FC Bayern, Fiete Arp: First use after 15 months, then the damper

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Düren brave, Bayern continue – the goals in the video

In the end, FC Bayern prevailed confidently against a brave fifth division team from Düren. New signing Choupo-Moting hits twice on his debut. See all goals in the video.

FC Bayern paid three million euros to HSV for Fiete Arp. 15 months later he finally made his first professional game for Munich. But the striker hardly needs to make hope.

Dhe former HSV striker Fiete Arp will still have to recommend himself to the second team of Munich for missions after his competitive debut in the professional team of FC Bayern.

The 20-year-old, who moved from Hamburger SV to Munich for three million euros a year ago, was substituted on by coach Hans-Dieter Flick on Thursday evening in a 3-0 win in the DFB Cup match against the fifth division 1. FC Düren in the closing stages.

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Flick reported on Friday from a conversation he had with Arp: “I think that it is simply important for Fiete that he has a home. And his home is currently the U23. “The Bayern amateurs are currently playing in the third division.

“It’s all up to him,” says Flick

“Like every other player, he knows that if he performs well in the U23, then the jump back into the professional squad is at least no worse. It is up to him what performance he brings. A goalscorer is measured by the fact that he scores goals, ”said Flick.

Fiete Arp came on against Düren in the 77th minute for the double goal scorer Eric-Maxim Choupo-Moting

Fiete Arp came on against Düren in the 77th minute for the double goal scorer Eric-Maxim Choupo-Moting

Source: Getty Images / Alexander Hassenstein

Arp, who has been thrown back again and again due to injuries, has so far made 15 third division appearances at Bayern, in which he scored two goals. According to BILD, he should have ruled out a transfer or loan to another club in the summer.

He is a very fine boy with a very professional attitude, says Flick: “It is to be hoped that he can make the development in the U23 that we all hope for. It’s up to him alone. “

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HSV with third win in third game | NDR.de – Sport

Status: 10/17/2020 3:37 p.m.

Three games, three wins: In another turbulent away game, the HSV trembled at Greuther Fürth outnumbered to a 1-0 and back to the top of the table. Red sinner Toni Leistner said goodbye to the next suspension.

by Ines Bellinger

The trip to Fürth began for Hamburger SV with a déjà vu: The Franconians reported a positive corona test on Friday morning. However, two follow-up tests during the day had negative results, reported the Fürth trainer Stefan Leitl on the “Sky” microphone. Although he had to forego the final training with his team, the game could take place. Unlike in spring: When the corona pandemic reached its preliminary peak, the duel with HSV in Franconia was canceled. The German Football League (DFL) had temporarily stopped playing at that time.

Focus on Ulreich – Leistner captain

This time 3,250 spectators were allowed in the Ronhof sports park. After the tough decision by HSV coach Daniel Thioune on the goalkeeping position against Daniel Heuer Fernandes, it was clear that all eyes were on the new top dog Sven Ulreich would be directed. The 32-year-old newcomer from Bayern Munich also celebrated his second division debut for HSV, as did defender Leistner, who, after being suspended for the break at the cup game in Dresden, led the “Rothosen” as captain – and should make headlines again.

AUDIO: HSV keeper Ulreich: “It was really fun!” (1 min)

Slat cracker from Seguin

Neither of them had a leisurely debut because, like the 4: 3 in Paderborn, it was turbulent. Ulreich had to admit defeat in the 6th minute when Paul Seguin pulled from 25 meters. But luck in the form of the crossbar stood by the goalkeeper. The bullet bounced off the aluminum back into the field. As a result, the people of Hamburg repeatedly had problems with the clever game of switching played by the host who was more biting. Seguin in particular was a source of unrest. HSV initially owed a lot after an early double chance by Khaled Narey (15th) and Aaron Hunt (16th). Maximilian Bauer cleared a Hunt free kick with a head in front of the goal line (41.). On the other side, Ulreich was lucky again when a Havard Nielsen header rolled past the far post after a corner from Seguin (45th + 1).

“Phantom” Terodde hangs up for Narey

HSV striker Simon Terodde looked cut off from his colleagues’ game. But shortly before the break whistle, he appeared out of nowhere as an assistant. With a fine pass he sent Narey down, who calmly spitted the ball past Fürth goalkeeper Sascha Burchert (45th + 3). The fact that Narey did not celebrate after the 1-0 win was probably due to his past at the “Kleeblatt”. But it could also have been an expression of the fact that the HSV leadership was happy at the break.

Leistner sees red – Ulreich’s brilliant act

Scene in the penalty area in front of Hamburg's Sven Ulreich.  © imago images / Zink Photo: Wolfgang Zink

HSV goalkeeper Sven Ulreich (r.) Was more at the center of the action in Fürth than he would have liked.

After the restart, the Hamburg game seemed more structured, at least on the offensive. The reformed defense remained vulnerable to the rear. This was particularly evident in the 53rd minute. After a counterattack from Fürth, Leistner did not know how to help himself against the passing Nielsen other than to grab the striker by the shoulder. He consequently received red for the emergency brake. Julian Green hammered the due free kick from the edge of the penalty area into the wall, but the ball somehow fell from the clouds back onto the crossbar. At the next corner, Ulreich showed why he had been preferred to Heuer Fernandes. He quickly fended off a Sebastian Ernst header from close range (56th) – a brilliant act!

Fürther Tor doesn’t count

Outnumbered, the HSV withdrew more and more, while the hosts persistently pushed for the equalizer. In the 73rd minute, Ulreich actually had to reach behind him. However, the referee had recognized a handball by Jamie Leweling in advance and refused to acknowledge the Joker’s hit. A defensive battle followed until the final whistle. In the end, Ulreich was lucky with his baptism of fire without conceding a goal and justified Thioune’s decision. “It was nice to be on the field again. It was really fun,” said Ulreich on NDR.

Dudziak injured before catching up against Aue

After the third win in the third game – HSV last started the season like this in 1974 in the Bundesliga – there is still a downer for the promotion favorites: HSV’s personnel situation, which has been strained by numerous injuries, has not only worsened due to the red card suspension for Leistner. Jeremy Dudziak had to leave the field with a dislocated shoulder in the middle of the first half. “It was more of a work victory than a victory of mentality,” Thioune said, cautious in his analysis.

In the catch-up game against Erzgebirge Aue next Wednesday (6.30 p.m.) Dudziak will probably be missing. HSV could underpin its position as leader of the table with another three.

Matchday 4, 10/17/2020 1:00 p.m.

Greuther Fuerth


Hamburger SV



Greuther Fuerth:
Burchert – Meyerhöfer, Bauer, Mavraj, Raum – Sarpei – Seguin (84. Abiama), Ernst (70. Tillman), Green – H. Nielsen (55. Leweling), Hrgota

Hamburger SV:
Ulreich – Gyamerah, Leistner, G. Jung, Heyer – Onana (81st Jatta), Hunt – Dudziak (28th Kittel) – Narey, Terodde (74th Wood), Wintzheimer (81st Gjasula)


More data about the game

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NDR 2 Bundesliga show | 10/17/2020 | 13:00 ‘O clock

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After HSV lost the game: negative follow-up tests at Aue | NDR.de – Sport

Status: 05.10.2020 2.20 p.m.

The two people from the players and support staff of the second division soccer club Erzgebirge Aue who last tested positive for the corona virus tested negative just a few hours after returning from the canceled away game at HSV.

This was confirmed by Managing Director Michael Voigt on Monday. “The two people and the rest of the team were understandably excited. We therefore arranged two follow-up tests on Sunday in cooperation with the health department of the Erzgebirgskreis, because the test results on Saturday were also inconclusive,” said Voigt. The follow-up tests would therefore no longer have produced any positive results.

Team will be fully tested on Tuesday

“We are therefore assuming that there are no further corona cases in the team. There is also hope that the players and coaches can be released from quarantine at home in a timely manner,” said Voigt. The team should be fully tested again on Tuesday, after which the health department will decide whether team training can take place again this week. According to Voigt, striker Florian Krüger will join the German U21 national team and will also be tested there again.

DFL wants to decide on a new appointment as soon as possible

The encounter between Hamburger SV and Aue was canceled on Sunday. A rescheduling will be decided promptly, announced the DFL. The FCE had already reported a positive test in the extended environment on Thursday. The players had to train individually on Wednesday and Thursday. A subsequent series of tests only produced negative results, which is why team training was restarted on Friday.

additional Information

The Sunday game of the second Bundesliga between HSV and Erzgebirge Aue was canceled after two further corona cases among the guests. more

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Sports club | 04.10.2020 | 10:50 pm

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Striker Terodde at HSV: “Simon is extraordinary” – sport

Among all the special features that this football evening had to offer, this news was not necessarily surprising: Simon Terodde is now better than Sven Demandt. Sven who? In the late eighties and early nineties, Demandt was something like the personified second division striker, he played for Hertha BSC, Mainz 05 and Fortuna Düsseldorf, where he scored 35 goals in one season. In the meantime, Demandt is a trainer at a club called Frechen 20 from the Middle Rhine League and may have watched in front of the television how Terodde cheekily shot him from first place on the list of the best.

Terodde, 32, scored his goals number three and four this season on Monday, in the second division it was his goals number 121 and 122. The fact that the new striker of Hamburger SV is the new record holder of the single-track second division since 1981 was for but no more than a “nice side note”, as he said afterwards. Much more important is: “Now we are at the top of the table after a really difficult opening program against two Bundesliga relegated teams.”

On the first day of the match, HSV won 2-1 against Fortuna Düsseldorf thanks to two Terodde goals, which sounds tighter than the balance of power on the pitch. The 4: 3 success on Monday evening at SC Paderborn, on the other hand, was also deserved in the end, but well: Would Hamburg have won such a game in its past two second division years?

Attacker Manuel Wintzheimer gave HSV the lead in the 14th minute with a nice long-range shot, a little later it was 2-0 because a Paderborn defender involuntarily shot the ball in the penalty area against Terodde’s head, from where the ball landed in the net ( 24.). It all looked like a sovereign away win, the Hamburgers played a pleasing ball in their 4-3-1-2 system, Paderborn looked both aimless and penniless against the stable defense of the visiting team. Until captain Tim Leibold completely unnecessarily fouled SC attacker Chris Führich in the penalty area, Dennis Srbeny converted the penalty (34.).

From 2: 0 to 2: 3 within four minutes

What then followed was reminiscent of those games last season in which the Hamburg team always fell apart after setbacks. Midfielder Klaus Gjasula, who came from Paderborn just a few weeks ago, made two serious negligence in building up the game against his ex-club, Paderborn’s Chris Führich punished each of them immediately (36th / 38th). Within four minutes, Hamburg had lost their comfortable lead, at halftime it was 3-2 for the home team. “The coach only said that if we wanted to be a team, it would be for me today,” said Gjasula afterwards from the address in the dressing room, “which impresses me very much.”

HSV coach Daniel Thioune let the unfortunate Gjasula continue playing, of course knowing that he could rely on an attacker in Terodde who “has the pulse and also the calmness to be present in the box”, as Thioune would later express . In any case, Terodde refined in the 57th minute a nice combination over playmaker Jeremy Dudziak and Wintzsheimer – by hoe – to equalize 3: 3. “Simon is extraordinary,” said Thioune, “it can go on like this.” But this should also apply to the strong Wintzsheimer, who was again significantly involved in the ultimately decisive scene: The 21-year-old could only be stopped by a foul after dribbling in the penalty area. Substitute midfielder Aaron Hunt (84th) converted the penalty.

That was also a small punchline: Hunt, 34, had been dismissed as HSV captain before the season, as a former player of arch-rival Werder Bremen, the supporters always met him with skepticism, he was never quite able to meet the sporting expectations. And the new second division record scorer Terodde, who could actually claim a legitimate sovereignty on penalties, was unabashedly happy for his teammate.

Terodde said he didn’t think of his new record for “not a second” in the game. This whole record story is worth something in a few years at most, “in the party room with a few buddies and a few beers”. As the best second division shooter, you can be forgotten, that may be true. But not more than the man who may have shot the big Hamburger SV back into first class at the end of the season.


HSV-Tor-Garant Terodde: discontinued model? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! | NDR.de – Sport

Status: 09/29/2020 10:53 a.m.

Simon Terodde is the new goal guarantor for the second division soccer club Hamburger SV. Is he now also the guarantee of promotion for the Hanseatic League?

With his second brace in the second game, Simon Terodde indicated that he can meet the high expectations at HSV. His two goals in the 4-3 victory in Paderborn were goals 121 and 122 in the 222nd second division game. Nobody has met more often since the introduction of the single-track second Bundesliga in 1981; Until the “big” second division goal record of the Hanoverian Dieter Schatzschneider, Terodde is still 32 goals short.

Impressive facts – which, however, currently do not interest him at all. “Maybe in five or ten years you can sit in the party room with your boys, drink beer and think back to it. I didn’t think about it for a second during the game,” said Terodde on the “Sky” microphone and added: “In the end it is An empty phrase: The team is in the foreground. It’s nice when the guys help me score goals with strong assists. “

Thioune: “Terodde is extraordinary”

The modest words of the 32-year-old show that HSV did a lot right with the much-criticized transfer. Too expensive, too old, a discontinued model – that is how Terodde was judged when making the commitment. The striker, who scored only three times in 23 Bundesliga games for 1. FC Köln last season, is now showing his critics and is credible when he says: “I want to play a very, very good season with HSV. There I’m really up for it. ” For Daniel Thioune “it can go on like this”. The HSV coach praised Terodde exuberantly: “He works very hard for the team and what is remarkable, he is very calm. He is extraordinary.”

Contract beyond 2021?

In “Sport Bild”, Thioune had already explained why he immediately had a good feeling when the 32-year-old was signed: “I didn’t just look at his vita, I also wanted to know how Simon Terodde works I would not have accepted it if he had said: “I know how it works. Put the balls in from the outside, I’ll do the thing.” I wanted someone who could identify with us – including the football we play want to leave. We quickly agreed. ” You can see “that he is 100 percent involved with HSV”.

If Terodde only comes close to his second division hits in Cologne (29), Stuttgart (25) and Bochum (25), which earned him the top scorer cannon, he could use it to shoot HSV into the Bundesliga. An extension of the contract beyond the coming summer would probably only be a matter of form. And the attacker would then have the opportunity to improve his rather manageable first division quota (ten hits in 58 games) and thus to silence the critics who deny him the Bundesliga suitability.

Simon Terodde in numbers

Goal balance:
* Second division: 222 games, 122 goals
* Bundesliga: 58 games, 10 goals
Top scorer second division:
* 2016 (25 hits)
* 2017 (25 hits)
* 2019 (29 hits)
Former clubs:
* MSV Duisburg (2004-2008)
* Fortuna Düsseldorf (2008-2009)
* 1. FC Köln (2009-2011)
* Union Berlin (2011-2014)
* VfL Bochum (2014-2016)
* VfB Stuttgart (2016-2018)
* 1. FC Köln (2018-2020)
* HSV (since 2020)

additional Information

Hamburger SV prevailed 4: 3 in a wild game at SC Paderborn. Terodde shone again with a double pack. more

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Hamburg Journal | 09/29/2020 | 19:30 o’clock

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Steffen Baumgart: “I can totally understand Toni Leistner’s reaction”

Question: Mr Baumgart, after the 1-0 defeat in Kiel, SC Paderborn will now face HSV. Are Hamburg’s top favorites for promotion?

Steffen Baumgart: HSV has a top team with really good individual players like Klaus Gjasula, Toni Leistner and Simon Terodde, who form an axis. You have to find a team like that in the second division first. But the dangerous thing is the environment. If Hamburg wins the first games, it means: HSV is promoted. If the start backfires, it means: a new trainer has to be found. Daniel Thioune is a great trainer.

Question: Toni Leistner is still banned because he attacked a fan in the stands in the DFB Cup in Dresden who had previously insulted him and his wife. The DFB punished him with a suspension of five competitive games, two of which were on probation. How do you see the case?


Hamburger SV – Leistner objects to suspension – sport

Toni Leistner and Hamburger SV take action against the defender’s suspension. The professional soccer player and the second division team filed an objection to the sports court of the German Football Association on Monday. This was Leistner banned for five competitive games – two of them on probation – and imposed a fine of 8,000 euros on him because the 30-year-old attacked a spectator in the stands after the cup game in Dresden (1: 4), who had previously insulted him violently would have. In addition, the professional did not wear mouth and nose protection during the campaign.

© SZ vom 22.09.2020 / dpa


At HSV you get goose bumps

DAniel Thioune started the weekend with a good dose of goose bumps. That was of course also due to the return of fans on his home debut as coach of Hamburger SV, but above all to Simon Terodde. His “finisher”, his “skimmer”, as Thioune said with relief after this 2-1 (1-0) against Fortuna Düsseldorf.

HSV had turbulent days behind them, the embarrassing cup knockout in Dresden (1: 4), Toni Leistner’s push against a Dynamo fan including a five-game ban – but his team “showed a good reaction despite the vortex “Said Thioune. And Terodde once again confirmed in front of 1000 fans that he “knows where the frame is”.

Terodde has always been the top scorer in his last three seasons in the second division (2016, 2017, 2019) and has now led HSV to victory against Fortuna with his two goals. The beefy 32-year-old with a goal instinct only scored with a penalty kick (45th + 2) and then finally made the decision in the second half after a good preparatory work by Jeremy Dudziak (60th).

“We had the clearer chances, we were the better team,” said Terodde: “I’m really happy about my first two goals, but if the equalizer had come, we wouldn’t have been able to buy anything from them.” After Matthias scored Zimmermann (90th + 3) only had to tremble for a short time.

Thioune could see that this victory – after all against a Bundesliga relegated team – was balm for the scratched HSV soul, after everything “that was going on in the last few days”. After the suspension against Leistner, Moritz Heyer played in central defense – and only 24 hours after his engagement. “We didn’t allow a lot at the back and scored the goals at the front – that’s how you win games,” said the newcomer from Thiounes former club VfL Osnabrück soberly.

The start of the third attempt to return to the Bundesliga has been successful for the Hanseatic League, and a little reparation after the chaotic start of the week is done – but nothing more. “We still have a lot of work to do,” said Thioune. After the first success of the season, they were able to enjoy the weekend at HSV for the first time.


Hamburger SV – there is clapping, but no applause – sport

From the point of view of Hamburger SV, the beginning and end of this cup evening in Dresden can be conveniently described with the same Saxon phrase. This phrase goes back more to the period after the reunification than to the High Middle Ages, it sounds as if even the vernacular sometimes bares its teeth, and if written in German accuracy it can hopefully be understood by Hamburgers and other non-Saxons as well. “S’gladdschd the same, but no applause” is this phrase, and it was the first time after exactly three minutes in the 4: 1 SG Dynamo against a rather ha-es-vauigen HSV. Three dynamos put the no-equal-ball-bearer in his own half imposingly and tied up – and at the point of this access the blades of grass had not yet straightened up again when Yannick Stark already surprisingly finished 1-0.

HSV has 74 percent possession – and twice as often shot on goal

The consequences of this clapping were conclusively summarized by the new Hamburg head coach, Daniel Thioune. He said that normally a higher-class team tries to avoid that very moment, “that you set fire to the opponent and the stadium at the same time”. But that was exactly what his team had immediately succeeded in doing, and it flared immediately. 10 053 and thus the nationwide most spectators of a football game since the establishment of the word hygiene concept were at least crackling from this third minute on, but what is even more astonishing, of course very preliminary, the calorific value of the new team must be assessed by coach Markus Kauczinski.

It felt like ten days ago Dynamo was relegated to the 3rd division, had to deal with the bitter loss of Ralf Minge and the far less bitter resignation of the managing director Michael Born. Above all, however, the club had to cope with such extensive bloodletting that it could also be called a cadre release.

So there was a largely reorganized team on Monday, showing two remarkable qualities for the first, but hopefully not the only time: On the one hand, Dynamo played resolutely and quickly. Newcomer Agyemang Diawusie attracted as if he wanted to unlock a new level with the lactate test, newcomer Robin Becker not only increased the Hamburg catch quota to two in the 16th minute, he also kept those dynamos at zero when he flushed the floor with a floor-level shortly after the break Full-body tackle cleared up, which immediately qualified him to be installed as a sheet pile wall at the next Elbe flood. This is how it went: Access Panagiotis Vlachodimos increased primal violence and cord violence to 3: 0, Sebastian Mai access in stoppage time by penalty to 4: 1.

About this May, born in Dresden and as a returning home captain, Benjamin Kirsten had put it nicely before the game that one could be successful in Dresden “through the second educational path”. If you have seen Mai’s game correctly, then this should be achieved through a certain uncompromisingness at the back and on the way forward with powerful, flat flank balls, which are known in e-popular sports under the key combination R1 plus square.

Nevertheless, Thioune’s mouth and face were right when they expressed a certain residual astonishment after the game. Thioune said that he never had the feeling that the game was gone for his team. In fact, HSV played a lot more passes, of which relatively more were received; he reached 74 percent of possession and shot more than twice as often on goal. But, as Thioune also noted, there was a lack of consequence at HSV, which, according to Markus Kauczinski, the Dresdeners can use even better next Friday when the new season begins in the league. The victory in the cup was, according to Kauczinski, a “brief moment of happiness”; a statement that in Dresden can be regarded as tautological.

On Monday, however, luck stayed a little shorter than usual. Kauczinski had just read a few letters of congratulations on his cell phone (“if we lose, no one ever writes to me”), when almost everyone else in the room was streaming a video which the Dresden-based professional footballer Toni Leistner, who is under contract with HSV, approaches one of the 10 053 spectators in the stadium very energetically. This duel was apparently preceded by mutual threats in the category “S’gladdschd same, but no applause” – and then there actually was applause, but no applause. So Leistner went up to this man and pushed him to the ground rather than pushing him there. That evening he apologized and said that he had been insulted. This man in turn reported later to the portal Tag24 and stated on record that everything was completely different from what Leistner said. All he said was “a bit of abuse”, “common phrases”. The opponents made up again on Tuesday evening. “We talked on the phone and settled the matter with each other,” said Leistner, according to a Twitter message from his club: “Like me, he saw his mistake. I accept his apology, the matter is over between us.” Nobody wanted to overestimate the evening either in Hamburg (Thioune: “will shake us briefly”) and in Dresden anyway. You haven’t understood what height of fall is just because Toni Leistner is holding you down. Fallhöhe is understood when, as a third division team, after winning the cup, you immediately look at the first match day and then, like Markus Kauczinski, say a sentence that you like to hear as the refrain of a sad hit: “I’m not on cloud nine, I’m already near Kaiserslautern. “