Health and Wellbeing what is migraine and how to deal with it? | News

Pay attention. If you begin to suffer from intense headaches, nausea and intolerance to light or sound, impairing your work or academic activities, see a doctor immediately because you could be suffering from a migraine. Dr. Héctor Yaya, neurosurgeon at Sisol Salud of the Municipality of Lima, pointed out to the program Health & Wellness […]

Tokyo 2020: the mental health of high performance athletes

First modification: 15/07/2021 – 12:20 The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games begin on July 23, 2021. The occasion to talk about a little-known but fundamental aspect: the mental health of high-performance athletes. The recent withdrawal of tennis player Naomi Osaka from the Rolland Garros tournament, who confessed to suffering from depression and anxiety, has highlighted the […]

The ultimate exercise routine to avoid fluid retention this summer

Related news With the increase in temperature in summer, people go out more, stay more on the terraces, the schedules and the type of food are upset, they drink more carbonated and sugary drinks, as well as more alcohol with the “beers ”. All this produces a cocktail inside us that triggers in a weight […]

Plant-based milks: are they as good as they sound?

First modification: 10/06/2021 – 17:32 Currently, the so-called vegetable milks, based on almonds, soy, rice, coconut or oats, among others, are in vogue. But are they better or healthier than cows? Is it correct to call them “milks”? A nutritionist in an interview with RFI gives some clarification. They are called vegetable milks and they […]