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Jostled, the French team had to work hard to beat Switzerland on Monday, January 18 in their third match of the first round of the World Handball Championships (25-24). The Blues, winners of their three matches in Group E, approach the main round in a good position. Egypt, although narrowly beaten by Sweden (24-23), will also be in the next round. Like Algeria, it also tamed by Portugal (26-19). Morocco is eliminated.

It is a somewhat paradoxical first round which ends with the French men’s handball team. In reconstruction after the fiasco of Euro 2020, the tricolor group lined up two good performances against Norway, yet vice-world champion and third in the last Euro (28-24), then against Austria (35- 28), before struggling against an apparently inferior opponent. Switzerland, drafted for this 2021 World Cup in Egypt thanks to the US package, gave the French a lot of trouble.

A “booster shot” for the future

After a hooked first period (14-14), neither of the two selections managed to really gain the upper hand over the other. France have never been more than two goals clear and even saw Switzerland take control of the game with less than 10 minutes to go. Fortunately, coach Guillaume Gille was able to count on the efficiency of Kentin Mahé (7 goals), the composure of Luc Abalo and a decisive parade from goalkeeper Vincent Gérard in the money-time to snatch victory (25-24) .

Vincent Gérard described this meeting as ” good booster shot without losing a match ». « We scared each other, so the feeling is mixed “, Said the pivot Luka Karabatic, who does not forget the essential:” It’s a victory in a World Cup, and it’s never trivial. Echoing his teammate, he added: ” It’s a good reminder that shows that we still have work, that we still have to build ourselves. »

France finished at the top of Group E and will approach the next round with four points already on the clock, like Portugal.

It goes for Egypt and Algeria

In the other meetings this Monday, Algeria suffered its second consecutive defeat in Group F. After drinking the cup against Iceland on Saturday (39-24), the Algerians were this time dominated by Portugal (26 -19). However, they qualified for the next round, like Portugal and Iceland, because in the evening, Morocco lost to the Icelanders (31-23). With three losses in three matches, the Moroccans finished in last place in Group F and were eliminated, while Algeria took advantage of their victory against their Maghreb neighbor (24-23 on January 14) to take third place and s ‘invite to the main round.

Egypt, meanwhile, came close to a superb performance against Sweden. The Egyptians led with a four-goal lead in the first period, before the Swedes woke up after the break. The Europeans caught up and took the lead, but still a short lead. And it was only in the final seconds that Sweden scored the winning goal (24-23). However, this short setback did not prevent Egypt from finishing in second place in Group G and qualifying for the next round.

During the day, Cape Verde (group A) withdrew for the rest of the competition. Affected by cases of Covid-19 in its workforce, the Cape Verdean selection, already absent and beaten on the green carpet on January 17 against Germany, withdrew.


Now only wins help (new-deutschland.de)

Uwe Gensheimer on the way to a seven-meter match against Hungary.

Photo: imago images / Bildbyran

Paul Drux pulled his sweater a little further up, Johannes Bitter hunched his shoulders and Uwe Gensheimer also shivered. There was a drop in temperature yesterday around the German national handball team, but only due to the weather. After the preliminary round at the World Cup in Egypt, the move from the sunny hotel with a direct view of the pyramids in Giza to the luxury resort in New Capital, about 50 kilometers away, was due.

“This is where we are building the new Cairo,” said one of the hotel staff. For the Germans, the new home is a symbol of a new beginning. After the defeat against Hungary on Tuesday, the team goes into the main round with two minus points. On Thursday against European champions Spain (8.30 p.m.) a victory is needed in order to reach the quarter-finals on their own.

“It’s a do-or-die game,” said Paul Drux. The backcourt player of the Berliner Füchse is just 25 years old, but is already one of the veterans in the squad of the German Handball Federation. Drux played his first world championship six years ago and was one of the best German players in the 28:29 against Hungary. It wasn’t because of him that Alfred Gislason’s team left the field as losers after 60 minutes with ups and downs.

Immediately after the encounter in the Hassan-Moustafa-Halle, the German players sneaked into the dressing room with their heads hanging and a little later climbed into the team bus. Yesterday after moving into the new hotel, some optimism had already returned. “After such a defeat, you think at first that the tournament is over,” said Johannes Bitter: “But it’s not like that.”

Bitter is 38 years old, the most experienced player in the DHB team and has made it his business to convince the newcomers to the World Cup that a game was lost, but that the World Cup still offers many opportunities. “We have already lost a game in the preliminary round and achieved a lot afterwards,” said Bitter, referring to the 2007 World Cup in his own country – at that time Germany became world champions after losing to Poland. It will probably not go that far for the Germans at this tournament, but at least the quarter-finals are the aim.

This results in a clear calculation for Uwe Gensheimer. “I assume we will have to win all three main round games,” said the captain. Even if they were defeated by the Spaniards, not all mathematical possibilities would be passé to make it into the knockout round, but the Germans can only make it with three wins on their own. In the duels against the Iberians, Brazil (Saturday) and Poland (Monday), there should probably be no more setbacks.

A quick learning effect is therefore necessary, because the Spaniards will use similar means as the Hungarians to cause pain for the Germans. “They’ll probably watch the video from the game against Hungary too,” Drux assumed. The Iberians, equipped with plenty of experience and quality, will try to attack the German inner block with their strong backcourt players and the runners. In addition, according to national coach Alfred Gislason, they have the “world’s best defense”.

The German team has had bad experiences with this in the recent past. At the European Championships in 2018 and two years later, they suffered significant defeats against the Spaniards, in both games the DHB selection had no chance. Only at the home World Cup in 2019, in the then meaningless last main round game, a narrow victory was achieved. “We still have something to make up for,” said Drux yesterday before the Spaniards were studying video in the new team quarters.

The Icelander Gislason knows how difficult the task is, because the European champions of 2018 and 2020 are stronger than the Hungarians were. The German team doesn’t just have to have a very good day, they have to surpass themselves. DHB Vice President Bob Hanning put it this way: “The boys have to bring in all their energy, the more experienced have to direct the energy.”


affected by Covid-19, Cape Verde forfeits in turn

The Handball World Cup which starts Wednesday in Egypt promises to be undecided in all respects until the final on January 31 Thomas SAMSON AFP/Archives

Cape Verde leaves the 2021 Men’s Handball World Championship in Egypt prematurely. After the Czech Republic and the United States, forfeit before the kick-off of the tournament due to cases of Covid-19 contamination in their workforce, the Cape Verdean selection is withdrawing this Monday, January 18. Arrived in Cairo with 11 players, Cape Verde, beaten by Hungary on Friday January 15 in what was the very first match in its history in the competition (34-27, group A), has only 9 able-bodied men. . Two internationals have tested positive for the new coronavirus. However, according to the rules of the International Handball Federation (IHF), each selection must have at least 10 players to remain in contention. Cape Verde had already lost by forfeit Sunday, January 17 (10-0) against Germany. Uruguay, which was to face the Blue Sharks on Tuesday, will also win on the green carpet with the same score. Germany, Hungary and Uruguay will therefore play the main round.


Congolese Gauthier Mvumbi, unexpected star of the World Handball Championship

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Unknown to the general public a few days ago, handball player Gauthier Mvumbi has become the sensation of the World Cup organized in Egypt for a weekend. The player from the Democratic Republic of the Congo stood out for his exceptional physique and his good performances.

His photo is displayed everywhere on social networks. With 137 kg for 1.95 m, Gauthier Mvumbi, pivot of the handball team of the Democratic Republic of Congo, does not go unnoticed. Since last weekend, the player has become the sensation of the World Cup in the discipline currently being held in Egypt.

The Congolese even caught the attention of NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal, to whom he has been compared physically. “They say you are the Shaq of hand, how are you?” Asked him on his Instagram account the former Lakers pivot (2.16 m for 147 kg), who is famous for having broken several basketball hoops with its weight and power.

Following this message, this former education assistant in a high school, who evolves in Dreux, in Nationale 2, 4e French division, did not fail to make the buzz. A highlight that he did not expect. “I was not ready, really,” he told AFP, in the garden of the Cairo hotel where the entire Congolese delegation is housed. “It was my wife who saw the message and said, ‘Shaq sent a message!'”

Even if Gauthier Mvumbi stood out for his exceptional physique, he was also distinguished by his good performances. In just 11 minutes against Argentina (28-22 loss) and 14 against Denmark (39-19 loss), he scored 8 goals out of 9 attempts. This did not prevent the Congolese novices from losing in the first two matches of the competition, but his dominance on the 6 m line aroused the admiration of Argentine commentators, who dubbed him “El Gigante” (” the giant “), then the Danes.

“I have everything to gain”

While he has not played since October due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the end of national meetings, Gauthier Mvumbi is taking advantage of this unexpected notoriety. He who had not succeeded in convincing Créteil, in 2013, to keep him in his training center, has the opportunity to finally make himself known. “It did not go very well,” recalls the one who then returned to his training club, Vernouillet, where he attended the N1 for six seasons. Before returning to Dreux, his hometown, where he lives with his parents.

The player recognizes that his weight was not necessarily an advantage and may have slowed his career. “I’ve always had a … good physique,” he said with a smile. “He’s an asset today” because he uses it to win at the edge of the zone, but it may also have cost him a place at Créteil. “I think that must have been the watchword. I was with Benjamin Pavoni, a coach with a lot of physical focus. Mentally, I might not have been ready either. That’s why it was. ended in failure. “

Spearhead of the Leopards team, present for the first time in a World Cup, Gauthier Mvumbi is proud to represent his country of origin. “I have everything to gain: whether it is positive or negative, people talk about us”, he sums up.

The “Shaquille O’Neal du hand” relishes this revenge, while keeping a cool head. “The goal is to advance to the second round,” recalled DR Congo assistant coach Gabriel Bourguignon on the eve of the decisive match on Tuesday (January 19) against Bahrain. “The idea is to tell him: take advantage of what you have, but stick to your goal, which is to perform well.”

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World Cup thriller without a happy ending: DHB team loses four seconds before the end

World Cup thriller without a happy ending
DHB team loses four seconds before the end

The German handball players miss the group victory at the World Cup in Egypt. The team of national coach Alfred Gislason loses their last preliminary round match against the strong Hungarians very tightly and now starts with 2: 2 points in the main round.

Bitter damper before the main round: The German handball players have gambled away a perfect starting position for the fight for the World Cup quarter-finals in a thriller without a happy ending. The DHB team of national coach Alfred Gislason conceded the first defeat at the World Cup in Egypt at 28:29 (14:15) against Hungary in the final group game and thus missed group victory. “It is extremely bitter how it went in the end. We got over the emotion, we played our strengths, but then a few times too often we were too far away,” said playmaker Philipp Weber on ZDF. His conclusion: “It’s already a shitty feeling.”

Germany – Hungary 28:29 (14:15)

Germany: Wolff (Kielce), Bitter (Stuttgart) – Schiller (Göppingen / 7/4), Weber (Leipzig / 5), Drux (Berlin / 3), Häfner (Melsungen / 3), Kühn (Melsungen / 3), Kastening ( Melsungen / 2), Böhm (Hanover / 2), Gensheimer (Rhein-Neckar Löwen / 1), Groetzki (Rhein-Neckar Löwen / 1), Golla (Flensburg / 1), Knorr (Minden), Schmidt (Bergischer HC), Firnhaber (Erlangen), Metzner (Erlangen).
Hungary: Mikler, Szekely – Banhidi (8), Mathe (8/2), Lekai (3), Sita (3), Bodo (2), Anchin (2), Rosta (1), Balogh (1/1).Referee: Gubica / Milosevic (Croatia)
Time penalties: 7:7

Even seven goals from left winger Marcel Schiller were not enough to win the selection of the German Handball Federation (DHB) at the ghost game in the Hassan-Moustafa-Halle in Gizeh. Despite Gislason’s first defeat as a DHB coach, the German team started the main round on Thursday with 2-2 points. The opponents in the next phase are top-class: The DHB team meets European champions Spain, Brazil and Poland. The first two of the main round group I qualify for the quarter-finals – the declared goal of the team.

“Most important game of the tournament”

The DHB selection played their second World Cup game against Hungary. The second preliminary round game against Cape Verde, which was actually planned for Sunday, was canceled due to the corona and was rated for Germany. The DHB team decided the opening match against Uruguay clearly for themselves (43:14).

In the “most important game of the tournament”, as returnees Andreas Wolff described the game, Gislason initially did without his captain. Instead of Uwe Gensheimer, the Göppingen Schiller acted on the left wing. He was responsible for the first German goal with a penalty of seven meters. The DHB team struggled in a very intense game. The petty whistling Croatian referee team distributed many two-minute penalties on both sides, which brought the flow of the game to a standstill. Hungary coped better with it.

The 2.04 meter tall circle runner Bence Banhidi was always free to throw, German ball losses always resulted in Hungarian counter attacks. At 6:10 (17th) Gislason took the first time-out and complained: “We don’t get enough access in defense. We lost one or two balls that we can’t lose. We have to make better use of our chances.”

After Bitter’s first parade, it’s all over

In the aftermath, too, the German defense center made up of Johannes Golla and Sebastian Firnhaber did not function at all; in their own attack, the respect for the aggressive defense of the Magyars was too great. With the first parade by Johannes Bitter, who moved between the posts for Wolff, the best German phase to date began.

From 10:15 (26th) Germany fought their way to a goal with a 4-0 run. “Thank God we got back, that gives hope,” said DHB sports director Axel Kromer at the break. After the move, Germany equalized immediately, but then ran after a two-goal deficit again. Because in the attack, the German team left the clearest chances. After all: the cover worked a little better. Gensheimer, like Paul Drux, was now on the field and participated in a highly exciting final phase, especially Drux put his stamp on the game in the final phase. The winning goal for the Hungarians was finally scored by the strong Máte Lékai four seconds before the final siren.


Handball World Cup: “First really strong” opponent for DHB – Sport

Every evening the national coach Alfred Gislason complains to the head of communications of the German Handball Federation (DHB). “I don’t want to answer any more questions about Covid, I just want to concentrate on handball,” sighs Gislason, “I would be very, very happy if I could only answer handball questions.” But of course that won’t work at this World Cup in Egypt, every morning the Icelander has to answer questions about the current Corona situation when he sits down in front of a screen for the virtual press conference.

Sometimes Gislason gets off lightly, on Monday, for example, he was long gone and in his thoughts while preparing for the game against Hungary on Tuesday evening (6 p.m., ZDF), known as the fact that the newcomer to the World Cup, Cape Verde, would not participate in the tournament has been. Because the team no longer had enough usable players due to various corona cases during the preparation and in the first days of the World Cup, the match against Germany planned for Sunday evening was already canceled and with 10-0 goals and 2-0 points for them DHB selection has been assessed. The Cape Verdean officials had hoped to be able to fly in healthy players at short notice in order to at least preserve the chance of advancing into the main round in the game against Uruguay on Tuesday. But that was no longer possible in time, so they withdrew their team completely from the World Cup – and Uruguay continued without a fight.

Karl Lauterbach is now also speaking about the World Cup

It is news like this that keeps the topic simmering, especially in Germany. In the meantime, even the SPD health expert Karl Lauterbach has criticized in an interview with the TV channels RTL and n-tv that Egypt is hosting a handball world championship: “Overall, it is the wrong tournament at this time,” he said, adding: “The tournament worries me a lot more than the ghost games in the Bundesliga.”

Obviously Lauterbach has not been asked whether the Nordic Skiing World Championships planned in Oberstdorf in February will cause him any worries. The certainty that sporting events with international participation can be organized more safely in Germany, but he will probably not harbor either in view of the 24 corona cases that were reported in the past two weeks from the Biathlon World Cups in Oberhof. That is six more than at all previous World Cup stations this winter combined, but it has by far not led to as much excitement as the handball players experience in their sealed off from the outside world in Egypt.

It is also this unequal assessment standard that is annoying the DHB delegation right now. In any case, Alfred Gislason tried again on Monday to end the debate. “At the beginning there were a few things that the teams complained about here,” he reported in the team hotel in Giza, within sight of the pyramids, “but those responsible fixed everything as quickly as possible.” And sports director Axel Kromer confirmed: “In the meantime everything is so that we can say: ‘Jo, let’s go!'”

The possible main round opponents have all lost points, even European champions Spain

The first five days of the tournament are over, if the hygiene concept is followed and adhered to by all bladder residents, theoretically there should be no more corona cases at this World Cup from now on. And Alfred Gislason could devote himself exclusively to sporting topics, just in time.

According to the schedule, Hungary is the last opponent in the preliminary round, but because both teams are already qualified for the main round and the results are taken on the way, “in the end it is already the first main round game,” says Paul Drux, the back man from the foxes Berlin. Gislason says: “There are two extremely important points at issue.” In the parallel group, from which the next opponents come, all teams have already lost counters, even European champions Spain (at 29:29 against outsiders Brazil). A victory against Hungary would give the German handball players the full number of points and thus a minimal lead in the race for the targeted quarter-finals.

Too bad that Alfred Gislason doesn’t really know how far he has come with the development of his young selection. He was quite satisfied with the latest appearances, but the opponents Austria in the EM qualification before the World Cup and Uruguay at the World Cup opener weren’t really a tough test. “Hungary is a completely different caliber,” says Gislason, “the first really strong opponent,” agrees Drux.

Good in defense and attack, fast play forward, hardly any weaknesses – this is how Gislason analyzed the Hungarians. “You can throw clearly over our inner block”, he also saw during the video study and concluded from this: “Our defense must work much more aggressively forward than before.” As lively and committed as he was talking, you could feel that the Icelander was in his element: It was about handball and only about handball and nothing else.


Handball in the high security zone (neue-deutschland.de)

The security concept works within the bubble – in the halls and hotels of the World Cup. Outside, life in Egypt is more turbulent than anywhere else.

Photo: AFP / Anne-Christine Poujoulat

How big the discrepancy is between the hustle and bustle on the streets of Cairo and the World Cup in this city becomes clear during the drive from the Hassan Moustafa Hall back to one of four “bubble” hotels. People have made themselves pretty to start the evening, business is booming in the cafés. It seems strange for Europeans to watch the goings-on in the streets on the Nile, which has nothing to do with the current reality of life in Berlin, Paris or London. There are people who wear a mask but they are outnumbered, although there is an obligation to wear a mouth and nose cover in Egypt. The police are trying to enforce the order, but have no chance against the majority of the almost ten million inhabitants of the capital.

This is different within the handball bladder. Prior to the start of the World Cup in Egypt, there were reservations about holding this tournament while a pandemic rages in the world. 32 teams from four continents are now in Egypt, plus several hundred officials, media representatives and World Cup helpers around whom an imaginary protective fence has been drawn. Before entering the interior, there were a few corona cases, so many among the teams in the USA and the Czech Republic that they were exchanged shortly before the start of the World Cup. Isolated infections also appeared after the start, until Monday evening the World Cup bubble was now without any further case. The feeling of security increases, the belief that the precautionary measures work increases.

“On the tram in Mannheim you can see more people who do not wear the mask correctly,” reports Uwe Gensheimer of his observations. The captain of the German national team now feels like his teammates in the bubble and is impressed by the learning ability of the organizers on site. On arrival, the German delegation criticized individual things in their hotel within sight of the Giza pyramids, and within a short time the improvement requests were met. At the beginning of the tournament, not all processes were perfect to make the World Cup as safe as possible, but the Egyptians are learning at a great speed.

However, some key points have been in effect since day one. The four huge hotels, in which all 32 teams, the media representatives, officials of the world association and helpers are accommodated, may only be left for trips to the halls. A large number of security personnel, police and military secure the accommodations and the venues. Nobody gets in unseen, nobody is allowed out without permission. It takes up to half an hour before a shuttle bus is allowed to leave the hotel complex; first several institutions have to give the green light for the transfer. The hotel complexes are large, in them there are many people in a small space, which seems strange after the experiences in Germany in the past few months. But all safety measures are observed and kept at a distance. A high security zone has been built around the bubble.

The effort that is being made at this World Cup to keep the coronavirus out of the bladder is enormous. The concept, which was continuously refined in the months before the start of the World Cup with the participation of the major European handball nations with Germany at the top, applies in many points. All tournament participants are sealed off from the outside world, direct contact with the outside world is not possible. The large number of security personnel would be inconceivable at a similar event in Germany. The human resources that the organizer and the authorities in Egypt make available are impressive – the will to convince the rest of the world of your own abilities is palpable.

Yara Abdallah is also motivated. She received visitors a few days ago, at least some kind of visit. The 29-year-old stood on the balcony on the sixth floor of her hotel in central Cairo and looked down at the street, where two women waved to her from a black car. “These are my mother and my aunt,” says the young woman. A few seconds later, the brief family happiness was over, the security forces in front of the heavy gate in the driveway of the hotel asked to continue driving.

Yara Abdallah has to wait two more weeks before she can see her family up close, because she is one of many hundreds of helpers at the World Cup. Like everyone involved in the tournament in the greater Cairo area, she is shielded from the outside world for the duration of the games. “We knew what to expect,” says Abdallah. On January 9th, she moved into her room on the sixth floor, was tested for the first time and from then on at least every 72 hours for the Covid 19 pathogen and went into the World Cup bubble. A few days later, the handball world followed.


BOLA – Portugal has the worst day ever and records more than 200 deaths (COVID-19)

Portugal passed, for the first time, the 200 dead in 24 hours due to Covid-19. Another 218 people died from the disease, according to Tuesday’s bulletin, with data for Monday.

This Tuesday’s bulletin also reports that 10,455 more cases of SARS-CoV-2 virus infection were detected, for a total of 9246 deaths and 566,958 infected cases.

There are still 10,282 more cases to be recovered in a single day, increasing the total to 421,871, which means that there are 45 fewer active cases – there are now 135,841 cases.

As for hospitalizations, there are 5,291 patients in hospital units (126 more), of which 670 (six more) are in Intensive Care Units.


All the sports news of the weekend

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Contents of Mondial sports: football, handball, cycling, and MMA.

FOOTBALL : CHAN 2021 kicks off in Cameroon

FOOTBALL : Faced with the unprecedented crisis in Ligue 1, will footballers have to put their hands in their pockets? The scenario of lower wages is emerging.

HANDBALL : Sanctioned by the World Anti-Doping Agency, Russia is nevertheless present at the Egyptian World Cup, on the sly and under another identity.

CYCLING: What consequences after the postponement of the Tour of Rwanda 2021. Interview with the general coordinator of the race.

MMA: meeting with Manon Fiorot, talented fighter with an original course.

Summary subject to change depending on current events.


Handball World Cup .. Reasons for the Egyptian national team to formally protest against the referee of the Sweden match

The Egyptian handball team submitted a protest to the International Federation against the ruling of its match with Sweden, which was held at the end of Group G matches and ended with Sweden’s victory 24/23. The protest is due to several reasons, the most important of which is that the European referee is from the “Scandinavian” countries to which Sweden belongs, which is not acceptable. .

The Norwegian referee also managed the last match for the Swedish national team against Macedonia, which everyone liked, in addition to the fact that the Swedish coach was a Norwegian, something that had to be taken into account.

The Egyptian handball team felt injustice during the match, especially that the referee did not provide them with adequate protection despite our progress in the first half by three goals to end the first half with a score of 9/12.

Sports Minister praises the Egyptian handball player

Dr. Ashraf Sobhi, Minister of Youth and Sports, praised the performance of the Egyptian national team players despite the defeat of Sweden, with a score of 24-23, at the end of Group G matches, within the World Handball Cup competitions, which Egypt will host until January 31 with the participation of 32 teams.

The match was attended by Dr. Hassan Mostafa, President of the International Handball Federation, and Pierre Axel Frelinsdorf, Sweden’s ambassador to Egypt, and Eng. Hisham Hatab, President of the Egyptian Olympic Committee.

The result of the first half ended with the superiority of the Egyptian handball team with a score of 9-12, and the two teams exchanged control over the course of the match, and the Egyptian team remained ahead throughout the match periods until the Sweden team was able to adjust the result and kidnapped the match in the last seconds with a score of 24-23, thus qualifying the Egyptian team for the main role As the second group in the seventh group behind Sweden, the group leader, the Macedonian team came in third place, which was able to beat the Chilean team with a score of 32-29, in the match that was held between them before the Egypt-Sweden match, and the Chilean team moved to play in the “President’s Cup” matches, after it failed in Score any point in the group, as the trio will join Russia, Belarus and Slovenia in one group.