Study confirms: These are the worst nights for men because of the “moon”

A recent study published in the “Science of the Total Environment” journal, conducted by scientists from Uppsala University in Sweden, revealed a surprise for men in particular, when it confirmed that men’s sleep is affected more strongly during the first half of the lunar cycle than women’s sleep. The new study is more comprehensive and […]

Mu variant grows in the US and is feared to be resistant to vaccines

Two pieces of data reveal how quickly the new Mu variant of the coronavirus, COVID-19, a strain that has shown resistance to vaccines in early tests, is moving. In the United States, it is already present in all states except Nebraska and in the United Kingdom, authorities confirmed that the first 53 cases of the […]

1918 notice to avoid the flu recommended the same as COVID-19

A notice that dates from November 15, 1918 and that gave recommendations to avoid getting the flu has generated surprise in social networks. And it is that the notice published at that time by the Alaska newspaper “The Douglas Island News” has attracted attention for its recommendations, since they are practically the same as those […]

How effective are fitness trackers for weight loss?

However, many are turning to wearable fitness trackers to monitor their weight.. How effective are these devices in contributing to weight loss, especially in light of the demand for them by many around the world in recent times? A recent study conducted at the University of Minnesota, northern United States, the results of which were […]

the seventh day

Very hot weather today in all parts.. Great in Cairo 37 degrees and Aswan 43 Philippine military plane crashes with 85 people on board 57% of readers reject the proposal to increase the list of players next season to 40 players لاعب Students of the literary department are taking the geography exam at Al-Azhar High […]