How Poetry Can Help Heal

The guest house

by Rumi

The human being is like a guest house.

Every morning a new newcomer.

A joy, a sadness, an evil,

Some momentary awareness arrives

Like an unexpected visitor.

Welcome and welcome them all!

Even if they were a multitude of wailing,

That empty your house

With violence,

Still, treat each guest with honor.

I may be creating space for you

For a new delight.

To dark thought, to shame, to malice,

Receive them at the door with a smile,

And invite them in.

Be grateful to whoever comes

Because each one has been sent

As a guide from beyond.

Dr. Norman Rosenthal includes Rumi’s The Guest House in his book and highlights how it has helped his patients process and accept more complicated emotions.


how does Kazan live after the tragedy

Ilnaz Galyaviev, who attacked the Kazan school, underwent a narcological examination. In the analyzes of the offender, no traces of drugs or alcohol were found. He attacked school # 175 while sober. The preliminary psychological and psychiatric examination of Galyavieva is personally carried out by Zurab Kekelidze, the chief freelance psychiatrist of the Ministry of Health and director of the Center. V.P. Serbian in Moscow. The publication Life reports that on the way to the police after the arrest, Galyaviev tried to commit suicide. Yesterday at the trial, he pleaded guilty and was arrested.

Now local residents are discussing whether the attacker was sane. During the meeting, he communicated with the judge in a calm tone, and ignored the emotional questions of journalists about whether he was aware of what he had done. His behavior at the meeting had nothing to do with the interrogation footage that got into the network immediately after the arrest, where the young man screams obscenities and claims that “two months ago he realized himself to be a god.”

A former employee of the school, with whom Marfa Smirnova spoke at the funeral of teacher Elvira Ignatieva, who died in the shelling, said that Galyaviev was “an absolutely normal boy”, studied well and had no conflicts with other children and teachers.

Photo: Egor Aleev / TASS