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Every evening the national coach Alfred Gislason complains to the head of communications of the German Handball Federation (DHB). “I don’t want to answer any more questions about Covid, I just want to concentrate on handball,” sighs Gislason, “I would be very, very happy if I could only answer handball questions.” But of course that won’t work at this World Cup in Egypt, every morning the Icelander has to answer questions about the current Corona situation when he sits down in front of a screen for the virtual press conference.

Sometimes Gislason gets off lightly, on Monday, for example, he was long gone and in his thoughts while preparing for the game against Hungary on Tuesday evening (6 p.m., ZDF), known as the fact that the newcomer to the World Cup, Cape Verde, would not participate in the tournament has been. Because the team no longer had enough usable players due to various corona cases during the preparation and in the first days of the World Cup, the match against Germany planned for Sunday evening was already canceled and with 10-0 goals and 2-0 points for them DHB selection has been assessed. The Cape Verdean officials had hoped to be able to fly in healthy players at short notice in order to at least preserve the chance of advancing into the main round in the game against Uruguay on Tuesday. But that was no longer possible in time, so they withdrew their team completely from the World Cup – and Uruguay continued without a fight.

Karl Lauterbach is now also speaking about the World Cup

It is news like this that keeps the topic simmering, especially in Germany. In the meantime, even the SPD health expert Karl Lauterbach has criticized in an interview with the TV channels RTL and n-tv that Egypt is hosting a handball world championship: “Overall, it is the wrong tournament at this time,” he said, adding: “The tournament worries me a lot more than the ghost games in the Bundesliga.”

Obviously Lauterbach has not been asked whether the Nordic Skiing World Championships planned in Oberstdorf in February will cause him any worries. The certainty that sporting events with international participation can be organized more safely in Germany, but he will probably not harbor either in view of the 24 corona cases that were reported in the past two weeks from the Biathlon World Cups in Oberhof. That is six more than at all previous World Cup stations this winter combined, but it has by far not led to as much excitement as the handball players experience in their sealed off from the outside world in Egypt.

It is also this unequal assessment standard that is annoying the DHB delegation right now. In any case, Alfred Gislason tried again on Monday to end the debate. “At the beginning there were a few things that the teams complained about here,” he reported in the team hotel in Giza, within sight of the pyramids, “but those responsible fixed everything as quickly as possible.” And sports director Axel Kromer confirmed: “In the meantime everything is so that we can say: ‘Jo, let’s go!'”

The possible main round opponents have all lost points, even European champions Spain

The first five days of the tournament are over, if the hygiene concept is followed and adhered to by all bladder residents, theoretically there should be no more corona cases at this World Cup from now on. And Alfred Gislason could devote himself exclusively to sporting topics, just in time.

According to the schedule, Hungary is the last opponent in the preliminary round, but because both teams are already qualified for the main round and the results are taken on the way, “in the end it is already the first main round game,” says Paul Drux, the back man from the foxes Berlin. Gislason says: “There are two extremely important points at issue.” In the parallel group, from which the next opponents come, all teams have already lost counters, even European champions Spain (at 29:29 against outsiders Brazil). A victory against Hungary would give the German handball players the full number of points and thus a minimal lead in the race for the targeted quarter-finals.

Too bad that Alfred Gislason doesn’t really know how far he has come with the development of his young selection. He was quite satisfied with the latest appearances, but the opponents Austria in the EM qualification before the World Cup and Uruguay at the World Cup opener weren’t really a tough test. “Hungary is a completely different caliber,” says Gislason, “the first really strong opponent,” agrees Drux.

Good in defense and attack, fast play forward, hardly any weaknesses – this is how Gislason analyzed the Hungarians. “You can throw clearly over our inner block”, he also saw during the video study and concluded from this: “Our defense must work much more aggressively forward than before.” As lively and committed as he was talking, you could feel that the Icelander was in his element: It was about handball and only about handball and nothing else.


Handball – Cape Verde withdraws from World Cup – Sport

Handball, World Cup: The corona-plagued tournament debutant Cape Verde has announced his withdrawal from the Handball World Cup. The German opponents in the preliminary round did not manage to fly healthy players to Egypt in time. The final preliminary round match against Uruguay, planned for Tuesday, was scored by the world association IHF with 10-0 goals and 2-0 points for the South Americans, who are now in the main round. “The IHF has accepted the withdrawal, which protects the health of all those involved in the World Cup,” the world association announced on Monday. The Kap Verdes match against Germany had already failed on Sunday because the underdog was unable to muster the ten capable players required by the regulations due to the corona.

The selection of the German Handball Federation (DHB) was awarded the victory at the Green Table, this was synonymous with the early entry into the next tournament phase. In Cape Verde, two new positive results appeared on Saturday afternoon. Even before the trip to Egypt, the island nation had numerous positive results to complain about, the national team had traveled to the World Cup with a strong replacement. Initially, the newcomer to the tournament had planned to nominate more players for the group final against Uruguay. This attempt failed. According to the IHF, the “necessary precautions are now being taken so that the team can return to Cape Verde”.

Bundesliga, continued: The Saarland Prime Minister Tobias Hans calls for a critical Corona debate about professional football at the political summit of the country leaders with Chancellor Angela Merkel on Tuesday. There are many inconsistencies that have to be talked about at the conference, the CDU politician told the Saarland radio on Monday. At the same time, the 42-year-old criticized the privileges for professional football, which has been allowed to keep the game going despite the lockdown in Germany. “Children are not allowed to play football while you continue in the Bundesliga as if nothing had happened – even with the mutation that is now in play,” said Hans.

Angela Merkel and the country leaders discussed on Tuesday about possible tightening of the corona rules and a further extension of the lockdown. The main reason is the concern that highly contagious virus mutations could also spread in this country. Most recently, the federal government and prime minister refrained from further interfering with professional sport when tightening the corona rules. Like the top divisions in handball, ice hockey or basketball, the professional football leagues are allowed to continue their operations with hygiene concepts and without spectators. In the first lockdown last spring, professional sport had interrupted its competitions for at least a few weeks.

Football, EM: The SPD health expert Karl Lauterbach does not expect the pan-European football championship planned for the summer (June 11 to July 11) to take place. “I believe that the EM will be canceled completely because we will have a situation in March that will be worse in many European countries than it is today,” Lauterbach told the news portal t-online. So far, the plan is for the tournament to be played in a total of twelve countries. There have been rumors for weeks that the event cannot be held in this format. Recently there were apparently considerations to play the EM in only one country. The final decision on how the EURO will be played should be made by March 5th.

Lauterbach indicated that due to the development of the corona pandemic, a situation could arise in March “in which hardly anyone would even think of hosting a European football championship”. DFL boss Christian Seifert also has doubts about hosting in the planned format. In an interview with the Frankfurter Allgemeine SonntagszeitunHe emphasized that “the European Championship can work”. However, he also said that he could imagine that “the organizers could refrain from playing this European Championship in too many cities.”

Soccer, 2nd division: The presence of about 30 spectators at the home game of the second division soccer team FC Erzgebirge Aue against Fortuna Düsseldorf caused irritation. The people had followed the 3-0 defeat of the Saxons on Saturday on the back straight of the Erzgebirgsstadion and in the second half had loud chants several times. The photos show how the minimum distance was not observed. Some people also did not wear a mouth and nose cover, which violates the hygiene concept of the German Football League (DFL). According to Aues managing director Michael Voigt, the spectators had helped clear the area of ​​snow in the run-up to the game. “The people were available on call during the game to help clear the pitch immediately if there was more snowfall,” said Voigt.

Handball, World Cup: The second World Cup game of the German handball players against Cape Verde threatens to be canceled due to two further corona cases in the African team. As the world association IHF announced the day before the game on Sunday (6 p.m. / ARD), two players from Cape Verde tested positive again. The two actors were immediately isolated. Since the Africans no longer have the ten players required according to the IHF regulations, the game against the DHB selection is about to be canceled. In this case the game would be rated 10: 0 for the German team.

However, the Africans, who currently have only nine players who tested negative, could theoretically nominate further players from their expanded World Cup squad and have them travel to Egypt. “At the moment it is a clear recommendation to the team that they shouldn’t make any attempts to bring the missing people from the extended squad here,” said DHB sports director Axel Kromer. “The game against us is hardly possible.”

Although numerous corona cases had already occurred in the Cape Verde team in the run-up to the tournament in Egypt, the team played its first World Cup game against Hungary (27:34) on Friday evening.

Tennis, Australian Open: Three positive corona tests on the journey to the Australian Open severely disrupted the preparation for the first Grand Slam tournament of the year. As the organizers announced on Saturday, a total of 47 tennis professionals are in strict quarantine and are therefore not allowed to leave their hotel room for 14 days. It was originally planned that the athletes would be allowed to train for a maximum of five hours a day during this time in order to prepare for the start in Melbourne (from February 8).

The organizers did not provide the names of the quarantined players. It was therefore initially unclear whether German professionals belong to the group of isolated athletes. The three-time Grand Slam winner Angelique Kerber arrived in Melbourne on Friday. According to the organizers, two charter flights were affected on arrival. On a flight from the United States, two people tested positive on arrival. Those affected are a member of the crew and “a passenger who is not a player”. Both had given a negative test in the run-up to the flight, a total of 79 people, including 24 players on board.

“We communicate with everyone on this flight, especially the group of players, to accommodate their needs as best we can,” said Tournament Director Craig Tiley. The second affected machine started from Abu Dhabi and had a total of 23 players on board, the positive test should not affect any athletes here either. The effort of the Australian organizers is enormous to get the tournament off the stage amid the pandemic. Players and accompanying persons are currently flown in with a total of 18 charter planes. The strict bubble concept is expected to cost over 25 million euros.

Biathlon, Oberhof: There are two more corona cases at the Biathlon World Cup in Oberhof. As the world association IBU announced, an athlete and a supervisor from Slovenia tested positive for the virus. Both people were isolated and quarantined for ten days. According to local regulations, two athletes identified as direct contact persons even have to be quarantined for 14 days.

In addition to the remaining competitions on Rennsteig, the three affected athletes will also miss the World Cup dress rehearsal in Antholz from January 21. In Oberhof, 23 of over 2,400 corona tests carried out were positive, which means that there were already five more corona cases than at the first two World Cup stations combined.

Handball, World Cup: Shortly before the defending champion Denmark’s opening game at the Handball World Cup in Egypt, a Danish national player tested positive for the corona virus. It is World Cup debutant Emil Jakobsen, who was previously infected with the virus. The Danish handball association announced on Friday morning that he is now being isolated just like his roommate Morten Olsen. This means that Jakobsen will not appear in the evening against Bahrain. Olsen is hoping for a negative test later in the day.

Football, Club World Cup: The Club World Cup has to plan without the Oceania representative Auckland City. The New Zealand club informed the world association Fifa on Friday that it could not participate in view of the corona pandemic and the quarantine regulations issued by the domestic authorities. Fifa did not name a replacement.

Instead, the title at the tournament in Qatar (February 4th to 11th) will be played among only six teams. Auckland should have played an elimination match against Al-Duhail SC on February 1st. The Qatari champions are now in the second round without a fight. FC Bayern, qualified as the Champions League winner, will only intervene in the tournament with the semi-finals (February 8th).

The pairings will be drawn on January 19 (4 p.m.) in Zurich. In addition to Bayern and Al-Duhail, the continental champions Al-Ahly from Egypt, Ulsan Hyundai (South Korea) and Tigres UANL (Mexico) have been confirmed as participants. Then there is the winner of the South American Copa Libertadores, who will be determined on January 30th in the Brazilian final duel between Santos and Palmeiras.


Handball World Cup: After a big victory at the beginning – Germany with worries about the next game

Sport Handball World Cup

After a big victory at the start – Germany with worries about the next game

| Reading time: 3 minutes

Handball - 2021 IHF Handball World Championship - Preliminary Round Group A - Germany v Uruguay - Dr Hassan Moustafa Sports Hall, Giza, Egypt - January 15, 2021 Germany's Julius Kuhn in action Pool via REUTERS/Anne-Christine Poujoulat

First goalscorer for Germany at the World Cup: Julius Kühn (r.)

Source: Pool via REUTERS

The start was successful: The German selection defeated the Uruguayan team in the first game of the handball world championship in 2021. Nevertheless, the fear is great before the second encounter – which is mainly due to the opponent.

Srifle festival at the start of the World Cup: Germany’s handball players started the World Cup with an effortless 43:14 (16: 4) win over Uruguay, but still owed the hoped-for shine. In the expected significant success at the World Cup debut of national coach Alfred Gislason on Friday in Giseh Timo Kastening with nine goals and Marcel Schiller (5) were the best German throwers.

The next preliminary round opponent of the German team is Cape Verde on Sunday (6 p.m., ARD). The Africans received the green light from the world association IHF on Friday for their first participation in the World Cup, despite four positive corona cases that had been detected on arrival in Egypt on Thursday.

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Fast forward to the top of the world: Timo Kastening

The affected players are in quarantine and are out. “It is very important that we keep our focus,” said DHB Vice President Bob Hanning on ARD with a view to the further tournament events.

Wolff pauses

Especially since the German team then has to prepare for more resistance than against Uruguay. In the first duel with the fourth class opponent, Gislason surprisingly did without goalkeeper Andreas Wolff, who had delivered an outstanding performance in the World Cup dress rehearsal against Austria. Johannes Bitter started for the 29-year-old from the Polish top club Vive Kielce.

The 38-year-old oldie, who became world champion in the DHB selection in 2007, was the usual good support – even if he was not asked too often. From the beginning, Germany dominated the one-sided game without shining. After a good start (6: 1/10.), A lot of lack of concentration crept into the attack. Gislason, who watched the whole thing with crossed arms on the sideline, didn’t like a few missed throws and slight ball losses.

2021 IHF Handball World Championship - Preliminary Round Group A - Germany v Uruguay

Not always completely satisfied: Alfred Gislason (center)

Source: Pool via REUTERS

Captain Uwe Gensheimer alone missed four big chances in the first 25 minutes, including a seven-meter. Nevertheless, the left wing of the Rhein-Neckar Löwen, who scored three times in the first half and had to go to the bench after the move, is now Germany’s record scorer with a total of 174 goals.

His teammates also failed a few times because of the good Uruguayan goalkeeper Felipe Gonzales, which Gislason criticized with clear words in the first break. That made an impact.

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Düsseldorf, Germany November 05, 2020: Men EHF EM 2022 qualification, group 2, Germany vs. Bosnia-Herzegovina, the team of Germany at the anthem, from left.  Sebastian Heymann (Germany / FrischAuf Goeppingen), Tobias Reichmann (Germany / MT Melsungen), Patrick Wiencek (Germany / THW Kiel), Finn Lemke (Germany / MT Melsungen), Torhueter Silvio Heinevetter (Germany / MT Melsungen), Johannes Bitter (Germany / TVB Stuttgart), Uwe Gensheimer (Germany / Rhein-Neckar Loewen)

After the break, Silvio Heinevetter moved between the posts for Bitter and also delivered a good performance. In the attack, the DHB selection acted more concentrated and more efficient in the end. The lead grew steadily and was the first 20 hits at 27: 7 (43rd). Against the increasingly declining South Americans, the German team now had an easy time and in the end cracked the 40-goal mark.

“I really liked that we were braver and fresher after the break,” said goalkeeper Bitter after the game. With a view to the second group game against Cape Verde, he reacted with concern. “This is an uncomfortable situation that one would like to avoid. We hope that the game may not take place because we are not comfortable with it, ”he said.


Handball World Cup: German preliminary round match against Cape Verde canceled – sport

The World Cup preliminary round match between the German handball players against Cape Verde, scheduled for Sunday evening, has been canceled. This decision was made by the competition management of the world association IHF on Sunday morning due to the new corona cases at the tournament outsider.

The game is valued with 10-0 goals and 2-0 points for Germany, the DHB selection of national coach Alfred Gislason is in Egypt early in the main round.

“We are happy and relieved that we finally have clarity after uncertain hours. From a purely sporting point of view, of course, we miss this game because with our newly formed national team we actually need every minute of competition. We are here for handball, but without this game we feel more comfortable, “said Axel Kromer, sports director of the German Handball Federation (DHB).

The German handball players will play their next and last preliminary round match in Giza on Tuesday (8.30 p.m. / ZDF) against Hungary. Possible German opponents in the main round are European champions Spain, Poland, Brazil and Tunisia. The DHB selection had clearly won their opening match on Friday against World Cup newcomer Uruguay (43:14).

Gislason tried to draw positive aspects from the cancellation of the Cape Verde game. His team wanted to “use the training day they won today to set competition-specific stimuli and further stabilize the interaction. Now our focus is entirely on Hungary,” said the Icelander. The IHF had informed about two new positive findings in the Africans on Saturday afternoon.

Since Cape Verde only has eleven capable players due to previous corona cases, including the newly tested positive players, the team does not have the ten players required by the regulations.


Handball World Cup: German preliminary round match against Cape Verde canceled – sport

The World Cup preliminary round match between the German handball players against Cape Verde, scheduled for Sunday evening, has been canceled. This decision was made by the competition management of the world association IHF on Sunday morning due to the new corona cases at the tournament outsider.

The game is valued with 10-0 goals and 2-0 points for Germany, the DHB selection of national coach Alfred Gislason is in Egypt early in the main round.

“We are happy and relieved that we finally have clarity after uncertain hours. From a purely sporting point of view, we are of course missing this game because we actually need every minute of competition with our newly formed national team. We are here for handball, but without this game we feel more comfortable, “said Axel Kromer, sports director of the German Handball Federation (DHB).

The German handball players will play their next and last preliminary round match in Giza on Tuesday (8.30 p.m. / ZDF) against Hungary. Possible German opponents in the main round are European champions Spain, Poland, Brazil and Tunisia. The DHB selection had clearly won their opening match on Friday against World Cup newcomer Uruguay (43:14).

Gislason tried to draw positive aspects from the cancellation of the Cape Verde game. His team wanted to “use the training day they won today to set competition-specific stimuli and further stabilize the interaction. Now our focus is entirely on Hungary,” said the Icelander. The IHF had informed about two new positive findings in the Africans on Saturday afternoon.

Since Cape Verde only has eleven capable players due to previous corona cases, including the newly tested positive players, the team does not have the ten players required by the regulations.


The Egyptian handball team “has eyes on the lead” in the World Cup match against Sweden

Within the Egyptian national team as well as Sweden for handball, qualifying for the main round of the World Cup, after winning the first two rounds during Group G competitions, which includes (Egypt, the “host country for the tournament”, Sweden, Chile, and Macedonia, who joined the group after the withdrawal of the Czechs). A decider at the top of the group between Egypt and Sweden to determine first and second place.

Egypt handball .. Egypt national team aspires to lead

At home and among its fans, the Pharaohs team aspires to continue strong performances in the championship, after beating Chile in the opening match with a score of 35/29, and then sweeping the Macedonian team in the second match with a score of 38/19, seeking to achieve the third victory and achieve the full mark in the group and victory over the Swedish national team , In order to reserve the first qualifying card for the group.

Egypt handball

Egypt handball .. Sweden is at the top of the Egypt group

Sweden sits at the top of Group G of the Handball World Cup after beating Chile with a big score, and Sweden defeated Chile 41-26 at the Cairo Stadium Hall, in the second round matches of Group G of the Handball World Cup Egypt 2021. The victory gave Sweden the top spot. The group scored two goals from Egypt, as Sweden increased to 4 points and a difference of +27 goals, compared to 4 points for Egypt and a difference of +25 goals.

Egypt handball

Egypt handball .. Egypt national team faces Sweden at the top

Egypt will face Sweden tomorrow, next Monday, in the third round, a match that will determine the balance of each team at the start of the main round of the tournament, while Chile will play North Macedonia.

Egypt national handball team

Egypt handball .. Chile and Macedonia vie for third place

Chile’s balance is frozen at none of the points, and on equal footing with North Macedonia, so that the next meeting between them will determine the qualification between them, the company of Egypt and Sweden, to the main role.


Handball national coach Gislason: The rock Alfred – Sport

The handball universe has imposed a few tests on the coach Alfred Gislason in the past few months, where many other coaches would have doubted whether he is really right in this position. Gislason was only a few weeks top coach of German handball when the corona pandemic hit the continent. All training sessions: canceled. All international games: also, including the Olympic qualification tournament in Berlin. At some point Gislason was national coach for half a year without coaching a single game.

When he finally got to play in November, things went wrong on the trip to Estonia: The team returned from the European Championship qualifier with various corona infections; with the bad news it went on. On the way to the World Cup, which has just started in Egypt, so many important players told him that Gislason could have asked again: Does it really make sense for me to be the national handball coach?

But Gislason remained calm. He stoically endured all of this, the cancellations, the corona turmoil, the many overturned plans. The Icelander said it was a shame that world-class players like Hendrik Pekeler or Patrick Wiencek were not available for the World Cup mission, but immediately said that he could understand the personal reasons. Gislason originally intended to build a strong defense around these two players as a foundation for the whole team. A new plan was needed, again.

He would have liked to have had more time with the team before the World Cup, said Gislason, so some tactical options would now be lost. But then a short, encouraging smile: “Nobody is sticking their head in the sand here.” And: “Of course I believe in this team.”

In a volte, Schwenker made his best man national coach

In the troubled heap that German handball players are currently giving away in all the corona turmoil, Gislason looks like the resting boulder that nothing can knock over. The situation that Gislason has not yet experienced in handball has yet to be created – that was the idea when Gislason was appointed national coach in a quick action in February 2020.

This volte can clearly be assigned to his old companion Uwe Schwenker. Both were defining figures at THW Kiel, first Schwenker as manager, later Gislason as trainer. Schwenker had even made Gislason his best man at his second wedding in 2012, and he had suffered for a long time, like many other handball fans in Germany, because the national team under Christian Prokop just didn’t want to go well. Prokop had tried a lot, got a respectable result with fifth place at the EM 2020, but Schwenker surprised the presidium of the German Handball Federation (DHB) with a mental game.

Alfred Gislason was on the market and he had heard that he had just started negotiations with the Russian association, Schwenker told his colleagues: “At the end of the week, Alfred will no longer be available.” Suddenly it happened very quickly, against someone like Gislason even the Prokop friends in the Presidium found no counter-arguments. “We had a young system trainer, now we have a confident, charismatic trainer who is solid as a rock,” said Schwenker, describing the change in coach at the time. The team in Egypt should now benefit from this.

The players praise Gislason’s inexhaustible experience

At 61 years of age, Gislason is on the sidelines like someone who has experienced everything – with the difference to other coaches, about whom it is said that Gislason has really experienced almost everything. As a player in the left backcourt, he made 190 international matches for Iceland, and was German champion twice with Tusem Essen. As coach of SC Magdeburg, he brought the first Champions League title to Germany in 2002, after which he shaped the second great era of THW Kiel, collecting seven German championships, six cup wins and two other Champions League titles, 2010 and 2012.

Sometimes he seems strict, but that is deceptive, says Gislason: “I’m the loosest coach ever.” Because what’s the point of beating handball players who are already insecure?

The players praise Gislason’s manner, they appreciate the sheer endless experience their coach draws from. Often even those men who have completed well over 100 international matches just sit there and listen to the anecdotes of their coach, over lunch, at the team meeting. “He gives us security,” says right back player Kai Häfner. “He’s the right man to conjure up something good out of our bunch,” believes right winger Timo Kastening.

One thing annoyed Gislason a few days ago: The criticism from goalkeeper Andreas Wolff in the direction of the Kiel players who did not want to travel to the World Cup. Something like that disturbs the preparation, said Gislason, but then, a short pause, a smile: What should he do? Somebody like Wolff said his opinion, he certainly couldn’t change it. He has already got along with completely different calibers in his career, so a boisterous Wolff will not lure him out of the reserve.

Gislason believes in this team. And if he does, it can’t be so wrong.


Handball World Cup: Uruguay is becoming a big surprise bag for Germans

Sport World Cup kick-off

“Uruguay is a team that plays handball a little differently than we are used to”

| Reading time: 3 minutes

World Cup squad with strangers – the faces of the DHB team

The German handball players start the controversial World Cup in Egypt. Due to the corona, there are some prominent cancellations, so that national coach Alfred Gislason has to rely on partly unknown faces at his first major tournament in the DHB dress.

Before the start of the World Cup, normal attunement to the opponent is difficult. The German players and their coach know little about the tournament debutant. A win over Uruguay is still a must.

Dhe preparation for the duel with the newcomer to the World Cup brought some problems. Because handball games play a subordinate role in South America, the otherwise due television viewing of the opponent’s strengths and weaknesses was particularly difficult. “We are playing against an opponent that we only know from videos that are almost a year old,” reported national coach Alfred Gislason on Thursday from the German national team’s headquarters in Giza.

“Uruguay is a team that plays handball a little differently than we are used to. You have a very robust defense and a good goalkeeper and try to play off the attacks for an extremely long time. I’ve only seen the games from the South American Championship. They play a flexible 6-0 defense that grabs a lot. We have to organize our game accordingly. It’s up to us how we deal with it. “

Clear specification

Before the eagerly awaited start, the Uruguayan team is like a big surprise bag. Third place in the 2020 South American Championship is the team’s greatest achievement.

Gislason underlined that only one win counts against the tournament debutants in the first appearance of the German selection at the global test of strength in Egypt this Friday (6 p.m., ARD): The game as well as the second group game on Sunday against Cap Verde (6 p.m., ARD) “We have to win,” said the 61-year-old Icelander. “You can turn it around as you like. We also have to use these games to improve our skills and develop tactical variants in attack and defense. ”The participation of the second opponent in the tournament is still on the brink due to some corona cases.

National coach Alfred Gislason (front)

Quelle: Getty Images

The national coach, who replaced Christian Prokop eleven months ago, of course knows all too well that the real opponents at this World Cup will follow later. After the final group game against Hungary on Tuesday you can only assess where you stand, he said.

He didn’t feel particularly nervous before his first major tournament as coach: “I’m always tense before every game. Above all, I’m happy that it’s finally getting started. That’s what we’re here for, that’s what we all enjoy the most, ”said Gislason. For his team, which was newly formed due to the lack of ten players, it is now important to “just play our game. That means, first of all, we have to be patient enough in the attack that we don’t get angry. “

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Bob Hanning also sees the German team clearly as favorites. “Now we’re going to win the game against Uruguay with a cup of tea in hand and concentrate on the sport,” said the Vice President of the German Handball Federation.


German handball players against Uruguay: very easy opening win – sport

National coach Alfred Gislason had to admit that his knowledge of the first opponent of the German national handball team was limited. Uruguay? The team from South America is represented at a World Cup for the first time, they play their attacks “extremely long”, Gislason knew and clearly, like all teams from Uruguay, they tackle the defense properly. Otherwise it was difficult with the predictions, the last competitive game Uruguay was almost a year ago – then finally came Corona.

The powerfully gripping defensive arms weren’t quite enough to do anything against the rejuvenated but still powerful German team. The 43:14 (16: 4) was the expected easy start for Gislason’s team in this special World Cup tournament. Everyone was “super happy,” said goalkeeper Johannes Bitter on ARD: “We prepared just as much as we did for any strong opponent.”

The result was the highest German win at a World Cup in 63 years, and according to Bitter that was “of course completely okay”. On Sunday in the second round game against the Cape Verde Islands, the balance of power should be similar; after that, against Hungary, the World Cup really begins.

Uruguay’s goalkeeper cheers: two saves against Gensheimer!

Gislason had informed four players before the game that they would only be sitting in the stands. This is how it will be at every World Cup game, there are 20 players in the squad, 16 are allowed on the score sheet. So this time, in addition to goalkeeper Andreas Wolff, Moritz Preuss, Antonio Metzner and Lukas Stutzke also took a break. Wolff recently attracted internal criticism of his teammates, but the measure was not to be understood as a punishment: He remains the number one German goalkeeper, there will be even more important tasks at this World Cup.

Uruguay’s best handball players almost all play in the domestic amateur league. They are students, teachers, auditors who have submitted their annual leave for the World Cup. Only four players made it abroad, in Spain’s second division; this is roughly how the game went. The German team was physically and technically superior in all points, moving away from 3: 0 and 8: 2 to 16: 4 at the break. National coach Gislason still had something to complain about in the attack performance – some free throws were negligently awarded, even by the otherwise reliable captain Uwe Gensheimer, first from outside, then from the circle. “That shouldn’t happen to us like that,” said Gislason, “I was annoyed about that.”

At the break, Uruguay’s goalkeeper Felipe Gonzalez made a pretty satisfied impression: Sure, 16 goals conceded, but at least two saves against Gensheimer! And because he had fended off a few more throws, he was even named “Man of the Game” after the game and celebrated by his teammates. Gonzalez was even more pleased than the German players about their success.

He finally fell out with a 29 goal difference. “Towards the end, our opponents made it very easy for us,” said Gislason. His team should be able to regenerate quickly, on Sunday evening it will be against Cape Verde. On Friday, the World Handball Federation confirmed that the game can take place: No further corona cases were added to the opponent; the most recent tests were all negative.


Handball World Cup: cheating with Russia – sport

The arrival was a little late, but still on time. On Tuesday evening, the team around coach Velimir Petkovic met at the airport in Moscow, then they went to Egypt via Istanbul, and on Wednesday morning the team finally arrived at the venue in Alexandria – one day before the World Cup kick-off. Belarus will be the first opponent of the Petkovic team, the national team of Russia, on Thursday. Pardon: of course the “Team of the Russian Handball Federation”.

The handball world championship in Egypt is a bizarre event for many reasons, but it is especially so with regard to the participant Russia. The tournament is the first world championship since the decision of the International Sports Court Cas on the consequences of the continued data manipulation in Russia’s doping scandal. The committee formally decided to impose a two-year ban, but at the same time it was massively softened. And now, at the first opportunity, as was to be expected, it also shows in practice what sham the sports court has hatched: ban? Which lock?

“Russia” does not take part in the World Cup, but the “Team of the Russian Handball Federation” – what a gag. This is taking place at roughly the same level as those “Olympic athletes from Russia” that the International Olympic Committee invented in 2018 for the Pyeongchang Winter Games. It speaks volumes that such a maneuver is not too cheap for those in charge of the international handball federation (IHF) – quite apart from the fact that the media and viewers naturally write and speak of “Russia” when it comes to the team that used to be in Germany for a long time (most recently in Berlin) Velimir Petkovic goes.

The procedure is a blueprint for ice hockey and soccer World Cups

The CAS explicitly banned the logo, flag and anthem in its slogan from December, specifically it now looks like this: The logo will not appear as the Russian flag, but the logo of the Russian Handball Federation, which coincidentally also consists of Russia’s national colors white, blue and red exists. Russia’s national emblem on the jerseys has to be covered because in the short time it was not possible to get completely revised new forms without national emblems. And what about the hymn, the Russians themselves did not yet know when they made their way to Egypt. The IHF anthem will probably be played.

The whole thing is a blueprint for the next few months. There is little risk that Russia’s athletes will take part in the ice hockey World Cup in May without being recognized; the same applies to the Olympic Games in Tokyo in summer and in Beijing in winter – or for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. In all international federations there are traditionally Russia-friendly sport officials at work, they will please Moscow. Russia can take part in the European Football Championship in 2021 as “Russia” anyway, because the ban only applies to World Cups.

The circumstances, said Russia’s handball players, are of course not nice, and it is hoped that this will not affect the World Cup performance. But actually, they indicate, their bigger problem is that they have to compensate for a few losses, especially that of backcourt player Pawel Atman. And with that back to sport.