2G rule: New corona measures for Ba-Wü, Berlin & Co

17. September 2021 – 19:02 clock Where does 2G apply? Where does 3G apply? Who else can go in where? This question brings to light once again the old patchwork of country decisions. Because while some federal states already give restaurateurs and operators of public facilities and leisure activities the opportunity to only let in […]

Young surfer (16) in Florida bitten in the arm by a shark

RTL>news> 15. September 2021 – 18:00 clock Video: This is how Doyle Nielson (16) experienced the shark attack 16-year-old Doyle Nielson is swimming on his surfboard when a shark leaps out of the water and bites his arm. The teenager was barely able to save himself to the bank. In the video, he tells how […]

Is the reason the amount of compensation after the cable car accident

15. September 2021 – 11:45 clock Searching for clues with Eitan’s grandparents in Tel Aviv The dispute over little Eitan (6) is intensifying rapidly. His grandfather kidnapped the six-year-old to Israel – to get the high compensation that the boy is probably entitled to? RTL has been looking for clues, including with Eitan’s grandparents in […]

Did he lie to a mother live on TV about marriage for everyone?

11. September 2021 – 11:03 clock What is Armin Laschet’s position on the subject of marriage for everyone? by Max Storr Huge fuss about Armin Laschet! Did the Union’s candidate for chancellor lie to a lesbian mother live in front of an audience of millions on the ZDF election program “Klartext, Herr Laschet” on Thursday […]

Crematorium desperate over corona numbers: “Corpses are piled up to the ceiling”

RTL.de>news> 27. August 2021 – 9:14 clock Florida death toll hits high Corona continues to have a firm grip on the United States. In some states, the situation is deteriorating rapidly. A researcher in Florida is now sounding the alarm: Last week a person died there every seven minutes, tweeted the epidemiologist Eric Feigl-Ding. The […]

“Can’t stop crying”

RTL.de>news> 17. August 2021 – 9:15 clock Heartbreaking message from Afghanistan The scenes that take place in Afghanistan are cruel. Since the withdrawal of western troops, the Taliban have taken over the country. Today, Sunday, the Islamists attacked the capital Kabul. Shortly thereafter, a heartbreaking video went viral on the internet. Shown in it: a […]

Airplane accident in Turkey: fire-fighting plane crashes in forest fire area

RTL.de>news> 16. August 2021 – 9:55 clock The fire-fighting plane is said to have crashed near Kahramanmaras In the Turkish province of Kahramanmaras (in the south of the country) a fire fighting plane is said to have crashed, as the Turkish news agency Anadolu reports. The aircraft is said to have been in use on […]