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Ralf Bader has all the numbers in his head. Not only does he know how many throws his goalkeepers let pass on Saturday night, he also knows how few they saved. Bader also knows how many mistakes his team made in attacking positions and how few goals they scored from the backcourt. The coach of TV Großwallstadt knows all this, but he thinks: The statistics are deceiving.

“The opponent made some technical mistakes because we forced them to happen,” says Bader and then talks about these and those numbers that can give the impression that TVG was not so clearly inferior on Saturday evening. But the truth is: Bader’s team was clearly inferior to Rimpar Wölfen, they lost the derby of the second handball Bundesliga with 25:32 (11:16) and basically had no chance. “It was sobering,” says Bader, “we chased after the result from the start. When Rimpar took the lead, the team was hesitant. We’re just thinking too much at the moment, but we can’t be impressed when the opponent plays well – that will be the case every week. “

Inhibited? Impressed? Bader’s diagnosis inevitably directs our attention back to February, when the world did not yet know the word prohibition of accommodation. At that time Michael Spatz announced that he would quit after this season. Großwallstadt’s right wing announced that he, the defining figure of the TVG in recent years, has had enough of handball. In Großwallstadt they knew that Spatz’s retirement would pose a challenge for the team. Because of his position alone, Spatz was not to be found in the center of the game, but he was, as Bader put it before the season, “an anchor for many.” The players knew: when things get tricky, we just toss the ball to the right, the old man is waiting out there and he’ll take care of it.

In fact, he usually took care of it, but now that sparrow is no longer there. At 37 he broke up and Großwallstadt is 2: 4 points after the first three games. That alone is by no means a reason to get nervous, after all, the season is still young – Bader says: “The big problem is: What works well once won’t work so well the next time. Sometimes we have one Bad phase in attack, sometimes in defense. I can’t figure that out yet. ” The false start puzzles TVG. Sometimes it suffers from this, sometimes it suffers from it. It also has to do with Sparrow, the anchor that is now missing.

By the way, Spatz was also on the score sheet on Saturday evening, but not in the place where he was always to be found throughout his career. His name appeared a little way down, below the cadre, where the officials are listed. Spatz, the defining figure in recent years, is now team manager.


European League (F): Paris 92 is approaching the third qualifying round – Hand – C2

Paris 92 easily beat the Slovaks of Michalovce this Saturday afternoon (36-14) in the second qualifying round of the European League. A score that gives them a comfortable lead before the return match, scheduled for Sunday, still in Issy-les-Moulineaux (6 p.m.).

In case of qualification, the Parisiennes will have to play the third qualifying round, before reaching the group stage of the European League (C2).


Bidasoa Irun requests postponement of the match against Barcelona

Following the logic of similar cases, the situation created by the coronavirus within the Bidasoa Irun was going to lead to the postponement of the match against him Barça, scheduled for this Saturday in Artaleku, but the official confirmation was missing.

Early in the afternoon yesterday, the yellow club formally requested that this meeting not be played “as a consequence of the quarantine that our first team keeps after detecting two cases of COVID-19 last Friday, as well as a third symptomatic case” and little more than an hour later he received confirmation from the Federation’s National Competition Committee.

This match joins Puente Genil-Huesca, Ademar-Cangas, Cuenca-Anaitasuna, Cisne-Nava and Granollers-Puerto Sagunto as postponed from matchday nine. They survive the Benidorm-Guadalajara, Villa de Aranda-Logroño and Sinfín-Atlético Valladolid. Precisely the Pucelano team will receive Logroño today (20.30, LaLigaSportstv application) in which it will be the first of the sixteen postponed games that it will recover. It corresponds to the fifth day, the first in which there was a problem of this type, excluding days one and two, which were postponed before starting the league.

In the meantime, both players who tested positive continue to improve and there have been no more health problems in any other member of the staff. The next appointment for Bidasoa Irun is on the 24th at the Atlético Valladolid field.


Handball – good for the feeling – sport

Don’t write that, “says Carsten Bissel. At some point he agrees that this transfer can be called his work. It’s about Hampus Olsson, the new right-winger of HC Erlangen, who was signed shortly before the start of the season. As a replacement for Johannes Sellin, the real regular on the right wing. Sellin had again sustained a bad finger injury on his throwing hand. It has been surgically repaired, but the former German international will be absent until at least December to recover. Because those responsible the risk seemed too daring to bet on Sellin’s representative Florian von Gruchalla and Jonas Poser, who was appointed to the professional squad from the U21, was signed up at short notice.

Not hectically, player agents had come in abundantly, but with care. And that’s where the chairman of the supervisory board comes into play: “I’ve had my eyes on Olsson for a long time, more precisely since the EHF Cup game between Berlin and Malmö”. Almost a year ago, the Swedish left-hander met the Füchse twelve times – and Bissel’s nerve. Before the season started, he saw it was time to “make serious efforts”.

The access was financed from the group of shareholders, explains Bissel, in which he may also have played a leading role. When asked about the costs, however, the informal concession of the HCE boss comes to an abrupt end, one should be content with the fact that the “transfer outside the budget” has been handled. Olsson was the top scorer in the Swedish league with 181 goals in 31 games, and he was voted Most Valuable Player in the preseason. For Erlangen it was almost more important that the 1.87 meter tall and almost 90 kilogram heavy athlete can also demonstrate great qualities in the defense game. Moved from Karlskrona to Malmö two years ago, after a less conspicuous year he really started his second season at the Swedish top club. Therefore, he was probably not on the wish list of too many top clubs, what he can now change in the world’s best league – certainly an argument for the change. In addition, in times of corona there are hardly any excessive demands called, in any case the club can consider itself lucky that a sponsor still made the transfer possible.

At least 1720 spectators were able to convince themselves of the quality of the new, who found admission to the Nuremberg Arena despite the strict hygiene concept checked on site by the health authorities. As the best thrower, Olsson contributed seven hits to the famous 31:21 victory of Erlangen against MT Melsungen, an opponent that is peppered with German national players and can be classified in front of the HC: Next to goalkeeper Silvio Heinevetter were Julius Kühn, Kai Häfner, Finn Lemke , Tobias Reichmann and Timo Kastening, whiz kid at the European Handball Championship, on the floor. Which was only enough for a balanced game until the change. After the 13: 9 halftime lead, the HCE pulled away inexorably, played phases as if in a frenzy and the opponent against the wall. Which was of course not only due to Olsson, who is not even one of the big names in the squad – this includes national players like Steffen Fäth, the Croatian Sime Ivic or the Swede Simon Jeppsson. Coach Michael Haaß does not want to highlight any player, speaks of a success of the collective, but knows that he will not get past Olsson and goalkeeper Klemen Ferlin.

Because in addition to the best goalscorer, it was the Slovenian national goalkeeper who moved into the short-term memory of the fans with his 17 saves. Haaß, world champion and a year ago still a player, prefers the deep analysis and ends up quickly with the inner block. Captain Nico Link, Petter Overby, Sebastian Firnhaber and Jan Schäffer did the “dirty work there, but it is less talked about”. Every player worked, he especially liked “that they played together”. Haaß was a middle man, he prefers a creative game with situation-related solutions to working through rehearsed moves.

After two defeats at the defending champion THW Kiel and the strong home team Bergischer HC, Haaß sees the success as the result of a great effort of will, he felt that “the team really wants to win”. What “released a lot of energy, then we can dominate such an opponent”. Whether the performance is an expression of the potential in the Erlangen squad, which has never before been nominally so strong? Haaß asked for patience: “We can enjoy it for two days, then it will start all over again in this league”. The success is always good for the feeling, also for him, after all it was the first victory for the coach Michael Haaß in a competitive game.

Carsten Bissel agrees, nice snapshot, yes, great for the fans who would have played their part with the generated mood. But: “After twelve games you can draw the first line. They can write that.”


Coronavirus: handball players who have to play with a mask – sport

Erwin Feuchtmann is also a little hero of handball in Germany. Although he plays for the Chilean national team with his brothers Emil and Harald; But because he has a German grandfather and was already active in the Bundesliga, he was celebrated with loud “Erwin, Erwin” shouts at the 2019 World Cup in the Cologne Arena. Erwin Feuchtmann, 30, is currently playing for the Spanish first division club Ademar León, and on Sunday was in the middle of an apparently absurd test arrangement that the whole handball community is now talking about.

Feuchtmann was on the record when the professionals from Ademar León and Balonmano Sinfín were only allowed to do their job with mouth and nose protection. Shortly before the game, the authorities of the Castilla y León region had decreed that contact sports in closed rooms could only be practiced with mask protection due to the corona pandemic. So also with handball. The number of infections in Spain is high, and the trend is rising, which is why the new measure, although the top division players take weekly corona tests anyway.

That led to irritating images. The masks slipped wildly on the players’ faces during the game; one wore it under his nose, the other on his chin. The piece of fabric that was soaked from breathing slipped completely off the face of another player after a courageous grip by the defender and had to be fastened back behind the ears after the attack.

“People who decide something like this are just idiots”

The criticism that Feuchtmann gave to the station was correspondingly hearty Sport1 expressed opposite. Many players would have had severe breathing problems under the mask. “They got sick because they were about to collapse. It makes sense if you breathe your own carbon dioxide all the time,” said Feuchtmann. The worst was in the second half, “most of them had the mask almost down there”. It was not entirely clear what the authorities’ stipulation would do.

In the end, the players got very close physically and crashed their upper bodies into each other – this time with slipped, soaked and also sticky mouth and nose protection, because the professionals had great problems with their hands covered with resin, the piece of fabric from their fingers again to get. For Sinfín’s coach Victor Montesinos, the whole scene was “surreal, as the players had full body contact for 60 minutes and the mask could hardly prevent infection”. The experimental set-up was also interesting for the referees, who could choose between two options: Either they put their whistle under the mask before each whistle. Or they kept the pipe in their mouths halfway through.

Feuchtmann attacked the official order sharply. “That was one of the stupidest decisions in politics,” the backcourt player exclaimed: “People who decide something that ignores reality are just idiots.” The fact that only the game in León was affected and that league leaders FC Barcelona were allowed to play against Valladolid a few hours earlier without protective measures caused further incomprehension. But support immediately came from Barcelona: The Dane Caspar Ulrich Mortensen commented on a video of the game on Twitter with three smileys, each of which clapped their hands in front of their foreheads.

Feuchtmann and his team are threatening a boycott

A similar scenario is hardly conceivable in Germany, as Frank Bohmann, the managing director of the Handball Bundesliga (HBL), has already ruled out. It would be better to stop the game than to send the players to the plate with mask protection. Holger Glandorf, who coordinates the corona measures at SG Flensburg-Handewitt, was also appalled. He could “not even imagine getting air under it,” Glandorf told the Ed.

An assumption that Erwin Feuchtmann can confirm. He has already ruled out that Ademar León’s team will wear mouth and nose protection a second time. “We will not accept that,” said Feuchtmann, the authorities now have almost a week to discuss the much-criticized measure. Because Ademar León’s upcoming home league game will have to be postponed: Several players tested positive against Morrazo Cangas.


Wilhelmshavener HV files for bankruptcy | NDR.de – Sport

Status: 08.10.2020 1:34 p.m.

The economic sponsor of the second division handball team Wilhelmshavener HV has filed for insolvency at the local court. But that doesn’t mean forced relegation.

According to a report in the “Wilhelmshavener Zeitung”, the former Bundesliga club (2002 to 2008) is planning to found a new company into which the remaining players from the previous “WHV-Sportmarketing GmbH”, which has been affected by the bankruptcy application, are to be transferred. A “corona clause” in the licensing regulations of the handball Bundesliga enables such a change of economic sponsor – however, there is a deduction of four points at the end of the season.

Two players leave the club

A week ago, the Wilhelmshavener had left open the whereabouts in the second division. The background to the financial difficulties of the traditional Lower Saxony club is the arrest of its co-manager and main sponsor, who is being investigated for investment fraud.

VIDEO: Wilhelmshaven handball club threatens bankruptcy (3 min)

In addition, the WHV announced the departure of two players: The Spaniard Juan de la Peña moves to league competitor SG BBM Bietigheim, Tim Rozman to Bundesliga promoted TuSEM Essen. The Slovenian’s departure is surprising because he only signed a contract extension until 2023 in March. At the season opener last Friday in Hüttenberg (32:29), the left-hander contributed two goals.

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Handball – comeback at the age of 42 – sport

Comeback at the age of 42: Mattias Andersson, the goalkeeping coach of THW Kiel, returned to goal in the 25th minute of the 34:31 victory in the handball Bundesliga against Hannover-Burgdorf. The Swede, who played his last game so far in June 2018, ensures that his representative Dario Quenstedt gets breather after the injury of regular keeper Landin. With several parades he contributed to the victory.

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