comes to marketing, as Michelle’s reading tour in 2018 shows. They filled entire stadiums with 20,000 people in some cases, and visitors paid up to $ 3,000 for the best seats. The former first lady received 800,000 per appearance, her earnings for the five-week American tour: ten million dollars.

How big is your fortune?

All of these projects bring millions into the family budget and at 59 and 56, respectively, Barack and Michelle Obama are comparatively young compared to other ex-presidential couples. Right now, according to Forbes, her fortune is rising $ 135 million estimated. According to the American University, they have a potential revenue of more than $ 240 million.

After their time in the White House, the Obamas bought a house in Washington: it has ten rooms and eight bathrooms.  (Source: imago images)After their time in the White House, the Obamas bought a house in Washington: It has ten rooms and eight bathrooms. (Source: imago images)

The Obamas are already playing in a different league than many other ex-presidential couples. Previously, Bill and Hillary Clinton were considered the big earners in the United States after leaving the White House. In 2017 Bill’s net worth was estimated at around $ 80 million, with Hillary Clinton contributing an additional $ 45 million.

The Obamas have built a successful family business. They are their own recipe for success. Their appearance is interesting for fans, and they also reveal personal things in their books. To many, that seems honest, personable and approachable. That is exactly what makes them stand out among the ex-presidential couples.

In addition, there is the social commitment of their foundations, donations of millions for children in need or disadvantaged neighborhoods of Chicago. The Obamas have become multimillionaires in recent years, but publishers, bookstores and streaming services also benefit from this. Ultimately, economic success is also the result of hard work.


Rules for the perfect bestseller

Barack Obama

Above all, there are five rules that Obama uses in the book and that together make up the recipe for the perfect bestseller.

(Photo: AP)

Hamburg Barack Obama knows how to cast a spell over people. He owes his unprecedented political rise above all to this talent: within just five years he made it from a provincial representative in the US state of Illinois to the US Senate and from there as President into the White House. In 2008, in the Democratic Party’s primary campaign, he beat Hillary Clinton, who was much more experienced, out of the field. Unlike the cool and rational Clinton, Obama was able to address people emotionally and get them carried away.

The first volume of Barack Obama’s memoirs will be published today, Tuesday. Under the title “A Promised Land” he describes his youth in Hawaii, his rise in politics and his first term as president. It is a superlative book that is being published by the Bertelsmann subsidiary Random House: over 1000 pages thick, accompanied by worldwide preprints and the strictest confidentiality clauses for the copies that were sent to journalists in advance.

The book is set to be a global bestseller and the chances are good that it will live up to this claim. Not because of any sensational content. But because Obama is just as gifted as a writer as he is as a rhetorician. As in his speeches, he uses certain dramaturgical and stylistic tricks that pull the reader under their spell and at the same time arouse sympathy for the protagonist – in this case Obama himself.

Above all, there are five rules that Obama uses in the book and that together make up the recipe for the perfect bestseller. Knowing these rules is not only useful for potential book authors. They help everyone who wants to tell a gripping story: be it in a non-fiction book, a novel, a wedding or birthday address, an application interview or a project presentation.

1. Describe your path as a hero’s journey

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The future First Lady Jill Biden in portrait

Dhe Americans may have renounced the monarchy nearly 250 years ago, but in fact they continue to crown a queen every four years: the first lady, the president’s wife. Some are more princesses – the radiant Jackie Kennedy, for example, or the often gloomy-looking Melania Trump – who captivate above all with their beauty and elegance. Others are regents in the shadows who have a lasting impact on the country’s self-image. Abigail Fillmore, for example, who loved education and built the White House library in the mid-19th century. Eleanor Roosevelt, who fought as an activist for equality and civil rights and who helped establish the United Nations at the end of World War II. Betty Ford, who openly admitted her struggle with alcoholism and breast cancer and thus brought taboo subjects to the public. Hillary Clinton, who helped launch a state health program for children of uninsured parents. Michelle Obama, who became the first African American first lady to be enchanted with her wisdom, humor and sense of style.

Jill Biden is now a first lady who plans to become the first woman in the White House to pursue a paid job outside of her duties as first lady – the first female professor at the side of an American president. “Just call her Professor FLOTUS“USA Today” headlined the largest daily newspaper in the United States, referring to the acronym for “First Lady of the United States”.


a “Kamala-mania” seizes the United States

First woman vice-president, symbol of diversity, Kamala Harris electrifies the American left, which sees the future much more in it than in Joe Biden. From the first hours following the announcement of the Democrat’s presidential victory by the main American media on Saturday, the enthusiasm very quickly transferred to her running mate, the first black woman to become the vice-president of states -United. “Kamala’s victory is feminist (…) it has just dealt a serious blow to one of the most enduring monuments of patriarchy, the hitherto exclusively white establishment which has occupied the vice-presidency of the United States ”, welcomes black activist and author Brittney Cooper in the Time Magazine . On Fox News, Donna Brazile, former Democratic leader, could not restrain tears: “I am so happy that this moment has come.”

“Madam Vice-President is no longer a fictional character”, had fun the actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus, who held this position in the series “Veep”, HBO. In the streets, the signs “Harris 2024” or “Harris-Biden 2024” have been blooming for several weeks already. Kamala Harris is already a favorite figure for the next presidential election among British bookmakers.

” SEE AS ​​WELL – “Now is the time to start the real work,” says Kamala Harris in her victory speech

“I may be the first woman to take up this post, but I will not be the last”, launched Kamala Harris Saturday evening, on the occasion of his first speech following the announcement of the results of the presidential election. To better underline the symbol, Kamala Harris was adorned with a very symbolic outfit: a white pantsuit, a tribute to the activists who fought, a hundred years ago, for women to obtain the right to vote in the States -United. The lawyer by training hailed the memory of her mother, who died of cancer in 2009, and of “Generations of women, black, Asian, white, Hispanic, Native American, who blazed the trail”. Born in California to a Jamaican father and an Indian mother, Kamala Devi Harris, of her full name, is, even more than Barack Obama, the symbol of American multiculturalism. For many women, the success of Kamala Harris is all the more gratifying given that Hillary Clinton, who came close to becoming the first female president of the United States, was brutal four years ago.

“A dose of enthusiasm”

In the eyes of Kelly Dittmar, research director at the Center on Women and Politics at Rutgers University, the senator will bring to the White House “The perspective and story of a black woman from Southeast Asia who spent her life in the United States”. It is there, she explains to AFP, that lies the power of “representation”, who “Leads to better, more inclusive decisions.” Long before the election, Joe Biden’s choice to make her his running mate “Brought a certain dose of enthusiasm which helped” the Democratic candidate during his campaign to mobilize the Democratic electorate, particularly women, according to Kelly Dittmar. His designation also reassured them, academic analysis, because “Fears of a step backwards, to the domination of white men” with a duel announced between the two septuagenarians Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

If the time was Saturday for the celebration, several progressive voices have in the past been very critical of him when he was appointed by Joe Biden as running mate in early August. Some, like Bernie Sanders’ former spokesperson Briahna Joy Gray, saw them above all as a «flic», guilty, according to them, of having made the choice of a repressive policy when she was prosecutor of San Francisco (2004-2011), which particularly affected minorities.

During the Democratic primary, Kamala Harris had also failed to convert the hopes placed in her. After having rivaled the favorites for a while, following a performance noted during the first debate at the end of June 2019, she was forced to retire a few months later even before the start of the primary in Iowa. It remains to be seen whether this time the future vice-president will convert the test.

” SEE AS ​​WELL – “We did it Joe”, exclaims Kamala Harris on announcement of Joe Biden’s presidential victory


Kamala Harris refuses to communicate through her clothes.

Dhe feeling of having seen Kamala Harris dozens of times not only has to do with the 19th amendment to women’s suffrage, which she has invoked at almost every appearance in the past few weeks. Joe Biden’s “Running Mate” wardrobe also looked familiar. When she was nominated for the office of Vice President, before the Republican Nomination Party, when she gave a speech in memory of the victims of the September 11, 2001, when she appeared in Fort Lauderdale the weekend before the election and on a final flying visit to Detroit on the day of the vote: For each of these appearances, the Senator from California wore a trio of pants suit, T-shirt and pearl necklace.

As the United States and the rest of the world waited impatiently for the results of states like Pennsylvania, Georgia and Nevada in the days following the vote, Harris stepped back in front of the cameras alongside Biden in a dark pantsuit – this time paired with pearl stud earrings and a burgundy silk blouse . Your message? Probably no, unconcerned fashion editors between New York and Los Angeles. Camera-friendly reds and yellows, valued by politicians such as Hillary Clinton, Keisha Lance Bottoms and Elizabeth Warren, do not come into the fifty-six-year-old’s closet.


New First Lady Jill and the Secret Service

Be all the noise in Washington hardly anyone really noticed. But the country had no real first lady for four years. It had a lot to do with Donald Trump, who was also not a presidential president. But also with Melania, who was always alienated with her role. On all matters relating to Joe Biden’s future presidency, Jill Biden is the person who will have the least difficulty in fulfilling her future office. And that’s not just because she was the second lady for eight years.

Majid Sattar

Political correspondent for North America based in Washington.

It may sound cheesy, but for Joe Biden, Jill was the savior. The young English teacher, who grew up as the daughter of a savings bank director in a suburb of Philadelphia, met the widower on a blind date. Biden’s brother had arranged it. A few years after the accidental death of his first wife and daughter, he wanted to help the young senator from Delaware and single father of two boys get involved in a partnership again. Jill, who had previously separated from her first husband, became Joe’s “Philly Girl” and brought stability to the family. Daughter Ashley was born in the early 1980s. Jill returned to university, graduated with a degree in education, and worked as a lecturer.

Anyone who is married to an ambitious politician in America has no choice: they also become a public figure. The model of Chancellor’s husband Joachim Sauer would be unthinkable in Washington. This was not difficult for the wife of the long-time senator and later vice-president: She feels comfortable in public and – like her husband – seeks closeness to people. She is also a good speaker. Already in the primaries of the Democrats, she always appeared as Biden’s headliner. The 69-year-old woman revealed that she is fearless and hands-on when she pushed two veganism activists off the stage in the spring who wanted to approach her husband. “I’m probably the only presidential candidate whose wife is also the Secret Service,” joked Joe afterwards.

Jill’s role in the White House will be central. The point is not that she, as first lady, is seeking political responsibility for a particular issue, as Hillary Clinton once did. But she will have to shield her then 78-year-old husband and tell the staff in the Oval Office what to expect from the President and when to take a break. That means she will at times have to stand between the White House chief of staff and the presidents and say no. She will do this. And she’s sure to smile kindly, as is her way.


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